Clenburexin is a fat burner diet pill, which is advertised as ideal for quick weight loss and for targeting fat from around the hips and waist. With negative feedback about this supplement, no ingredients list and a distinctly run down look to the website – the most recent comments were posted at least two years ago, first impressions aren’t great.

We look into Clenburexin to find out whether this supplement works or if everyone has just given up and lost interest in it.

Clenburexin Pros

  • None whatsoever

Clenburexin Cons

  • Expensive
  • No ingredients list
  • Looks as if this supplement has been forgotten about. No customer service
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Clenburexin Review

Clenburexin Facts

  • Made in USA and marketed by Polish company Trec.
  • Available in either 90 capsule or 180 capsule bottles
  • Contains Green Coffee Bean Extract

With the black and red advertising and heavy metal style logo, Clenburexin appears to be a diet pill firmly aimed at the boys! It is described as the most thermogenic fat burner, which is proven to shift stubborn pounds, and the advertising claims it has won an award although there is nothing to prove it. Clenburexin is made by Trec Nutrition a Polish company based in Gdansk who sell in Europe and the UK.

Trec Nutrition are a Polish supplement and nutrition company. They have European certification and conform to legislative requirements within the EU with regards food safety, manufacturing practice and similar.

Trec have won numerous business awards in Poland and the company website looks professional. The company have been in business since 2001 and according to their information some of their supplement brands are manufactured in the USA and shipped over for rebranding, others made from their site in Gdansk.

Clenburexin is one of Trec’s American products. The product information states it was created by Natures Value INC a supplement manufacturer based in New York.

Trec market a whole range of products to do with weight loss, bodybuilding and fitness. These include protein powders, testosterone boosters, vitamins, home gym accessories and similar. They also market products aimed specifically at women, which are more “fluffy” but still very much focused around the gym.

As well as Clenburexin, their fat burner range includes Lipo Z 9 X pack a fat burning powder you presumably add to water and Fat Transporter a nutritional supplement for the obese.

A shockingly bad point about Clenburexin is that there is no information about the contents of the supplement. The only ingredient, which is mentioned in the information, is 900mg of green coffee extract per daily serving. According to feedback, one customer broke open a capsule and was convinced it contained nothing but pepper!

The website advertising does mention “verified plant extracts” but does not name them so apart from the green coffee you will have no idea exactly what it is you are taking.

There may be pepper included. Biopirine is a common ingredient for diet pills and research has shown that it has a positive effect but we cannot be sure if this is the case here.

How to take Clenburexin

There are however clear instructions for use. You take four capsules daily.

  • 1st dose: 2 caps 30 minutes before training/meal
  • 2nd dose: 2 caps 30 minutes before a meal

Take this product on an empty stomach. Wash down with 300ml of water.
You are advised not to take too close to bedtime because of the stimulant effect.

Clenburexin Concerns:

  • No ingredients profile – you will have no idea of what you are taking
  • Lack of consumer contact service
  • Advertising makes wild claims about how weight loss works

What Does Clenburexin Claim To Do?

According to the advertising;

These fat burning pills are best recommended to people performing different kinds of physical activity both men and women. This product works just as well whether you are an active gym go-er or simply too busy and lead a more sedentary life

Make of that what you will but we get the message: this pill is for everyone!

The Clenburexin advertising makes five key claims.

  • Ideal for ‘quick’ weight loss
  • Targets fat around the waist & hips
  • Increases thermogenics & metabolism
  • Proven to shift stubborn pounds
  • 900mg of green coffee extract per daily serving

We are concerned especially about the claim that this diet pill targets areas of the body. Weight loss does not work like that and it is physically impossible to target weight loss to specific areas.

When you lose weight, you lose it from all over your body. In most cases, the waist and hips are the places where you add the most weight so these may be the places where you notice any weight loss and the areas where the “stubborn” pounds are situated.

Taking resistance training – i.e. working out with weights will help build muscle in these areas and so create greater leanness but you cannot get this effect from a pill.

The website states,

This ultimate fat burner was prepared in order to assist the body in its efforts against obesity, being over weight and fights the battle against excess fat tissue. Upon taking this product, the formula naturally attacks fatty deposits allowing the body to become slimmer and leaner.

It all sounds great but there is no proof that any of this works.

So What Is Clenburexin and What Are The Ingredients For Clenburexin?

Clenburexin is described as a thermogenic fat burner but with zero ingredients information we are not inclined to believe any claims.

Thermogenics increase body heat and the idea is that this causes you to burn off fat. According to the website, the stimulant effect of the (mostly) unnamed ingredients combined with high levels of vitamins (what are the vitamins?) will increase your metabolism so you burn off calories while at rest.

The only named ingredient is Green Coffee Extract. Trec has not bothered to include an ingredients list. It is possible that this is the sole ingredient but we just don’t know. When it comes down to it, can we really believe it contains green coffee bean extract either?

  • Green Coffee Extract (900mg per daily serving): Unroasted or immature coffee beans are green and high in chlorogenic acid. This is- linked to weight loss effect because it inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream.
    A clinical report published by the US National Library of Medicine found that Green coffee extract can promote weight loss but the size of the effect is small.
    Green coffee extract may also have real health benefits because the high levels of antioxidants can help prevent disease. . Green coffee beans have caused a stir in the weight loss world following their exposure on the Dr Oz show but further clinical research is necessary to prove that it works effectively. Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine. Source:

Ingredient Watch: You can also read our in-depth investigation on Green Coffee Bean extract here.

So What Does All This Mean?

If Green coffee extract is the only ingredient contained in Clenburexin then this supplement will not do you any harm.

The 900mg serving is good because most clinical testing has used 1000mg as a daily dose so this ingredient is in sufficient quantities to possibly have an effect. According to most clinical trials, the weight loss effects are real but minimal.

Does Clenburexin Have Any Side Effects?

We just don’t know. Without an ingredients list it is impossible to say what this supplement will do or whether it contains any dangerous ingredients or substances that may cause interactions.

Green coffee bean extract is thought to be safe, although you may notice a stimulant effect of the caffeine.

Caution: We advise caution when taking this supplement. We just don’t know what it contains and Trec are incredibly cagey about this information. Our advice is to avoid it.

Any Clenburexin Reviews From Customers?

There are some customer reviews for Clenburexin and even here, it appears that there are some tricksy goings on with the truth.

Firstly, there are some extremely positive 5 star customer reviews on Amazon. This image is spoiled when you realise that the majority have posted 5 star reviews for other Trec products so we have discounted these.

However, there is what appears to be one genuine positive review. One customer said;

I had never tried any supplements or anything but with my diet an exercise I was losing weight very slowly so I added this and have already started losing weight a lot faster

This review dates back to 2010.

Most reviews are negative. Here is one typical comment.

This product did absolutely nothing for me at all. Took as recommended over 4 week period and got nothing promised. Far too pricey! Would have been as well drinking water.

This one made us laugh;

I cracked a capsule open to have a look, and from my basic sensory instincts, each capsule is just full of pepper. Put it on your chips and have a re-think.

There is also a review section on the Clenburexin product page. Most of the comments have been left by scammers and contain code. This is all totally unrelated to the product. We cannot understand how or why Trec have left this and we are concerned about the possibility of picking up computer viruses.

Another worrying point is that most of the comments are dated from a few years ago. Even on the Amazon site, it appears that only 2 comments have been left in the last year.

So Does Clenburexin Work?

Probably not.

If it only contained green coffee extract it wouldn’t really help you lose much weight but at least it would be safe, if expensive. We don’t advise you to try it because the contents of the capsules are totally unknown, so not only do you not know whats in it but if sufficient amounts exist.

Where Can I Buy Clenburexin?

You can buy Clenburexin direct from the product website. You can also see the product information in Polish and most countries have their own language versions of the site. The supplement comes in two size bottles.

90 capsules bottle size of Clenburexin costs £21.99 (22 days supply). 180 capsules costs £35.99 (45 days supply). The company offer free delivery to all UK addresses. The same prices are offered on

Clenburexin is not available to US customers. If you are mad enough to want to buy this supplement, you will have to contact the company and ask them. Good luck with that one!

What About A Guarantee

No money-back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Clenburexin must be one of the worst supplements we have ever reviewed. The total lack of information about the ingredients is appalling and some of the explanations about how fat burners can target fatty areas are laughable. It is very expensive and customer feedback is very much negative.

There are no contact details and no customer service department and it appears that no one has updated the product page for years. Tumbleweeds are blowing across this website and judging by this supplement perhaps that is just as well. We reject this supplement.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Iv been taking these for 2 months now even up tge dose to 6 a day no results what so ever waste of time and money !!

  2. In the hope to lose weight despite already being slightly underweight I cut my food intake down but it didn’t help all too much. I was already slightly depressed, and low food intake also caused me to have worse episodes of depression however it wasn’t heaps bad. At one point, I started taking clenburexin. I became extremely suicidal, but never made the connection. I did lose weight but I never really knew Wether my Calorie intake, or clenburexin was the reason behind it. When I ran out, my suicidal thoughts subdued. This happened twice. I no longer take clenburexin and since quitting I have gained weight to a bmi of 18, but I’m not nearly as suicidal. Do yourself a favor. Eat clean, exercise more, stay away from fructose and diet pills. It’s not worth your life, or even just your money to lose weight.

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