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To be honest we had never heard of East 100 until we got a kind email from a visitor asking us to review it. Apparently she had received some correspondence pushing it as a miracle weight loss Easy 100 so of course we needed to know more.

Was Easy 100 really going to be as good as it promised or was it another damp squid? There was only one way to find out….

Easy 100 Pros

  • Nothing Whatsoever

Easy 100 Cons

  • Ridiculous Claims
  • Dubious “Doctor”
  • No ingredients listed
  • No clinical Proof
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Easy 100 capsules

Easy 100 Review

Easy 100 Facts

  • Claims you can lose 2 pounds a day
  • Dr. Brown also endorses skin care products, hair products and dentistry across hundreds of other sites (but the name changes)
  • Guaranteed 99.5% success rate (the other 0.5% lost too much weight)
  • Claims to use Bio-Stem Cell derived Phytology

At first glance we thought this was maybe a wind-up. Had someone created a site so unbelievable, that rather perversely it actually became believable?

Or was it a case that the more outlandish the claims, it could then appear that it might possibly work? There are some strange goings on in the diet pill world, and we stopped being surprised a long time ago but Easy 100 literally made our jaws drop.

After suspending our disbelief for a moment, we decided to do what we always do and take a totally objective look to what we found.

It wasn’t a pleasant job.

Easy 100 Warnings:

  • Highly suspicious Doctor
  • Highly suspicious testimonials
  • No ingredients specified and No evidence presented
  • Ridiculous claims

What Does Easy 100 Claim To Do?

What doesn’t it claim to do?

From the way the copy has been written it seems Easy 100 could end World poverty, put right the Global economy and the solve the Middle East crisis!

Amongst other things Easy 100 claims:

  • Fiona Lost An Amazing 229 Pounds (in only 5 months)
  • Lose 2 Pounds Per Day
  • Just 12 Capsules And You Will Lose 12 Pounds In 6 Days
  • Doctor Approved
  • Clinically Proven
  • 99.5% Success Rate
  • Size Zero Guaranteed (I know….stop laughing)

Impressive claims, and most likely some of the most hyped up ones we have seen, so they better have some good proof.

Ermm……..Sorry, they don’t offer any scientific proof or studies to back these claims up.

Instead we are told:

Scientists and Doctors Confirm That It’s Impossible To Fail with Easy-100

Well that’s alright then.

If the professionals say it work’s it must do then!

Dr Caroline BrownSo let’s see who the Scientists and Doctors are, shall we.

The face and voice of Easy 100 is Dr. Caroline Brown, a rather attractive lady with a lovely smile who is the Director of Research and Development.

Who wouldn’t believe what Dr. Brown said?

Unfortunately Dr Brown is “stock image” used across hundreds of other websites for skin care products, hair products, dentistry and clothes amongst other things.

I guess after saving the world, and being a popular online model she still finds time to endorse the greatest diet pill ever invented. She’s certainly a busy girl!

So Dr. Brown Is Not Real?

It does not appear that Dr. Brown is completely genuine. We could find no evidence in Medical publications that any Dr. Caroline Brown was responsible for any research in to diet and weight loss supplements.

And there is certainly nothing in any peer-reviewed publication worldwide that show she has developed a diet pill that guarantees a size zero body.

Nevertheless, How Does Dr. Brown Say Easy 100 Works?

Ok so we have our suspicions about the amazing Dr. Brown but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt shall we?

Let’s see what she says about how it works.

Do Nothing But Take 2 Capsules Each Morning, Then Watch All Your Extra Pounds Melt Away!

Easy 100 How to take the capsules

But Dr. Brown HOW does it work????


That’s right there is not even a hint of how it works, Dr. Brown say’s it does and that’s that.

So What Is Easy 100 and What Are The Ingredients For Easy 100?

It usually at this point we do some research into the ingredients in a product and report back how effective they may or may not be for effective weight loss.

[Nothing To Report]

That’s right there is no indication whatsoever what is in Easy 100, how much is in it or what research has been done on it!

You would be consuming a product with no idea what it contained. A sensible choice? You decide.

But What About The 99.5% Success Rate?

Hey, stop sniggering!

Actually it get’s even better than that:

When clinically tested, Easy-100 scored a 99.5% success rate.
And the tiny % that did not complete the trial were not failures, they were people who lost so much weight so quickly that they decided to leave the test early!

So that’s a 100% success rate! You could even lose too much weight.

Seriously does anyone believe this stuff?

But They Guarantee a 100-Pound Size Zero Body?

Yeah and my names Mickey Mouse.

If a product could guarantee a size zero body then it would be worth billions, it would all over the mainstream media and you would have heard about it a long time ago.

Does Easy 100 Have Any Side Effects?

Might do, might not.

Without a definitive list of ingredients it is not possible to make an informed decision.

You may well have a serious allergy to something in Easy 100 but may find it when it was too late. It might contain dried and dessicated Siberian Reindeer poop for all we know.

You fancy playing Russian Roulette with a diet pill product?

We did a bit more digging around and found a pdf version of a sales letter, we presume this is the copy they are emailing or physically posting to potential customers.

In the sales pitch they explained:

These powerful all-natural capsules with a secret recipe (we do not want unauthorized Asian copies hitting the shops – but we will include a full list of the totally natural and safe ingredients along with every order) will act on your body by time-release Bio-Stem Cell derived Phytology.

Bio-Stem Cell derived Phytology??

Nope, we’d never heard of it either. Might sound impressive but we could find no research in to this by any medical institution.

Any Easy 100 Reviews From Customers?

There are a couple of pictures of people who have supposedly lost a stack of weight but just like the dubious origins of Dr. Brown, you must be slightly suspicious.

The picture of “Fiona” who lost 229 pounds is another “stock photo” and is all over the Internet on different sites.

So Does Easy 100 Work?

There is zero evidence offered that easy 100 could even work, never mind guarantee a size zero body.

Where Can I Buy Easy 100?

This miracle pill is only available from the main people behind Easy 100, who appear to be Skinny Nutraceutical.

What About A Guarantee

Bit of a funny one this. They offer a guarantee to:

drop down to a 100lb – size zero body and wait as long as you like to make sure your pounds of fat lost do not come back.

So does that mean it will never pay out, as you need to keep taking them to get down to 100 pounds? Very confusing.

Watchdog Verdict


Quite possibly one of the most laughable products we have had the misfortune to review.

From the outrageous claims, with zero evidence to back it up.

To the complete lack of ingredients.

And a dubious looking Doctor with suspicious testimonials.

There is no way we could ever approve a product with so many negative aspects.

I think you know what’s coming……. Easy 100 is rejected!

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. This sucks! It’s horrible that they market these products that excite you to think that you’ve tried to 150 diets in your life you spend your life eating less than 800 cal a day dreaming about food getting eating disorders and all for what to be skinny when it isn’t even a reality especially if you’re like me I’m disabled and can’t really exercise. I am in pain 24 hours a day it doesn’t start so much so that I rarely get more than a couple hours sleep per night because the pain wakes me up. But the doctor say if I lose 20 to 30 pounds I’ll feel so much better, but how can I do that without being able to exercise at all I’m already vegan and restrict my intake of calories so much so that I think I’m keeping my body from losing weight. It is horrible that these companies pray on people like me Who would literally almost give an arm or a leg to be a size 0. My whole life would be different, I would finally have confidence and be able to buy a mirror for my house, to be able to take a shower without the lights off because I’m so disgusted by my reflection in the mirror that I can’t ever even look at my body naked.
    I just cry over the idea that something could make me lose 2 pounds a day even 20 pounds it would be a miracle to me. But apparently they’re just liars. I feel so sorry for myself, I was better off before I got there stupid letter in the mail offering this Bunch of lies!!!

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