If you are planning to embark on a new diet or a weight loss program, then simply plunging in will not get you the desired results. What you need to do first is to undergo a thorough cleansing routine. This will help you cleanse the body from within and set the right foundation for weight loss.

Cleansesmart is a popular product which helps users do just this. The power packed formula is designed to flush out toxins and establish bowel regularity, which helps the body regain its original purity back. Your system can breathe better and get ready for an intense weight loss session.

Cleansesmart Pros

  • Detoxifies and flushes out toxins
  • Eliminates all waste matter through improved bowel functions and regularity
  • Prepares a lighter and renewed body for a new weight loss and diet regime

Cleansesmart Cons

  • May lead to side effects like stomach cramps and diarrhea
  • Could have reactions for pregnant women and nursing mothers, and those trying to conceive
  • Could interact with certain medications
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Cleansesmart Review

Cleansesmart Facts

  • Uses potent natural herbs in the formula.
  • Has a two part formula to detoxify and eliminate toxins.
  • Leads to overall good health and weight loss.

Cleansesmart is a powerful herbal cleansing program that comes in a 30-day, 2-step advanced process to flush out impurities from the entire body. It has been powerfully formulated to help eliminate waste and toxins and promote digestive regularity. The 2 part process is made up of the morning cleanse that supports detoxification and the evening cleanse that primarily promotes elimination. This award winning and gluten free cleansing supplement is as much known for its potency as it is for its quality and purity. It leaves the user feeling lighter, better, energized and more active than before.

There is a reason why the Vitamin Retailer magazine has voted this product the Best Internal Cleanse ten times. It is designed to help all kinds of users and has proven to be very effective for users around the world. It targets the toxins that accumulate in our systems every day, due to the food we eat and the pollution in the air and water around us. It is also designed to combat the toxins that rise within our own digestive tract as it filters through the food and drinks we take in. The formula works in two parts –the morning one supports detoxification which means that it helps eliminate waste and toxins from the body. The evening one promotes elimination through digestive regularity. This is a perfect solution for people who suffer from occasional constipation.

Both the formulae are designed to offer targeted support for all the pathways of elimination in the body like the liver and the lungs, kidneys and the lymphatic system, skin, blood, and also bowels. The thorough cleansing and elimination process makes one feel lighter and healthier, with increased energy to work out and carry out all kinds of activities throughout the day. Typically, users do the 30-Day Deep-Cleansing Program for total internal cleanse. Manufactured in a GMP certified and Kosher facility, this advanced cleanse offers a comprehensive solution for toxins that affect our well-being.

Synergistically, blending 22 herbs and minerals in a concentrated formula, this dietary supplement leads to deep and total-body cleansing. Designed to cleanse, support and nourish all 7 channels of elimination it leads to excellent organ health. The nine 4:1 and 5:1 extracts which comes in a powdered form, is the secret to its success, cleansing deeper than whole herbs. It is free of all fillers and artificial ingredients, and also does not contain any wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, dairy, salt or sugar, binders, or any animal products.

The manufacturer, ReNew Life, has been known for its premium herbal cleansing formulas and nutritional supplements that have helped millions of people live healthier lives. They also offer free personal detox and cleansing advice for users, to help them embark on a better detox journey.

How to Take Cleansesmart

Users are advised to take 1 capsule of CleanseSmart 1 right in the morning and another 1 capsule of CleanseSmart 2 in the evening for the first 3 days.
This dosage can be increased to 2 capsules each after 3 days. It works best when taken on an empty stomach.
Both the bottles should be stored in a dry place at 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C).
It is strongly advised that one consults with a physician or health care provider before taking this or any other supplement.

Cleansesmart Concerns:

  • May lead to severe digestive and gastrointestinal side effects like stomach cramps, loose stools and diarrhoea.
  • None of the manufacturer’s claims are clinically proven or reviewed by the FDA.
  • Could have reactions for Californian residents.

What Does Cleansesmart Claim To Do?

Cleansesmart claims to help users get back on track with healthy living by eliminating all kinds of toxins from their bodies.

The product comes packaged with a two part formula that works hand in hand to first detox and then eliminate the waste matter with regularity. The first is tackled by the morning formula and the second by the evening one. Together, they focus on all the 7 channels of elimination in the body and enhances each of their functions through a powerful and concentrated herbal concoction.

The manufacturers have claimed that this 30 days cleanse will lead to healthier living as well as substantial weight loss, though these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

So What Is Cleansesmart and What Are The Ingredients?

Cleansesmart is a powerful cleansing supplement that helps to flush out all toxins and waste matter from the body. It is comprised of a powerful herbal formula that works to deliver these results via a completely natural process.

A closer look at the ingredients:

The proprietary blend for the morning formula contains:

  • Artichoke Leaf Extract: Helps cleanse liver and kidneys
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract: Helps cleanse the lymphatic system
  • Beet Leaf Extract: Helps cleanse liver and aids in bowel functions
  • Bupleurum Root Extract: Helps cleanse liver
  • Burdock Root Extract: Helps cleanse kidneys, purifies blood, leads to better skin health and also aids bowel functions.
  • Celandine leaf: Helps cleanse liver and aids in bowel functions
  • Chlorella: Helps cleanse the lymphatic system and purifies blood
  • Corn silk: Helps cleanse kidneys
  • Dandelion root extract: Helps cleanse liver and kidneys, improves skin health and also aids in bowel functions.
  • Hawthorn berry extract: Cleanses the blood
  • Larch arabinogalactan gum: Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract: Helps cleanse liver
  • Mullein leaf: Aids in better lung functions
  • Red Clover leaf and stem: Cleanses the lymphatic system, purifies blood and leads to better skin health
  • Turmeric Root Extract: Helps cleanse liver

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (vegetable capsule and water).

The proprietary blend for the evening formula contains:

  • Cape Aloe leaf, Fennel seed, Triphala [blend of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, & Haritaki], Ginger and Rhubarb root: Helps eliminate waste through improved bowel functions and digestive regularity

Other Ingredients: Slippery Elm bark, Marshmallow root, Magnesium (as magnesium hydroxide) and Vegetable Capsule (vegetable capsule and water).

So What Does All This Mean?

A look at the above formulae is enough to tell why this product is so effective and popular, and why it has been voted as the number one cleanse for years now. Instead of artificial ingredients which could bring about faster results, the makers of Cleansesmart have concentrated in purely herbal ingredients that have been known for their goodness for years.

After years of research, they have created a winning formula that combines the best of herbs and plants to help flush out the toxins that constantly accumulate in our bodies. They also establish better bowel functions and regularity that helps get rid of all waste matter from within, leading to a cleaner, lighter and healthier system.

Does Cleansesmart Have Any Side Effects?

Since this is a completely herbal product, the chances of serious side effects are slim. However, some users have reported issues like stomach cramps and diarrhoea in the initial days, but once they get adjusted these symptoms tend to disappear.

It is advisable to consult a health care practitioner before taking this.

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are planning to conceive.
The evening formula contains rhubarb and cape aloe which may lead to abdominal cramps, loose stools or diarrhea. If these symptoms become too serious one should stop intake and consult a doctor.
Consult your physician before using product especially if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.
Read and follow directions carefully and do not exceed recommended dose. It is not meant for prolonged use nor is it intended to treat,diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
None of the statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not Proposition 65 compliant so residents of California should exercise caution.

Any Cleansesmart Reviews From Customers?

We were able to find lots of independent reviews online for this product, however only 59% of the ones posted with rated 5 stars, with the rest split evenly.

Let’s start with the positive reviews:

I have tried a few different cleanses, and I have to say that this one is the best one I have used. It is very gentle, I didn’t feel any stomach pains (which other cleanses have done to me). And the elimination part was great…probably 3x more than the normal amount. Leaves you feeling lighter, heightened mental clarity and alertness, energetic, and keeps your weight stable (or you will have weight loss, depends on your diet). I guess with all cleanses, they usually recommend what you should and should not eat during the cleanse. This kit was reasonable such that the list they give you is totally doable. It’s not strict…tells you to eat chicken, veggies, fruit, and some grains…(I can’t remember the entire list). I feel sticking to the diet is very important in order for the cleanse to be effective. I know someone that did a different cleanse and continued eating junk food and fast food on a routine basis, and told me the cleanse didn’t work for them. I highly recommend this kit, it works!

All I can say is this product does a great job. No cramping. Very natural. Will buy again.

I bought CleanseSmart on the recommendation of my sister, as she used it when she was feeling sluggish & bloated. I have had some pretty uncomfortable problems with constipation, in recent years, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. This product has been a lifesaver! The first time I used it, I was completely regular for 3 months afterward. I used it again & I’m happy to say that, almost 5 months later, it’s still working. I will use this product whenever the need arises.

I have tried several different cleanse products in the past and most of them were just too harsh. This cleanse, however, has proven to be the perfect one for me. You just take 2 capsules in the am, and 2 at night, and the product works effectively and gently for the 30 days as promised. I had great success on this, and even recommended to friends who tried it and they loved it as well. It is a great way to get your body back on track, and you can feel the results from day 1 that include more energy and an overall healthier feeling.

Now for a few of the negatives:

I am on day 9 of my cleanse, have followed the instructions, but have had no changes. My bowel movements are still terrible (2-3) per week and I am still waiting for something to happen, but looking at all the other reviews, I don’t feel hopeful. I am very healthy generally so am quite confused as to why it isn’t working.

I feel pretty disappointed. If anyone else can recommend something that actually works, then I would love to know what it is. I won’t be buying any of their products again

I am disappointed with this product. I stop taking it and dumped the last 20 in the trash. I developed itching in my eyes that got worst every day and as soon as I stop I started to get better. I did not see the effect of cleansing at all.

I had previously completed a similar cleanse from Whole Foods that I found to be helpful. So when I returned from a 2 week cruise vacation, I though that this cleanse would be just what I needed to get back on track.

I was WRONG! Despite following the instructions to a “t”, this cleanse left me horribly bloated and constipated. As the month progressed, I felt worse and worse. I completed the cleanse but will not do another one from this company.

Maybe it’s more geared towards people who have a poor diet to begin with. My regular diet is very clean and very high in fiber.

So Does Cleansesmart Work?

There are numerous reviews online which go on to prove that this product has been extremely effective for some users and for others it hasn’t done anything. Some have mentioned that they have often gone back to it whenever they felt the need for a good cleanse and others said they tried it after being successful with another brand only for this one not to work. It has worked better than any other similar product every single time.

The combined formula for detoxification and elimination is a winning one, since it offers a deep and comprehensive cleanse for all kinds of users. This then, lays down the foundation for one to embark on a new diet or weight loss regime.

Where Can I Buy Cleansesmart?

You can buy it from the official store.

What About A Guarantee

We have been unable to locate a guarantee for this product online.

Watchdog Verdict

Cleansesmart helps users get back on track with healthy living by eliminating all kinds of toxins from their bodies. It has a two part formula, a morning formula that detoxes and an evening one that eliminates the waste matter with regularity. It focuses on all the 7 channels of elimination in the body and enhances each of their functions through a powerful and concentrated herbal concoction.

Since this is a completely herbal product, so chances of serious side effects are slim. However, some users are reported issues like stomach cramps and diarrhoea. The manufactures have claimed that this 30 days cleanse will lead to healthier living as well as substantial weight loss, though these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

While this product may work for some and not for others, we don’t think this product is good enough to approve. We are rejecting Cleansesmart.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

1.5 out of 5
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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