Emerge is a fat loss dietary supplement specially designed to suppress appetite and promote maximum calorie burning. It focuses on fat burning and helps increase energy and metabolic rate.

We need help to lose weight effectively and supplements like Emerge can sometimes be this help. While dietary supplements have advantages, not all are safe or effective. Let’s take a closer look into the product to understand more about its benefits and disadvantages.

Emerge Pros

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Helps control appetite
  • Could increase metabolic rate

Emerge Cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Causes side effects
  • Not evaluated by the FDA
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What You Need To Know About Emerge

Emerge is a powdered energy drink with the benefits of clinically proven ingredients for weight loss. The product is filled with vitamin C, B6 and B12, supporting mood enhancements and cognitive focus. The online reviews indicate that this product has proven to be beneficial for many users who have lost significant weight.

Max Muscle claims to use clinically proven ingredients to manufacture this proprietary blend. They have also claimed that this product is manufactured in a GMP-certified laboratory. Even though the intrinsic benefits of the ingredients are well known in the weight-loss industry, the statements and the claims made by the manufacturer have not been evaluated by FDA. The combination of these ingredients in this particular formula and their efficacy needs to be tested and determined.

What Are The Side Effects Of Emerge?

The official website of Emerge does not indicate any side effects associated with this product, but users have reported few side effects such as nausea and jitters.

How Much Does Emerge Cost?

Emerge is not a very expensive product compared to similar products in the market. A container of 540 g costs around $64.99 on its official website after discounts.

Our Verdict On Emerge

It is true that we need help to lose weight and achieve healthy results for our body. Emerge appears to be quite an impressive product in this category of supplements. This product is primarily designed to burn fat away, while helping you to manage your appetite easily that will contribute to faster weight loss.

Based on the positive reviews this product has received and the choice of proven fat burning and weight loss agents used in the supplement, it shows a step in the right direction.

Although the manufacturer has not indicated any risks, some of the ingredients present may lead to side effects and none of the manufacturer’s claims and statements have been evaluated by the FDA. Users are therefore advised to look for more effective and proven products.

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Emerge Review

Emerge aims to suppress the user’s appetite. It protects and enhances the lean muscle composition. The ingredients include patented ingredients such as Advantra Z which supports the fat-burning process. This extract of citrus fruit that has been shown to increase the breakdown of fat which improves athletic performance. The product also includes caffeine which has been shown to increase the fat burning, reduce body weight, and enhances energy and comes with many more benefits. It elevates the body metabolism and promotes fat release from stored fat cells faster and accelerates the burning of fat for fuel. As such, the users can keep the weight off for a long time with regular use of this product. This product is available in various flavours of which the strawberry lemonade flavour has been the most popular.

Emerge Facts

  • Manufactured in a GMP-approved facility.
  • Claims and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

How to Take Emerge

The recommended dosage is to take one scoop with cold water. Once the tolerance level is established, one can increase the intake but it should not exceed four scoops per day. The bottle should be refrigerated after opening to retain the quality of the product.

Online reviews of the product indicate that users have benefited from this product and have reduced their weight along with enhanced mood and improved energy levels. Also, the brand Mac Muscle has been established for a while and have made a credible name for themselves. But it is not completely free of side effects. Even though the ingredients have been clinically researched and proven in the weight-loss industry, the efficacy of this product is not evaluated by FDA. Also, the official website of this company does not provide enough information about this supplement’s side effects. So despite claims, it is still not considered 100% safe or effective. Users are strongly advised to consult a medical practitioner before taking this product.

Emerge Concerns:

  • Causes several unpleasant side effects.
  • Not suitable for everyone.
  • The product was not approved by the FDA.

What Does Emerge Claim To Do?

Emerge is advertised as a powerful fat loss system specially formulated using a variety of potent ingredients to suppress appetite and burn fat. The proprietary blend is claimed to be combination of proven and highly effective weight loss ingredients. The ingredients in the formula help to provide maximum calorie burning options especially from fat, increase energy and elevate the body’s metabolism. This product aims to offer an effective fuel partitioning process. In other words, it aims to look at fat not for storage but to be burned and used as fuel. This process has benefits that can ultimately lead to enhance lean body composition changes.

Emerge is a product from Max Muscle, a brand that houses several supplements. This weight loss supplement was introduced in 2012 by the manufacturer as a “fat incinerator”. The manufacturer claims that the product is manufactured in a GMP-certified laboratory. The formula, when consumed with water, keeps the body well hydrated and claims to help users lose weight easily. They also claim these drops helps to burn the stored fat into the body. But while many have raved about it, there are tons of minor side effects reported by other users of this supplement.

Does Emerge Work?

Going by the numerous positive users’ reviews available online and the efficacy of each ingredient within Emerge, we can see that lots of users have benefited from Max Muscles Emerge. However, there are few users who have complained about its side effects. Effects of the supplement differ from one person to the other due to the way individual body systems work. A closer look at the manufacturer’s claims and at the proprietary blend shows both possibilities and overall effectiveness of this supplement. However, we also need to consider the unpleasant reports related to its side effects and the price of the product. It is, therefore, wise to do consult a doctor before taking this.

What Are The Ingredients of Emerge?

Emerge contains the following key ingredients:

  • Dandelion Leaf Extract: This helps the body get rid of excess fluids and other toxins.
  • Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant, this helps to increase fat oxidation, which is the body’s way of eliminating fat storage. The green tea extract has fat burning attributes and can also enhance the body’s ability to treat insulin and glucose.
  • Advantra Z: Advantra Z is extracted from the Chinese herb. It helps to increase thermogenesis in the body.
  • L-Taurine: This is a component that supports cognitive development. Research suggests that it has properties of an antioxidant, which is beneficial for the blood stream, helping to keep one’s blood pressure in control.
  • Hoodia Gordonii: It is mainly used as an appetite suppressant.
  • L-Carnitine: It helps the body produce energy. It has been used to treat many conditions mostly centred around cardiovascular issues. It contains amino acid that contributes to the development of proteins within the body.
  • Octopamine: It has the potential to enhance the mood of the recipient.
  • Panax Ginseng: Has a great potential as a mood enhancer. It reduced aggressive tendencies while elevating mood in those suffering from diabetes. It’s also been connected with improving the immune system.
  • Glucuronolactone: It is known to act as an anti-carcinogen for cancer patients as well as strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  • Adenosine: It is used by the body as a way to transfer energy, among other biochemical processes. It is a neurotransmitter that can improve various cognitive abilities.

Does Emerge Have Any Side Effects?

Even though mentioned by the manufacturer has not specified any side effects related to this product, users have reported few side effects such as:

  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Headaches
  • Sweating

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Consult a doctor prior to using if you suffer from any medical condition or take prescription medications.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Emerge?

There are mixed reviews from users. Some have claimed that this is an effective product like:

The taste is great and I love the alertness and the energy it gives me. I don’t get the jitters or an uneasy feeling. I can’t say it has any effect on weight loss and I eat healthy and workout regularly and I haven’t seen any crazy drop in weight.

I love this! I have stopped drinking sodas and energy drinks now that I have this. If I get a sweet tooth, or I’m feeling tired, I mix up a scoop of this and I’m ready to go. Tastes amazing, and makes you feel even better.

I’ve taken Emerge for a couple months now approximately twice a week. All I have to say is I have had the worst gas ever since I started taking it. I started with a half scoop, but that wasn’t enough to get me through a strong work out. My body doesn’t handle caffeine well either. The price isn’t worth the side effects to me. So all in all, I would give it 2.5 stars.

Do not take Emerge on an empty stomach. I did that this morning to drink during a high cardio workout – that was about three hours ago and I’m still incredibly shaky, even after having breakfast. Not a good feeling.

Does Emerge Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

The manufacturer has not clearly indicated anything on the official website about a money-back guarantee for users who are not satisfied with the product.

Where Can I Buy Emerge?

You can buy it from their official website or from other online retailers.

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