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Easy-100 Capsules Reported

I received a letter in the mail about this diet pill and I have been looking for reviews on it and can’t find any. Have you ever heard of it? Does not list ingredients. Maker: Skinny Nutraceuticals, 1734 Lakeview Av, Unit 354, Dracut MA 01826. Does not list ingredients. Offers to pay you $5.00 per pound lost for before and after pictures. Thanks!

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131 comments on “Easy-100 Capsules Reported”

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  1. Joan Clarke says:

    I would like to return the product. It did not work on me. I understand there is a money back refund.

  2. Robert says:

    RUN AWAY-This PRODUCT is a SCAM As the saying goes if it is to good to be true your being lied too. Save your money and my some dumbbells to work out DONT EVEN THINK OF WASTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON FALSE ADVERTISING. IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SCAM BECAUSE THE PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK.

  3. Marlita E. says:

    July 13,2015 3:35 pm on June 30, 2015 I sent a money-order in the
    amount of $122.90 for the diet, and I also paid extra for priorty sh. And I still haven’t received my diet. At the same day I ordered another product; and I got that order already! I would just like to get my money

  4. Maria K says:

    Last time. I’m not really loosing pounds. I started more exercise targeting my inner stomach muscles, came off the pills and am loosing more than I did on. DON’T BUY!!

  5. Maria K says:

    Down to 189 which is not much. Definately not what promised. Am loosing inches, down about 2 inches in the waist/belly button area so that is helpful. More than when I’m not using the pills and just exercising. Trying to cut out all sugar this week – like my Pepsi’s to see if that helps. Definately walking at least 1 mile + a day on treadmill – apx 20-30 mins. Back to exercises I was doing before I messed up my leg, just less time walking (was doing 40-60 mins a day).

  6. Maria K says:

    Lost 5 lbs in 1 week, not quite what they said, Lost 5 in 1 day, then gained back 2, then lost 1 per day. I think part of it was that I stuffed myself late at night when I gained it back. I’ve been trying to stop that – I definately lose at least 1 lb a day if I don’t eat after about 6/7pm. I haven’t been excersing so that might be why not loosing as much as I could. Finding acts as a appetite suppressant a bit during the day – not as effective towards evening. Definately dehydrates me – drinking more water than usual to try to stay hydrated (can tell by whether my lips are chapped or not). I have lost 1 inch under the breasts and 1 inch in the waist itself.

  7. Maria K says:

    Started mine today. Eat fairly healthy. A little too much processed sugar in the way of a pepsi a day. Proportions decent. Lots of less processed foods, very little vegetables, lots of fruit. Exercise about 1 mile walking 3-5 times a week. Decent amount of water, probably not all I should take. Will update and let people know. Currently 195 and should be around 120 or so at 50 yrs old. I look overall larger in arms/thighs/bottom but mostly in belly (look pregnant/beer belly without the beer). Giving description so people will know if it might work for them or not.

  8. Kel Z. says:

    Well…a little under a month…4 lbs. that’s it… 🙁
    Not angry….just disappointed again.


  9. Kel Z. says:

    I too recv’d the mailer; went online to research. I’m not sure why others couldn’t find any information? I found plenty, as well as, contacted the company. I am 50yrs old- menopausal and exercised daily -bike-8miles daily and resistance training…my weight kept creeping up until I could not take it any more [70lbs. overweight-and I don’t mean from what the “medical society” states you should weigh..I mean from my “comfortable-I feel great-weight”]. Given everything under the sun – special diets,special equipment,shaking substance on my food….nothing worked…so with their $$$ back guarantee..why not? I’ve just started [day 3]…will report back to update…so far – 3 lbs.!!! Just a fluke?? Don’t know-don’t care…the digital numbers stopped going up on my scale…which gives me hope, makes me smile…; however, got a long way to go so …I’ll let you know….

  10. bonnie says:

    got my easy-100 advertisement today. being overweight and already trying to loose
    the extra pounds this was unbelievable. i thought about my past experiences and
    brought up this site. thanks for all of the insite and support to make a absolutely NO decision to the product. I do know that if you contact a company and give them your credit card number you have initiated the contact and who knows who you are giving this info to. will they use it for other purposes. even workers in offices have been known to do that right here in the good ole USA. it is called credit card fraud. one thing though if you do get the product you can work with cc company to get your money after returning the product.
    the best thought i had is … does the post office general know about this information
    that they delivered to our door. a blatent SCAM artist…. also it may be interstate
    and with that is it not a crime the SCAM act i mean. I know that we have many
    overseas people who know how gullible we americans are and they laugh as they
    present opportunities for things just like this. well. i had hope myself in this idea
    but decided to get online and check out some possibilty that someone else had
    taken the guess work out of it. Thank you to all who have posted. I a m saved
    by your words.
    let’s just go back to basics, leave off all processed foods and white foods, drink water, eat fruits and vegs, small proteins, nuts and grains. you will be surprised what a difference you will see in just a couple of weeks. dont forget to walk even if
    just for 15 mins. it does make a difference. think ill go back to that idea myself.

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