Everything You Need To Know About Appetite Suppressants

One of the major causes, if not THE major cause, of weight gain is hunger. Feeling hungry can derail a diet or a fitness plan fast. You may be able to stick to your healthy eating regime most of the time but, once hunger pangs and temptation kick in, it can all unravel very quickly.

A good quality appetite suppressant can make weight loss easier by diminishing hunger without causing adverse side effects, ultimately helping you to make the right food choices.

Not all appetite suppressants are the same though, so it is important to find out which is best for you and which to avoid.

What is an appetite suppressant?

An appetite suppressant is a substance that curbs hunger so that calorie intake is reduced and you lose weight.

Although feeling hungry is not the only reason why we eat too much, restricting your appetite is certainly a good way to lose weight, especially if you combine it with other healthy choices.

In the context of over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills, appetite suppressants usually come in two categories: fibre or chemicals.

Those that contain fibre make you feel fuller for longer. This type of supplement works by filling the stomach to prevent hunger pangs, and can even have beneficial effects upon blood sugar levels, digestion, and cholesterol. It is simple and effective; the idea is that if you don’t feel hungry, you will not over eat.

Glucomannan is a particularly powerful fibre – it has even been approved by health authorities as safe and effective, so as an appetite suppressant it is a very good choice.

The other types of appetite suppressants are harder to define because they have a more complicated way of working and can vary a great deal. In fact, when people think of appetite suppressants they often imagine a diet pill that is strong in stimulants and potentially dangerous for health. This is not always the case, but then again there is sometimes truth in it.

Prescription appetite suppressants, for example, contain chemical substances that signal to your brain that you are not hungry by the use of stimulants or serotonin-boosting drugs. These are undoubtedly effective but do come with side effects, including heart damage and dependency.

Many OTC supplements claim to work in the same way as prescription medication. There are also numerous products on the market that claim to decrease the appetite by targeting the body’s appetite hormones by using unproven herbal extracts, and by increasing energy levels through stimulants.

Do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants can work, but they do not all work in the same way. OTC supplements are generally safer and more suitable for most people than prescription medication.

If you are obese, your doctor may prescribe an appetite suppressant such as Belviq. This works by increasing serotonin – a chemical in the brain which is important for mood and appetite. Although this can work, there are serious potential side effects and it can be habit-forming.

In some places in the world doctors still prescribe Phentermine – a drug similar to amphetamines. It works by mimicking the effects of stress: increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and energy, and decreasing appetite. Phentermine does work but is dangerous.

Doctors will not prescribe appetite suppressants lightly. They are only for use under close supervision; even then they are not suitable for everyone.

Some OTC supplements claim to work in the same way as these prescription drugs, by flooding the body with stimulants, most usually caffeine, or by targeting specific hormones. There is very little evidence that these types of appetite suppressants can work or are safe though.

However, over-the-counter appetite suppressants that are based on fibre are safe and actually far much more effective. Glucomannan is a naturally derived fibre that has been proven to work and is approved by health authorities including EFSA as an aid to weight loss. According to extensive research, 3g of glucomannan a day is the effective dose for weight loss.

Glucomannan is an extremely water-soluble fibre, so when ingested it forms into a gel in the stomach. This prevents hunger pangs and delays gastric emptying, meaning you feel fuller for much longer. Additional health benefits include maintenance of blood sugar levels, reduced cholesterol, and improved digestive regularity.

Can appetite suppressants help you lose weight?

An appetite suppressant can help you lose weight, but it all depends on which supplement you choose and how you use it.

Glucomannan is often included as a principle ingredient in appetite suppressants and, according to all the clinical evidence, it will help you lose weight.

One clinical test tried three different fibres for weight loss on 176 overweight but otherwise healthy subjects. The tested fibres were glucomannan, guar gum, and alginate (derived from seaweed).

All the fibres performed well, causing significantly more weight loss for the control group than for the candidates using the placebo and diet alone. However, glucomannan performed best, causing an average of 2lbs of weight loss a week when combined with a low calorie diet.

Two pounds a week is impressive and, according to NHS guidelines, is a safe rate of weight loss. To achieve this you will need to follow a low calorie diet, as in the control group, who kept to 1200 calories a day. With the support of an appetite suppressant containing glucomannan, it will be much easier to stick to this than going it alone.

According to medical research, taking 3g of glucomannan per day, spread out in 1g servings taken before meals, will help you lose weight. The European Food Safety Agency has approved glucomannan for weight loss when these guidelines are followed.

Although glucomannan is effective as an appetite suppressant, for best effects you should combine it with a weight loss diet. Taking an appetite suppressant can help you keep to a low calorie diet without feeling hungry, making the whole process much easier.

Glucomannan is the only appetite suppressant that comes with such convincing evidence and approval from health authorities. And although taking supplements based on other fibres or more unusual weight loss ingredients may also help some people lose weight, no other ingredient is so consistently rated in clinical tests.

What are the benefits of appetite suppressants?

If you cannot increase your activity levels, a fibre-based appetite suppressant is a great choice. And although we all know we should be more active, for some people this is not possible. If you want to lose weight but can’t exercise, there is no point in taking a stimulant appetite suppressant or a fat burner that could lead to jittery side effects. By contrast, a fibre-based appetite suppressant will help you restrict your appetite and, although results will not happen overnight, it will help you achieve steady weight loss if you stick at it.

For weight loss, an appetite suppressant can help you stay on a calorie controlled diet. It can support you if you are following an intermittent fasting diet, going low carb, or just trying to make general changes to your food intake.

If you are considering taking an appetite suppressant, one which contains glucomannan is the best option.

Taking a glucomannan supplement is not just about weight loss; it has numerous added benefits to health. Because glucomannan is an absorbent natural fibre, it works as a very mild bulk laxative, so it can help your digestive health by improving regularity and aiding with issues like constipation. It is a natural prebiotic too, meaning it helps maintain healthy gut bacteria, which are important for digestive health.

Glucomannan also reduces cholesterol in the blood by decreasing the amount absorbed into your gut; good news for people trying to reduce cholesterol and struggling to lose weight.

Glucomannan supports healthy sugar control too, making it suitable for diabetics (although you will need to check with your doctor before use). Because the fibre in glucomannan delays stomach emptying, this leads to more gradual sugar absorption and stable blood sugar levels after eating, helping you avoid sugar spikes.

Are appetite suppressants safe?

Not all appetite suppressants are safe, particularly prescription ones. In the past they have been known to contain very dangerous ingredients that caused a range of side effects – even death in some cases. Some over-the-counter options are perfectly fine though, with glucomannan being the best choice as an ingredient to safely suppress your appetite.

Doctors are reluctant to prescribe anorectics – drugs that curb appetite – because there is a high risk of side effects and they are not safe for everyone. One well known anorectic is Phentermine. This prescription drug was once routinely prescribed for weight loss, both in the USA and the UK, and people still actively search for it now.

Phentermine contains a substance called phenyl-tertiary-butylamine, which is very closely related to amphetamines and is illegal to use without a prescription. It is classified as schedule 4, a category that has the potential for misuse. Phentermine is also classified as a sympathiometic anorectic suppressant, and it works by increasing the action of brain chemicals, including dopamine and serotonin, so it does have a mood-boosting effect. Sympathiometic means that it mimics the body’s reaction to stress, which can cause effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Many OTC supplements contain stimulants that are supposed to work in a similar way to Phentermine. But in most cases these types of diet pills just contain high levels of caffeine with the aim of increasing energy and decreasing appetite.

However, as mentioned above, not all appetite suppressants are dangerous. Some supplements look to natural fibres in order to cause feelings of satiety (fullness), and these types of supplement can be very safe and effective, without unforeseen side effects.

To stay safe when buying appetite suppressants online, check out our website. We only ever recommend safe and effective supplements, so you can be confident that an appetite suppressant is safe before you purchase.

Are appetite suppressants a waste of money?

Appetite suppressants can come in many forms and some of them may be a waste of money, even if they are not expensive, but some can genuinely do the job.

We have seen supplements without any real ingredients related to reducing appetite. We have seen supplements that seem to contain numerous weight loss ingredients that may work, if only the ingredient quantities were in an effective serving size. But we have also seen products with a great set of ingredients, in the proven doses, with a decent price tag.

Some supplement sellers blind the customer with fake science and false promises of fast weight loss, but provide zero evidence that the supplement will work. Unknown herbal ingredients, so-called miracle weight loss discoveries, and homeopathic sprays – we have seen them all and they don’t work.

The good news is that not all supplements are the same. There are some good appetite suppressants out there which will work as described, will not cause any adverse side effects, and are not expensive. And with good quality supplements you are often covered by a money-back guarantee, so even if you are dissatisfied you can send your appetite suppressant back and claim a refund.

The supplements industry is unregulated, so you have to be careful before you buy. But here at Diet Pills Watchdog we only ever recommend good quality appetite suppressants that you can trust.

One of the best appetite suppressants currently on the market is Phentatrim, which contains proven quantities of glucomannan and will work for most people. Other glucomannan supplements will also be effective but don’t come with the same advantages of a low price and a money-back guarantee.

Check out our appetite suppressant reviews to find out everything you need to know about a supplement – that way you can buy in confidence without wasting your money.

How can I decrease my appetite?

You can reduce your appetite by making some simple lifestyle choices. Here are five tips to help you on your way:

  1. Pay attention to your food at mealtimes. If you usually squeeze in a meal at your desk, watch TV, or tweet while you eat, it is easy to eat more than you intended, without realising that you are even doing it.
  2. Slow down! Chew each mouthful thoroughly so that your digestive system has a chance to work. Bear in mind that it takes the body around 20 minutes to register that you have eaten. If you stop and wait before you decide that you are still hungry, once digestion kicks in you will probably realise you are not.
  3. Drink more water. Often when we feel that we are hungry, we are actually thirsty, so drinking water can help remove these cravings. Drinking water before and with a meal reduces appetite as water takes up space in the stomach, leading to feelings of fullness. Increasing your water consumption has many other benefits, such as improving digestive health and helping to prevent bloating.
  4. Chill out. Stress and insomnia are major contributors to overeating. Getting a good night’s sleep and practicing mindfulness can help reduce calorie intake. Studies have shown that emotional distress and fatigue lead to craving foods which are high in sugars, carbs, and fats.
  5. Get some help. Taking an appetite supplement can decrease your appetite. A good quality glucomannan supplement will help fill you up without adding to your calorie intake or causing jittery side effects.

Which foods can suppress my appetite?

Foods that are more nutritionally rich are more filling, so some foods can help reduce your appetite and not leave you craving for more. Here’s a few of our favourite options:

Protein and eggs

Protein is important for allaying hunger pangs. An egg contains all the amino acids the body needs – it is a complete protein – leaving you feeling full up and satisfied. In one test carried out by the Louisiana State University, results found that the protein in eggs was far superior to protein in cereals and shakes, and helped reduce ghrelin – the hormone that signals hunger. Other proteins are filling too, but if you really want to reduce your appetite, don’t miss out on eggs.

Pulses and legumes

Beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils are all rich in protein and fibre, making them incredibly filling. They contain resistant starch, which cannot be broken down by the digestion system, so they delay digestive emptying and keep you feeling full without adding to your weight.


Oatmeal porridge for breakfast is a good way of decreasing appetite. Porridge contains soluble fibres called beta glucans that travel very slowly through the digestive system, keeping you feeling full until lunchtime. Porridge also helps lower cholesterol levels.

Wholegrains and nuts

Switching to whole grain rice, bread, and pasta can also decrease appetite. Because these contain more nutrients, they are more filling than processed carbs, so you do not need to eat as many of them. Nuts, such as almonds, are a filling protein-rich snack that can help reduce your appetite too.


Studies have shown that eating soup can cause feelings of satiety. If you consume a bowl of soup before a meal as a starter, it will help prevent you overeating at your main meal. In addition, a thick chunky soup with plenty of protein and vegetables is more satisfying than the equivalent components in dry form.

How can I shrink my stomach?

You cannot shrink your stomach. Your stomach is the same size whether you are skinny or fat, and you cannot do anything about the size of this vital organ.

Your stomach size does not affect how hungry you feel, nor does your stomach cause your belly fat. This is the fat that sits around your abdomen and, although it can be dangerous because it is often hidden between vital organs, for many of us, our stomach fat is the first problem area that we notice.

You cannot do exercises to shrink your stomach, such as push ups or abdominal crunches. Although these types of exercise may help strengthen muscles and make your abdomen look tauter, they cannot affect the size of your stomach.

The stomach is made of an elastic-type material that expands when we eat a large meal. It is the first place where all food goes after eating and is broken down into particles (called chynes) and then sent to the lower intestine to be digested. The size of the stomach quickly goes back to normal once a normal diet is resumed, but you cannot make your stomach any smaller by not eating.

In fact, if you suddenly stop eating or cutting out calories you will feel hungrier because your appetite hormones, called ghrelin, will start signalling the brain of food shortages. This will make you feel hungry and cause the metabolism to slow, making weight loss even harder.

To reset your appetite so that your body becomes accustomed to smaller quantities, cutting out around 100 to 200 calories a day is probably the best option. In addition, taking a glucomannan supplement can fool your brain and your appetite hormones into believing you are still full and will slowly help your body re-adjust to smaller food servings.

What is glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a fibrous substance derived from a plant called konjac root – or the elephant yam, as it is sometimes known. It grows in many Asian countries and has long been used as a food thickener and an ingredient in some types of Japanese noodle products.

In recent years, glucomannan has been investigated for weight loss and the results are very positive. Glucomannan is very soluble, expanding up to 50 times its size once liquid is added. According to research, it is the most absorbent viscous material on the planet, turning a glass of water into gel with the addition of a tiny quantity of glucomannan.

Where it scores points for weight loss is through this gel-forming action. Once ingested into the stomach, it turns into the gel, taking up space that would otherwise be taken up by food. It delays stomach emptying too, causing you to feel fuller for longer.

Glucomannan has undergone a lot of clinical testing. Studies agree that it does have a cause and effect upon weight loss and there is even agreement on the optimum clinical dose. According to research, 3g a day is the effective daily serving size for weight loss.

Glucomannan is unusual in that it has this medical endorsement; most ingredients have no such official backing. The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) approves glucomannan as a weight loss ingredient. Health Canada has also authorized some products containing glucomannan for the purposes of appetite reduction, weight management, treatment of constipation, and management of cholesterol levels.

Glucomannan is safe to consume, however, it is important to ensure that supplements come from a reputable source and that you follow safety directions. Because glucomannan forms into a gel, make sure you take it with plenty of water to avoid the risk of blockages.

Can glucomannan suppress my appetite?

Glucomannan can help to reduce the appetite. Because this soluble fibre is so absorbent it forms into a gel in the stomach, tricking your body and brain into thinking that you are full.

Unlike appetite suppressants that are based on stimulant ingredients, glucomannan does not make you feel jittery and too wired to eat. When taking glucomannan, your food quantities will be reduced and you will not suffer hunger pangs while you try to lose weight.

According to research, most people take glucomannan products for a couple of months, so it is important that you can still follow a healthy diet and obtain adequate nutrition during this time.

As well as suppressing your appetite, glucomannan has additional health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol and maintain blood sugar levels, so you avoid sugar spikes. If you are diabetic you need to check with your doctor before use, in case your diabetic medication needs to be adjusted.

In addition, glucomannan is a mild bulk-forming laxative, so it can promote regularity and ease digestive issues.

If you want to try glucomannan out for yourself, make sure you only buy from a reputable seller and that the daily glucomannan serving corresponds to clinical testing. All the advice is to take 3g daily, with 1g taken before each meal.

Appetite Suppressant Reviews

We’ve seen what appetite suppressants can do, now let’s look at some specific products and if they are worth taking or not.


Phentatrim is a top quality appetite suppressant based on glucomannan, a natural fibre that has genuine clinical evidence showing that it works and is safe.

Optimum Nutra is a reputable supplements company and Phentatrim is on sale via their official website.

Glucomannan is a natural plant fibre derived from konjac root. It is approved by health authorities including the EFSA, with independent clinical trials establishing that taking 3g a day suppresses appetite and provides other health benefits as well. Unlike many other glucomannan supplements, Phentatrim delivers this optimum daily serving.

Other ingredients are iodine and chromium for metabolism support and for regulating blood sugar levels.

In our opinion, Phentatrim will help weight loss by suppressing your appetite. Customer opinion is equally positive, with numerous glowing reviews mentioning successful results.

Phentatrim is also very safe to consume. Just make sure that you take the capsules with plenty of water.

You can buy Phentatrim directly from the official website, where it costs £39/45€/$59 for one month’s supply of capsules.

Discounts are offered on larger orders and shipping is free worldwide. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee too, which is always great to hear.

To buy Phentatrim visit the official website: https://www.phentatrim.com/

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/phentatrim/

What we like

  • Active ingredients are in the correct, optimum doses
  • Active ingredients have significant clinical support
  • Save money on multi-bottle purchases
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
What we don’t like

  • Can cause some mild side effects – including gas and increased bowel movements

Nature Driven Appetite Suppressant

Nature Driven Appetite Suppressant

Nature Driven Appetite Suppressant contains some general weight loss ingredients based mainly on caffeine and is aimed at women only.

Nature Driven are based in the USA and are known for selling dodgy-looking Keto supplements on Amazon.

The main effect will be from caffeine anhydrous – a type of caffeine which is much stronger than that present in coffee. The caffeine may make you feel jittery so it could have a slight appetite-suppressing effect.

There is also green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, and Garcinia cambogia. These ingredients may have some weight loss benefits, although they are short on real clinical evidence, and side effects may be an issue for some users.

Side effects may include: jitteriness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, headaches, diarrhoea, and nausea.

There is feedback for this product on Amazon, but many of the positive reviews do not seem genuine.

You can buy Nature Driven Appetite Suppressant via Amazon USA, where it costs $15.99 plus shipping for one month’s supply of 60 capsules. There is no money-back guarantee available.

What we like

  • May help increase energy levels and metabolism due to the caffeine
What we don’t like

  • Contains very low levels of ingredients
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Caffeine-related side effects

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-appetite-suppressant/

Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant

Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant
Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant contains glucomannan as the principle ingredient, along with some vitamins. It looks effective and safe, but it is expensive.

Fat Blaster is a brand from Pharmacare, an Australian company. Supplements are manufactured in the UK and are on sale from stores such as Holland & Barrett and Amazon.

At first glance, Fat Blaster Appetite Suppressant looks good. Each two-capsule serving contains 1g of glucomannan to be taken three times a day. This is the effective dose which conforms to clinical evidence. There are also B vitamins for general health benefits.

Not so good is the inconvenience and price.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, so is only sufficient for 10 day’s use. It costs £17.99 for one bottle, so use for a month and it will cost you a whopping £53.97. There is no discount on bulk orders and no money-back guarantee.

Glucomannan may cause minor side effects, such as constipation and bloating. To avoid these we suggest you take with plenty of water.

Customer feedback is mixed, although some people have complained about the size of the capsules, and many others have complained about the price.

What we like

  • May help weight loss as claimed
  • Contains added B vitamins
What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Only 10 day’s supply per bottle
  • No money-back guarantee

You can find our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/fat-blaster-appetite-suppressant/


Primal Cure SlimShotz
Slimshotz is a berry-flavoured appetite suppressant that you drink like a shot. It contains glucomannan as the main ingredient and is packaged in stick sachets.

It looks to be fairly effective, as the principle ingredient is 1700mg of glucomannan per sachet, plus some added ingredients like vitamin C and zinc.

The directions are to drink three sticks per day, so each box of 21 sticks is intended for one week’s use. However, you could actually take two sticks daily without compromising on the recommended glucomannan content (3g daily).

The idea of Slimshotz is that you drink it like a shot. This sounds like a novel idea, but it is crucial to follow this with a large glass of water to avoid the glucomannan expanding before it reaches the stomach and potentially causes choking.

Slimshotz costs £14.99 for a week’s supply. Take as recommended and this adds up to £59.96 per month. Buy from the company and you are encouraged to sign up for auto-shipping. Worryingly, and unsurprisingly, this does not seem straightforward to cancel.

What we like

  • May work as described
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Company donates to charity
What we don’t like

  • Might not work for everyone
  • Expensive way of taking a glucomannan supplement
  • Customer opinion on Amazon is mixed
  • If you sign up to “Subscribe and Save” it could be difficult to cancel

For our full review click here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/slimshotz/

Xivital Appetite Suppressant

Xivital Appetite Suppressant
Xivital Appetite Suppressant is an experimental-looking supplement that claims to send a weight loss signal directly into your brain. It contains a range of natural ingredients but there is very little real product information.

Ingredient quantities of Xivital are unknown, but include horseradish extract, apple pectin, chicory, kayaya gum, soya protein, orange peel, and pectin. Some of these ingredients may help cause feelings of fullness, so it could have an effect upon hunger pangs. Side effects could be an issue though.

To use, you take one tablet 10 minutes before each meal. However, there is no real evidence that this supplement will work as described by sending a signal to the floor of the fourth ventricle of the hypothalamus.

Xivital is expensive. Each bottle costs £43.65 for 120 capsules (one month’s supply). You are also encouraged to sign up for auto-shipping, which we never advise.

There is no customer feedback available and no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • May cause some appetite suppression
  • Organic
What we don’t like

  • No ingredient quantities
  • No customer reviews
  • Expensive product
  • No money-back guarantee

Our full review can be found here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/xivital-appetite-suppressant/

Astral Nutrition Overpwr

Astral Nutrition Overpwr
Astral Nutrition Overpwr is another appetite suppressant that contains glucomannan as the principle ingredient. Scientifically proven, glucomannan is effective for weight loss and is safe to take.

Overpwr contains 500mg of glucomannan per capsule serving, so take three per day as advised and this adds up to 1500mg a day. Other ingredients include vitamins and chromium in reasonably low quantities.

Although glucomannan is proven to restrict appetite, the daily serving in Overpwr provides only half the recommended quantity. This means you may need to double the dose in order for this supplement to conform to clinical testing.

Glucomannan may cause minor side effects, such as constipation and bloating. To avoid these we suggest you take with plenty of water.

Astral Overpwr costs £29.99 for 60 capsules, so it is expensive – especially if you double up on servings and take six capsules a day.

Customer feedback is mainly positive though, and the supplement comes with a money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Easy to take
  • Contains glucomannan – a proven appetite suppressant
  • Contains no stimulants
What we don’t like

  • Levels of glucomannan are low
  • Expensive if the full dose is taken

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/astral-nutrition-overpwr/

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer

XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer
Just like many of the supplements we’ve mentioned, XLS Medical Appetite Reducer contains glucomannan as the main ingredient. This time as a proprietary brand called Redusure.

XLS Medical is a very well-known European company with supplements on sale in High Street stores as well as online.

Redusure is a branded supplement, made by Omega Pharma, the same company that makes XLS Medical supplements. Redusure does not give any details away about the formula. It is based on the konjac root, so it contains glucomannan, but that is all we know. We have no way of knowing whether the glucomannan content conforms to the scientifically tested serving size of 3g a day.

There is no customer feedback for XLS Medical Appetite Reducer despite being sold on Amazon, which strikes us as odd.

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer is not expensive. It costs just £6.99 for 30 capsules if you buy from Boots. Serving size is 2-3 capsules a day, making it enough for about a week to 10 day’s supply.

Glucomannan may cause minor side effects such as constipation and bloating, so we suggest you take with plenty of water to avoid these.

XLS Medical Appetite Reducer is not covered by a money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Reputable company
  • Stimulant free ingredients
What we don’t like

  • Not enough product information
  • Lack of independent testimonials
  • No money-back guarantee

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/xls-medical-appetite-reducer/

Absolutely Full

Absolutely Full
Absolutely Full is an appetite suppressant that contains a branded plant fibre extract called Luralean, which the makers say will help the user feel fuller faster.

The one active ingredient, Luralean, contains a fibre derived from the konjac root, called propolmannan. This is not as well-known as glucomannan, although the claims are pretty much identical.

Some sources claim that propolmannan is more refined than glucomannan but, confusingly, there is no real information and it does not appear to have undergone clinical testing.

Each two-capsule serving contains 1g of Luralean to be taken before each meal, so you may need to take 6 capsules a day.

Absolutely Full is on sale from a range of outlets and prices vary. Buy from the ABS website and it costs $19.99 (plus $7 US shipping within the US) for 60 capsules, making it $66.00 for a month’s supply. Some sellers ship to the UK, but not all.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy from the official website; other sellers vary.

What we like

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
What we don’t like

  • One bottle may last only 10 days
  • Reports of ingredients vary
  • Few reviews from customers

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/absolutely-full/

Advanced Fitness Labs Appetite Suppressant

Advanced Fitness Labs Appetite Suppressant
Advanced Fitness Labs Appetite Suppressant contains a cocktail of herbal ingredients that the makers say will banish hunger pangs, but, looking at the ingredients list, this claim seems doubtful.

Advanced Fitness Labs, are a bit of a shadowy company that do not have an official website or any social media pages.

There are 10 herbal ingredients combined in a proprietary blend of 200mg per serving. There are some well-known weight loss ingredients, including African mango extract, raspberry ketones, Garcinia cambogia, pysllium husk, and horny goat weed, but individual serving sizes are low. Most of these are not strictly proven anyway, and at a probable 20mg per serving they are likely to be totally ineffective.

We can’t see how or why this mixture should work as described. Side effects are associated with some ingredients but, because the serving sizes are so low, these may not be an issue.

There are some positive reviews on Amazon, but there are also lots of complaints about the supplement causing headaches or not working.

You can only buy Advanced Fitness Labs Appetite Suppressant via Amazon, where it costs $19.99 for 60 capsules (one month’s supply). There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • We can see no pros to this supplement
What we don’t like

  • Individual quantities of ingredients not listed
  • Ingredients have no scientific backing
  • Some key ingredients are missing
  • No information about the company
  • No money-back guarantee

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/advanced-fitness-labs-appetite-suppressant/

Leptica No Thanks, I’m Full

Leptica No Thanks, I'm Full
No Thanks, I’m Full is a homeopathic weight loss supplement in the form of a spray that is supposed to stop you overeating at meal times. Leptica is a US company set up by a self-styled alternative health expert called Paul Openheim.

As mentioned already, this is a homeopathic supplement. The belief behind homeopathy is that taking highly-diluted substances can have benefits. This supplement contains Homeopathic Recombinant Human Leptin 6C, 30C, 200C. This means it has been diluted 6, 30, and finally 200 times. Recombinant means based on DNA and is supposedly derived from leptin – the hormone that signals to your brain when you are full so you stop eating.

Homeopathy is rubbished by the medical community, but lots of people still believe in it.

Leptica No Thanks, I’m Full is expensive. Buy from the official website and it costs $49.95 for about 6 week’s supply. There is a money-back guarantee offered but the terms are so complicated most customers give up.

What we like

  • No side effects
  • Free shipping
What we don’t like

  • Some suspicious reviews
  • No proof it works
  • No other ingredients to address other hormone imbalances
  • Expensive
  • Complicated process to get your money back if you are unhappy with the product

Check out our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/leptica-no-thanks-im-full/


Appetite suppressants can certainly be the way to go if you are trying to lose weight. Curbing your appetite to avoid overeating and hunger pangs will help you control your diet and lose weight naturally. Whether you are following a calorie-controlled diet or just trying to cut down on your food to lose a few pounds, an appetite suppressant can make a real difference to your weight loss results.

In addition, this type of supplement does not rely on exercise. Although getting more active will certainly help, not everyone can physically do it. If you are in the position where you can’t or won’t exercise, an appetite suppressant can still cause weight loss.

As you can see from the above selection of supplements, not all appetite suppressants are the same. There are some great products out there, but also some duds.

A supplement such as Phentatrim, which contains a clinically proven serving of the fibre glucomannan, will keep you feeling full and satisfied. And with no stimulant side effects, it will not interfere with your normal life. Other glucomannan supplements, such as Astral Overpwr will also work, but are a little more expensive, and some have no money-back guarantee to protect you.

Some appetite suppressants work by containing stimulants in order to decrease appetite but, with so many side effects and very little real medical evidence, we always advise that an appetite suppressant based on fibre works best.

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