Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

Updated May 9, 2019.
Published Mar 26, 2015.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea is a quirky English product that loves a good pun (and what could be more English that tea and puns). There’s a lot that we like about this product. The tea is inexpensive, the flavours are interesting, and they are easily contacted. But whilst the teas may well be healthy, we aren’t convinced it can help with weight loss. Any effects will mostly be related to improving digestion, not in suppressing the appetite.


  • Slim Plus Tea may help support digestive health
  • Good quality tea company from England
  • Inexpensive speciality tea


  • No real evidence it will work in the way as described
  • Not much customer feedback
  • International shipping charges expensive if you buy direct from the company
Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea
Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea, also titled ‘What a Waist’, is a tea blend that may help suppress your appetite and provide support for weight loss. This English caffeine-free tea has the right look and comes with some great credentials (and some terrible puns) but will it really help you lose weight?

We take an in-depth look at Slim Plus tea to find out more.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Overview

What you need to know about Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

We have been unable to find much reference for any of these herbal ingredients being particularly effective for reducing the appetite but we are not going to argue with an eminent herbalist like Dr Stuart.

Herbalism is an alternative medical practice which is highly specialised and although in many cases it is easy to quote a lack of proof for ingredients, in many cases clinical trials are paid for by drug companies and do not always add up to real evidence anyway.

Dr Stuart is well known in his field and this company and tea seems very genuine.

We can see that this tea may have a soothing effect and may help improve digestion. We like that the ingredients are derived from natural herbs, which contain health benefits such as antioxidants. It may help support weight loss if used in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What are the side effects of Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea?

There is a slight risk of allergic reactions (to fennel and galangal, mainly), skin irritation, loose bowels, and increased urination.

How much does Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea cost?

One packet of 15 teabags costs £2.29. But shipping costs £3.50.

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Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Key Features

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea is a tea blend derived from natural herbs. It is caffeine free and according to the product information contains herbal ingredients, which are guaranteed GM free.

The tea contains a blend of three ingredients, fennel, linden leaves and galangal root – all believed to help suppress the appetite. These herbs are well known as ingredients in various herbal teas.

Fennel is a sweet aniseed tasting herb that is sometimes taken as a mild laxative and diuretic. It is also a flavouring in aniseed alcoholic drinks such as Pernod and used in cooking as an accompaniment to fish.

Linden leaves are well known as a tea ingredient. The leaves come from a genus of trees called Tilia, which is known in the UK as Linden or Lime. Across Europe tea made from Linden leaves is a popular beverage most commonly known as Tila or similar depending on country.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Key Points

  • Tea blend created by eminent herbalist Dr Malcolm Stuart
  • You can buy Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Teas via Amazon
  • Each box contains 15 teabags

Herbal teas are more popular in parts of Europe than they are in the UK and the USA and drinking Linden leaves tea is very mainstream and seen as an ordinary alternative to tea or coffee.

It has a pleasant taste and may help increase urination, calm anxiety and ease headaches.

The final ingredient is Galangal. This medieval sounding herb is closely related to ginger and has a similar looking root and spicy fresh flavour. It was popular in Elizabethan times as a food flavouring. Most of us use ginger root in place of Galangal these days but it is popular in Thai and Asian cuisine. Medicinally it is used to treat intestinal disorders such as gas as well as fever and is effective as a mild stimulant.

If you enjoy herbal teas, you will probably enjoy the flavour of Slim Plus tea. Non-herbal tea drinkers may not be quite as enthusiastic about the taste!

Slim Plus Tea looks safe and although fennel may have a mild laxative effect, this should not be too extreme.

How to Take Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

There are no directions about how and when to drink Slim Plus Tea. This tea is predominantly a beverage that you can probably drink any time although we would not advise drinking too much of it each day.

Just add boiling water to the teabag, leave in the cup or teapot to infuse for a few minutes and drink in the usual way but without milk.

Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea is part of a large range of Dr Stuarts Extraordinarily Good Teas. This English tea brand was established in 1992 by Dr Malcolm Stuart PHD. He was one of the first highly qualified scientists in recent times to widely support and promote the many beneficial values of the plant kingdom.

He has had a long and illustrious career as a scientist and consultant, including as an advisor to the Prince Charles Organic Trust. He has been described as ‘the Father of Modern Herbalism‘.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Concerns:

  • Consult your doctor before taking if you have any medical issues or are taking medication. Herbal teas can cause side effects
  • Will this tea really suppress appetite as described? We cannot find any evidence that says it will
  • This tea may not be suitable if you have or have had a hormonally related medical condition

Other Dr Stuart’s teas include classic teas such as English Breakfast Tea, Green Tea and exotic blends such as White Tea Strawberry and Chilli.

Medicinal teas include Valerian Plus – Your Ticket To Bedfordshire – a tea that may help you sleep, Chamomile Flowers Tea – Calm Down Dear – a calming restorative tea, and a range of teas aimed at specific issues such as detox and Skin Purify.

Dr Stuart’s is a reputable company. You can contact the company by phone or email and the company address in Sussex is also provided. All teas are produced in the company’s own UK factory.

What does Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea claim to do?

According to the product information,

Fennel, linden leaves and galangal root are believed to suppress the appetite.

The tea is made from good quality ingredients.

Dr Stuarts creates his extraordinarily good teas using herbs of only the highest quality medicinal grade, from the most prized part of the plant.

Teas contain:

  • The highest essential oil content possible in a packaged tea.

And is,

The most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial tea possible

Dr Stuart goes the extra mile to bring the best possible tea to your pot.

Tucked away in the product information we found that all ingredients are derived from GM free sources.

Does Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea work?

If you enjoy herbal teas and like the idea of these flavours, you will probably enjoy Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea too.

The important point about this tea is that it is an enjoyable beverage, which comes with some health benefits. Linden is rich in antioxidants for example and has a mild calming effect. This herbal tea is popular on the continent and anecdotally people swear by it for all sorts of reasons.

Slim Plus Tea may help decrease the appetite – we are not going to argue with an eminent herbalist and there is strong evidence that it may improve digestion and help remove gas and heartburn.

Nothing is strictly proven but if you like the tea and combine it with a weight loss plan you may find it offers some additional support.

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Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Ingredients

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea is a herbal tea that may provide support to health and weight loss. As usual with teabags, exact amount quantities are not provided.

  • Fennel: We have searched through the clinical evidence for fennel and this traditional plant remedy may be effective for numerous medical applications. We have not found much reference to appetite suppression but it is good for digestive issues such as gas and heartburn.
  • Linden Leaves: Popular as a tea ingredient across Europe because of its pleasant flavour, Linden leaves have been used medicinally for centuries. Linden is rich in flavanoids – a type of antioxidant and is believed to calm anxiety, indigestion and may also be effective as an anti spasmodic (reduce muscle contractions). It also may have a diuretic effect.
  • Galangal: Often used in Asian cuisine, Galangal is very similar in taste and appearance to the better known ginger. It is a well known medicinal herb and used by herbalists for a range of conditions including respiratory and digestive problems. It is even used in the East as snuff for nasal infections. It may have a mild stimulant effect.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Side Effects

There are no health warnings provided, and this tea is probably safe enough for most people, but there is a risk of potential side effects.

These may include:

  • Allergic reaction to galangal – joint pain and rash
  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reaction to fennel
  • Increased sun sensitivity
  • Increased urine output
  • Loose bowels

Not suitable for individuals under 18.

Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding (standard advice for all supplements.

Ask you doctor for advice first if you have or have had a hormonally related medical condition such as breast cancer.

Fennel appears to act like oestrogen in the body so may not be suitable.

Ask your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication. Fennel can interact with contraceptive pills, antibiotics and hormone medication such as tamoxifen (breast cancer treatment).

Stay on the safe side and seek medical advice if you are taking any prescription medication in case of interactions.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Customer Feedback

There are only a handful of customer reviews for Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea. However, these are all positive. One customer found it helped reduce hunger pangs when fasting,

So far so good! I follow the 5:2 and bought these to aid my fast day. This tea definitely helps to ward off the hunger pangs. Its nice tasting too for a herbal tea, slightly liquorice sweet.

Another felt it combined well with a calorie controlled diet.

Its an enjoyable herbal tea, the smell and taste is lovely. Swear by it with a controlled diet. Would recommend it.

One customer enjoyed the tea but questioned the weight loss claims,

The Tea is fine and is nice to drink although I do not really think the word slim means much.

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Money-Back Guarantee

No guarantee is offered.

Where To Buy Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

Dr Stuarts Teas are available from high street health shops in the UK including Holland & Barrett.

You can buy Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus direct from the ‘Tea shop’ on the Dr Stuart’s website. One packet of 15 teabags costs £2.29.

Shipping to UK addresses costs £3.50. Postage is only an extra 50p for an additional item. Despite the fact, that Dr Stuart’s claim to ship internationally, the price makes this prohibitive. Quoted shipping charge to the USA is a whopping £40.00

You can also buy Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus via Amazon UK from various sellers.

One seller is offering three packs of tea (45 teabags in total) for £5.85. Postage is free with Amazon orders over £10.00.

Another seller is offering 1 x 15 teabag pack of Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea for £4.69 including free postage to UK addresses.

US customers can buy Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea direct from US Amazon. 6 packets (90 teabags) costs $24.73. Shipping is from within the USA.

Watchdog Verdict

There is a lot we like about Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea. The flavour combination sounds interesting, the price is good and there may be some health benefits to taking.

We love the look of Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Tea Company. It is quirky and English and provides good quality tea blends. We love the product range and the fact that the teabags are manufactured in their own factory in the UK. They are fully transparent regarding their contact details too, which is a major point in their favour. It is all very appealing.

However, the big question must be whether this herbal tea will work for weight loss. Some customers have felt that it may offer some support but with only a few reviews, this point it is not really proven.

We don’t claim to be herbalists but we just cannot find any proof anywhere that says that fennel, linden leaves and galangal have any particular appetite suppressing properties.

This is a major sticking point but perhaps the fact that it may lead to improved digestion may help support weight loss.

Despite all the good points about Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea we can’t really add it to our approved list. The proof that it will really work is just not there so unless you fancy enjoying the tea for the taste and general health benefits there probably is no real reason for you to buy it.

Reluctantly, we have no other option but to reject Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea.

How does Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. About to try the tea in conjuction with a controlled diet. Hoping to lose 5-10 kilos so really hope this does aid in weightloss.
    Will keep updated…

  2. About 4 years ago, I used this tea daily (sometimes twice a day) and in combination I admit with other minor adjustments to diet and exercise the weight fell off (about 1 1/2 stones in total). The taste is fine (some of my friends were inspired to try it and didn’t like it) and if it becomes part of your daily routine it’s effortless. Gradually I stopped using it completely just because I no longer needed to lose weight but also bored of it. Since then I have regained weight so I’m about to try it again. Fingers crossed!

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