Fortune Delight Tea

Fortune Delight Tea is a combination of natural ingredients that work synergistically to help reduce weight and improve your overall health. It claims to have no side effects and helps burn fat while facilitating energy production in the body. The manufacturer states that you do not need to run miles after miles to lose weight because regular intake of Fortune Delight Tea will do the job for you.

This tea rich supplement is designed to help reduce fat and produce more energy. You do not need to be physically very active to reap its benefits. Does this mean you should put your money on Fortune Delight Tea? Here is our review to help you make a decision.

Fortune Delight Tea Pros

  • May help boost metabolism a bit
  • Available in many flavors
  • Easy to take on a regular basis

Fortune Delight Tea Cons

  • Taste may not work for everyone
  • Does not have any scientific data to support claims
  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • Does not share complete details about money-back guarantee
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What You Need To Know About Fortune Delight Tea

Fortune Delight Tea is a combination of camellia sinensis extract, jasmine extract, and chrysanthemum extract. The formulation helps reduce weight by boosting fat loss. It is also supposed to increase your antioxidant intake that in turn helps eliminate free radicals from your body and keep you healthy. It does not require you to be physically very active because it claims to burn fat while you are resting. In fact, it states that it can help burn fat even when you are resting or asleep. It also facilitates the process of energy production and improves overall health. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that this formulation is going to help produce desired results in a short time.

What Are The Side Effects Of Fortune Delight Tea?

There is no information about the side effects associated with the use of Fortune Delight Tea. In fact, the company states that you will not experience any side effects whatsoever, mainly because it includes natural ingredients only. Still, it contains caffeine that can cause stomach distress, irritability, and other side effects. Refer to our “Side Effects” section for more details.

How Much Does Fortune Delight Tea Cost?

You will have to pay $71.59 to order one pack of Fortune Delight Tea. There are 60 small packets in each pack.

Our Verdict On Fortune Delight Tea

Fortune Delight Tea certainly looks good on paper, but most of its ingredients like camellia sinensis extract and jasmine extract only rely on caffeine to boost metabolism and improve alertness. While caffeine may help in this regard, it is a stimulant and may stop working after a while when your body builds some tolerance to it. There is no information about how much of each ingredient is available in the formula, which is another drawback of buying Fortune Delight Tea. It is available in different flavors, but most of them are a bit off. Above all, it is not an affordable way to supplement your weight loss efforts. Our verdict: avoid wasting your money on Fortune Delight Tea, especially when you do not know if you will really get a refund.

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Fortune Delight Tea Review

Fortune Delight Tea is one of many products designed for people struggling to keep their body weight in check. It certainly contains natural ingredients that may help improve metabolism to certain extent, but that surely does not make it better than other weight loss supplements currently available in the market. Some of its ingredients look effective, but there is not enough scientific evidence that they are going to work. This becomes even difficult to determine if Fortune Delight Tea will work or not when you have no clue about how much of each ingredient is available per serving.

First off, you get camellia sinensis extract from Fortune Delight Tea. In other words, you are going to get green tea extract with EGCGs from each serving of Fortune Delight Tea. There is some evidence that when combined with some other ingredients, EGCG may help boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Even if it works, you are not going to notice a huge change in your weight. Moreover, there is not enough evidence to suggest that supplementing with EGCGs will help keep the weight off.

Fortune Delight Tea Facts

  • 60 packets per pack
  • Improved alertness
  • Different flavors
  • Dissolves quickly

Green tea extract usually works because it contains caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and helps improve alertness. There is also some evidence that it may boost weight loss as well.

A study published in 2005 in “Obesity Research” found that regular intake of a green tea and caffeine mixture — with 150 milligrams of caffeine — over a period of three months, following a four-week low-calorie diet, led to significant weight loss and fat oxidation in obese women. Even in cases where there was less caffeine in the green tea supplement, there was still a significant reduction in body weight, fat mass and waist circumference.

Even if it is true, you need to ensure that you are going to get 150mg of caffeine from Fortune Delight Tea. Since we do not know how much of it is there in each serving, we cannot say if the product is going to work or not. However, some other studies have also noticed some results. For instance, in a carefully controlled study, providing a green tea extract (50 mg caffeine/90 mg EGCg) with breakfast, lunch and dinner, the total number of extra calories burned daily increased by about 80 calories.

What it shows is that supplementing with green tea extract may help lower weight, but do not expect significant results. It is hard to confirm if that little change in weight is due to EGCGs or not.

In a study, Hsu., et al. did not find any reduction in body weight in obese women after supplementing 491 mg of green tea extract (392 mg of EGCG). – PubMEd

How to Take Fortune Delight Tea

There is no real information available about how to take this supplement. Most customers suggest that you may have to drink more than one packet a day to see some results, but that would make it very expensive.

Another study shows that you may only notice a small reduction in your weight after supplementing with green tea.

In a review published in ‘The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews’ in 2012, researchers looked at clinical studies on both weight loss and maintenance and determined that green tea provided a small, statistically insignificant increase in weight loss but did not help prevent the weight from returning.

Some studies have not noticed any results whatsoever, especially in people who are quite overweight and are physically inactive. Therefore, you cannot always say that Fortune Delight Tea is going to help with weight loss because it contains green tea extract or camellia sinensis extract. The same holds true for Jasmine extract.

Again, you are going to experience some change in your weight and alertness because Jasmine extract also adds more caffeine to the formula. There are some animal studies suggesting that Jasmine extract may work, but not all studies have found similar results. Jasmine flowers extract at a dose 100 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg b.w. exhibit a significant decrease of mice body weight, fat index, and food intake compared with obese mice group. In addition, in vitro assay showed that ethanolic extract of jasmine flowers also inhibit pancreatic lipase enzyme activity.

Fortune Delight Tea Concerns:

  • No scientific evidence to support its claims
  • Ineffective or under-dosed ingredients
  • Unpleasant taste
  • No clear information about money-back guarantee

Even if you notice some results, they are probably because of the caffeine you get from Fortune Delight Tea. It is important to bear in mind that even though caffeine can produce some results, you may stop getting that ‘boost’ after some time, as you are likely to build tolerance to how much you take initially. If you increase the dose of caffeine, you may end up experiencing several side effects, such as irritability, jitteriness, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and more.

Talking about side effects, you may also experience a few because of chrysanthemum flower, which is another ingredient in Fortune Delight Tea. Chrysanthemum is a flower used in traditional Chinese medicine. There is some evidence that it may work for the treatment of hypertension, fever, headaches, and dry eyes, but there is not enough evidence suggesting that it promotes weight loss. Moreover, you may develop an allergic reaction, especially if you are allergic to dandelion, ragweed, sunflower, goldenrod, or daisies. Some people are sensitive to specific parts of the plant, such as leaves, pollen, stems, and flower. People with hypotension should also avoid it.

While the ingredients are not likely to work, there is another issue associated with Fortune Delight Tea. Its taste is not that impressive. Some customer reviews suggest that it tastes okay, but others say that you just cannot keep drinking it because of its bad taste. It is available in different flavors and you can certainly try different ones, but this is going to cost you a lot, especially considering the fact that 60 tiny packs of Fortune Delight Tea cost you $71.55. Spending this much of money would look like a big risk when you know you will have a hard time getting a refund. Therefore, it is better to avoid it in the first place, and instead pay attention to your diet and follow a good exercise program to burn fat naturally.

What Does Fortune Delight Tea Claim To Do?

Fortune Delight Tea contains jasmine extract, camellia extract, and antioxidants. It claims to be a concentrated herbal beverage that helps eliminate free radicals from your body. Here are some of its claimed benefits:

  • Eliminates free radicals and prevents oxidative damage
  • Works great to improve energy and alertness
  • Helps burn fat even when you are resting or asleep
  • Helps prevent memory problems due to its antioxidant content
  • Low in calories and contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Contains antioxidants and boosts overall health

Does Fortune Delight Tea Work?

Fortune Delight Tea claims to be one of the best weight loss supplements because it “supposedly” burns fat and improves your overall health at the same time. Unfortunately, it fails to produce desired results because the ingredients it has seem to be under-dosed – there is no information of how much of each is there in the formula. Some of its ingredients do not have enough scientific evidence to support their claim. Camellia sinensis extract provides you with caffeine that may boost metabolism a little, but not all studies have confirmed the benefits of increasing your caffeine intake. There may be side effects as well. Jasmine extract is there, but it also adds more caffeine to the mix and does nothing else. There is not much information about lalang grass root. Therefore, you will be better off paying attention to your diet and trying a clinically approved supplement to promote weight loss.

What Are The Ingredients of Fortune Delight Tea?

Fortune Delight Tea claims to help lower body weight by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. It is supposed to work because it contains the following ingredients:

  • Camellia Sinensis Extract: This basically means that it includes green tea extract and provides you with catechins or polyphenols. It is also supposed to eliminate free radicals from your body. Not enough scientific evidence is there to confirm these claims.
  • Jasmine Extract: It provides you with caffeine that helps improve metabolism and burn more fat. We do not know if Fortune Delight Tea has enough of this ingredient.
  • Lalang Grass Root: You cannot find much information about this ingredient, but it is supposed to help keep you healthy.
  • Chrysanthemum Flower: It is supposed to work by metabolizing fats. It also helps improve energy levels, but it may lead to several side effects as well.

Does Fortune Delight Tea Have Any Side Effects?

Fortune Delight Tea is supposed to be quite safe because it includes natural ingredients, but that is not the case actually. It contains a good amount of caffeine, and this can actually cause several side effects. You may experience headaches, increased heart rate, hypertension, irritability, jitteriness, and much more.

Also, keep in mind that Fortune Delight Tea contains chrysanthemums that can cause several side effects. You may want to avoid it if you have allergies to pollen. It may also lower your blood pressure, so you need to avoid it if you already have hypotension. There are certain chemicals (pyrethrins) in chrysanthemums that can be toxic to your nervous system and may even lead to problems like asthma, eye damage, and inflammation.

It is important to ensure that you do not take Fortune Delight Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, avoid it when you already taking medications for any existing condition. It is important because there is no information about how much of each ingredient is there. So, avoid it to be on the safer side.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Fortune Delight Tea?

Fortune Delight Tea claims to be one of the best weight loss supplements but you will not find many good “unbiased” reviews for it. Here are some examples:

Not good. Very artificially flavored. Tastes like fake peaches to me.

Taste is not too bad. Been drinking this in the morning in place of my usual coffee. It does not seem to work great though

Not sure about the weight-loss at this point. I like that it has antioxidants.

Not seeing any fat loss from this herbal tea. I feel like this is all hype.

Just started drinking this yesterday. So far no Fortune Delight side effects, but not sure I will stick with it.

Has an odd taste.

It’s like many other herbal teas you buy at the grocery store. Nothing really unique or amazing.

Does Fortune Delight Tea Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Fortune Delight Tea comes with a money-back guarantee, but there is incomplete information about the procedure to get a refund.

Where Can I Buy Fortune Delight Tea?

You can buy it directly from the official website.

Fortune Delight Tea

2 out of 5
Fortune Delight Tea
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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