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There are all kinds of weight loss products out there and sometimes all that choice can be as confusing as it can be overwhelming. Then there is the fear that most of these products lead to all kinds of side effects so instead of losing weight you end up with other complications.

However, when you use a more natural product like EcoSlim all these fears can be put to rest. It is the perfect herbal remedy to help one lose all that extra weight that one has been struggling with for years.

EcoSlim Pros

  • Breaks down dietary fats in the digestive system
  • Helps maintain efficient metabolism and existing healthy weight
  • Supports balanced sugar levels

EcoSlim Cons

  • Not all claims are substantiated by clinical trials
  • Not evaluated by the FDA
  • May have side effects for some
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

EcoSlim Review

EcoSlim Facts

  • Uses natural ingredients to support good health and aid in the weight loss process.
  • Increases metabolic rate and curbs appetite.
  • Balances mood and enhances energy levels.

When we need real help then it behooves that we get it from real products. This will come in the form of a natural herbal remedy called EcoSlim which is a safe, non-addictive way to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. The special formula is available as diet drops that lead to an active and healthy metabolism in all adults. It supports the healthy functioning of the digestive system offering a systemic balance in the stomach without compromising health or leading to serious side effects. This is because all ingredients are in perfect balance just like in nature.

When taken in combination with regular exercise and balanced diet, it leads to active and optimum performance in users all day.

It does this by ensuring the bio availability and balance of all the ingredients through the state of the art herbal extraction method. EcoSlim understands that the balance and proper function of the vital organs in the body that are instrumental in increasing metabolism, regulating weight, and energy expenditure so that one can function properly. It uses the concept of natural remedies to support the healthy functioning of digestion, the metabolism as well as liver functioning.

Manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility, the product aids in the healthy breakdown of dietary fat which in turn helps to promote a balanced weight and body type. An expert team of herbalists, homeopaths, naturopaths and trained pharmacists have come together to make this product an effective success. With efficient metabolism in the process, it supports balanced sugar levels for better appetite suppression and balanced mood which supports the overall healthy efforts. Since it works very well as a long term maintenance program it is often used as post-weight loss program support which aids users to maintain that healthy weight for a long time.

The manufacturers of this product, Native Remedies, have established themselves as a reliable brand for a range of dietary and quality health supplements. Designed in liquid form, it is meant to help maintain an efficient metabolism while improving your overall health. In this form it also goes directly into the system and therefore works faster than the traditional diet pills. It also has immense capacity to improve increase the body’s nutrient absorption efficiency for improved energy levels. Though it has guarana it does not have strong stimulant effect and is non-addictive. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine and drinking lots of water can aid in the healthy weight loss plans and weight management.

How to Take EcoSlim

Users are advised to dilute the EcoSlim drops in a small amount of water or juice.

Unlike other products this can be used by children but parents are advised to consult a doctor first. In any case, Children between 13-18 years of age re advised to take the sister product TeenSlim™ while those between 3 and 12 should take JuniorSlim™.

Anyone above 15 and adults should stick to a dosage of 0.50 mL which should be taken 3 times daily.

Ask a health professional before use, if one is pregnant or breastfeeding.

If anyone faces any untoward symptoms then one should consult a health care professional right away.

EcoSlim Concerns:

  • May lead to certain side effects for some users.
  • Not backed by clinical trials or evaluated by the FDA.
  • May not be equally effective for all users.

What Does EcoSlim Claim To Do?

EcoSlim claims to promote weight loss in a safe and natural way, and also maintain that healthy weight for a long time. It does this by regulating the metabolism and encouraging the breakdown of fats. It keeps the sugar levels balanced and curbs constant cravings in the process. It also boosts one’s energy levels and improves mood so that one feel fresh and active when with the constant weight loss. With the help of this product one can finally get rid of that stubborn body fat and not worry about gaining weight back either. Most weight loss supplements use chemicals and therefore leads to serious side effects but not this one. It’s all natural and promises to aid in the weight loss efforts when you pair it well with diet and exercise without promising miracles.

So What Is EcoSlim and What Are The Ingredients?

EcoSlim is a natural weight loss product that helps one lose weight and also maintain it for a long time. The 100% herbal formula is available as diet drops which gets absorbed by the system faster and therefore lead faster weight loss results.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • Bladderwrack: This sea vegetable is loaded with concentrated source of minerals like iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. It leads to healthy digestion and proper intestinal functions leading to overall good health.
  • Cleavers: Has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic systems which helps reduce swelling and water retention, cleanses the system of extracellular waste, and treats edema. It also has anti-spasmodic properties on the urinary and digestive tracts which soothes urinary and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Malabar tamarind: Also known as Garcinia cambogia, this has immense powers to curb appetite and stop weight gain.
  • Dandelion: It has a tonic effect on the liver and digestive system and is known to aid in the weight loss process by helping the body absorb the other nutrients well.
  • Licorice: Has the ability to reduce sugar cravings to a large extent and can reduce the overall fat mass significantly.
  • Centaury: For ages it has been used as a tonic to treat disorders of the liver and gall bladder. It is a strong natural antiseptic which is often used to wash wounds and sores. When taken for a long time it can lead to significant weight loss.
  • Guarana: This is a popular ingredient in many weight loss products. It acts as a stimulant and helps to increase the energy levels which in turn aids in the overall weight loss process. It has tonic properties that supports healthy digestion and leads to balanced moods as well.
  • Turmeric: Induces thermogenesis and fat burning, leading to weight loss. It also has the power to detoxify the liver and flush out all harmful free radicals, thereby preventing cell damage.
  • Ginger: Loaded with antioxidants it is highly beneficial for calming the stomach and supporting digestion
  • Cayenne pepper: It is known for being a powerful thermogenic agent that aids in massive weight loss. It increases the body temperature that in turn triggers natural fat and calorie burning processes. It is also known to provide natural support for better circulatory and digestive health.

The inactive ingredients include vegetable glycerin and deionized water.

So What Does All This Mean?

When you look at the combination of the ingredients, it is easy to see how they blend in to improve one’s overall weight loss. By maintaining an efficient metabolism and supporting balanced sugar levels it helps to maintain a healthy weight for a long time. This is an important criterion for many because regaining weight is a big issue. It also promotes better nutrient absorption for improved energy levels which leads to improved mood and mental focus. By helping the digestive system break down dietary fats it soon leads to a slimmer body. As these natural and safe weight loss ingredients can also reduce cravings, the intake of unwanted calories goes down a lot.

Does EcoSlim Have Any Side Effects?

Since the product contains stimulants there are bound to be certain side effects especially for those who are sensitive or allergic to them. In some users these may cause irritation or jitteriness and even insomnia. If one does take this product, the caffeine intake from other foods and supplements should be limited.

Some users have complained about the bitter taste and some have expressed doubts about its overall efficacy. Then again there are users who have benefited so much from this product that they have ignored the taste.

This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

One should consult a doctor before taking this or any other health supplement.

Though this is safe for children parents advised to consult a pediatrician or family doctor before giving this to their kids.

None of the manufacturer’s claims have been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration.

Not meant for pregnant women.

Any EcoSlim Reviews From Customers?

We were able to find reviews on the official site and the Amazon page which are a mixture of reactions.

Never thought I would tip my hat off to a herbal supplement to do the trick but i’m down 2 sizes.

Y’all know how hard it is to lose weight. I have tried all those quick fixes and fat burners nothing seems to work. I am on my 3rd week with EcoSlim and it seems to be doing the job. I am just eating normal portions (instead of a full plate), light exercise (walking, etc.) and taking this product and I am losing weight!

Don’t be fooled by the label. Anything containing Guarana is addictive. As one group of researchers put it, guaranine is a product of crude laboratory processes and “should be considered non-existent, being in reality impure caffeine.” Guaranine is just caffeine bound to a tannin or phenol. In living plants, xanthines (the family of chemicals that includes caffeine) are bound to sugars, phenols, and tannins, and are set free or unbound during the roasting process.

So this isn’t some great new thing. It is just like in the 70’s and 80’s when they gave out caffeine pills for weight-loss. But research has shown that consuming caffeine for weight-loss actually damages your metabolism in the long-run and you end up worse off than if you had just lost in the natural and old-fashioned way of eating right and exercise.

Formulated by homeopaths and naturopaths? How is that even possible? Homeopathy and naturopathy are diametrically opposed: one believes in giving tiny doses of something that purportedly causes the symptom to be relieved, the other believes in giving measurable doses of “natural” (i.e. unrefined, unpredictable and potentially adulterated) ingredients.

So Does EcoSlim Work?

A look at EcoSlim’s ingredients is enough to prove the potential of the product. These are all known weight loss agents that have helped in producing safe and healthy weight loss results in many users. There are hundreds of user testimonials and reviews to prove these points as well. The product has the power to maintain a systemic balance in the stomach and digestive system which leads to long term weight management and good health. The 100% natural ingredients present in the special formula not only increases the metabolic rate but also supports balanced sugar levels which work together to promote a healthy weight.

Where Can I Buy EcoSlim?

It can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website –

It is also available via online retail sites like –

What About A Guarantee

There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered for this product on the official website, third party sellers may not offer them.

Watchdog Verdict

The use of all natural ingredients in the special formula of EcoSlim ensures that the product leads to effective results without leading to nasty side effects. All these ingredients have been used for centuries to promote good health, heal various conditions and aid in weight loss. The combination leads to all these and more, which means one can expect results for a long time.

However, some people have complained about the taste and some have expressed doubts about its efficacy since the product is not evaluated by the FDA. But for most users, these don’t matter since they have greatly benefited from this product. The Money back option is a further reassurance for all users, especially those using this for the first time.

While this product seems safe, we’re just not sure that it is good enough to add to our approved list. We reject EcoSlim.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

#1 Consumer Choice 2017: Phentaslim

Phentaslim is Diet Pills Watchdog Approved


Thousands of customers have cut the fat with this fast and powerful thermogenic fat burner. Can suppress appetite, boost energy levels and elevate mood without the jitters.

  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  5. iloye warmate says:

    Is it advisable that a woman of 63 years and hypertensive take Eco Slim

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