Fat Burning Fingerprint

Fat Burning Fingerprint

There are thousands of diet plans and weight loss methods that have been created over the years, all of which claim to be a great way to lose weight. But what works for one person may not work for another for any number of reasons.

The Fat Burning Fingerprint works upon this idea that there is no one-size-fits-all diet, and introduces the idea that people fall into one of three “Nutritional Metabolic Types”.

This book puts forward a diet for each “type” of person, with the idea that once you have identified how your body works, you can maximise your weight loss by eating certain foods in a certain way.

What Does Fat Burning Fingerprint Claim To Do?

A significant chunk of the Fat Burning Fingerprint is devoted to discussing the secrets of the Food Industry in the USA, and how, as it is a business driven by profit, food manufacturers develop foods designed to be moreish, so that you keep eating (and buying) their food. The author also discusses the actual contents of some processed foods, and discusses the “Sugar Monster” in-depth. It is actually page 33 of the book before Watson actually starts to discuss the Fat Burning Fingerprint (Nutritional Metabolic Type) that is the centrepiece of his diet plan(s).

The main principle of the Fat burning Fingerprint is that people fit into one of three categories or “fingerprints” of how their body uses and stores energy from food. Watson calls these your Nutritional Metabolic Type; you can be S-Carbo, F-Protein, or M-Mixed. The group you are diagnosed as (using the quiz in the eBook) determines what foods you are encouraged to eat, which foods you need to avoid, and the ratios of fats to carbohydrates to protein. It also affects when you can eat; all types are instructed to follow a pattern of intermittent fasting, described as an “eating window of opportunity”, ranging from 14 to 16 hours of fasting per day (depending upon individual type). The number of times you can eat per day also varies between types; the S-Carbo type, for example, should eat once or twice per day only, whilst the F-Protein type should eat three or four times per day (or more).

A one-week sample meal plan is included for each type, and there are lists of foods that each group can and cannot eat. Moving on from this information, however, Watson then announces that before you can follow your personal meal plan based upon your fat burning fingerprint, you need to first follow a one-size-fits-all “3 Week Reset” diet that is intended to “increase your insulin and leptin sensitivity while priming your fat-burning furnace”.

Who Wrote Fat Burning Fingerprint?

Fat Burning Fingerprint is written by Gary Watson, a kinesiologist and author based in the USA. Gary has over 20 years of experience as a kinesiologist and personal trainer. He has made numerous appearances on US TV to promote his main program, “Wake The Fork Up”. This phrase is also mentioned numerous times throughout the Fat Burning Fingerprint.

Does The Advice In Fat Burning Fingerprint Work?

In theory, all of the menus put forward in this book could aid weight loss, especially if you are at the start of your weight loss journey. Depending upon your daily calorific needs, the rate of weight loss will vary, and there is no information regarding the average number of calories each meal plan delivers per day.

The Intermittent Fasting element of the plan has clinical support from a range of studies, showing that it can be beneficial for weight loss and several other health markers. However, it is far from unique to this diet plan, and other programs and websites discuss it in more depth. The 16/8 intermittent fasting model is usually only put forward for men; it is generally the consensus of IF fans that women should follow a 14/10 split (14 hours of fasting followed by a 10-hour eating window), but this distinction is not made here.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Fat Burning Fingerprint?

In the video sales pitch for the book, two of the “secrets” to weight loss are mentioned and teased time and again; “an exotic fat burning fruit and a three minute morning ritual” that are “so crazy and so outlandish” that they were responsible for the author’s sister’s weight loss (21.5lbs over three and a half weeks) and return to full health following a heart attack. These two things are a key part of the sales pitch, but, reading through the actual eBook for Fat Burning Fingerprint, we were unable to find details about either of these weight loss tricks. Customers who buy the book after watching the incredibly long sales video are likely to feel disappointed that the book is missing the two things repeatedly promised to them.

In some places, there is a lack of consistency in phrasing. The three types of Nutritional Metabolic type that Watson lays out (S-Fat Burning, F-Fat Burning, or M-Fat burning) are called slightly different names in different places (S-Carbo, F-Protein, and M-Fat or M-Mixed). It would also be great if some of the statements made in the books had references. The book has plenty of affiliate links to endorsed products.

There is also little to no guidance on portion control or the amount of food that you are expected to eat on this plan. Each type is told what the split should be between fat, carbs, and protein, but there is a lack of guidance on sizing. For anyone who has no experience in calculating and tracking macros, getting used to this diet could be very difficult, at least at first.

If you plan to follow this book as a part of a group, with a friend or with a partner, then you had best hope that you both end up being the same Nutritional Metabolic type; we imagine having two people in the same house following different meal plans from this book would be even more challenging than just following a diet plan. This is especially true as the Carbo type and Protein type have completely different menus.

The book also makes no reference to any particular exercise regime, which is surprising considering that Watson is a kinesiologist and fitness instructor.

How Much Does Fat Burning Fingerprint Cost?

The Fat Burning Fingerprint ebook can be purchased from, as well as numerous other affiliate sales websites. The guide costs $37 plus taxes, for a total of $44.40. It is a digital product (no books or DVDs will be sent to you), and after purchase, you receive an email with a link to the downloads.

If you see this product being advertised on Amazon, we discourage you from purchasing it; customer comments reveal that it is not the full eBook, but essentially is a paid-for infomercial that teases the product and directs customers to the website to purchase the full product.

As one reviewer said,

I didn’t even want to give it one star, this is nothing but an infomercial in book form.


We are not convinced by Watson’s idea of Fat Burning Fingerprints; while it is true that there is no one diet that is perfect for everyone, the idea that everyone can be put into three categories is a stretch, especially as no concrete evidence is provided to support Watson’s theories.

The “three week reset” is a strange concept as well, especially as it is sprung upon the reader after they have been told all about their unique fingerprint and unique dietary requirements; we find it contradictory that readers are told that a one-size-fits-all program will not work, and then are given exactly that. We also have many objections to the promotional video that advertises the Fat Burning Fingerprint; it makes many dubious claims, and references “secrets” that are not actually given in the final product.

Overall, we do not recommend Fat Burning Fingerprint to our readers.

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