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Weight loss is a world mission now and many are participating in the mission with the objective of coming out victorious. However, people are now aware of products that can help them achieve this goal and those that cannot. Among the many supplements CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is one constant that has been known to succeed.

Though CLA can be found in animal meat and dairy products, the amount achieved from each may not be enough to make a difference. By incorporating a health supplement like CLA Thermo in the daily diet one can accelerate the weight loss process.

CLA Thermo Pros

  • Reduces fatigue, improves concentration and makes one sharp
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Affordable

CLA Thermo Cons

  • The formula does not act as appetite suppressant
  • Stimulants may be harmful for sensitive people
  • No conclusive evidence has been derived to prove its effectiveness
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CLA Thermo Review

CLA Thermo Facts

  • Uses conjugated linoleic acid to attack fat cells in the body and induces thermogenesis.
  • Has stimulants which are effective in improving cognitive responses.
  • Leads to long term weight management.

Despite years of exercising and dietary restrictions you may have still not achieved the desired results. This could be due to the lack of proper body supplements that aid in weight loss in a healthy, quick and effective manner. CLA Thermo is one such supplement that acts as a catalyst in any weight loss program. It contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is known to aid in reducing body fat and particularly belly fat effectively. Years of research on CLA have revealed that the acid contains several anti-obesity elements working on different levels in the body that leads to effective fat burning activity.

CLA works in 4 steps to burn fat inside body:

  • Increases fat burning inside body
  • Reduces food craving
  • Stimulates breakdown of fat cells
  • Slows down production of fat cells inside body

From the above mechanism anyone can easily figure out that CLA works as a primary ingredient to lose weight because it approaches weight loss in a comprehensive manner. Further studies have also shown that CLA can increase muscle mass to a considerable extent thus improving body composition in both men and women. Continuous intake of CLA for 2 years can provide a well-toned body for any weight loss enthusiast. Bodybuilders have been known to have incorporated CLA Thermo into their supplement list due to the effective thermogenic reaction created by CLA inside the body.

While CLA can be derived from animal meat and other dairy products, many cannot take these due to dietary restrictions. CLA Thermo is the best solution under such circumstances because this supplement provides CLA sans the disadvantages of harmful fats and other nutrients that is often consumed along with animal meat. CLA Thermo not only promotes weight loss but also increases concentration, reduces fatigue and improves alertness and skin condition because of the presence of L-Carnitine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Leaf extract and Vitamin E.

The presence of green tea leaf extract is sure to enhance the metabolism which will help in burning more calories. Caffeine Anhydrous increases fatty acid oxidation while L-Carnitine burns triglyceride helping people in getting a healthier body. CLA Thermo is free from sodium and sugar and does not have any preservatives or artificial flavours. Moreover, it is also free from gluten, making it a great choice for people who are allergic to gluten and wheat. The main reason behind CLA Thermo’s popularity is the fact that it is more effective in handling the weight loss issue than other supplements as it offers an overall solution by restoring balance inside the body with an improved metabolism rate.

How to Take CLA Thermo

The CLA Thermo bottle contains 45 capsules and the user is advised to take 1 soft gel twice or thrice daily before meals.
One should also keep oneself properly hydrated with 8-10 large glasses of water per day.
However, if one is pregnant or lactating or below 18 years one should refrain from using it.
It works best when taken with a balanced diet and strict training regimen.

CLA Thermo Concerns:

  • Not for pregnant women or lactating mothers.
  • Not as effective for people with insufficient diet and hydration; bad and unbalanced lifestyle.
  • Not for insomniacs and people suffering from anxiety disorder.

What Does CLA Thermo Claim To Do?

CLA Thermo claims to provide the best results for long term weight loss in overweight or obese people by increasing thermogenesis and burning fat in the body. With prolonged use of CLA Thermo one can have a fantastic and attractively toned body with fat cells transformed into lean muscles. One can even expect a flat stomach after using CLA Thermo regularly.

The beneficial effects of CLA Thermo are not just confined to fat loss and a fit body. It also claims to fight off fatigue and increase concentration and alertness in both mind and body. It boosts fatty acid oxidation and improves metabolism which finally leads to burning off fat cells inside the body and boosting energy levels.

So What Is CLA Thermo and What Are The Ingredients?

CLA Thermo is a dietary supplement which is known to provide desired results for weight loss by attacking fat cells, increasing metabolism and boosting energy levels. It helps to fight off fatigue, improve overall health and develop a toned muscular body.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • CLA: Primary ingredient of CLA Thermo is the conjugated linoleic acid which has been found to aid in burning fat and reduce weight.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: This ingredient helps in fatty acid oxidation and improves cognitive function
  • L-Carnitine: This occurs in living cells naturally in the form of amino acid. An increased supply of this acid boosts burning of triglyceride in the body instead of glycogen which is stored in the liver.
  • Green Tealeaf Extracts: This ingredient is known to promote high metabolism rate burning more calories within the body.

Other ingredients in the product are Titanium Dioxide, Glycerol, Gelatin, Sorbitol, Purified water, Sodium citrate and Caramel Color.

So What Does All This Mean?

CLA Thermo is a great dietary supplement for people looking to derive long term results out of their weight loss program. The CLA Thermo along with a strict diet and workout routine can bring about a change in the way one feels and looks. It helps one achieve a fit and lean body as it aids in burning fat and in developing lean muscle mass. As the metabolism rate increases one starts burning more calorie which results in weight loss. This process might appear simple but requires the right kind of eating and exercise and of course health supplements like CLA Thermo to work perfectly. With an increased metabolism one will have more energy and find oneself more active and attractive as well with a flat belly and an overall toned look.

Does CLA Thermo Have Any Side Effects?

CLA Thermo contains green tea extracts which might cause mild irritability, increased heart rate, nervousness, elevated blood pressure levels, dizziness, headache or anxiety to caffeine sensitive people.

CLA Thermo is not recommended for people below 18 years of age; pregnant or lactating women and people suffering from insomnia. If you are diabetic, note that CLA Thermo lowers the level of blood glucose so medicines must be adjusted accordingly.

Visit your physician before beginning to take the CLA Thermo capsules especially if you already have a medical history.
Do not treat it as a replacement to strict diet and exercise routine.
Staying well hydrated is a prerequisite for this supplement to function effectively.
Not meant for children, pregnant or lactating women.
Also not recommended for diabetics.

Any CLA Thermo Reviews From Customers?

We were able to find some independent reviews online with mixed views.

This product has helped me lose over one stone which is amazing.
What I like about this product is that it doesn’t have any nasty side effects that overs have had in my experience.
Other makes have given me nasty headaches and made me feel tired and angry.
Been using these now for two months and so far so good. This is my Second tub though.
Would recommend to those who want to loose weight and feel great about thereselves.

Using this alongside usn diet fuel & usn protein dessert at night & getting good results. Haven’t lost weight infact put 3lb on but in 4 weeks lost 8% body fat! Gone from 30% to 22% delighted with this result. I do at least an hrs exercise a day & follow a strict diet, been doing this for 18 months but wasnt getting the results i wanted i feel i am now. Tried lots of different supplements these are the best in my opinion.

I shed 6 KG using these – you will find them more effective with some sort of workout. i was working out without them but with them I have started to lose weight from my midriff. Drink plenty of tap water with these or you will get a headache.

Not as good as expected, no weight loss like cla products I have used previous

don’t buy them they are a waste of money unless you are on a really low calorie diet…and they may work then but very much doubt it….better of eating less and training harder………..

Good when used in controlled diet.

So Does CLA Thermo Work?

CLA Thermo has conjugated linoleic acid as its main ingredient which is already known to aid in weight reduction by burning fat and calories. However, with the addition of caffeine it helps in creating a more powerful and balanced impact on individuals trying to achieve a fit, toned and more active body and mind. It also contributes in developing lean muscle mass which helps to get that toned and fit look. In fact, people using the product have realised fast results within a month. However, not everyone has had the same results.

Where Can I Buy CLA Thermo?

You can buy it from the official store –

Other than this website you can also buy it from –

What About A Guarantee

There is only a guarantee on unopened items on the official site, which is no good if you try the product and it doesn’t work.

Watchdog Verdict

CLA Thermo is gaining rapid popularity because it is an absolutely result driven supplement which is known to provide quick results in weight loss. It contains a potent ingredient in the form of conjugated linoleic acid which is already known for burning fat effectively and providing a flat abdomen and lean body. Based on years of research on linoleic acid it has been revealed that it attacks fat cells inside the body and helps in reducing them effectively. Bodybuilders have been using it to get a well-toned muscular body for a long time now.

With additional ingredients like green tea extracts which is a stimulant, one can enjoy improved cognitive responses and increased metabolic rate. With an increased metabolic rate one will have more energy and reduced fatigue to remain active longer. The caffeine anhydrous is known to burn triglyceride and people using the product have reported considerable amount of improvement in their mind and body coordination and reflexes. Largely safe, this product is good for achieving quick and consistent results but caffeine sensitive users and diabetics should take it with doctor’s advice.

However, like with any product, we would have liked to have seen a money back guarantee on opened products to make this risk free to try. Without that we cannot approve CLA Thermo so it is added to the rejected pile.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
CLA Thermo

1.5 out of 5
CLA Thermo
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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