Keto Diet Pills Investigated. We Reveal The True Facts

Dr Crawford
Medically reviewed by Dr Krystal Crawford, written and compiled by Watchdog staff writers.
You’ve likely seen the attention-grabbing headlines on the internet:
Housewife Stuns Doctors With Crazy Method To Melt Fat
This Simple Trick Melts Belly Fat While You Sleep
Mum Shocks Doctors With £3 “Skinny Pill”

Unsurprisingly, It’s all lies.

In virtually every case you are sent to a fake website then signed up for a “free trial”, which is going to end up costing you a lot of money and will do nothing for your waistline or your bank account!

Stick with us as we uncover the tricks and sharp-practices around this billion-pound market, and how it’s possible to buy safely when you’re armed with the full facts.

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What Are Keto Pills?

Keto pills are supplements which are supposedly designed to support the keto diet. Whether or not they actually do is a different question, and the answer will depend on the ingredients and the company selling the product.

Many keto pills contain beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts, an organic substance that may speed up the process of ketosis by helping the body use fatty acids from the liver as energy rather than carbs. According to research, BHBs can increase energy to brain and muscle tissue.

However, more research is necessary to prove the findings, as the bulk of the research has been carried out on mice rather than humans.

Some keto pills contain ingredients that claim to put your body into ketosis. Herbal ingredients like Garcinia cambogia or other carb blockers are supposed to prevent the carbs from being absorbed by your body.

This sounds feasible, but because the science behind carb blockers is sketchy at best you cannot rely on this happening. If you are trying to get into ketosis, the only way to do it is to avoid dietary carbs.

There is a slightly different approach you could consider, and this is taking a glucomannan supplement to help you stick to a keto diet. Glucomannan is a non-digestible fibre that can prevent the hunger pangs associated with a low-carb diet.

Although glucomannan supplements are not always aimed at those on the keto diet, you may find that it makes the process much easier and in our opinion is the only type of product to consider.

Keto Myths

Keto Diet Pill Myths

#1 You Can Achieve Ketosis With a Pill

Ketosis doesn’t happen from a pill. It happens when you make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle. Many people will find this extremely difficult to maintain. Carbs are out of the question, as is sugar. No cake, no chocolate, no sweet treats, and there can be no cheat days or you’ll just set back any progress. Achieving ketosis requires great dedication.

#2 The Keto Diet is Easy to Follow

The Keto diet is not easy to follow. Ketosis requires a very strict diet. A core principle with ketosis is adopting a diet rich in healthy fats. This is oily fish, like mackerel, red meat, nuts, and seeds. Fried chicken, burgers, and battered fish are themselves high in fat, but not the fats needed for ketosis.

#3 Ketosis Guarantees Weight Loss

Ketosis doesn’t guarantee weight loss. You still need to make changes to your lifestyle. Achieving ketosis will get your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs (which, by following this diet, will be in short supply anyway). This means that you will still need to take up an exercise program, otherwise your body will have no reason to burn off your fat.

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Will keto pills help you lose weight?

Keto pills alone won’t help you lose weight. Likewise, if you are following the keto diet you do not necessarily need a supplement to help you increase weight loss. The keto diet is fast-working and effective, so you should lose weight quickly once you get started and into ketosis.

However, because the keto diet can be hard, particularly at first, some keto pills can make this process easier. BHB salts may help you reach ketosis faster, thus avoiding keto flu symptoms like fatigue, headaches and diarrhoea.

You won’t lose weight by taking BHB salts alone, though. This type of supplement is targeted at people who are trying to achieve ketosis. So unless this is your aim there is no point to taking it, even if you are following a low carb diet.

Since the keto diet is so popular, many diet pills are advertised as keto products, as they hope to imply that somehow these supplements will magically transform you into a fat-burning ‘keto machine’. Sadly, in most cases, keto pills are just not relevant to the keto diet. As always when buying supplements, you need to check out the ingredients information before you buy.

Are keto products a waste of money?

To be blunt, pretty much all “keto” products on sale today are a waste of money.

There are hundreds of supplements described as keto pills on the market but often the marketers have simply used the word keto to sell products. And, although some of these may contain ingredients to help weight loss, they are often just not relevant to the keto diet. Others are simply unproven or unreliable.

Another trick used to get you to buy is to push you into a fake “free trial”. This is where you are conned into signing up for a free product and just pay for the shipping, usually for around £4.95. In the small print you commit to buying the product every 28 days for an exorbitant amount of around £89! These are usually accompanied by a page showing fake celebrity testimonials, or that it’s been approved by Dragons Den. The first you realise you’ve been scammed is when you see the money disappearing from your bank account.

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The Keto Free Trial Scam

Sadly, many people keep on falling for the ‘free-trial’ scam. Some even make the same mistake more than once. Here’s what to look out for.

To begin with, you’re presented with something that’s too good to be true. A free bottle, risk-free, try without buying. Yes, please. And, demand is high, so you must order immediately or miss out. So you diligently type in your personal details, on a page like this:


After pressing the big button, you land on a second page:


They want your payment card details now, for your free bottle. What many people are failing to question is, why? Surely if something is free, it’s free? But, what many fail to notice, is that the website has preselected the top package for you, on the left in the image above, and that is what you’re actually paying for. There’s no option for receiving the free bottle only.

Many people are surprised to then find they’ve been charged almost £200 for a free bottle. Having been distracted by all this talk of free bottles, and time-limited offers, they’ve failed to pay attention to what they’re doing.

And that’s a scary thing. People willing to put their bank details into any webpage they find without question. It’s no wonder the scammers succeed.

Another trick they use is the shipping charge scam. You can have your free bottle, but there’s a small fee for shipping, so you’ll need to give them your card details. But look at what’s hidden in the small print: by signing up for the free bottle, you’re agreeing to buy more, automatically, every month. Many people don’t realise they’ve subscribed until it’s too late – it’s a month later and their card has been charged the full price for the product, which is on its way, in the mail, whether they want it or not.

The Keto Rogues Gallery

These are just some of the most prolific rogues available; there are many more out there. Products like these frequently change their names and branding, so you need to be more aware of the selling tactics, detailed above, rather than the label.

Purefit Keto
Purefit Keto
Ultra Keto Max
Ultra Keto Max
Keto Plus Pro
KETO + Pro

Is There Any Good News?

This investigation might leave you feeling everything is a scam. Thankfully, it’s not. You can buy some really good, proven products, from some highly reputable manufacturers. You just need to know what to look out for to avoid the scams:

Price: Genuine diet products are not cheap to produce. The expense comes from the ingredients used, and the higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher the cost. Ebay is flooded with cheap products which can be tempting, however, a fat burner for £10 really isn’t going to do anything other than disappoint. But price isn’t everything…

Ingredients: A high price doesn’t automatically mean something must be good. Some manufacturers will give you cheap, filler-packed products and slap on a high price. These manufacturers will often hide those ingredients under the guise of it being a ‘proprietary blend’. Manufacturers who won’t tell you exactly what’s in their products DO NOT deserve your custom. If you have an allergy, how will you know something is safe to take?

Guarantee: It can be daunting spending good money on a product you want to try. So, look for a guarantee. Manufacturers that trust their product will have no problem in offering a 30, 60, or 90-day guarantee. If something doesn’t work for you, you’ll be able to claim a refund. You won’t always get every last penny of your money back, but something’s better than nothing, right? Look for feedback from other customers who’ve been refunded so you know it’s a genuine offer.

Hopefully, you now know enough to avoid the scams, and can safely buy a product that works for you.

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