Feiyan Tea

Updated May 17, 2019.
Published Feb 5, 2016.

As with most (if not all) weight-loss or detox teas, Feiyan Tea is pretty much a laxative in tea form. There are actually several different versions of this tea, all labouring under the same name and design, but with different ingredient profiles. All of them come from China, which is known to be far less regulated when it comes to supplements, and therefore can contain unknown or dangerous ingredients.


  • No good reason to buy this weight loss tea.


  • Inconsistent ingredients profile. You can’t rely on buying the same product twice!
  • Made in China – safety is of concern.
  • Confusion about the various different products sold as Feiyan Tea on the market.
Feiyan Tea
Feiyan Tea is a Chinese speciality tea imported from China that seems to becoming popular for weight loss. There are several different versions of this tea on the market and although the recipes can vary, the packaging of the various Feiyan teas on offer is always much the same making it hard to tell one Feiyan tea from another.

We take an in-depth look at the version of Feiyan Tea sold by UK company Slimming Solutions to find out whether this particular brand of Feiyan Tea is worth a try and, more importantly, whether it is safe.

Feiyan Tea Overview

What you need to know about Feiyan Tea

Feiyan Tea does not look very safe and the most noticeable effect will probably be an increase in the time you spend in the bathroom thanks to the laxatives in the formula. Losing weight via diarrhoea is not a healthy way to shed excess pounds. It can lead to dehydration and it is important to remember that this practice will not make you lose fat, only water.

We have serious concerns about these ingredients and it is important to remember that there may be other ingredients in this tea as well. The ingredients list is printed in Chinese but this did not stop the importers from changing the label of a previous supplement in order to mask illegal ingredients.

We do not trust Feiyan tea. Does it even contain green tea? We just don’t know.

What are the side effects of Feiyan Tea?

Most of the side effects will occur as a result of the laxative ingredients. Side effects can include diarrhoea, dehydration, dizziness, and nausea, amongst other things. Please see the Side Effects section below for a full list.

How much does Feiyan Tea cost?

A box of Feiyan Tea contains 20 teabags and costs £14.99.

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Feiyan Tea Key Features

Feiyan Tea is a Chinese tea recipe that contains a blend of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs believed to help weight loss. According to folklore, Feiyan tea was designed for a Chinese empress called Fei Yan Zhao who reigned with her husband the Emperor Chan over 2000 years ago. Legend says that the Empress was very slender and beautiful so in China her name has come to encapsulate this idea of female slender beauty.

In fact, all brands of Feiyan Tea come decorated with the image of this legendary Chinese beauty and as there are numerous makes of Feiyan tea on the market, it is confusing for the customer to tell one apart from another.

Feiyan Tea Key Points

  • Imported by Ekong International from China.
  • Formula varies. The ingredients contained in Slimming Solutions Feiyan tea are not always the same.
  • Many different makes of Feiyan tea on the market.

Slimming Solutions Feiyan tea contains green tea plus herbal caffeine free ingredients rhubarb, Lotus Leaves, Senna leaf and Vegetable sponge also known as Luffa.

We all know the benefits of green tea. This is the unprocessed type of tea that we drink but thanks to its minimal processing, retains high levels of antioxidants so is good for health.

The other ingredients are more worrying.

Senna leaf is a well known laxative so this will probably be the major effect of this supplement. Rhubarb is well known as a diuretic so will make you urinate more frequently.

Lotus leaf may help treat digestive disorders but comes with very little clinical evidence or safety information.

Luffa is a tropical fruit that looks like a cucumber and is popular in some countries in Asia as food as well as a herbal remedy for a range of issues including arthritis and menstrual problems. However its most common use is as a body sponge which is made from the dried fruit. The word loofah is derived from this plant.

How to Take Feiyan Tea

Put the kettle on… Steep one tea bag in 170ml of boiling water for approximately 5-10 minutes. Throw away the tea bag as it can only be used once.

There are numerous Feiyan tea brands available on the market. They are all manufactured in China and although they all have slightly different ingredients and slightly different designs on the box, it is very difficult to tell them apart. They are all marketed as weight loss tea and come with the same claims about weight loss, detox and beauty.

It is important to remember that if you do buy imported Chinese supplements you have no guarantees about safety. Chinese supplements are notorious for including unlisted ingredients and causing dangerous side effects, so any Chinese supplement comes with a risk. Even those on sale from otherwise respectable companies such as British company Slimming Solutions.

The Feiyan tea on sale from British company Slimming Solutions is not made by Slimming Solutions. It is imported from China by a company called Ekong International (UK) Ltd and sold to distributors.

Ekong International have been in trouble for importing dangerous supplements from China.

Back in 2010, the company was asked to recall a Chinese medicinal product called Jingzhi Kesou Tan Chuan Wan which contained Aristolochia, a banned toxic and carcinogenic plant extract that causes kidney failure.

The company attempted to hide this at the point of import by covering the original label which contained the Chinese symbols for Aristolchia with a new English label that did not mention the banned ingredient. They did not manage to recall the product which was sold in traditional Chinese and herbal outlets across the UK. One woman who took the supplement suffered from kidney damage as a result.


Feiyan Tea Concerns:

  • Could be dangerous. You have no idea just what is contained in this tea.
  • Chinese supplements are well known as a health risk.
  • Taking laxatives to lose weight does nothing for health or weight loss long term.

Slimming Solutions is an online British supplements retailer based in the North East. The company sell a range of own brand supplements such as Slimming Solutions Teatox which we reviewed previously.

The company also market other brands and we have covered several of these before too, including, Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast and Slim Bomb T5 Extreme.

Slimming Solutions seem safe to deal with when it comes to payment and delivery. The company won a Retail Business of the Year award (North Tyneside small business of the year) so it looks like a success story when it comes to business practice.

Slimming Solutions are fully transparent when it comes to contact details and the customer service department is easy to contact via live chat and very helpful.

However, when we asked the customer service dept whether Feiyan tea was safe, the representative did not answer the question simply saying that Feiyan tea was popular and the genuine one on the market and that the tea was one of their best sellers.

What does Feiyan Tea claim to do?

According to the product advertising, on the Slimming Solutions website, Feiyan tea:

  • Reduces bloating
  • Suppresses appetite
  • 3 for 2 offer available
  • Most popular Chinese slimming tea in UK
  • Buy for as little as £6.66 per box
  • Suitable for vegans

There is a lot of information on the Slimming Solutions website about the different makes of Feiyan tea available. According to this, there are at least 9 other Feiyan tea brands available in the UK and many contain dangerous ingredients

Looking at the ingredient profile for the Feiyan tea on sale from Slimming Solutions, it does not look very safe either because it contains some strong laxatives and diuretics. However there are no health warnings to the customer about potential side effects.

Neither is there any explanation about how the ingredients will work for weight loss or any links to clinical evidence.

Does Feiyan Tea work?

We don’t advise you to try it! You really will have no idea just what you are taking because Chinese supplements are notorious for containing additional ingredients and have a very bad safety record. The importer, Ekong International has been associated with changing labels to hide dangerous banned ingredients and Slimming Solutions will not know the exact ingredient profile either. You really will be on your own if you take this supplement.

Many people have mentioned the change in the taste and the effects of the tea, compared with the same product previously on sale and Feiyan tea will undoubtedly change in the future.

Supplements manufactured in China are not consistent and not very safe. Recent legislation in China has brought in some safety guidelines but according to industry professionals there is a long way to go before any supplements or food products exported out of China can be classified as safe.

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Feiyan Tea Ingredients

Feiyan Tea is a type of Chinese tea blend and Ingredients can vary depending on the manufacturer. We are covering Feiyan Tea on sale from British company Slimming Solutions and imported via a company called Ekong International.

Ingredient quantities are not provided but according to the product information, each teabag contains the following ingredients.

  • Green Tea: This is the sole ingredient listed on the box, yet green tea is not mentioned in the product information as an ingredient. Green tea is high in antioxidants and is a generally good for health but we cannot say for sure if Feiyan tea actually contains any green tea at all.
  • Lotus Leaf: This plant extract is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to be effective for treating digestive disorders. It may lower blood sugar levels too. There is not much evidence to prove these claims and lotus leaf has not been fully clinically tested for safety or for effectiveness.
  • Senna Leaf: Well known laxative, so will cause bowel movements and possibly diarrhoea. Senna leaf contains a chemical called sennoside which irritates the lining of the stomach and it is this irritation which makes it effective as a treatment for constipation. There are health concerns about Senna leaf. The American Herbal Products Association warns against using Senna leaf for longer than 7 days.
  • Luffa Leaf: Plant extract which comes with a lot of claims about its supposed benefits but very little evidence. Luffa is supposed to treat allergies and seasonal colds, sinusitis, menstrual problems and shingles but does not seem relevant to weight loss or detox. Although it seems safe when used externally as a sponge (the word loofah comes from this plant) not enough is known about the safety of Luffa leaf when taken internally.
  • Rhubarb Root: Traditional Chinese Medicinal herb but no real evidence that it works or is even safe. It is supposed to lower lipids and cholesterol but most testing has been carried out on animals. It can cause kidney problems and more commonly side effects such as abdominal pain, rapid heartbeat and muscular weakness if used long term. Rhubarb is a laxative so can lead to dehydration.

Feiyan Tea Side Effects

Feiyan Tea may cause potential side effects including:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Increase in urination
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Muscular weakness
  • Kidney failure

The tea may lead to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Speak to your doctor first if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication because the tea may cause interactions. Cease use and speak to your doctor if you suffer adverse effects.

Feiyan Tea Customer Feedback

There is a lot of customer feedback for Slimming Solutions Feiyan tea. An overriding opinion is that the tea is not “genuine,” and many customers have mentioned this point,

Feel this is not the genuine product as it did not work. I have had this tea before from other companies and I am wondering if I have been “taken for a ride.”


This is not the product which I ordered on two other occasions. This is quite clearly a fake product.

One problem with supplements imported from China is that there is no real quality control. The factories can change ingredients at any time and there are no guarantees that products will remain the same. The teas are not “fakes” as such, but changes are probably down to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process.

Not everyone is critical of the change to the ingredients. This customer reported:

I think they have changed the ingredients to this product. The taste has improved but I think the cleansing effect is less dramatic.

Lots of people have mentioned side effects!

This customer was brief and to the point:

Definitely does what it’s meant to. Poo lots!

Not everyone likes this laxative effect. As one customer put it:

If you want to be able to live a normal life outside of the bathroom I would not recommend this tea! You lose weight as everything is explosively ejected from your body… not healthy

Some customers are happy with this tea blend.

Always used Feiyan tea – one tea bag at night is more than enough to shift a few extra unwanted pounds…..

Feiyan Tea Money-Back Guarantee

There is no guarantee with Feiyan Tea.

Where To Buy Feiyan Tea

You can buy Feiyan Tea from numerous outlets. However the Feiyan Tea which is sold by Slimming Solutions is only on sale from the Slimming Solutions website or via Amazon UK where it is also on sale from Slimming Solutions.

From Slimming Solutions, one box of Feiyan Tea contains 20 teabags and costs £14.99.

You can also get discounts on larger orders.

There is a three for two offer for £29.98. This is for three boxes, working out at £9.99 a box.

You can also buy six boxes of tea for just £39.99 (£6.66 per box).

Slimming solutions Feiyan Tea is on sale via Amazon UK. Six boxes of Feiyan Tea costs £20. 37.

Feiyan tea does not seem to be available on Amazon USA.

Watchdog Verdict

We have serious concerns about Feiyan Tea. This so called beauty tea seems little more than a serving of laxatives and diuretics and although this may make you temporarily lighter on the scales, this is not the same as losing body fat or getting thinner and healthier. Losing body fluids or water weight can lead to dehydration and cause other associated medical issues.

In addition, Feiyan Tea comes with health concerns. Chinese supplements and food products are not safe and the importer has already been associated with some dodgy product label swapping to hide a dangerous ingredient with another supplement.

There are numerous practically identical versions of Feiyan tea on the market and it is impossible to tell them apart. They all seem to contain different listed ingredients and in our opinion also probably ingredients which are not even mentioned on the label.

Even Slimming Solutions Feiyan Tea – on sale from a reputable company after all, comes with no guarantee that it will only contain the listed ingredients and be consistent. Many customers are complaining that the formula has changed and it will undoubtedly change again in the future.

There are no quality control or product safety regulations in China and although things may improve in the future, there is a long way to go before that happens.

In the meantime, our advice is to keep safe and avoid supplements that like Feiyan tea are manufactured in China so it is an easy decision. We reject Feiyan Tea.

How does Feiyan Tea compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaFeiyan Tea ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I also had back problems in the kidney area could not stop going to the toilet constant passing water , I was addicted to this it would make my stomach flat , the tea is way to strong I also suffered from a miscarriage I had no idea I was pregnant

  2. I had issues with my weight from a young age this actually made me lose weight, I drank a few sips at night , it was enough for my weighloss I lost weight quite easily, however it’s a very dangerous tea my kidney functioning was going down and down I became very ill my bones were very weak , I had sweats every day and temperature , when I stopped using this my kidney function was thee best it has ever been for quite some time , my advice is not to take something you are unaware of what is inside the product , your health comes first . I was so frightened as I had chiidren .

  3. Tried this recommended by a Chinese herbalist. Great I lost the weight. I moved area so brought it off the internet. Fake I could tell by the box. So was wary. Went to a local Chinese herbalist. Again the tea bags were a strange thick material. Not like a usual tea bag material. After two days of taking this. I had terrible back pain in the kidney area. Dont suppose my consumer dept at the council can do much.Taking the product back to see if I can be refunded.

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