Everything You Need To Know About Fad Diet Products

There are lots of different diet fads and gimmicks out there at any one time. If you are looking for a quick miracle fix to your weight problem, they can even seem quite tempting. Patches, vapes, gummies, special so-called miracle creams and gels to remove fatty areas – they all sound appealing. The big question is, do any of these work? And if so, do they work any better than a conventional diet pill or weight loss supplement?

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular novelty products in the supplement world and find out if any of them are worth a try.

Weight Loss Patches

What are weight loss patches?

Weight loss patches are supposed to offer a way to help you lose weight without you yourself making much effort. The idea is that you stick a patch on your body and forget about it while the active ingredients increase your metabolism or decrease your appetite so you can lose weight without really noticing.

Many people have given up smoking by the use of a nicotine patch. Hormone replacement, vitamins, and some types of medication can all be delivered via a skin patch too. So it makes sense that a patch for weight loss should be equally effective, right?

Plenty of supplement manufacturers have been quick to provide weight loss patches, with numerous different ones currently available on the market.

You use a weight loss patch in exactly the same way as a nicotine or HRT patch. You stick the disposable patch to a hairless and discreet part of the body, and benefit from a constant supply of weight loss ingredients entering your bloodstream, changing the patch every 24 hours.

Weight loss patches contain the same ingredients as you find in ordinary diet pills and make the usual claims – that they will increase the metabolism, work as a 24-hour fat burner, or suppress the appetite.

Typical ingredients include caffeine or natural herbal extracts like guarana or yerba mate. Sometimes they contain green tea – a source of antioxidants and caffeine. Many weight loss patches contain Fucus vesiculous (a seaweed extract) that may contain iodine for affecting thyroid hormones. A weight loss patch can contain just about anything that is usually present in a diet pill, but that doesn’t mean it will work in the same way.

Do weight loss patches work?

The problem with weight loss patches is that they just don’t work. Although it sounds plausible enough to deliver ingredients through the skin and straight to your bloodstream, this is not as easy as it sounds. There is zero evidence that sticking a diet patch on your arm would work any better than sellotaping steak and chips to your body and expecting to no longer feel hungry.

Medical research has been looking at delivering drugs transdermally (through the skin), but not all substances are suitable for this. To pass through the skin it has to be composed of an oily substance and be of low molecular weight. If the molecular weight is too heavy or it does not have the correct oily composition, it will not be absorbed, but simply rest on the surface.

Some substances are suitable for delivery in this way. Nicotine, vitamins, and hormone replacements can all be absorbed by the body. There is some confusion whether caffeine can be absorbed or not. Testing suggests that it might, but the general consensus is that only a very small proportion of caffeine will be able to enter the bloodstream in this way, if at all.

Many of the ingredients in weight loss patches, such as fruit extracts like acai berries or Garcinia cambogia – a fruit that may help reduce carb absorption when taken orally, don’t come with a whole lot of proof that they work even when taken orally. So with the added confusion of delivering these dubious ingredients through the skin, it all seems even more unlikely.

This doesn’t mean that weight loss patches are necessarily safe. There is no research into whether diet pill ingredients can get through the skin in this way, but it is possible that some of the other contents of a patch may be absorbed by the body, so side effects could theoretically be an issue.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of diet patches.

Mymi Wonder Patch

Mymi Wonder Patch
Mymi Wonder Patch claims to spot target weight loss, so the idea is that you just stick it on your problem fatty area. It is described as an abdomen treatment patch but is also supposed to be effective for other fatty areas, such as arms and thighs. The patch is enormous and will cover most of your stomach, so we can’t see how you can even fit this onto your arms or thighs.

The ingredients include caffeine, capsicum extract, catechin – an antioxidant, and plant extracts Sophoricoside and Salicornia herbacea. There is little evidence that these will help weight loss or can be absorbed through the skin. Capsaicin is a natural fat burner, but it is unlikely to do anything in this form. The best you can hope for is that some of the caffeine may be absorbed. You would get better results from drinking a cup of coffee.

Mymi Wonder Patch is manufactured in South Korea but on sale from Amazon and other retailers. It costs £5.70 for five patches (five day’s supply), making it fairly expensive.

Customers have complained that it is extremely difficult and painful to remove this enormous patch, and it can leave redness, burning sensation, and a rash.

What we like

  • Non-invasive
What we don’t like

  • Not a reputable company
  • Takes a lot of time to show any results
  • Leaves your skin irritated and burned
  • Does nothing to control your appetite

To find out more about Mymi Wonder Patch:

Thrive DFT Patch

Thrive DFT Patch
There are two Thrive patches: Thrive DFT and Thrive Ultra. The two are mostly identical, except that Ultra contains the additional ingredients saffron and green tea.

Thrive comes from multi-level marketing company Le-Vel, based in the USA. The company sell a range of supplements but have a very poor reputation when it comes to customer service.

Thrive DFT and Ultra both contain a range of ingredients including, green coffee bean extract and CQ10 – a substance similar to a vitamin. The principle ingredient is Forslean, a branded forskolin supplement. Forskolin is a natural plant substance that may help with weight loss.

They also both contain Cosmoperine, made by Sabinsa (also the manufacturers of Forslean). This may improve the absorption of Forslean through the skin, although it has not been tested on humans.

Thrive DFT is expensive. It costs $46.84 for 30 patches via Amazon. Thrive Ultra is even more so, at $76.96 for 30 patches.

As Le-Vel is an MLM company you are supposed to buy from a Thrive distributor, so prices may vary. A distributor will encourage you to sign up for a repeat order (auto-shipping).

What we like

  • Some ingredients might be effective
What we don’t like

  • Mixed customer feedback
  • Unlikely to work
  • Poor customer service

To find out more about Thrive DFT Patch:

Phen RX Topical Patches

PhenRx Topical Patches
Phen RX Topical Patches contain some unusual ingredients, including peach extract, lotus flower, and cassia seed extract. The claims are that it will help you lose weight and restrict appetite, but there is zero evidence it will actually do anything.

The patches are manufactured by Nexgen Biolabs. This US company is well known for diet pills, and although none of them are very good, Phen RX Topical patches seems to have hit a new low. Even when taken orally the ingredients in this patch are unlikely to work.

Ingredients include aloe vera, angelica, and white radish extract. It is extremely unlikely that any of these substances will be able to get into your bloodstream via the skin or even do anything if they did actually get there.

Phen EX Topical Patches are cheap. If you buy via Groupon you can buy two packs (60 patches) for $19.99. It is more expensive from the official website.

Customer opinion is generally bad, with many people reporting that the patches are hard to remove and cause skin redness and blisters. There is an advertised money-back guarantee but you have to return within 30 days and provide a reason.

What we like

  • Inexpensive
What we don’t like

  • Wholly ineffective
  • Customers complain of skin irritation
  • Ingredients quantities not provided

To find out more about Phen RX Topical Patches:

Elevacity Energy Patch

Elevacity Energy Patch
Elevacity Energy Patch is touted to raise your energy levels with a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts delivered straight into your bloodstream via a skin patch. Elevacity is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that has made a name for itself by selling novelty products.

There is some evidence that certain vitamins can be delivered transdermally, but health authorities prefer to deliver vitamins in oral supplements as this is the only reliable method. You may find that the vitamins in Elevacity Energy Patch have an effect, but with a very high dosage of individual components, results could be unpredictable.

There are also numerous herbal extracts that seem unlikely to do anything at all.

Elevacity Energy Patch is expensive. It costs around $34.97 for 30 patches. Prices will depend upon where you buy it. Because it is an MLM company you can only buy from an Elevacity distributor (known as Elepreneurs). We have been unable to find any genuine customer reviews and there is no money-back guarantee available.

What we like

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
What we don’t like

  • Unlikely to do anything at all
  • No customer reviews available to check online
  • Ingredient quantities not listed and manufacturer offers no money-back guarantee

To find out more about Elevacity Energy Patch:

Slim Weight Patch

Slim Weight Patch promises to help you lose weight around the clock with minimal effort. It contains a blend of herbal ingredients including the seaweed extract Fucus vesiculous and guarana – an extract based on caffeine.

There is very little background to the company behind Slim Weight Patch. The ingredients include yerba mate and a fat-burning blend called the RX Blend. There is no real information about these ingredients and zero evidence that these substances can be absorbed through the skin as claimed.

There is some customer feedback; most people seem to have found the patches completely ineffective.

Slim Weight Patch is still on sale from some unknown sites, as well as the official website. It used to be on sale via Amazon but has since been discontinued. It is hard to find the price and it seems likely that Slim Weight patch may be discontinued in the near future.

What we like

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
What we don’t like

  • Contains caffeine, which may lead severe side effects
  • Can lead to skin irritation for users who have sensitive skin
  • May not be equally effective for all users

To find out more about Slim Weight Patch:

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator
It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator is not a small weight loss patch. Instead, you cover your entire body in a plastic wrap impregnated with herbs and other botanicals in order to make you look slimmer and to remove cellulite.

It Works! is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The wrap is their flagship product and It Works! distributors are often called wrapeneurs.

There is no scientific evidence that the Ultimate Body Applicator will have a lasting effect upon weight loss. However, it can have a temporary effect, tightening skin and smoothing out cellulite as claimed. According to health experts, the wrap can be used as a temporary beauty product, like you would a spray tan, but will not last beyond a couple of days at most.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is expensive. It is sold via distributors, so prices will vary, but you can expect to pay as much as $69 for one treatment. Although we have seen four wraps on sale for as little as $54. You can find similar treatments offered in spas for around the same price.

Customer feedback is reasonable. It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator does provide a temporary effect, which some people are pleased with, but it does nothing for health or lasting weight loss.

What we like

  • Will have a temporary effect
  • No side effects
What we don’t like

  • Has no benefits for lasting weight loss
  • Expensive
  • Sold via MLM

To find out more about It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator:

Creams, Sprays, and Gels

What are weight loss creams, weight loss sprays, and weight loss gels?

Rubbing in a cream or gel or applying a special spray to your body to lose weight sounds like an easy alternative to actually cutting calories or exercising. And with a wide range of topical weight loss potions on the market, these kinds of supplements are becoming popular.

Many weight loss creams, sprays, and gels contain ingredients that are supposed to work through the skin. The idea is that you can target problem fatty areas topically and rub away fatty deposits, transforming fat cells into healthy muscle. Some weight loss creams are supposed to raise body temperature and make you sweat so that you can enhance the effects of exercise and calorie expenditure.

Most weight loss creams, sprays, and gels are just plain wacky. Although the advertising always comes up with some convincing explanations about how this type of product will smooth away unwanted fat, there is very little evidence that any of this is true.

Caffeine may have a temporary effect. There is some evidence that applying caffeine to the skin may temporarily tighten skin and smooth out cellulite. This is never permanent, but you might find that some weight loss creams do temporarily improve the appearance of your skin. That’s about it though.

A weight loss cream, gel, or spray is not going to make you lose weight. The best you can hope for is that the appearance of your skin is improved. But with the range of dud products out there, you have no guarantees that a topical supplement will even do this.

Do weight loss creams, weight loss sprays, and weight loss gels work?

No, they do not work. These types of products are a total waste of money and will do nothing to make you lose excess weight.

The only way to lose weight and fat is by restricting or changing your diet and increasing your activity levels. Although a good quality diet pill or oral supplement can really help your progress, there are no shortcuts.

There is no magic potion that you can rub onto your body so that you literally lose weight overnight. If there was a product that really did this, it would be the medical breakthrough of the century and we would all know about it and be using it.

Instead, weight loss creams, sprays, and gels are always on sale from dodgy-looking websites. This is because no reputable company will touch these products; they just do not work.

Not all creams are completely useless. There may be a case for improving the appearance of the skin and temporarily improving cellulite. There is some evidence that caffeine can improve the appearance of the skin and, although this is not the same as causing weight loss, these types of product can sometimes have a temporary cosmetic effect.

At the end of the day, a slight cosmetic improvement is not the same as weight loss. If you want to lose weight, your best option is to change your dietary habits and increase your activity levels. The NHS advises that a safe rate of weight loss is no more than 2lbs a week. Taking a supplement and making dietary changes over a period of weeks or even months is the only real way to lose weight.

Here are a few examples of creams, gels, and sprays that we have seen.

TNT Pro Ignite

TNT Pro Ignite
TNT Pro Ignite is a cream that you rub into your body in order to help you sweat more – and to get more dates apparently.

The principle ingredient is petroleum jelly, along with some ingredients that are usually associated with skin care, such as jojoba, vitamin E, and coconut oil. There is also wintergreen, a herb with a warming effect, often used to sooth muscular pain. There is no evidence that TNT Pro Ignite will have any effect at all upon weight loss, sweating, or helping you get a date.

TNT Pro Series is a US company that specialises in novelty products to make you sweat, such as a sauna suit or a weight loss belt. Customer feedback is mainly negative, saying that the experience of rubbing in the cream is identical to covering your body in Vaseline.

You can buy TNT Pro Ignite via the Pro Ignite website or from stores such as Amazon. It costs between $18.99 to $24.99, depending on the size of tub and retailer. There is a 30-day guarantee if you buy from the official website.

What we like

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Potential side effects seem mild
What we don’t like

  • Will not work as described
  • High level of negative customer comments
  • No scientific reason at all why this cream should help sweating or weight loss
  • Even if it did cause you to sweat as claimed, this would only result in a loss of water weight, not fat loss

To find out more about TNT Pro Ignite:


Dermacut is a weight loss gel that claims to help you lose abdominal fat and love handles. Although it is manufactured in the USA, it contains two patented European supplements – Adiposlim and Adipoless – that are supposed to shrink fat cells beneath the skin and prevent new fat cells from forming.

We looked into Adiposlim; it was developed to improve the appearance of cellulite. Adipoless is used to remove bags under the eyes. There is no proof of any clinical evidence. We can’t see Dermacut having anything but a mild superficial effect upon abdominal fat. It certainly won’t help you lose it as claimed.

You can only buy Dermacut from the official website. A 4oz tube (one month’s supply) costs $34.97. Deals on bulk buys are available and all purchases come with a free eBook and a packet of green tea. Shipping is free on orders over $50. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

What we like

  • May improve cellulite and tighten loose skin
  • Comes with a 60-day guarantee
What we don’t like

  • No scientific evidence anywhere that suggests that a topical gel can remove fat
  • Very confusing website that is hard to navigate and provides very little information
  • No customer feedback

To find out more about Dermacut:

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack
Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack is a “tummy toning” gel that you rub into your stomach in order to firm up skin and achieve toned-looking abs. You are supposed to use it in combination with a diet and exercise regime.

Bliss is an upmarket chain of beauty spas. They also sell health and beauty products so you can create the spa experience at home.

The formula contains caffeine, creatine, and menthol. Creatine is often used in anti-aging products, caffeine may improve the appearance of cellulite, while menthol can give a warming effect. The dispenser has a head with nodules, so it should feel quite pleasant as you apply it to the skin.

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack will not give you a six pack, but it may improve the appearance of the skin. Side effects should not be an issue unless you are sensitive to menthol.

There are no customer reviews for Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack, despite being on sale on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. It is expensive at £35.00 or $38.00 respectively. It is also on sale from the official Bliss website and at the spas. There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • May help reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily
  • Shouldn’t cause any side effects
What we don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Will not help your abs look any better if you are overweight
  • No money-back guarantee

To find out more about Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack:

EvoMuse Eviscerate Supernova

EvoMuse Eviscerate Supernova
EvoMuse Eviscerate Supernova is a gel packaged as a pump spray, similar to a dispenser for whipped cream. The advertising claims that it creates a perfect storm of fat annihilation. Customers claim it is very messy to use.

The idea is that you spray Supernova onto any fatty areas, including the chin, butt, thighs, and abs, and that doing this should spot reduce fatty deposits there. It all sounds unconvincing but one ingredient has undergone clinical testing and may do “something”.

This is aminophylline, a muscle relaxant commonly used as a treatment for asthma. It was clinically tested on women who were also on a diet and results were encouraging. The control group reduced their waist measurement. Further investigation was recommended, although this has not happened.

Supernova also contains a lot of filler ingredients and may irritate sensitive skin.

You can buy Eviscerate Supernova from the EvoMuse website and also via Amazon. It costs around $51.00 per 5fl oz bottle, so it is expensive. It is unknown how long each bottle will last.

Customer reviews mainly mention how messy this spray is to use. There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Side effects are unlikely
  • One ingredient does have some evidence it may work as described
What we don’t like

  • Confusing and muddled product website and product description
  • Expensive
  • Customers complain it is very messy to use
  • No contact details or information about the EvoMuse, the company selling this supplement

To find out more about EvoMuse Eviscerate Supernova:


What are weight loss gummies?

Weight loss gummies are sweets or candies that you suck or chew, rather than taking a conventional diet pill. Sometimes a weight loss gummy will contain similar ingredients to a diet pill, such as caffeine, green coffee extract, or Garcinia cambogia. In many cases they contain fibre, so they will have a filling effect – decreasing appetite and the urge to snack.

As with all supplements, weight loss gummies can vary a great deal in quality and effects, so make sure you read through the ingredients list and don’t get too caught up on the flavour or the taste. Weight loss gummies are generally expensive, costing far more than ordinary supplements.

We have some concerns about taking a supplement as a sweet or candy. Although this is often touted as an enjoyable way of using a supplement, remember that many weight loss gummies contain similar ingredients to a supplement, so they can cause side effects, especially if you go over the recommended daily dosage.

In our opinion, it is always better to take a supplement as a diet pill. That way you can remember that you have actually taken a real supplement and will not be tempted to overdo the weight loss gummies.

Many weight loss gummies are very expensive when compared to conventional supplements and, in many cases, are little more than novelty products.

However, if you really cannot manage to take a conventional diet pill, but still want the support of a weight loss supplement, they may be a reasonable alternative. At least a weight loss gummy should have some type of effect, unlike the many weight loss patches and other novelty products on the market.

Do weight loss gummies work?

There’s no real reason why a weight loss gummy shouldn’t work. After all, the ingredients are combined in the sweet and you ingest them orally. A weight loss gummy should work in the same way as a conventional diet pill, unlike other novelty products such as weight loss creams and potions which don’t really work at all.

The major problem with weight loss gummies is that there is very little choice available. Weight loss gummies are not manufactured by many companies, so you are stuck with a very narrow choice.

Most weight loss gummies on the market are inferior to conventional supplements in that they contain low serving sizes or ineffective ingredients. There can also be some health risks.

For example, some gummies contain the fibre glucomannan, which needs to be taken with water in order to avoid a choking risk. If you take a glucomannan supplement in the form of a gummy you might not think to take it with water – we don’t usually eat candies or sweets with water – so you run the risk of the glucomannan causing a blockage in the throat.

Some gummies contain caffeine or vitamins and are designed to be used in the same way as a conventional supplement, i.e. a specific serving per day. Because it is in the form of a candy, it would be easy to forget that the gummy is actually a supplement that will cause side effects if taken to excess.

Finally, you will need to keep your gummies away from children. They look and taste like sweets or candies after all, but will cause side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at some actual weight-loss gummies.

SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies

SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies
SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies is a two-part program. You take the first gummy, called Power Up, in the morning; you take the second one, Hunger Buster, in the afternoon. According to the advertising, SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies will drive weight loss and decrease fat absorption while reducing appetite and hunger pangs.

Power Up is coffee flavoured – containing green coffee bean extract as the prime ingredient. This may help increase fat burning and the caffeine may give you a mild lift. Hunger Buster is pineapple flavoured and contains Garcinia cambogia. Although this ingredient is popular in supplements, there is very little evidence that it does much for weight loss.

Both gummies contain a lot of filler ingredients, and side effects could be an issue.

You can buy SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies from the official SkinnyMint website. It costs £39.90 for one month’s supply (two bottles of 30 gummies). There is no independent customer feedback available, beyond some positive comments on the official website, and there is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Some customers seem to enjoy the fact they come in gummy form
  • May help increase energy levels and metabolism due to the caffeine
What we don’t like

  • Contains artificial sweeteners and flavourings
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Caffeine-related side effects

To find out more about SkinnyMint Super Fat Burning Gummies:

V24 Weight Loss Gummies

V24 Weight Loss Gummies
V24 Weight Loss Gummies are strawberry flavoured gummies that the makers say will suppress appetite. The active ingredient is glucomannan, which is a natural fibre proven to aid weight loss.

There is not much ingredient information. It seems as if each gummy contains 0.25g of glucomannan, so to meet the daily clinically approved serving size of 3g, you need to take 12 gummies each day.

It is extremely important to take glucomannan with plenty of water to avoid the risk of choking, but this important fact is not mentioned in the product directions.

Because the optimum serving size is a whopping 12 gummies a day, V24 Weight Loss Gummies are expensive. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, which will only last for five days. At £22.95 for 60 gummies or £120 for 120 gummies (10 day’s supply) via Amazon UK, it is one of the most expensive supplements on the market.

There is some positive customer feedback on Amazon UK, but with no money-back guarantee and a high price, this weight loss supplement does not provide much value for money.

What we like

  • Some customers seem to enjoy the fact they come in gummy form
What we don’t like

  • Contains artificial sweeteners
  • No ingredient quantities listed
  • Very expensive – one bag will only last five days if taken as suggested

To find out more about V24 Weight Loss Gummies:

Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies

Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies
Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies are aimed at improving digestive health and may aid weight loss as well.

The gummies contain 5g of a soluble fibre called Polydextrose per gummy. This should slow the digestion, helping causing feelings of fullness. It also has other health benefits, such as improving glucose tolerance.

Many people do not ingest sufficient fibre per day – the optimum amount is between 25g and 38g per day. so this supplement may help. The gummies also include a wide range of vitamins.

Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies are on sale from various retailers, including Walmart, Costco, and Amazon. Buying online has caused issues with the gummies melting in transit.

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay around $14.99 for 90 gummies (45 day’s supply). There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Aids regular bowel movements
  • Suitable for those who dislike capsules/pills
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Customers report melted deliveries
  • Artificial fibre has less benefits than other fibres

To find out more about Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies:

OLLY Endless Energy

OLLY Endless Energy
OLLY Endless Energy is a vitamin and energy supplement in the form of a gummy. According to the directions, you chew it whenever you need to lift your energy and concentration levels. Other OLLY supplements include OLLY Probiotic and Prebiotic, and OLLY Purely Probiotic.

These gummies are available in two flavours: Huckleberry Hype or Lemon Zinger. Serving size is three gummies, which is good news if you struggle to stop at one sweet.

Ingredients include vitamins and amino acids, and there is also 60mg of caffeine. As a cup of coffee is around 100mg of caffeine, this three gummy serving will not feel very strong. There are 50 calories per serving, with the gummies containing 12g of carbs, 8g of sugar, and 1g of protein.

Customer feedback is mixed. Positive comments say it increases energy and focus for hours, but there are complaints about flavour and consistency.

You can buy OLLY Endless Energy from the official OLLY website. It is expensive at $13.99 for 30 gummies (10 servings). There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
  • May help some people experience a lift in energy
  • Contains vitamins
What we don’t like

  • A lot of complaints about the flavour and consistency of the gummies
  • You might not notice any real effects
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only 10 servings per container

To find out more about OLLY Endless Energy:

Flat Tummy Lollipops

Flat Tummy Lollipops
Flat Tummy Lollipops were advertised by Kim Kardashian.

The sole active ingredient is a branded product called Satiereal, which is based on saffron. Some limited clinical testing claims it will decrease appetite and reduce snacking. The evidence is not very convincing, and Satiereal did not perform much better than a placebo in testing.

Flat Tummy Lollipops come in packs of 30 mixed flavours. You are advised to have two per day in order to reduce cravings. Each pack (two week’s supply) costs $36.00. It is only on sale via the Flat Tummy website. There is no independent customer feedback and no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Only 35 calories per lollipop (roughly the same as any other lollipop of the same size)
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee and no returns accepted in general
  • Expensive
  • Unknown dosage of Satiereal – the only active ingredient, which has poor clinical support

To find out more about Flat Tummy Lollipops:


What are weight loss vapes?

Originally designed as an easy way to quit smoking, vaping appeals to smokers by providing nicotine in a more sociably acceptable format. Instead of breathing in harmful tobacco fumes, a vape or e-cigarette delivers nicotine in a selection of pleasant flavours, such as orange and vanilla.

The makers of weight loss vapes take this idea one step further by removing the nicotine and adding some weight loss ingredients. The claim is that these will enter the bloodstream much faster than taking a conventional diet pill. According to the product information on most weight loss vapes, the effects can be felt pretty much as soon as the vapour is breathed into the lungs.

Nutravape is the market leader for vaping supplements. This company provides a range of nicotine-free vaping liquids that have added benefits for weight loss, increased energy, mental focus, and more.

Products include Nutravape Diet, Nutravape Focus, Nutravape Relax, and Nutravape Sleep. In addition, there is Nutrovape Recover to lessen the effects of a hangover, and Nutrovape Performax to enhance sexual performance.

Just remember that if you are considering vaping for weight loss, you will need to avoid anything that contains nicotine.

Although nicotine is known as an appetite suppressant, it is obviously extremely addictive. In addition, if you are an ex-smoker using a vape for weight loss, there is a serious risk of rekindling your addiction.

Do weight loss vapes work?

Weight loss vapes don’t work. There is zero evidence that inhaling essential oils through a vape will help with weight loss. Adding vitamins, caffeine, and other weight loss ingredients to an electronic cigarette are not proven to work. Although this novelty idea can be appealing, there is no proof it works.

In addition, weight loss vapes (just like any vape) come with some risks to health. Vapes contain propylene glycol and glycerine, which are safe when taken in supplements, but are commonly used in theatrical shows to generate “smoke”. This vapour is known to irritate eyes and the respiratory tract, so is likely to have a similar effect upon the lungs, especially if you are a regular user.

Although there is no evidence proving that weight loss vapes will help you lose weight, many users do seem to enjoy the vaping sensation. Looking at the feedback for some of the Nutravape products, customers report that they can’t manage without their vape, which sounds scarily like a nicotine addiction.

Using your vape in the same way as smoking a cigarette provides an open door to smoking nicotine. If you are an ex-smoker, this type of product is just not worth the risk. Smoking is horribly addictive, so anything that recreates the sensation has to be avoided. If you become accustomed to using a vape for weight loss, it is only a small step to buying vape liquids that contain nicotine and then on to lighting up a cigarette.

The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, a weight loss vape is probably the worst option. It is not only ineffective, it will open up the door to a smoking habit that will be difficult to quit.

Here’s a look at some of the weight-loss vapes we’ve reviewed so far.

Nutrovape Diet

Nutrovape Diet
Nutrovape Diet claims to help you lose weight and resist a cheat meal for a little longer. It comes in the form of a single-use vaping stick/electronic cigarette.

Nutrovape Diet contains hoodia – a cactus extract that has no evidence that it will do anything at all. It also contains green tea, Garcinia cambogia and L-theanine. These ingredients may help weight loss but have never been tested in this format.

To use, you take five puffs before a meal to reduce your appetite. The tip glows green, which deepens when you inhale and shows the battery is fully charged. To recharge, just plug into a power source. Nutravape Diet is not refillable. Once you have used up all the essential oils you have to buy a new one.

Nutravape Diet is expensive. It costs $9.99 for three single-use sticks. You can also buy multi-packs or sign up to auto-shipping via the official Nutravape website. There is no money-back guarantee.

There are customer complaints about the vape not working satisfactorily. Many people have had side effects such as headaches, and some customers seem to be addicted to using it.

What we like

  • Easy to carry around
  • People report liking the taste, especially those who already smoke
  • Ingredients may enter the bloodstream quickly
What we don’t like

  • Each vape is one-time use only
  • Ingredients have been discredited and/or unproven
  • Might encourage people into cigarette smoking

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Nutrovape Energy

Nutrovape Energy
Nutrovape Energy is an electronic cigarette that is supposed to enhance energy levels. It is nicotine-free and contains a range of vitamins and caffeine. There is no real evidence that Nutrovape Energy will perk up your energy levels as claimed.

Ingredients include caffeine, vitamins, and possibly taurine, although there is some confusion whether taurine is actually contained in the supplement. However, many customers report that it works and seem to enjoy the sensation, but there has been no clinical investigation into whether these ingredients are suitable for vape delivery.

One customer reported that she couldn’t start her day without it! Although Nutravape Energy is nicotine-free, there does seem to be an addictive quality to smoking this supplement.

As with Nutravape Diet, the Energy vape is expensive. It also costs $9.99 for three single-use sticks, and there is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free
  • Zero calories
What we don’t like

  • At least one ingredient linked to respiratory tract irritation
  • “Natural and artificial flavors” aren’t defined

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Although we have covered some of the more popular types of fad diet products on the market, we really have only scratched the surface.

There are loads of wacky looking products out there, such as toe rings, nano magnets, weight loss belts, caffeine-impregnated underwear, and other complicated pieces of apparatus and equipment – all of which are said to make weight loss simple and fast.

Some of the explanations can seem pretty convincing, so it is easy to get carried away, and before you know it you have clicked to buy.

The problem is that there is no quick or immediate solution to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you need to make dietary changes, increase activity levels, and stick with it. As the saying goes, “if you keep on doing what you always do, you will get the same results”. This applies to most things, and certainly to weight loss.

A good quality supplement or diet pill in combination with a weight loss plan will make the whole process easier, but there are no magic shortcuts. A weight loss gimmick may seem like the solution, especially if you have tried to lose weight and not succeeded, but it is not the answer.

The people who sell these fad diet products know how to push our buttons but, in truth, they are never going to work. The best way to lose weight is to take it slowly and stick with it. That way you can achieve long-term success without spending money on useless products.

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