Everything You Need To Know About Multi-Action Diet Pills

Diet products with an all-round effect, rather than targeting one specific issue, are said to support the body in many ways, so these multi-action pills seem to provide value for money and an increased chance of weight loss. Putting on weight is usually caused by multiple causes, so it makes sense to target several of these in one diet pill.

For customers, multi-action diet pills can seem a great choice, but sadly, many fail to live up to the claims.

Let’s take a look and find out everything you need to know about multi-action diet pills and see if they can actually be worthwhile.

What is a multi-action diet pill?

A multi-action diet pill is a weight loss supplement that helps weight loss in more than one way, unlike a pill that is only targeted at one specific weight loss issue.

With a single purpose diet pill, the customer first has to choose which type of supplement is best suited to their needs. This can be problematic because most of us gain weight for a variety of reasons, rather than just one reason.

For example, an appetite suppressant that contains fibre may help you avoid snacking and restrict your appetite, but it does nothing much for your metabolism. To increase the metabolism you need to choose a fat burner. If you exercise regularly, a metabolism booster may be a good choice because it helps support the body in muscle-building and recovery. Alternatively, a carb blocker or a fat blocker may better suit your needs. But how do you really know for sure? It can be confusing.

A multi-action diet pill can make this choice easier by combining ingredients that work in different ways. These may include carb blockers, fat blockers, metabolism boosters, pre-workouts, appetite suppressants, or fat burners. Any combination is possible.

There are some problems with some multi-action diet pills though. Some supplements promise a range of effects but fail to deliver any of them. There can also be strength issues and potential side effects due to the numerous ingredients.

Do multi-action diet pills work?

Multi-action diet pills can work, but they vary a great deal in quality – just like all diet pills. So you do need to check out the ingredients list before you buy.

A common issue with multi-action diet pills is that they are often underdosed. Glucomannan, for example, is a popular ingredient in some multi-action diet pills because it is an effective appetite suppressant. But it will not work unless the serving size matches clinical testing. The recommended daily serving of glucomannan is 3g, but this fibre will not be effective at low quantities.

Many other ingredients in multi-action diet pills suffer from the same problem – they contain good ingredients, but in such low servings they are unlikely to do anything at all. This can be hard to spot simply by reading through ingredient lists, which often fail to provide the exact quantities.

An added concern with multi-action diet pills is that they are often associated with scam products. A supplement that promises to work in many different ways for health and weight loss is going to be tempting to customers. In many cases though, there is no real evidence that it will do anything at all. While it can seem like good value for money to buy a supplement that does everything, often a multi-action diet pill fails to hit any sort of spot.

Some multi-action diet pills promise a laughable range of benefits. We have seen supplements advertising as many as 30 different functions, yet in truth, none of them will work. Most multi-action pills promise just two or three separate actions, and in some cases they can be effective in all the ways the advertising promises.

Do multi-action diet pills help you lose weight?

A multi-action diet pill can help you lose weight but, as with all supplements, you do need to be careful about what you buy. A diet pill that promises to work in too many ways is likely to be a scam. We have seen multi-action diet pills advertised as being effective for appetite suppression, carb blocking, fat burning, detoxing, health, sleep, sex drive, improved energy, and more – all at the same time.

This sounds amazing, but you have to ask yourself how it is that this supposed miracle product is being sold from a low quality website that nobody has ever heard of. Surely if any supplement really worked as well as this AND helped you lose weight without effort, it would be the medical breakthrough of the century.

The truth is that you can’t miraculously lose weight without any effort. If a supplement promises to target ALL the issues of weight loss and boost your health, forget it. It is never going to work as well as the advertising claims; it is simply designed to catch you out and take your money.

That said, there are some good quality diet pills out there. For example, we reviewed a supplement called Phentaslim, which is essentially a fat burner, but also provides additional weight loss benefits, including decreased appetite and improved energy and alertness.

What are the benefits of multi-action diet pills?

Multi-action diet pills can have numerous benefits. For example, a supplement that reduces your appetite, burns fat, and boosts the metabolism can help you lose weight more easily than a single purpose diet pill. Increasing your energy and decreasing your appetite will help you stay focused on losing weight and will provide support as you continue on your weight loss journey.

Many fat burning supplements will provide all of these benefits, but there can be drawbacks. A supplement that is strong in stimulants will decrease appetite but also cause side effects, so they will not be suitable for everyone. By contrast, a multi-action diet pill that is advertised as an appetite suppressant may contain fibre or glucomannan. This means the appetite suppressant effect is caused by feeling full rather than feeling wired and jittery.

There are other multi-action diet pill combinations available. Some supplements claim to block carbs, improve sleep, enhance energy, and improve mood.

As with all diet pills, it is important to read through the ingredients list to check whether the quantities are sufficient to work in the advertised ways. Sadly, many multi-action diet pills lack proper ingredient information, or they just contain many different components in very low serving sizes. The bottom line is that although multi-action diet pills sound good, in most cases the ingredients do not match up to the hype.

Are multi-action diet pills safe?

No, multi-action diet pills are not always safe. It sometimes seems that the more a diet pill claims to do, the worse it actually is. Chinese and Asian supplements, for example, promise you multiple weight loss benefits, such as increased metabolism, appetite control, detox, and even skin lightening, but in most cases they just contain a blend of dangerous ingredients that pose a risk to health.

Pills with several functions generally contain more ingredients than a single purpose diet pill, so there will be an increased risk of side effects. Herbal extracts can sometimes cause allergic reactions in some users. There may be stimulants such as caffeine, which can cause jitteriness, insomnia, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Other stimulants, such as bitter orange extract or synephrine, are not safe at all. Synephrine is similar to ephedrine, so although it can help weight loss in the short term, it is known to be addictive and can cause serious heart problems.

Some multi-purpose supplements claim to help you detox. This means that it will contain laxatives, such as cassia, or diuretic ingredients in order to make you pee more. Doing this can lead to unpleasant side effects, including dehydration.

Combining numerous ingredients in one pill can lead to unpredictable effects. Even commonly used ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones have had very little clinical study, and although side effects are likely to be minimal, long-term safety is unknown. Is there a danger of combining a bunch of fairly unknown, unproven ingredients into one pill? You bet there is! There can be real risks to health when using some multi-action diet pills.

Are multi-action diet pills a waste of money?

Multi-action diet pills can seem like good value for money. After all, they appear to offer the benefits of several weight loss supplements all rolled into one diet pill. So why bother just buying a diet pill that only targets one weight loss issue when you can buy a supplement that does everything?

The problem is that most multi-action supplements just don’t work. Often the touted claims for weight loss are nothing but advertising flimflam. And although a product may claim to help you burn fat, increase your energy, block carbs, improve health, decrease your appetite, and more, the truth is not quite as impressive.

Most multi-action pills seem to employ a pick and mix approach to supplement design, adding ingredients with limited clinical evidence to one proprietary blend and then claiming each bit will work in the way as required. There is rarely any consideration about the ingredient quantities or the balance of the supplement. In many cases, the addition of stimulants like caffeine will override any other ingredient and will cause the sole effect. With many multi-action diet pills you might as well just take a powerful fat burner or drink a lot of coffee instead.

Lots of multi-purpose pills are surprisingly cheap too. So you have to ask yourself why this is, especially when it contains so many different ingredients. An exception to this rule is a supplement called Phentaslim. This is predominantly a fat burner, but it will also decrease your appetite and improve energy. Phentaslim contains proven ingredients and can provide an all-round solution to weight gain and improved health.

Is a multi-action diet pill better than a single-action diet pill?

We have yet to see a multi-action diet pill that works better than a single-action diet pill. Supplements always fall into one category or another, and it seems impossible to create one with equal strength in all categories.

For example, Phentaslim is a diet pill mainly focused on fat burning, and as added benefits it will decrease appetite and improve energy. Phentaslim is a good option for general all-round weight loss, but it is focused towards fat burning as the prime function.

Although Phentaslim will suppress the appetite, its appetite suppressant capabilities are not as effective as sister product Phentatrim. Phentatrim contains glucomannan as the principle ingredient, so if you want a clinically proven method of reducing your appetite and decreasing hunger pangs, Phentatrim is the better option.

Many supplements advertised as multi-action do not work as effectively as a single-action diet pill. In many cases the ingredient quantities are too low in at least one area, so the all-round effects are not equal.

In addition, some low quality diet pills come with numerous impossible claims. We have seen some diet pills touted with as many as 30 different functions, yet the ingredients, generally a mishmash of unproven extracts, seem unlikely to do anything at all.

What happens if you take too many diet pills?

Even if a diet pill is on sale from a range of outlets and looks pretty harmless, taking too many can still be just as dangerous as overdoing it with prescription medication.

Many diet pills contain caffeine. This is fine for most people, but with some diet pills containing as much as 400mg per serving, the equivalent of the recommended daily upper limit of caffeine, taking too many could cause serious consequences. Increased heart rate and blood pressure can seriously heighten the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Other effects such as jitteriness, vomiting and nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and mood swings are also likely.

Some diet pills contain additional powerful stimulants such as synephrine, which is proven to cause heart attacks and strokes. These types of supplements can be dangerous even if you follow the directions, so taking above the recommended serving size could be potentially fatal.

Many diet pills contain ingredients to help you detox; this means laxatives or diuretics. Overdosing laxatives will cause diarrhoea and fluid loss, leading to dehydration. Take too many and you could become seriously ill. You could also set up a cycle of dependency, where you are unable to open your bowels without the assistance of a laxative. Sadly, people who suffer from anorexia can become addicted to OTC laxatives.

The supplement industry is unregulated, so do be careful before you buy anything online, as not all diet pills are safe. Check out our approved list of products to find the right diet pill for you, then make sure that you always follow the directions.

Do multi-action diet pills work without exercise?

Whatever type of diet pill you decide to use, effects will always be improved by exercise. It does not have to be extreme, involve donning lycra, or signing up to a gym membership. Getting more active can be achieved in numerous ways; walking, dancing, swimming, even doing the housework or getting out in the garden – these will all help you burn off calories and increase the speed of your metabolism.

According to health experts, one of the biggest risks to health is a lack of exercise. Inactivity is as much a cause of obesity as a bad diet, but it can be as hard to get moving as it is to cut down on food. If you work at a desk or a computer all day it can be extremely difficult to get away from your chair and hard to get motivated to exercise, especially if you have to fit in time for this between other commitments.

Despite this, multi-action diet pills are often touted to work without any effort. They make so many claims about how they will work in the body, but the advertising rarely mentions your own need to make dietary and lifestyle changes. No matter how many aspects of weight loss a multi-action pill claims to impact, and the record number we’ve seen is 30 different functions, a diet pill will not work unless you make your own efforts. If you simply sit back and wait for a diet pill to work, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Multi-Action Diet Pill Reviews

That’s what multi-action supplements are all about, now let’s look at some actual examples.

The Protein Works Red-Cell

The Protein Works Red-Cell
Red–Cell is a multi-action diet pill that combines a fat burner with an energy-boosting pre-workout supplement. It may appeal if you are active, but overall this product is nothing to get excited about.

The Protein Works is a well-known sports nutrition brand based in the UK. You can buy supplements via the official website or retailers like Amazon and eBay.

There is a range of stimulants in Red-Cell, including caffeine and citrus aurentium, plus green coffee extract, which is known to be a mild fat burner. The advertising makes a big deal of the capsule design, but we can’t see it making much difference.

The supplement also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is often taken by bodybuilders to reduce body fat. Other ingredients include cayenne, chromium, and vitamin B6. Ingredient quantities are fairly low and there is no real evidence that CLA is effective. Stimulant side effects could be an issue, despite the low servings.

The cost is £32.99 from the official website, although it is slightly cheaper on Amazon. Customer feedback is lacklustre and there is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Ingredient quantities clearly listed on the label and official website
  • Slightly cheaper than similar products
What we don’t like

  • Not that effective and can’t deliver on the overhyped promises
  • Manufacturer does not offer a true money-back guarantee
  • May cause side effects
  • Only two independent customer reviews available to read online

To find out more about The Protein Works Red-Cell:

Envision Cheat Pill

Envision Cheat Pill
Envision Cheat Pill is designed to help you avoid the excesses of the occasional blowout meal. According to the advertising, it works as an appetite suppressant and as a carb and fat blocker, but despite some good ingredients, the quantities are too low to work.

The formula contains three different compounds. There is the stimulant-free fat blocker, designed to block dietary fats. This includes Chitosan, a substance based on crab shells and other seafood skeletons, that is supposed to block fats. There is very little evidence supporting this claim though.

The appetite suppressant formula contains low quantities of glucomannan – a fibre that is proven to work if 3g a day is taken. With only 450mg included here, it looks to be ineffective. It also contains hoodia – a cactus extract that does not work and causes side effects.

The carb blocker includes white kidney bean extract in ineffectual quantities and is also not going to work as described.

You can buy Envision Cheat Pill for $28.99 via the official website. Independent customer feedback is not available, save for some endorsements on the website. Happily, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Reasonable price
  • Ingredient quantities clearly listed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
What we don’t like

  • Product is unlikely to work as advertised
  • Ingredient quantities are too low to be effective
  • No independent customer reviews available on the Internet

To find out more about Envision Cheat Pill:

Appetrex Control

Appetrex Control
Appetrex Control is supposed to boost metabolism and energy, as well as control your appetite. According to the advertising, it is clinically proven. The supplement comes with a free 1500 calorie diet plan, so follow this and you will probably lose weight even without the use of the pill.

Ingredients include a blend of vitamins and minerals, plus herbal extracts such as green tea extract, yerba mate, and coffee bean extract. There is 180mg of caffeine per two capsule serving.

The clinical testing is not impressive. Appetrex was clinically tested on 30 adults. Results suggested that the control group lost up to 10% more weight than the placebo group. Up to 10% could mean anything from 1% to 9%, so it is not that amazing.

Feedback is mixed. Some customers have mentioned side effects like skin irritation and headaches. Appetrex Control contains a plant extract called chrysin, which may have an hormonal effect on oestrogen.

You can buy Appetrex Control directly from the GNC website or in stores. One month’s supply (60 capsules) costs $29.99. This is reduced to $19.99 if you join GNC. There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Comes with a 1500 calorie a day diet plan
What we don’t like

  • Probably not as effective as claimed
  • Contains chrysin – potentially dangerous for some people
  • So-called clinical testing unproven
  • No money-back guarantee

To find out more about Appetrex Control:


Meratol is supposed to boost energy and increase metabolism, as well as block carbs. The carb-blocking function was questioned by the Advertising Standards Agency, so this claim has now been toned down. Overall, this diet pill looks weak and ineffective.

Advanced Health, the company behind Meratrol, have benefited from endorsements from minor reality stars.

There are five ingredients, including capsicum extract and caffeine for fat burning, as well as brown seaweed extract, cactus, and prickly pear. None of these are in very high quantities. In fact, this supplement looks pretty useless. We cannot see it working at all.

Customers have not reported many side effects. This is not surprising, as the ingredient quantities are so low; it actually seems unlikely to cause any effects at all. A star of TOWIE supposedly used Meratol in combination with a program devised by her personal trainer and lost weight, but this was probably more to do with the personal trainer rather than the supplement.

Meratol costs £34.95 for 60 capsules and does not have a money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Made by Advanced Health, who produce a number of popular diet brands
What we don’t like

  • Relies heavily on celebrity endorsements
  • ASA adjudication for weight loss claims
  • Doesn’t seem to do anything

To find out more about Meratol:

Tremella DX+

Tremella DX+
Tremella DX+ is a yoghurt drink that supposedly offers 30 benefits (including whitening the skin!), although there is no evidence it will do anything at all.

According to the advertising, the benefits include weight loss, improved skin, lightened skin, increased energy, improved sleep, improved hormonal function, and more. There is zero evidence that Tremella DX+ will work as described.

The key ingredient is Tremella extract, a Chinese fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine, but never clinically tested. Other ingredients include berries, dandelion, and various herbal extracts. It seems fairly harmless, so side effects should not be an issue for most customers. Despite being on sale from hundreds of distributors it is hard to find any customer feedback.

You can buy Tremella DX+ from numerous Chinese blog sites, and it is also on sale from Malaysian sellers. It costs 85RM from Lazada for a pack of 16 sachets (1-2 week’s supply) and around 46-137 Singaporean dollars from Singaporean websites like Shoppee. International shipping costs are extra. There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Comes in a variety of flavours
  • No major side effects
What we don’t like

  • Surprisingly expensive
  • Manufacturer makes wildly untrue claims about this mostly useless product
  • No ingredient quantities listed and no money-back guarantee

To find out more about Tremella DX+:

Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim
Plexus Slim (aka the Pink Drink) is the flagship product for multi-level marketing company Plexus. According to its many supporters, Plexus Slim will cause weight loss and cure medical conditions such as eczema, fatigue, and even cancer. Despite this ridiculous hype about miraculous properties, there is very little to back up these claims.

It is packaged in sachets that you add to water and drink. The formula contains Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and alpha lipoic acid, a natural antioxidant. It may have a mild weight loss effect but is very underpowered compared to other diet pills. Customers are very enthusiastic about the pink colour, believing it to be caused by berries, but in fact it is beetroot colouring.

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, mainly because the people selling this product make numerous outrageous claims about its health benefits.

Plexus Slim is sold via a network of distributors, but you can also buy it on Amazon for the same price of $97.95 (30 sachets or one month’s supply). There is no money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • We can think of no good reason to take this supplement
What we don’t like

  • The price – it contains nothing to justify the $80 price tag
  • The hype – some of the claims made by the people selling this supplement are insane
  • Will not help you lose weight as promised

To find out more about Plexus Slim:


PhenELITE is a multi-action diet pill that claims to work as an appetite suppressant and potent fat burner. A double whammy for weight loss sounds good, but there is very little evidence that this one works for either purpose.

The supplement is a proprietary formula of ingredients. This adds up to 1200mg per serving, although individual ingredient quantities are not disclosed. It contains a powerful form of caffeine – caffeine anhydrous, plus some popular unproven extracts, such as raspberry ketones and African mango. It also contains grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, green tea, and more.

PhenELITE can actually be dangerous for some users. It causes a range of side effects and is not suitable if you are taking medication, as it contains grapefruit, which is known for interacting with prescription drugs.

Customer feedback is not good. Many have mentioned caffeine-related side effects and there is a high proportion of fake reviews.

There is no money-back guarantee and it costs $24.99 for 60 capsules (one month’s supply).

What we like

  • None
What we don’t like

  • No money-back guarantee
  • No ingredient quantities
  • Potentially fake positive reviews

To find out more about PhenELITE:

Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1

Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1
Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1 is supposed to curb appetite, increase fat burning, relieve stress, and boost mood. According to the advertising, it removes hormonal barriers to weight loss.

Ingredients in Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1 seem under-researched and wacky. It contains Betel extract and a plant called Dolichos Biflorus, both are from India and are believed to burn fat and curb hunger. There is also the decaffeinated green coffee extract Svetol, and Rhodiola rosea extract for improving mood.

Nothing in this supplement will remove hormonal barriers to weight loss as claimed, and the explanation is extremely confusing. Side effects should not be an issue, although the Indian extracts are extremely under-researched, so who really knows?

Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1 used to be on sale via Amazon, where many customers left feedback. Opinion was split between bad and positive. These days you can only buy Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1 via the official website, where it costs a whopping $67.00 for 90 capsules (30 day’s supply). There is a money-back guarantee that is valid for 365 days and looks very good.

What we like

  • Excellent guarantee on offer
  • Some positive customer feedback
What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Confusing explanation about how this supplement actually works
  • Very limited clinical testing for some of the ingredients

To find out more about Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1:

Raspberry Ketone Blast

Raspberry Ketone Blast
The multi-action effects of Raspberry Ketone Blast are said to include cutting appetite, burning fat, and improving mood. In reality, this is a scam product that should be avoided at all costs.

According to the ingredients list, the diet pill contains raspberry ketones, fruit extracts, Garcinia cambogia, and African mango. Ingredient quantities are not disclosed, so whether this diet pill will do anything at all is unknown.

Raspberry Ketone Blast comes from Beach Ready Inc, who appear to be based in Scotland. The supplement is only on sale via the product website, which uses pictures of celebrities and employs some tempting advertising.

The company offers a “free trial” that implies you can try this supplement free of charge, with a £4.95 fee to cover the postage. The truth is that once you accept this offer, you will be signed up to an auto-billing agreement that costs a whopping £95 per month.

Many customers have contacted us over this. It is practically impossible to cancel this agreement; the company do not answer the phone or respond to emails, and many customers have been forced to cancel their credit and debit cards.

What we like

  • None
What we don’t like

  • Free trial is a scam
  • Expensive and difficult to cancel subscription
  • Overhyped ingredients

To find out more about Raspberry Ketone Blast:


Synedrex claims to target four issues of weight gain. These are labelled Deficient calorie burning, Low energy and focus, Poor carbohydrate assimilation, and Hunger pangs. The supplement comes from Metabolic Nutrition, a US-based supplements company.

There is no evidence that Synedrex will do anything other than flood your body with stimulants. This may have a weight loss effect, probably by making you feel too stressed and sick to eat.

Ingredients include some dangerous looking stimulants: synephrine, yohimbine, methylphenethylamine – a type of amphetamine, sibutramine, and herbal extracts. Sibutramine is a controlled substance banned by the FDA, so we don’t know how this supplement is still openly on sale.

Side effects are common and even reported by customers who like this diet pill. These include jitteriness, tachycardia, dizziness, insomnia, vomiting, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Synedrex is on sale via the Metabolic Nutrition website. It costs $59.99 for 45 capsules and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What we like

  • Returns policy looks to be okay
What we don’t like

  • Contains potentially dangerous ingredients
  • Inadequate ingredients profile
  • Website does not provide any health warnings

To find out more about Synedrex:

Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel

Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel
Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel is a Chinese diet pill that claims to burn fat, suppress appetite, and enhance weight loss. This multi-action pill is popular throughout the world, but there are some serious worries about safety.

There is some further concern about fake versions of this supplement, but, in truth, Meizitang seems to be a generic name used by different Chinese manufacturers, so who knows what any of these supplements really contain?

Listed ingredients on the version we looked at include cassia and some unknown Chinese herbs. There is no real information and it is likely that Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel contains additional components, such as sibutramine – a stimulant that is banned by the FDA yet often shows up in Chinese supplements.

We have received numerous customer comments on Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel, with many people actively searching out this supplement. However, the customer feedback left on the official Meizitang website has been directly lifted from other diet pill websites we have covered.

We have seen Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel offered for $24.99 for 12 capsules (6-day supply). We have never seen a money-back guarantee on offer.

What we like

  • Free shipping
What we don’t like

  • Wild weight loss claims
  • Poorly written website
  • No indication of ingredient quantities
  • No proper details for company
  • Fake testimonials

To find out more about Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel:


As you can see, multi-action diet pills can vary a lot – especially when it comes to quality and price.

The problem is that this type of diet pill is often sold by scammers who want to make their product look inviting. To do this, they make numerous unproven claims about the many ways in which the supplement is supposed to work. The record here is Tremella DX+ yoghurt, manufactured in Malaysia, which claims to work in 30 different ways for health and weight loss, yet is unlikely to do very much at all.

Plexus Slim – the Pink Drink – is also touted to address numerous health issues, yet is little more than a berry flavoured drink coloured with beetroot.

Promising to do too much is always a clue that a supplement is likely to be a scam. Multi-action diet pills often promise to provide a simple solution to all the issues of weight gain, but in many cases they are the worst types of diet pills out there.

Putting on weight, or losing it, is not a magical process. Weight gain is caused by a range of issues, but essentially comes down to consuming more food than you need. Likewise, weight gain does not happen overnight and you can’t just take a magic pill to make it all go away.

A multi-action diet pill that works in two or three ways for general weight loss may be effective, but usually a diet pill that makes realistic claims is far more likely to work than a supplement that promises the earth and fails to deliver.

Check out our guide to the very best diet pills on the market right here.