Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

As well as reviewing specific supplements, we also get asked a lot of general questions concerning diet and weight-loss pills. Here are some of the most common ones we hear, along with our answers underneath:

Which diet pills work best without exercising?

Many diet pills will work without exercising. A fat binder or carb blocker will help prevent some of the dietary carbs or fats from adding to your weight. Alternatively, an appetite suppressant helps reduce hunger pangs and therefore helps you cut down your calorie intake. These types of diet pill will not need exercise to work.

That said, you will have to put some effort in for the best results. Eating healthily and restricting your calories are very important and you can’t just sit back and carry on as normal and expect your diet pill to do all the work for you. Increasing your exercise levels is an easy way to improve your weight loss too because exercise increases the speed of the metabolism. The ability to burn off calories faster will increase your weight loss results and make you feel better mentally and physically.

Everything works better if we exercise! And that includes diet pills. According to current health advice, we all need to get more active, whether or not we are trying to lose weight. But you don’t need a gym membership in order to keep fit. Health experts recommend that we should be active for 30 minutes a day and, if organised exercise leaves you cold, you can achieve this by increasing activities such as walking, dancing, or even housework and gardening, for example.

Are prescription pills safe to take?

No. Prescription pills are not safe to take. You should never, ever take prescription pills unless they have been prescribed to you by your own doctor and even then there are often health risks. Some prescription diet pills have numerous dangerous side effects, such as increasing heart rate and blood pressure, so if your doctor does prescribe a prescription diet pill, he or she will be closely monitoring your health throughout the weight loss program.

There are supplement companies out there who claim to sell prescription diet pills and enable you to consult with their own online “doctor” before you start. You should never do this. Prescription pills may not be suitable for your health and if your own doctor refuses to prescribe this sort of medication there is probably a very good medical reason why you should not take it.

You should always follow your own doctor’s advice rather than turn to potentially dangerous supplement advertisers on the internet. A scam site that offer you a so called prescription from a so called “real” doctor will not be there for you should the prescription pill cause serious medical complications.

In many cases, the prescription pills offered over the internet are fake copies of real drugs, and effects can be potentially lethal. Once these scammers have got your cash you will be on your own and technically breaking the law into the bargain.

Can you buy over the counter diet pills that work?

Yes, you can buy over the counter diet pills that work, but with the sheer number of diet pills on the market it can be hard finding the one that is right for you. Here a Diet Pills Watchdog we aim to help you find the supplement that suits you best. All the diet pills we approve are safe and have been proven to help people.

Over the counter diet pills do not all work in the same way. There are several different types and the choice comes down to what you are looking for. Some people find that a fat burner suits them best because it helps increase the speed of the metabolism. When combined with diet and exercise, a fat burner can help you stick to your diet and keep you focused. Others find that a fibre rich supplement may help restrict appetite and hunger pangs. You may find that a supplement that blocks some of the dietary fats or carbs from adding to your weight is effective too.

Not all diet pills work. There are numerous substandard supplements out there which will not work at all and are simply on sale in order to make the seller a fast buck. Many over the counter diet pills promise the earth but fail to deliver. Others may contain dangerous ingredients and cause side effects.

The best way to choose an over the counter pill that works is to decide on what is best for you, based on your lifestyle and food habits. Make sure you take a look at our Watchdog approved list, that way you will know that the over the counter pill you choose is safe and likely to work.

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Which diet pills will work the fastest?

When it comes to losing weight we all want fast results! The trouble is that weight loss and weight gain does not happen like that. Putting on weight does not happen overnight. It can take months and even years to pile it on, a little at a time. Losing weight follows the same type of time frame and although this may be frustrating, if you have a lot of weight to lose, you need to face up to the fact that you could be in for a long haul.

Some diet pills – such as detox supplements – will make it look as if you are getting fast results. These types of supplements help you lose water weight so you will look instantly thinner and lighter on the scales. The problem with this type of supplement is that it only addresses water weight and not fat, which is a very temporary effect.

Any diet pill that claims to help you lose weight fast is deliberately misleading you by telling you what you want to hear. A safe rate of weight loss is around 1lb – 2lbs a week. This does not sound much but it soon mounts up over time. Stick to your diet and you could be 8lbs lighter by the end of the month. The evidence also shows that if you lose weight at a safe and slow rate, you have more chance of keeping it off.

Extreme diets can also help you lose weight fast. The problem for most people is that once the diet is over the weight will pile back on. There is not a supplement in the world that can prevent this from happening.

Will slimming pills help me lose weight quickly?

Slimming pills can certainly speed up the weight loss process. Just as importantly, they can also help keep you on track. Most people find that once the scales start moving in the right direction they get the motivation to continue, and your slimming pills can be a useful ally in keeping you focused.

If you do have a lot of weight to lose then you have to face facts, because you are not going to get slim overnight. However, a slimming pill that supports your efforts and helps you avoid snacking or helps increase the speed of your metabolism will help you through your difficult days.

Slimming pills remind you of what you are trying to achieve. Once the novelty of losing weight has worn off and you feel like sliding from your diet, and we all get days like this, your slimming pills can provide much needed support. Slimming pills might not help you lose weight fast, but they can help you lose weight much faster than you would have done without their support.

Taking a slimming pill makes losing weight easier. As well as the physical benefits, a diet pill can help structure your weight loss so you can stick to your weight loss plans.

Are diet pills illegal?

Many people worry about this point and with good reason. There are illegal diet pills out there and we have all seen the tragic stories in the news where someone has died as a result of taking one of these illegal diet pills containing dangerous substances such as DNP.

However, you are very unlikely to come across an illegal diet pill unless you are actively searching for it and know exactly what you are looking for. This underground trade is not widely publicised, so even if you are looking for illegal diet pills they are hard to find. You are very unlikely to stumble upon a website openly selling illegal diet pills. Quite often you have to join a forum first or do the online equivalent of a secret knock at the door.

Prescription diet pills are of more concern. These are sometimes offered openly for sale, and make no mistake they are dangerous and it is illegal to use them without a prescription.

However, there are literally thousands of perfectly legal diet pills on sale and although some of these may cause side effects, you will not be breaking the law in taking them.

Here at the Watchdog, we only ever approve supplements which are safe and legal. It can be a minefield out there so if you want to stay safe and on the right side of the law, keep informed with our site.

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Is it safe to buy diet pills online?

There is no quick answer to this one! Yes, it is usually perfectly safe to buy diet pills online, but just because something is openly offered on sale does not mean it is safe for either your health or your pocket.

The diet pills world is pretty much unregulated. It has been compared to the Wild West, and there are numerous scams and dangerous products out there. Many Watchdog readers have reported being caught in scams where they have been signed up to auto ship agreements without realising. In most cases the victim only notices when new supplies of a supplement shows up on their doorstep and their bank account or credit card has been debited without their knowledge. The bills can run into hundreds and these agreements are usually very difficult to cancel.

As well as the risk to your pocket, there are numerous supplements out there which contain potentially dangerous ingredients causing a wide range of side effects. It is always important to read through the ingredients list and do some research into the possible effects. If you are taking medication for example it is important to remember that even herbal ingredients can cause interactions.

That said, there are many reputable companies out there. Many online nutritional specialists sell diet pills and there are independent companies as well as household names that you can trust. If you have any doubts about safety, take a look at our Watchdog reviews, investigations, and customer forum before you click to buy.

Is there a magic pill to lose weight?

It would be lovely to think that there was a magic pill to lose weight but sadly there is no such thing. There is no diet pill in the world that can make you lose weight overnight. A diet pill can only help you; it cannot make all the excess weight disappear like magic in a puff of smoke.

Even though a diet pill is not magic, some supplements are very effective for weight loss. Here at the Watchdog we consider that Phentaslim is one of the best weight loss supplements on the market. It will help you lose weight and does not cause side effects, but it is firmly based on scientific evidence rather than magic.

Diet pills also work in different ways. A diet pill can stop you from feeling hungry. It can increase the speed of your metabolism, or block some of the foods that you eat. There is often clinical proof to at least suggest that a diet pill may work as described, and many people are passionate in their support of certain supplements after using them to successfully lose weight. Diet pills can be good, but they are certainly not magic, and any advertiser who tells you otherwise is simply making it up and telling you what you want to hear.

So, disappointingly, there is no magic pill to lose weight instantly. After all, if there was, we would all be using it, that is unless we had to sell our souls to the devil or something equally scary…

Can you buy natural diet pills?

Yes, and there is a wide range of natural diet pills out there. Many supplements are based on herbal extracts rather than chemical ingredients. Some supplements are derived from purely fruit extracts or medicinal herbs. Many natural diet pills are safe and effective.

It is worth pointing out that a natural diet pill is not always a safe diet pill. Many natural ingredients are actually quite dangerous. One herbal extract called Ephedra for example was banned in 2004 because of its very real health risks. Ephedra increases the heart rate and blood pressure and has been the cause of deaths in the USA, yet is a pure plant extract without any added chemicals.

Sadly, there are still plenty of legal natural ingredients in supplements that can cause dangerous effects. Some of the worst culprits are the supplements using so celled Chinese medicinal ingredients, because these can cause unpredictable effects. Chinese ingredients are often natural but they can be powerful too. In many cases, diet pills imported from China contain added undisclosed chemicals. Yet these are usually advertised as natural diet pills.

Here at the Watchdog we are always in favour of natural products, but this does not mean that all natural ingredients are safe. To stay safe it is important to understand just what you are taking, read the ingredients list and to always purchase from a reputable seller.

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Can you believe celebrities who push diet pills?

You cannot believe celebrities who push diet pills. Although celebs often look great, their good looks and slim figures are never caused by the diet pills they tout. Get real! Their appearance is their business so they spend lots of time and money on personal trainers, working out in the gym and they rarely appear in public without full slap and a full designer wardrobe right down to the shoes.

Not naming names, but some of the celebs who are often pictured “partying with friends” take a lot of illegal drugs too and some of these will help keep them thin!

When celebs start touting their own diet pills, the idea is that you too can look that good too. What rot! Many celebrities push diet pills but we have yet to see one that is worth trying. Well-known reality sisters the Kardashians faced lawsuits for the Slim Quick range because it was proven to not work. All levels of celebrities try it, from the Geordie Shore contingent, the TOWIE crew, and everyone else you may or may not have heard of.

Once a celebrity puts on weight and starts appearing in the tabloids looking a bit chunky, usually following a divorce or some sort of personal crisis, this is often followed by them emerging some months later like a fit toned butterfly out of a flabby chrysalis. Everyone then wants to know their secret and it is a good marketing opportunity for them to tout a diet pill or supplement even though it is probably nothing to do with their new look. Sorry Celebs. We just don’t believe in your Celebrity diet pills.

Which are the best diet pills for women?

The best diet pills for women are the ones that best address your specific weight and lifestyle issues. That might sound a bit vague but the truth is that we are all different so there is no easy one size fits all solution. However, in general women are more interested in losing weight and staying healthy than they are with building a six pack, which is the case with many of the supplements aimed at men.

If you have a busy lifestyle you may find that a supplement that perks you up with some enhanced energy levels plus vitamins and amino acids to support health will be ideal. Phentaslim may be a good choice. It contains clinical proven ingredients and safe levels of caffeine and Yerba Mate for added energy. Many women have lost weight successfully by using Phentaslim, and it has very few reported side effects.

There are other types of diet pill on the market, however. If you find it hard keeping to sensible portion sizes, a supplement that works as an appetite suppressant may be a good choice. Alternatively, you could try a carb blocker or fat blocker to prevent some of the foods that you eat from adding to your weight.

Some people find that a fat burner works well. A fat burner contains ingredients that will enhance the speed of the metabolism and raise body temperature so that you can burn off fat faster. Some fat burners can cause side effects because they do contain stimulants, so it is important to be aware of any risks before you buy.

Take a look at our Watchdog approved list to find the best diet pills for women that will not damage your health or your pocket.

Which are the best diet pills for men?

Many diet pills aimed at women will work equally effectively for men. However, many men are looking to improve their body shape and build muscle rather than get slim and healthy.

If you are fit and healthy and enjoy working out, Maxi Muscle Thermobol may be a good choice. This supplement is crammed with vitamins and amino acids and it also contains stimulants to help fuel your workouts. Maxi Muscle Thermobol will not be suitable for everyone because it is high in stimulants, but many men report great muscle building results by using it.

A less extreme supplement that is one of the best diet pills for men is the aforementioned Phentaslim. This contains nutrients, amino acids and vitamins. It will help support your weight loss and enhance your energy levels but is much easier to take as part of your usual routine than Maxi Muscle Thermobol, which is specifically aimed at gym users.

A diet pill for men will not necessarily give you a six pack. You need hours spent at the gym to get that look. However, losing weight is a good start to getting fit and healthy, and in our opinion, Phentaslim is one of the best diet pills for men on the market. (And one of the best for women too.)

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Are free trial diet pills a scam?

The simple answer is yes! There is no doubt about it because free trial diet pills are always a scam and they have been catching people out for years.

The free trial scam is always the same. You are told that you qualify for a free trial or free sample of products – the usual amount is for 15 days supply, and that you just need to complete your address details so that the company can “rush your order”. The free trial scam just includes shipping charges, which seems reasonable enough so you then complete your payment details in order to pay those delivery charges. Once you have provided your card or bank details, you are caught in the scam.

You can then expect new supplies of the supplement to be delivered to your home each and every month and for your credit card or bank account to be automatically debited for these products. They are always expensive. A free trial scam is never for an inexpensive supplement. It is always for something pricy that you probably would not bother with if you actually had to pay for it!

Somewhere in the small print it will tell you that you have actually agreed to receive regular orders of the supplement unless you cancel within the trial period. The scammers know that nobody ever reads the small print so when you start receiving new supplies of products and being billed there is very little you can do about it.

The free trial scam usually adds another twist by including a phone number that you can call to cancel but in most cases is hard to reach or simply unobtainable.

Free trial scams always work along this theme and everyone in the industry knows it. A reputable company will never offer you a free product trial, even if the supplement and the website look convincing.

Are diet pills approved by the FDA?

Some prescription diet pills are approved by the FDA but most are not suitable for OTC use because they are not safe. Prescription only FDA-approved diet pills include Contrave, Belviq and Qysmia, all of which are proven to help weight loss but with some alarming and serious side effects including suicidal thoughts, birth defects and a risk of seizure. These prescription diet pills are only ever taken under strict medical supervision. None of these have been reformulated for OTC use and we can only imagine that if these prescription drugs could be made safe, somebody would have done it by now.

The only FDA approved diet pill that has entered the OTC diet pills range is Xenical, as it is known under prescription (but more familiarly known as Alli). This contains a chemical called Orlistat which blocks up to 25% of dietary fat from being absorbed by the body. Alli is available as an over-the-counter diet pill around the world and has been used successfully by thousands of people. However, even though it is FDA approved, Alli does not suit everyone and is known for some pretty unpleasant side effects around bowel movements.

Supplement manufactures are not required to obtain approval from the FDA. Instead they are advised that they must comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations and ensure that the supplements are safe and do not make misleading claims.

The FDA does play a role in trying to control the use of dangerous ingredients and false claims supplements, but with the sheer number of supplements on the market, dodgy products often slip through the net.

Do diet pills have any side effects?

Although many diet pills are perfectly safe, some can cause side effects and it goes without saying that if you do experience even minor side effects you should not continue taking them. More worryingly, it is important to remember that the diet pills industry is unregulated and sometimes a supplement can contain dangerous ingredients even though it may be perfectly legal. A good example of this is Yohimbine – a chemical that shows up in some stimulant type fat burners yet comes with some real concerns around heart health and blood pressure.

However, a diet pill does not have to be dangerous in order to cause side effects. We are all different, so we react differently to individual ingredients. A good example of this is with caffeine. Some people are sensitive to caffeine, yet others have built up a huge tolerance after drinking all that Coke, tea or coffee over years. As a result, a diet pill which contains moderately high levels of caffeine will see some people climbing the walls yet others may not even notice the effects.

There is a dark side to diet pills. Some diet pills can contain really dangerous and unlisted ingredients that can pose a real health risk. Cheap, substandard diet pills imported from China can be extremely dangerous and without any real product information, you are gambling with your health should you take them.

To stay safe when you buy diet pills, always buy from a reputable outlet and always read the ingredients list and warnings. It can be a minefield out there when it comes to safety but the Watchdog is always here to help. All the supplements on our approved list are safe and should provide weight loss support without any side effects.

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