Everything You Need To Know About Keto Products

It seems like everyone is either talking about the keto diet or doing it themselves. Unlike other low-carb diet plans such as the Atkins diet or Paleo, the keto diet requires you to cut out so many carbs from your diet that it changes your metabolism. This means instead of your body burning carbs for fuel it consumes its own fat for energy – a bodily state called ketosis.

The benefits to health and weight loss are often described as miraculous by keto practitioners, but is the keto diet really as good as the claims? Is it safe? And is it even possible for most people? Let’s take a look.

What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic (or “keto”) diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been steadily gaining in popularity over the last few years. The rules are pretty simple: you cut out carbs in favour of protein and plenty of fats. Easy to remember; even if it is not quite as simple to stick to. Although high-fat sounds counter intuitive for weight loss, the keto diet can work and has replaced the similar-looking Atkins diet, which was very popular a few years back.

The way keto works is to do with your metabolism. Because the body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy, when you drastically reduce your carb intake your body looks for new sources of fuel and targets your stored body fat. This metabolic state is called ketosis; your stored fat is burned for energy and the fat in your liver converts into substances called ketones, which supply energy to the body and brain.

The standard keto diet generally requires you to consume around 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs a day. There are numerous food guides, recipe books, and websites that can help you stick to this plan. Some users increase protein and decrease fat intake but, however you choose to do it, only 5% of your daily food intake should be made up from carbs, as this is enough to help put your body into fat burning mode or ketosis. The keto diet is also said to be more fast-working than other diets.

Cutting out carbs reduces calorie intake and also causes huge reductions in blood sugar. So if you have diabetes, or are borderline diabetic, a keto diet (under medical supervision if necessary) can even out blood sugar levels and improve insulin function, along with many other health benefits.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is when your body burns its own fat for fuel rather than using the carbs that you eat for instant energy. If you generally turn to a chocolate bar and a cup of sweet, milky coffee as an energy boost, these types of comfort are now forbidden. Instead you have the consolation that your body is now running on its own fat stores rather than fattening snacks.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic process in your body, where it uses stored fats for energy when carbohydrates (the body’s main energy source) are low. Instead of the glucose that you get from dietary carbs and sugars, your body converts fat in the liver into ketones. These are then sent back into your bloodstream, where the body uses them for fuel.

Getting into ketosis can be hard going. You may feel fatigued, irritable, and hungry; a condition known as keto flu. However, once ketosis kicks in, usually after around three days of not eating carbs, it does get a bit easier. Weight loss is often encouragingly fast and many people report that their hunger pangs are diminished, as are the low energy levels and other side effects of not eating carbs.

There are some health concerns about staying in ketosis. It can be dangerous if the ketones build up, which in the worst case scenario could lead to you falling into a coma. There are also concerns about dehydration, so it is very important to increase your water intake while staying in ketosis.

That said, short-term ketosis is a very fast and effective way of losing weight. So if you have a lot of weight to lose it can be a very good option, if you can stick at it.

What do you eat on the keto diet?

How many carbs can you eat on keto? The usual advice is that carbs should make up no more than 5% of your daily intake. Some keto sources put this figure at around 50g per day.

Although cutting out carbs sounds extreme and restrictive, there is plenty of food you can eat whilst on the keto diet. If you have tried to lose weight before by cutting out dietary fats, it can come as a shock to see what is now on the menu.

Meat, fish, and eggs are all good. Seafood, such as shrimps and mussels, are also allowed. Cheese? Yes, cheese is allowed because it is high in fat and does not contain carbs. Cream and other dairy fats – the full-fat variety – are also fine.

You can also eat green leafy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. Courgettes, aubergine, tomatoes are allowed too. As a simple rule of thumb about vegetables, anything that grows above the ground is OK. The veggies such as roots and potatoes that grow under the soil are high in starch and need to be avoided. Many fruits are off limits too because they are high in sugar.

Unfortunately, carbs include lots of foods that people like. Potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread now have to be avoided. As do starchy fruits like bananas. Many people have taken to seeking keto-friendly replacement recipes; for example, spiralizing courgettes as a pasta substitute.

The keto diet does require some drastic changes to your diet but there is plenty of advice out there to help you on your way. The internet is awash with forums, websites, blogs, and coaches that dish out advice, and there are plenty of cookbooks in the shops that specialise in keto recipes.

Supplements can also help support the keto diet. Glucomannan is good for helping you deal with hunger and food cravings, and products that are high in antioxidant ingredients can help ensure your body does not miss out on nutrients.

Is the keto diet dangerous?

Despite helping many people lose weight, there are some risks associated with the keto diet.

The human body usually obtains energy from carbs; in fact, most people’s daily diet is composed of around 50% carbs. Removing these carbs and switching to proteins and fats can be difficult and can cause side effects.

Initial side effects may include fatigue and stomach trouble, like diarrhoea and vomiting. Some people suffer flu like symptoms, such as muscle aches and nasal congestion. In many cases these wear off after your body becomes accustomed to running on ketones rather than carbs.

Ketosis can also cause a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis. This happens when the body stores up too many ketones and your blood becomes too acidic, causing damage to the liver, kidneys, and brain. Make no mistake, putting your body into ketosis is extreme, with some experts recommending you use keto sticks – urine test strips – to check the ketone levels in your blood.

Another danger of the keto diet is that because it’s not easy to stick to, it can be very easy to fall back to a very unhealthy diet. Eating plenty of meat products, often composed of processed meat containing low quality fat, is not good for your health and could make issues such as kidney disease worse.

You miss out on fibre too, which is important for digestive health. So many people report constipation as a common side effect.

You should not follow a keto diet forever; many experts recommend it for no longer than 90 days. Bear in mind that there is a risk of weight gain when you stop.

And, as always, if you have an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, you should speak to your doctor before you proceed with the keto diet.

Does the keto diet work?

The keto diet does work for many people and can provide numerous health benefits. Weight loss results can be particularly impressive, with one clinical study showing that on average the keto diet causes three times more weight loss than many other diet plans – including the diet recommended by Diabetes UK.

Scientific evidence also suggests that the keto diet boosts insulin sensitivity, so it could be a good choice for people who are pre-diabetic or suffering from diabetes. The keto diet may also have benefits for other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and epilepsy.

But for most people, the keto diet is all about weight loss. And even though it can work, there are some concerns.

Although simple carbs (like those in dietary sugars, fizzy drinks, and processed food) are not good for health or weight, complex carbs such as those found in whole grains, pulses, and starchy vegetables, are very important. Complex carbs are rich in fibre, which is important for digestive health and helps prevent digestive diseases such as bowel cancer.

In addition, many fruits are off limits because they contain natural sugars, so you will also miss out on antioxidants and plant chemicals.

Most medical advice is that a low-carb diet is actually better than the full keto diet. A low-carb diet that cuts out simple carbs but still allows complex carbs does not require any major changes to your diet and is much easier to commit to.

The best diets are the ones that you can stick to, and the problem with the keto diet is that although it does have some benefits, it can be very hard to follow and veers into fad diet territory.

Once you stop the diet you have to be careful that you don’t put the weight back on. Yes, the keto diet can work, but it may not be as easy or as long term as it sounds.

What are keto pills?

Keto pills are supplements which are designed to support the keto diet. Whether or not they actually do is a different question, and the answer will depend on the ingredients and the company selling the product.

Many keto pills contain beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts, an organic substance that may speed up the process of ketosis by helping the body use fatty acids from the liver as energy rather than carbs. According to research, BHBs can increase energy to brain and muscle tissue. However, more research is necessary to prove the findings, as a lot of the research has been carried out on mice rather than humans.

Some keto pills contain ingredients to help put your body into ketosis. Herbal ingredients like Garcinia cambogia or other carb blockers are supposed to prevent the carbs from being absorbed by your body.

This sounds feasible, but because carb blockers do not block all carbs you cannot rely on this happening. If you are trying to get into ketosis, the only way to do it is to avoid dietary carbs.

There is a slightly different approach you could consider, and this is taking a glucomannan supplement to help you stick to a keto diet. Glucomannan is a non-digestible fibre that can prevent the hunger pangs associated with a low-carb diet. Although glucomannan supplements are not always aimed at those on the keto diet, you may find that it makes the process much easier.

When it comes to buying supplements advertised as keto pills you have to be careful. The keto diet is popular right now, so there are numerous scam products on the market. These include keto pills that just won’t work, and scams that aim to rip you off.

Do keto supplements really work?

As the diet is becoming more and more popular, supplement marketers have jumped on the bandwagon to sell keto-related pills. Some of these might help general weight loss, some may not – it all depends on the quality of the supplement. You certainly don’t need one of these keto products to successfully lose weight on a keto diet.

That said, there are some keto supplements that can work. Many of the effective ones are only suitable for use alongside the keto diet though, so they will not help you lose weight if you are not following this regime.

An example of this type of product is exogenous ketone salts (BHB salts). These are lab-made ketone bodies that can help support ketosis. When you cut out carbs, your body fat produces ketone bodies to use as energy; one of which is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Although this is produced naturally in the body, it is also available to take in supplement form – exogenous simply means outside the body.

Some evidence shows that taking BHB salts mimic what happens naturally when your body is in ketosis. They may help decrease the time it takes to get into ketosis, reducing adverse symptoms such as fatigue (often known as keto flu).

Supplements that contain MCT oils are also good for keto dieters. Medium-chain triglycerides are a form of fatty acid present in coconut oil and other oils. MCTs are easily broken down into keto bodies and can therefore improve energy levels and mental function.

Some keto supplements contain additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Because the keto diet is so restrictive, taking a supplement that contains the nutrients in fruit and vegetables, which are lacking in the keto diet, may support health.

Will keto pills help you lose weight?

Keto pills alone won’t help you lose weight. Likewise, if you are following the keto diet you do not need a supplement to help you increase weight loss. The keto diet is fast-working and effective, so you should lose weight quickly once you get started and into ketosis.

However, because the keto diet can be hard, particularly at first, some keto pills can make this process easier. BHB salts may help you reach ketosis faster, thus avoiding keto flu symptoms like fatigue, headaches and diarrhoea.

You won’t lose weight by taking BHB salts though. This type of supplement is targeted at people who are trying to achieve ketosis. So unless this is your aim there is no point to taking it, even if you are following a low carb diet.

MCT oils and nutritional supplements may further support health while in ketosis. They won’t directly cause weight loss, but they can help you stick to the diet and improve your long-term results.

Because the keto diet is so popular, many diet pills are advertised as keto products, as they hope to imply that somehow these supplements will magically transform you into a fat-burning keto machine. Sadly, in most cases keto pills are just not relevant to the keto diet. As always when buying supplements, you need to check out the ingredients information before you buy.

What is the benefit of the keto diet?

The keto diet is fast-working and has numerous benefits to health. It can help stabilize blood sugar levels, improve insulin function, reduce cholesterol, and more. Weight loss results can also be impressive. According to Diabetes UK, it can be as much as three times more effective than other weight loss plans, including their own.

Keto diets have been trialled for numerous medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and various types of cancer, and in most cases results have been spectacular and well-documented. In the right circumstances, the keto diet can help improve health, but this does not necessarily mean it is something we should all be doing.

The main problem with the keto diet is that it is extreme. Cutting out all carbs in order to get into the metabolic state of ketosis (in which the body burns body fat for fuel) requires determination and willpower. For many people this is simply too difficult and there can be health issues. Ketosis is not necessarily safe and there are medical concerns about overloading the system with meat and fat.

A low-carb diet can be a better option for some people, as this will reduce calorie intake whilst being a much more sustainable weight loss option.

Although some people seem to live on the keto diet, medical advice is to do it for no longer than 90 days before re-introducing carbs into your diet.

Are keto products a waste of money?

There’s no easy way to say it but many keto products are a waste of money.

There are hundreds of supplements described as keto pills on the market but often the marketers have just used the word keto to sell products. And although some of these may contain ingredients to help weight loss, they are often just not relevant to the keto diet. Others are simply unproven or unreliable.

Sometimes keto products contain herbal ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia or white kidney bean, both of which are touted as natural carb blockers. These ingredients may have a carb-blocking effect but if you are trying to stick to keto you need to know for sure. Consuming carbs will knock you out of ketosis, so taking a carb blocker that does not work could put you right back to where you started.

Even the keto products that contain keto-friendly ingredients like BHB salts may not necessarily work. Although there is some evidence that taking BHB salts can help ketosis, this is not strictly proven. In addition, some keto products contain such low serving sizes they are unlikely to have the desired effect. The good news about BHB salts is that they are unlikely to have any adverse effects for health or the diet, although it is hard to tell whether they have worked or not.

Keto Product Reviews

The keto diet has been a dream for supplement sellers. The diet is well-known, extremely hard to follow, and has a high failure rate – so products that look like they can help are always going to be popular. But as with all supplements, you do have to be careful before you buy. Let’s take a look at several of the supposed keto supplements currently on the market.

PureFit Keto

Purefit KETO
PureFit Keto is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you achieve ketosis but, according to customers, the only effect is to rip you off!

There is no background information to the company selling PureFit Keto. It is sold via a dodgy website, plus a network of shady affiliate marketers – websites that get a share of the profit when somebody clicks to buy.

There is no real information about the ingredients either. PureFit Keto might contain beta-hydroxybutyrate and possibly Garcinia cambogia, but we can’t say for certain. The advertising claims it will help you burn fat and more, but there is zero evidence that this is true.

The sole aim of PureFit Keto is to get your bank details. They do this by offering a free trial bottle, claiming that they need your bank details only to pay for the postage. Once you have provided this information, the company will keep sending you fresh products each month, charging you the full price each time until you can figure out a way to make them stop.

PureFit Keto is expensive. The advertised price is $49.99 plus delivery charges. UK customers have been charged a range of prices including £53.00 per bottle, £151 for 3 bottles, and more, making it a costly mistake for everyone who has tried it. There is an advertised guarantee, but don’t hold your breath on obtaining a refund – free-trial scammers never willingly return your money.

We cannot state this any clearer: DO NOT get involved with this product or the company selling it.

What we like

  • None
What we don’t like

  • No info on the ingredients used and in what quantity – a “proprietary blend” con
  • Dubious money-back guarantee
  • “Free Bottle” scam to lure you in – there are no free bottles available
  • Unclear pricing leading to customers being overcharged – see the comments section on our review for more on this
  • Affiliate advertisers make misleading claims about product benefits

See our in depth review into PureFit Keto here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/purefit-keto/

Pruvit Keto Range

Pruvit is a multi-level marketing company based in the USA that claims to be starting the keto revolution – by the use of expensive drink supplements, apparently.

First up, Keto//OS (Keto Operating System). This is a powder that you just add to water and drink. It is said to put your body into ketosis without you having to avoid carbs, and is available in single sachet servings or as a tub of powder.

Ingredients include MCT powder, BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate), caffeine and malic acid. Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) is a type of fat that releases ketones into the bloodstream. BHB salts are exogenous ketones (made outside the body) that help liberate fatty acids from the liver.

The idea is that this supplement will bump up ketone production even if you have eaten carbs. If the reviews are anything to go by though it doesn’t actually work. The caffeine may cause an energy buzz, but that’s about it.

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/ketoos/

Keto//OS Max looks very similar. You take it in the same way as Keto//OS, but the main difference is the addition of amino acid L-Taurine (a mainstay of energy drinks) and L-Leucine (an amino acid that may help muscle building). Keto//OS Max is the “premium” version, so it is more expensive.

See our review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/keto-os-max/

The third product in the range is Keto//Kreme, a coconut milk sachet that you add to coffee as a creamer. It contains MCT powder derived from milk protein. It also contains coconut shortening powder.

Our full review can be found here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/keto-kreme/

All Pruvit products are very expensive.

  • Pruvit Keto//OS costs a whopping $160 for a pack of 30 sachets. You can also buy the powder in a tub for $144.00 plus shipping charges.
  • Pruvit Keto//OS Max costs $130 for a pack of 20 sachets.
  • Keto//Kreme costs a whopping $197.00 for 60 servings.

As mentioned above, is a multi-level marketing company. You can buy the supplements via a Pruvit distributor or from Amazon for the same price. The customer feedback suggests that these supplements are overpriced and ineffective. It is unclear whether Pruvit supplements come with a guarantee or not.

What we like

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
What we don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Pruvit is an MLM company
  • No evidence of effectiveness

Keto Vitals

Keto Vitals
Keto Vitals is an electrolyte supplement. It is supposed to help you avoid “keto flu”, which can be a side effect of the keto diet.

Electrolytes are mineral particles with a small electric charge that are necessary for many bodily functions. When we sweat or urinate they are washed out of the body, which can lead to problems such as cramps, fatigue, and more. Electrolytes are replenished through diet, but can be lacking in people following a keto diet.

The electrolytes included in Keto Vitals include potassium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium, and calcium carbonate. It also contains rice flour in unknown quantities, which some customers have complained about because of the carb content.

Supposed benefits to Keto Vitals are boosted energy, improved sleep, and healthy muscle function while on the keto diet. There is some positive feedback from customers, but serving sizes are fairly low, even if you take the recommended 4-capsule daily serving.

What we like

  • Easy to take
  • Good customer service feedback
What we don’t like

  • Expensive if the full dose is taken
  • Low doses of ingredients
  • Complaints about rice flour in the ingredients

You can read our in depth review into Keto Vitals here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/keto-vitals/

Sheer Strength Range

Sheer Strength Keto Burn
Sheer Strength Labs is a US supplements company that specialises in sport and bodybuilding products, as well as supplements for the keto diet. Two of the latter are Sheer Strength Keto Burn and Sheer Strength Keto Cheat.

Keto Burn is a fat burner combined with a smart pill that is supposed to help you lose weight and improve your mental functioning. Despite the name, there is nothing here specifically aimed at supporting keto. The principle ingredient is white willow extract – a natural form of aspirin which does not do anything for weight loss or for keto diets. There are other herbal extracts included, plus a strong form of caffeine. The smart pill component is a herbal extract called Bacopa, which is believed to improve memory and mental functioning.

Side effects might be an issue. White willow could be dangerous and cause a range of gastrointestinal side effects, although these have not been mentioned by the limited feedback comments.

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is on sale via Amazon where it costs $37.97 for 60 capsules (one month’s supply).

What we like

  • Some good customer feedback
What we don’t like

  • No real reason why it will work as a fat burner
  • Bacopa needs at least 12 weeks before effects
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only available via Amazon

Sheer Strength Keto Cheat
Sheer Strength Keto Cheat is more relevant to the keto diet than its sister product Keto Burn. The principle ingredient is white kidney bean extract, a natural carb blocker, so the idea is that you can cheat on your diet. However, with only 500mg per serving, it does not look very strong.

Keto Cheat may help block some carbs but you cannot fully rely on it. Results will depend upon the amount of carbs you actually eat, but there are no guidelines about this point. A slice of bread? A bag of chips? There is no information. Some customers have mentioned side effects such as bloating, but there are also some positive reviews for the supplement.

Sheer Strength Keto Cheat is on sale from Amazon where it costs $28.97 plus shipping for 60 capsules (one month’s supply). None of the Sheer Strength supplements come with a money back guarantee.

What we like

  • Ingredient quantity information clearly listed
  • Most customer reviews are positive
What we don’t like

  • Product is not effective or appropriate for those following a ketogenic diet
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some of the positive reviews left online appear to have been faked

Paleo Diet Keto Burn

Paleo Diet Keto Burn
Paleo Diet Keto Burn is designed to appeal to people following the two biggest weight loss plans at the moment: the Paleo diet and the keto diet. It comes from an unknown company and is obviously named in order to jump on two popular diet craze bandwagons.

The advertising makes all sorts of unproven claims and has a lot of spelling mistakes and typos, making it look like a very low quality product.

The sole ingredient is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB Salts), a natural substance that may help maintain ketosis, according to limited testing. Although some people take BHB salts for the keto diet, it is unproven. The serving size is 800mg, which is extremely low compared to many other BHB supplements on the market.

Ketosis is not part of the Paleo diet. The only similarities between Paleo and keto are that they are both low-carb diets and are both currently popular. This supplement will do nothing at all for those on the Paleo diet.

Paleo Diet Keto Burn is only on sale via Amazon USA. The supplement costs $21.97 for 60 capsules (30 days supply). There is very little customer feedback and there is no money-back guarantee on offer. Overall, this looks like a poor quality supplement.

What we like

  • Unlikely to cause side effects
What we don’t like

  • Ingredient levels seem low
  • Very little customer feedback
  • No product website or any background info about the company or the supplement
  • Amazon advert contains a lot of spelling mistakes and typos
  • Not likely to work for either the Paleo or the keto diet

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/paleo-diet-keto-burn/

Perfect Keto range

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base
Perfect Keto is a US-based supplements company that specialises in keto products of all types, including snack bars, protein supplements, and capsules. According to the advertising, the brand has everything you need to support the keto diet.

Three of the most popular products in the Perfect Keto range are powders that you add to water in order to make a drink. Each one is designed for a specific purpose.

First up, Perfect Exogenous Ketone Base. This supplement claims to boost ketone production and help your body get into ketosis. Ketone Base contains a high dose of BHB salts at 11,400mg per serving. Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the substance in the body that makes ketones, so taking them in supplement form as exogenous ketones may help boost the body’s ketones.

The other principle ingredient is a large serving of MCT oil powder, which is a type of fat that releases ketones into the bloodstream. This supplement may help you achieve ketosis, but it will not have any effects upon weight loss outside this function.

This is the most expensive supplement in the range at $59.00 for 15 servings if you buy from the official Perfect Keto website.

Another product from the range is Perfect Keto Greens Powder with MCT. This one contains a range of powdered vegetables in a greens blend, plus fruit powders to deliver vitamins and nutrients lacking in a keto diet. Serving sizes are provided and are generous.

Greens Powder also contains MCT oil, antioxidants, and a variety of herbal extracts such as Gotu kola, reishi mushroom, and dandelion. Some of the herbal extracts may cause side effects in some users, but overall it looks as if it could support keto health as claimed.

On the Perfect Keto website, Greens Powder with MCTs costs $49.00 for 15 servings.

Finally, Perfect Keto Sports Drink is aimed at athletes and sportspeople. It contains amino acids such as beta alanine and BCAA (branched chain amino acids), which are often taken to boost muscle and improve exercise performance and recovery.

Sports Drink also contains a high serving of MCT oil (5000mg) which may help the body form ketones. There is also some caffeine for extra energy.

Perfect Keto Sports Drink costs $45.99 for a container of 15 servings.

What we like

  • Ingredient quantities listed
  • Could help support a ketogenic diet
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some may not work as described
  • Expensive
  • Perfect Exogenous Ketone Base is high in sodium
  • Keto Greens Powder with MCTs contains ingredients that may cause side effects
  • The taste is acidic and unpleasant, does not dissolve well in water
  • Some complaints about flavour

NowKeto KetoENERGY

NowKeto KetoENERGY
NowKeto KetoENERGY is a blueberry flavoured pre-workout drink designed for people following the keto diet who are looking to build muscle as well as lose fat.

The supplement contains BHB Salts and MTC oils, two natural substances that may help you reach and stay in ketosis. There are also bodybuilding components like creatine, l citrulline malate, l arginine and beta alanine. These amino acids and natural substances may help endurance and recovery as well as boost muscle-building. Overall serving sizes are mainly in line with other supplements.

There is some positive feedback from customers. Many people enjoy the flavour and feel that this supplement works. However, there is a risk of side effects such as upset stomach, tingling, and more.

NowKeto KetoENERGY is expensive. You can buy it via the official website where it costs $49.00 for a tub of 15 servings. The company offers a $5.00 discount if you sign up to “subscribe and save”. It is also on sale via Amazon and eBay.

There is an advertised 90-day money-back guarantee, but this comes with restrictions which are not explained in the Ts and Cs.

What we like

  • Some good customer feedback
  • May help support a keto diet
What we don’t like

  • Risk of side effects
  • The keto diet could be dangerous for some users
  • Unless you are following the keto diet this supplement will not be suitable
  • Inadequate information about the advertised money-back guarantee
  • Inadequate information about how to cancel the subscribe and save option

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nowketo-ketoenergy/

Nature Driven Keto range

Nature Driven (ND) market five keto supplements that pop up in Amazon searches thanks to the word keto in the name. Some of these are advertised as being featured on Shark Tank, which looks impressive, but is untrue. None seem relevant to keto or come with any customer protection like a money-back guarantee.
Nature Driven Keto Carb X
First up, ND Keto Carb X, a carb blocker that contains 1200mg of white kidney bean extract. It may inhibit the absorption of some carbs and can help weight loss, but will not block ALL carbs. So if you are struggling to keep carb-free you cannot rely on it. Carb X costs $16.99 for 60 capsules. If used as recommended this is only a two-week supply, making it expensive.

What we like

  • Some good customer feedback
  • Side effects unlikely
What we don’t like

  • Might not be very effective
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Positive customer feedback may have been manipulated by the promise of free gifts

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-keto-carb-x/
Nature Driven Keto Burn
ND Keto Burn is a fat burner supplement that contains well-known weight loss ingredients, such as green coffee bean, green tea and caffeine. It also contains Garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketone, which are sometimes touted for keto but have very little evidence to back this up.

A good point is that ingredient quantities are provided and that it looks safe for users. However, ND Keto Burn is unlikely to do anything to support the keto diet. This costs $16.99 for 60 capsules.

What we like

  • Not particularly expensive
  • Contains green coffee bean extract and green tea extract
What we don’t like

  • Has no relevance to the ketogenic diet
  • Customers offered free products in return for reviews on Amazon
  • Very little information about the company
  • Some ineffective ingredients

See our review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-keto-burn/
Nature Driven Keto Blaze
ND Keto Blaze is advertised as having been featured on Shark Tank (the US version of Dragon’s Den), but this is a blatant lie. ND Keto Blaze contains an odd mix of ingredients in very low servings. These include horny goat weed, psyllium husk, yacon, alfalfa, and more. None are relevant to keto and, with eight ingredients making up a 200mg serving, it looks totally ineffective.

There is good feedback on Amazon from customers, but this is probably because ND has given away free products in return for a good review. This is against Amazon rules. The price is not too bad at $14.99 for 60 capsules.

What we like

  • None
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Unlikely to aid weight loss
  • Associated with a “Shark Tank” scam

Our full-length review can be found here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-keto-blaze/
Nature Driven Keto Trim
ND Keto Trim was also advertised as being on Shark Tank and, again, it is untrue. It is not easily available anymore, although we have seen it advertised and linked to a completely different product, making it look like a scam. Keto Trim contains pretty much the same ingredients as Keto Burn but with added caffeine in unknown quantities. This is the most expensive supplement at $39.99 per 60-capsule bottle.

What we like

  • Caffeine could boost energy levels
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Unclear product listing makes it questionable if you can even buy this supplement anymore
  • No ingredient quantities listed
  • Associated with a “Shark Tank” scam

See our review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-keto-trim/
Nature Driven Keto Cuts
ND Keto Cuts seems to combine the worst aspect of all the supplements. It is advertised by lies – it was not featured on Shark Tank as claimed – and contains unknown ingredient quantities in two proprietary blends. It is not relevant to keto, although some ingredients may help weight loss, and the unknown strength of the caffeine could be a problem for users. It costs $18.99 for 60 capsules.

What we like

  • Some good feedback
What we don’t like

  • High proportion of customer feedback looks fake
  • Misleading product information – this supplement was not featured on Shark Tank
  • Unlikely to work as described
  • No money-back guarantee

Our full review can be found here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/nature-driven-keto-cuts/

Flawless Keto Diet

Flawless Keto Diet
Flawless Keto Diet is on sale via Amazon and from affiliate websites where, confusingly, it comes under a variety of different names, including Flawless Keto, Rapid Diet Keto and Pure Fit Keto (not to be confused with the PureFit Keto mentioned above). According to the advertising, this supplement is designed to help you get into ketosis and can help you target problem fatty areas.

Flawless contains BHB salts as the sole ingredient. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a substance in the body that makes ketones in the liver to burn as energy. Taking BHB salts might boost ketosis, but with zero information about how much this supplement actually contains it is impossible to know whether it will work.

BHB salts do not have any effect upon weight loss, only ketosis. So this supplement will not help you lose weight from fatty areas or live up to any other of the advertising claims.

Flawless Keto costs $39.97 if you buy from Amazon. There is a discount for bulk orders. It is also on sale via affiliate sites (which get paid when somebody clicks to buy) under a range of different names. It all looks a bit dodgy and with no information about the so called guarantee or a proper ingredients list, Flawless Keto Diet looks like one to avoid.

What we like

  • A money-back guarantee is advertised
What we don’t like

  • The website shows at least three different products under the names of Flawless Keto, Rapid Diet Keto, and Pure Fit Keto
  • Lots of poorly written affiliate advertisers writing about the product and making little sense
  • Not all the ingredients are listed
  • No quantities of ingredients listed
  • False claims
  • Pricing information outside Amazon is only revealed once personal information is given

See our full review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/flawless-keto-diet/


As you can see from our reviews above, supplements that are aimed at supporting the keto diet can vary. This is not surprising. Keto is currently the most popular diet plan around, so many marketers have jumped on the keto bandwagon in order to sell more products. This means if you are looking for a supplement to help you on your keto journey, you can’t necessarily trust it will work, even though it has the word “keto” in the name.

Some keto supplements can help though. There is some evidence that taking BHB salts and MCT oils may help you get into and maintain ketosis. Other supplements help support your health with vital nutrients that are missing from the restrictive keto diet. A carb blocker may block some carbs and, although you cannot rely on blocking them all, may offer some protection against minor carb slip ups.

The whole point of the keto diet is to get into ketosis so that you burn body fat for fuel instead of carbs. This can be hard to achieve and even harder to stick to.

The human diet is made up of three primary food groups: carbs, proteins, and fats, with most people eating an estimated 50% of their daily food via carbs, so cutting them out is a tall order.

A keto supplement may help support your efforts but only if you are already motivated enough to be doing it yourself.

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