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There are so many dietary supplements on the market that it’s tough to keep track of all of them. We try to review as many of them as possible but sometimes one comes up that we haven’t reviewed. This is where you come in.

We’d like you to use our contact form to let us know if there’s a product you want reviewing, if you’ve got any questions about something specific or you just want to share your views with us. This will allow us to help you understand more about the ever growing diet pill industry.

Here are the latest reports that have been submitted. Feel free to join in on the conversation or visit our reviews page to see what we’ve been looking at recently.

List of Consumer Reports

Atomic Strength Nutrition Firestarter review

I am curious what your opinion of Atomic Strength Nutrition Firestarter is. My trainer recommends them.

Javita review

Have you experience with Javita weight loss coffee, lean green tea and other herb infused health drinks? They appear to have a positive effect for me and others, but would […]

GNC Slimvance review

Will you please review GNC’s new Slimvance?

Shaperite reviews

I am interested to review your feedback on the Shaperite 4life diet products. (Catalyst Plus, Metoblite, Citrishape, and Chitolite

Evomuse defuse review

I just recently purchased this product and I am curious about its effectiveness and actual abilities.

Wildcrafted Kachnar review

Was recommended by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, famous diabetes Dr. And You Tube Video education producer regarding diabetes. It is suppose to suppress hungar. Does it work? Please send me […]

Vasayo reviews

would like to hear your thoughts on Vasayo products. the company has a limited number of items (5) so to get a review on all would be great.

Ishokudogen reviews

Hello, I would like to hear your honest review about Japanese diet enzyme pills called Ishokudogen. There are 4 variants of that enzyme diet pills: basic (white packaging), night time […]

ISDG Enzyme Pills review

Hi Dietpillswatchdog, I am big fan of your independent diet pill review site. I want to take this chance to let you know how helpful your reviews have been. I […]

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex review

I have a request. My girlfriend is using a product called VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex. Ii have my doubts with this product. Based on some health alerts around this product. […]

Oros Citrus Sister review

Hi , Please help to review Oros Citrus Sister( Taiwan product ). I wish to know is the product safe for eating. Thanks

Neolife product reviews

I have been approached about using the Neolife products specifically the weight loss products. I have read some reviews but I am skeptical that they may be bias. Can you […]

Chocolite review

Could you please tell me if Chocolite is any good and what the pros and cons are…

Slim pm review

Hi can u tell me if this product is OK to use.its called slim pm drinks u take them at bed time Thanks

BurnerTEK review

Hi, Can you review burnerTEK it says it’s the best on the market but I, not sure if it’s really the best one

Gravitate review

hi im.trying to find some information about Gravitate they say that they really help to loose weight do you have any information

Formula Max 5 review

Formula max 5 (F Max5) Fat burners Sold on eBay and on dietraineronline Are these safe ??

Active-PK review

Please i would appreciate your advice on a supplement i intend to buy called active-PK. Its suppose to be weight loss supplement that targets the AMPK of the body. Please […]

Libbera review

I just saw a commercial on the product called Libbera. They call it a natural weight loss product. Do you have any information on this product?

MLite 4S Slimming review

Any reviews on these products?

Leptiburn 2 review

Please review the weight loss products from bio trust as I just watched a too long video about one of their products Leptiburn 2. While watching it sounded promising but […]

Slender Xcellerate Review

Hi Just wondering if you have reviewed slender xcellerate? I can’t find it in Ireland anymore. Tks

Shinya Koso Review

I want to know if Japanese product Shinyakoso 5 tablets diet has any review? Thanks

Woohslim review

can you please check the new diet pill ?name is wooh slim.or maybe wooh slim switzerland. theire page is but I think is fake

Oligonol caps Quality of Life review

Can you please review Oligonol caps (Quality of Life)? Michael

Ecoslim and ecoboost scam?

Its a scam. I want my money back. they took money from my account I did not authorize and their phone numbers are bogus. How do I get my money […]

LA-3 Ampk Booster Review

Is this product a scam and are there any products on the market that boost your Ampk

Oxy Shredz Elite Review

What do you think about this product? When I take it makes me feel like I’m on fire or a burning sensation all over. I’m very new to this type […]

PhD Lean Degree Non-Stimulant review

Please can you review phd lean degree Non-stimulent version. Would be very interested to see your thoughts since the standard has such a high dose of caffeine that I find […]

Exo Slim review

I want to know more from Exo Slim and it’s properties. Do you have anything on this weight loss product?

Lean Fat Burner For Her by FitAffinity review

Do you have any information on Lean: Fat Burner For Her by FitAffinity? Anything you can provide would be helpful.

Yokebe review

Can you rate the new protein drink yokebe which is advertised on TV.

Turmeric with Bioprene Review

Can you tell me if the claims are true for a product called Turmeric with Bioprene? It’s advertised by “Chris” of “The Paleo Secret” which may be part of Lexicon […]

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review

Hi! I would love to see you guys do a write up on Transparent Labs’ Fat Burner. I always look up for an unbiased analysis of substances and TL […]

Thrive Review

I have taken Thrive for weight and energy. Do you have any reviews about this product? It seemed to improve my energy and mood. I didn’t really diet with it. […]

BetaStax Elite Review

Item sold at BetaStax Elite BY BIOQUEST ITEM BQT023 Save 45% Your Price $29.95 Retail $54.95 ADD TO CART 10 OUT OF 10 | 2 REVIEW(S) The ultimate thermogenic […]

Shape Platinum Review

Do you have any information on this pill. I used it for a month and dropped a pants size. had very dry mouth and increased energy.however you can only get […]

Luxe fitness shake review

Hey, I found your post on google I was searching for reviews for slender protein shakes. I was debating on buying Luxe fitness shake. Can you write a review on […]

Formoline L112 Review

A German brand diet pill have made its way onto Asian store shelves. claims to have good fat binding effect to aid weight-loss. I’ve read one review said it ain’t […]

GoLo Review

I did not see a review for GoLo by Dr Keith Ablow. If possible, I would like your input please. Thank you.

PS1000 Plan review please

Can you guys please review PS1000 Plan. Was thinking that diet drops were dangerous, let me know?

Genostim 6 Review

Please review this product (Genostim 6). Thanks

Hiburn8 Review

I was wanting a review on a diet product that is a liquid called hiburn8. I did find a product called slim & sleep on your site that seemed similar. […]


I like to know more about BIOXTRON pLEASE !!

Dyna Garcinia Cambogia Review?

Dyna Garcinia Cambogia I didn’t find any reviews for this particular brand of Garcinia Cambogia; any comments?

Lipotrim Review

Hi, I know you specialize in info on diet pills, but is it possible you could do a review on Lipotrim. its a UK based product and have heard good […]

Q-Slim Natural Remedy review

Hi there, has anyone tried Q-Slim Natural Remedy, please let me know if it works. Thank you.

Garcinia trio review

Hi, tried so many weight loss products that I am very skeptical these days. Recently saw one called Garcinia Trio and have been looking on this site for a review […]


Was taken by the flashy ad & bit the bullet. Received the bottles next day, #2 called Pure Cleanse which is simply a laxative. In fact I showed the products […]

YOLI good for slimming?

hi is this product YOLI is good for slimming? i could not find it in your list thanks

Does Garcinia sx7 work?

Does Garcinia sx7 work?

Teagime teatox programme results?

As anyone tried teagime teatox programme? If so any side effects and did you lose weight? Thx.

Xyangular review

You guys should review Xyangular. I did not see a review from y’all on this product. But I would have been interested to see what you found. I took the […]

Genostim 6 review

Have you verified the performance claims of this product?

reviews/pros and cons on Fitmiss Tyte

I am concerned about the side effects of Fitmiss Tyte and potassium level dangers. Also, whatever reviews there are- pros and cons. I can find information about other Fitmiss pills […]

Tru Burn Plus review

Hey guys, seen a supplement called tru burn plus but cant find any reviews here for this – have you done one?

Caldoxin Information

Any information on this product?

Elixir Greens Review?

I’d like to read some reviews for “Elixir Greens” from Holistic Labs Ltd. in Hollywood, Florida. I’ve already purchased the product but can’t find any reviews for this specific product […]

Extreme Definition Fat Loss Blend Review

Hello, I recently purchased SuperXD by R+D body, which was recommended to me by a friend after expressing I am looking to lose some unwanted fat. Once I got the […]

GOLO program work?

I want to know does the GOLO program work, is it safe, and what score you will give the product?

Geniux smart pill review

Geniux was a smart pill I was woundering about

Caldoxin diet pill

Caldoxin is a diet pill I was woundering about.

Recommend Pro X 10 Probiotics?

Do you recommend Pro X 10 Probiotics? I have bought this product online a few times before for my son who has Ulcerative Colitis. Probiotics have been recommended for him, […]

Slim-X2 by Direct Market review

Do you know anything about a product called Slim-X2 by Direct Market? I think it’s a FDA registered facility. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

Superfruit pro compared to Superfruit Slim?

I read your review on Superfruit Slim. Do you know how this compares to Superfruit Pro?

Review of Carbon Fire 213

Unless I just can’t find it, I would like to see a review of Carbon Fire 213. It is a newer product and I believe is a replacement for the […]

ProbioShield review?

Holistic Labs produces a probiotic called, ProbioShield. Is it safe? I have done the milk test, and it does have viable bacteria. I also purchased the Energize Greens from Holistic […]

Phen P-375 Information

I see Phen P-375 on Amazon. Includes bold claims. I don’t see anything on your website about this supplement. Any information?

Tummy Trim With Herbal Band Blend Review

Hi have you heard of Tummy Trim Pills? Claims all natural stomach lab band without surgery..Proudly made in the Usa…100 procent Guaranteed it works…

Phenadren Review

Please review this product and let me know if it is any good.

Pure Garcinia Slim Scam

I fell for a free trial for Pure Garcinia Slim diet pills. Now I have been charged $180!! There is no website and no phone number. The bottle says Organic […]

Raspberry Ketone Reviews

I have been taking Raspberry Ketone by My Berry Diet and Distributed by Core Science Medica, LLC of West Palm Beach, Florida. I am searching for any reviews of this […]

Fibre Primvital Safety?

Dear sir/madam I want to know, Is it safe to use Fibre Primvital?

Glucomannan Garcinia Advice

Hi can anyone help? Since I started on Glucomannan Garcinia my appetite has increased instead of decreasing, also I started going to the toilet once in 3-4 days when before […]

Juicefestiv by Natrol Review

Hi there, Could you review Juicefestiv by Natrol, in particular the Fruitfestiv & Veggiefestiv please.

PS1000 Review?

Hey guys, thoughts on PS1000 Plan as cant see any reviews for this one on your site. Thanx

Ketovox Review?

Does it work?

SLIM Garcinia Cambogia Review?

Please review SLIM Garcinia Cambogia which is sold online. Thanks

Ostarine Inquiry?

To Whom It May Concern, Sir/Ma’am, I am wondering if you could please do a review on a product known as Ostarine. It is touted as a diet pill, among […]

Prostate Revive Safety?

Is this supplement safe to take? Thank you

Oceantrim100 Review?

Please review the product oceantrim100 and let me know what you find. I received a mailing for it which made exorbitant claims.

Elitegain 350 Body Transformation Tablets?

Hi I just want to say please be aware of this company, they offer a free trail yet they instantly debit your account for £99.99 with out any consent or […]

Oxythermo XT Review?

Can u do a review on oxythermo xt?

Patriot Power Greens Works?

Distributed by PMA Fullfillment. Is this product really beneficial?

Nip+Tuck Tablets Review?

I like this product, so can help me? How can I buy this product?

Lavitra review?

Lavitra has claims on tv that they have sold over 20 million bottles so it must be great? What do y’all think.

Gelatine Free Diet Pills?

Hi just wanted advice on watchdog approved diet pills that are gelatine free.

Garcinia Total Diet Scam?

hello there I guess ive been scammed, I saw this company on facebook and thought ooh i will try, since then I cannot contact this company, their phones do not […]

Lunaflex Review?

Wondering if u can check it out.

Matrix TNT Burners

Hello please could you review matrix tnt fat burners?

Chili Burn from NORDIC

My wife has used the product for the first time and she could not sleep and she is also sweating a lot. Thanks a lot.

Dexatol 27 review

Hi, someone told me about Dexatol27 and I haven’t been able to find ay reviews on it and was wondering if you have any information on it. Thanks in advance.


I watched a presentation on this product online and am considering ordering so I have been searching for reviews. If you could offer any feedback, I would greatly appreciate.

Webber Naturals Coconut Oil & Green Tea

Product is offered by Costco. Webber naturals® Coconut Oil & Green Tea, 240 Softgels. Offered as a weight loss supplement.


What do you know and think of Instaflex joint dietary Supplement. It’s sold as a joint relief.

OmniHealth 10 Day Weight Management review

I just bought OmniHealth 10day weight management system. It’s an exclusive Walmart product that claims to be comparable to Plexus. It comes with slim sticks, protein shake meal replacement and […]

Slique oil from young living

Hello. I appreciate this page as it puts good information out there. Please let me know if you have looked at Slique oil from Young Living? A co-worker uses it […]

Flat Tummy Tea review please

I’ve been considering purchasing flat tummy tea for a while and wanted to see if you guys have reviewed it, or will ever? thank you!

Keto/OS Reviews?

I’ve been seeing Keto/OS all over Facebook and can’t really find much info on the product other than that from its own source, which I’m sure is bias. Do you […]

Plantinum garcinia and lean coffee bean diet pills

does the plantinum garcinia and lean coffee bean diet pills work? and are they safe?

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