Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

Here at Diet Pills Watchdog, we help consumers by reporting whether supplements are likely to work, what side effects they cause, and what the manufacturer’s background is. We also closely examine what ingredients are out into weight loss products. Most of the time this job is simple enough, but it is made far harder when multiple formulas are all sold under the same name, causing much confusion for both customers and our research team!

Below we take an in-depth look at Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, to see if we can pin down just what is in this confusing and inconsistent product.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Pros

  • All versions generally don’t cause too many side effects
  • Mostly inexpensive product

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Cons

  • Multiple products are sold under the same name, which is extremely confusing for customers
  • Most versions of the product are highly ineffective
  • Customer reviews are generally negative or mixed for most versions of the product
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Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

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What You Need To Know About Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is a weight loss product, that is manufactured by Windmill Health Products. It has attracted a great deal of confusion, due to the fact that multiple products are seemingly sold under the same name.

Buckle up, because this is going to get confusing. Originally, there were 3 versions of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4. These were sold in boxes, and could be distinguished by the coloured banner at the top, which was either green, red, or blue. The green, red, and blue box versions each had their own ingredients list, and were completely different from one another, except for the fact that they all shared the same name.

In more recent years, the old box versions of this product have been discontinued by the manufacturer (although you can still find them on sale everywhere). A newer version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 was launched – it has tube-like packaging with a red banner at the top, but actually has the same formula as the old green box packaging.

To read and understand more about this, click the Ingredients tab below. The short version is that there are three products which are all called Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, and we will be referring to them as “Red Box”, “Blue Box”, and “Green Box/Red Tube”.

What Are The Side Effects Of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4?

There aren’t too many side effects that customers should expect from using Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4. The Green Box/Red Tube version and Red Box versions all carry roughly the same side effects. The caffeine content may cause jitters, sleeplessness, an increased heartrate, and increased urination. The use of garcinia cambogia may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and headaches.

The Blue Box formula contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which may cause stomach upset, diarrhoea, nausea, and fatigue.

How Much Does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Cost?

The price of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 varies slightly, depending on the version you end up with and where you choose to buy it. The common Green Box/Red Tube version (90 capsules) tends to cost around $15 from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and CVS Pharmacy. The Red Box version (also with 90 capsules) costs roughly the same, although it can only be purchased from Target.

The Blue Box version is only available to buy on Amazon, and is actually more expensive per-capsule – it costs $13 for just 60 capsules.

Our Verdict On Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

If you are left a bit confused whilst trying to understand the various formulas and versions associated with Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, you’re not alone. You can also perhaps see the biggest problem associated with this product.

For some unknown reason, Windmill Health Products have created a nightmare for consumers by releasing multiple products under the same name. We’ve found numerous comment sections online with customers trying to figure out which version is which, and how they can go about finding the version they want. Retailers often confuse things further (one Amazon listing mentions two different ingredients lists on the same page), and numerous customers have ended up with the wrong version whilst ordering. The situation is a mess.

It doesn’t help that all versions of the product are generally ineffective, and attract negative customer reviews. Depressingly, the version of the product that attracts the most praise (the Red Box) is frequently hard to find, and Windmill are reportedly dismissive and rude when asked about where to locate one on the telephone.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is cheap and widely available, but there are better and more effective products out there. And whatever you do, don’t order a pack online – you never know which version you’ll end up with!

We do not recommend Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 to our readers.

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Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Review

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is a weight loss product, that claims to fight fat with the use of four key ingredients. It is widely available for purchase in both stores and online.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Facts

  • Manufactured by Windmill Health Products LLC
  • Contains 60/90 capsules per box/tube
  • Weight loss supplement

This weight loss product has a bizarre and confusing history. A few years ago, it was made available in stores in three very different versions. Despite having the same name, each box contained a completely different product with completely different ingredients. The red box often changed, and the blue and green boxes generally stayed the same. More recently, the manufacturer has launched a new “red tube” version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, which has the same formula as the old green box, whilst obviously keeping the same name. Confused? We are too, and so are many customers! To refer to the three different formulas, we will call them “Red Box”, “Blue Box”, and “Green Box/Red Tube”.

How to Take Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

The directions for use are as follows:

  • Take 1 tablet up to three 3 times daily with a meal as a dietary supplement.

All versions of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 are manufactured by Windmill Health Products. This American company appear to be a relative heavyweight in the world of supplements, with most of their products regularly sold in supermarkets like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. Despite their success, they have courted controversy for pushing out poor quality products that are marketed dishonestly, promoting the FDA to officially warn them in 2016 to change their practices or face sanction. The company can be contacted by telephone (1-800-822-4320 or 973-575-6591) or post (Windmill Health Products, 10 Henderson Drive, West Caldwell, NJ 07006).

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Concerns:

  • Customers often do not know which version of this product they are purchasing
  • No money back guarantee from manufacturer
  • All versions of the product are relatively ineffective

What Does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Claim To Do?

Regardless of the specific version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 you have, the product is always said to work in roughly the same way. On the official Windmill Vitamins website, Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 claims to “reduce body fat quickly and safely”. Each of the ingredients is said to make their own contribution to this process, whether by boosting metabolism or by controlling appetite.

Does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Work?

As we are essentially talking about three different products, we need to examine each in turn. The short version is that all three are extremely unimpressive, and likely do little to nothing.

The most common Green Box/Red Tube version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 contains green matcha tea, which can be useful for weight loss. However, the other ingredients will do nothing for fat burning: the quantity of glucomannan supplied is far too low to be effective, garcinia cambogia is generally thought to be useless, and the inulin can only help to improve digestion. Customer reviews are also highly mixed.

The Red Box formula is highly variable depending on which version you’ve ended up with, but all are similarly poor quality. It uses a set of ingredients that are all unproven or controversial, and there is no evidence that any of them should work. Despite this, the only comments we could find on the Red Box version were generally positive, so the formula was at least working for some.

Finally, the Blue Box formula is rarest for a reason; it’s awful. It uses ingredients like coconut oil and chia seeds which can cause weight loss if you consume grams of them at mealtimes, but are useless in capsule-form. Most customer reviews remain unimpressed.

What Are The Ingredients of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4?

The ingredients found in Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 are detailed below. The ingredient quantities provided are always for three capsules.

As mentioned above, there are actually three different products sold under the same name, which has resulted in thousands of confused and dissatisfied customers for years. We will deal with each of them one by one.

Green Box/Red Tube Formula

This is the most commonly found version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, and the only version still sold on the official Windmill website.

  • Green tea leaf extract and Matcha Tea (providing 90mg EGCG, 62 mg caffeine) 262.5 mg: Matcha green tea is higher in catechins than regular green tea, because of the growing and harvesting processes. One study found that participants who drank beverages high in catechins extracted from green tea (690 mg/d) lost significantly more weight and body fat, than those who drank beverages low in catechins (22 mg/d). Source
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract 750mg: Test tube and animal research suggests that HCA, an active compound in Garcinia Cambogia, may be helpful in weight loss because of its effects on metabolism. However, numerous studies in humans have found it has no effect upon either appetite or metabolic rate. There is no evidence to suggest that Garcinia Cambogia works as a carb blocker either. Source
  • Glucomannan 200mg: This fibre comes from the root of konjac. The powder absorbs water upon contact and becomes gel-like in consistency; it not only helps to fill the stomach, but slows down digestion, meaning that the dieter can go for longer before feeling hungry again. There are numerous studies that show glucomannan use leads to weight loss without making any other changes. Despite this, the quantity included in this product is certainly far, far too low to be effective. Source
  • Pre- and Pro-Biotic Blend of Inulin, and Bacillus coagulans (300 million CFU) 250mg: This prebiotic is often used to improve gut health. Source

Red Box Formula

This confusing version of the formula has been sold in many different versions, with all containing 4 of the ingredients listed below. There are at least 3 different versions of the red box formula!

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid): Whilst it was thought that this ingredient was a significant aid in weight loss, the relevant research has been discredited as fraudulent. Currently there is no evidence that it aids with weight loss more than any other source of caffeine. Source
  • Raspberry Ketones 125 mg: Whilst there is a small amount of evidence that raspberry ketone can cause weight loss in rats, there have never been any trials on its potential weight loss effects in humans. Source
  • Garcinia Cambogia 750mg: See above.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract 88 mg: Capsaicin, which is found in Cayenne pepper chilis, is thought by some to play a role in weight loss. Some studies suggest it could suppress the appetite mildly, whilst others suggest that the heat causes a thermogenic reaction in the body, burning more calories for a period of time. However, there are also studies that show cayenne has little or no effect upon weight loss attempts. Source
  • White Mulberry 100mg: Mulberry is sometimes used as an effective diabetes medication, as it is known to reduce blood sugar levels. Source
  • White Kidney Bean Extract 10,000 mg: One study in humans showed that participants who consumed white kidney bean extract, in addition to being on a multi-component weight loss programs (diet, exercise and behavioral intervention) lost more weight when compared to those who just followed the multi-component diet. Research also suggests that white kidney bean does not decrease the absorption of starch. Source

Blue Box Formula

This is the rarest version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4, although it is still sold on Amazon. It is the only version that fails to list individual ingredient quantities, which can make it hard for us to estimate how effective it really is.

Propriety Blend 1150mg

  • Organic Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides, which should help to increase the number of calories you can expect the burn. However, these effects are seen when people eat coconuts as part of their diet, not when consuming mere milligrams of it in a diet pill. Source
  • Safflower Oil: This is mainly used as a source of CLA (detailed below).
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid Complex: Naturally found in dairy products, beef, and safflower oil, conjugated linoleic acid may help to reduce body fat, but may not cause changes to body weight. The average daily diet provides between 15 and 174 mg of conjugated linoleic acid, but studies have used much higher levels. Human studies of CLA have produced contradictory results, and it is described as not only a relatively poor fat burner, but also an unreliable one. Source
  • Chia Seed Oil: The main theory that links chia seeds with weight loss, is that they are a rich source of fibre and can be filling in the stomach. Once again however, this idea rests on the notion that dieters consume lots of chia seeds, not milligrams of oil in a capsule. Source

Does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Have Any Side Effects?

All versions of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 shouldn’t cause too many side effects, although some customer reviews have complained of stomach issues.

The Green Box/Red Tube formula and Red Box formula both often contain garcinia cambogia, which can cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, and headaches. Both versions also contain a source of caffeine, which may cause headaches, jitteriness, insomnia, an increased heartrate, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, and increased blood pressure if overconsumed.

The Blue Box formula contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which may cause stomach upset, diarrhoea, nausea, and fatigue.

Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Not intended for use by persons under 18, or by those with a serious medical condition. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician before using this product.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4?

Below, we have included a few customer comments on each Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 formula. The comments you won’t see below are the many comments we found complaining about receiving the wrong “type”, and expressing confusion over multiple products existing under the same name!

Green Box/Red Tube

somehow causes me to have an upset stomach

did nothing for me

Didnt work at all. Took for two months and didn’t see any progress

Works very well if you keep up with it and stay on schedule.

Red Box

I was taking Drs select 4 with raspberry keystones, I lost 20 lbs. I went from a size 16 to a size 13. Although for some reason I cannot find it anywhere any more even on line. I am very disappointed.

When I found and started the red label I didn’t even really think about it… imagine my surprise when at 3 months I found out I’d blown past my plateau to lose 13.5 lbs. This was taking only 1 pill each with my first meal of the day…But I hit a wall. I couldn’t find the red label anywhere. I ordered online, only to get the green label in the mail. I discovered that both products have the very same UPC product code. Normally, different products get a different number, but these were the same. But I decided to contact Windmill Health to find out if I could order the red label product.

Oddly enough, the sales rep seemed flippant, uninterested in what I wanted. She stated that the product changed from time to time, if I wanted anything specific go look on eBay or check stores for older products.

Blue Box

No benefit. I am going to toss it

Been taking these as instructed and haven’t lost any weight. Waste of money

I tried another Doctors select formula with coconut oil extract, and sunflower oil extract in it and this formula did nothing for me.

this is a great product I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight

Does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Windmill offer no money back guarantees on any purchases, but this may be due to the fact that they rarely sell products directly to consumers. We advise checking the returns policy of your chosen retailer, and select one that allows you to return opened packages of product when dissatisfied (within a reasonable timeframe).

Where Can I Buy Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4?

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is a very common and easily-found product. It is sold both online and in-stores at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, eBay, CVS Pharmacy, and more.

The Green Box/Red Tube version of Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is the most frequently available. Customers can buy a 90-capsule pack from around $14.85 from Amazon, Walmart, and CVS Pharmacy. The same pack costs a little more from Walgreens ($17.99).

The Red Box version was once the headline act, but supplies seem to have dried up in recent years. It is still available for purchase at Target, where a 90-capsule pack costs $14.89, and listings sometimes pop up on eBay. The Blue Box version is the rarest of all, and is now only sold on Amazon. A 60-capsule Blue Box pack costs $13.01.

How does Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 compare to Phentatrim?

CriteriaDoctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 ComparisonPhentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

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