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Forza T5 Super Strength

A quick search online for fat burners and you soon come across T5s. Not all T5 diet pills are the same though with some diet pills jumping on the T5 fat burner bandwagon. So is Forza T5 Super Strength the real deal?

Having crossed over in the main stream dieting market T5 diet pills are a popular choice for consumers looking to increase fat burning. Although there are many types of T5s available, the Forza T5 diet pills are the most recognisable brand of Forza T5s on the market today.

Review Notification: We are currently awaiting feedback from the merchant as information has changed for this product.

Forza T5 Pros

  • Proven to maintain healthy metabolism to keep you in fat burning mode
  • Time release technology so no energy crash
  • Most trusted and reputable T5 diet pill brand

Forza T5 Cons

  • Does contain caffeine
  • No money-back guarantee

Forza T5 Super Strength

Forza T5 Super Strength Review

Forza T5 Facts

  • Based on the ECA stack used by bodybuilders to increase fat burning
  • Forza the #1 brand for T5 diet pills
  • Over 1 million sold worldwide

As the name suggests Forza T5 Super Strength is manufactured by Forza and marketing though a number of suppliers, of which the most popular is Slimming.com.

We were easily able to contact Slimming.com to request a sample of their leading selling Forza T5 diet pill. We were keen to understand who Slimming.com are as they the official stockist and one of the largest online sellers of the Forza T5 brand.

Being the first official stockist of Forza T5s, the staff are very knowledgeable on what is now an extensive list of Forza T5 diet pills. They are friendly, professional and offered use advice on what the different products can do.

We were impressed!

Although they are based in the UK they ship worldwide and have a dedicated support team. You can easily contact them via a contact form on their website, email address, contact telephone number (in the UK) or even by writing to their company address. 

Forza T5 Super Strength benefits:

  • Unique blend of natural ingredients that support and maintain health metabolism without side effects
  • Promotes fat burning that could significantly reduce stubborn fat
  • Most recommended T5 fat burner with over 1 million sold

What Does Forza T5 Super Strength Claim To Do?

The leading supplier of Forza T5 fat burners, Slimming.com claim they can:

Can help you shift fat from stubborn areas that are difficult to impact with diet alone….. help you maintain a healthy metabolism, they help you lose fat and achieve better muscle definition.

So What Is Forza T5 Super Strength?

Forza T5 Super Strength is the leading Forza T5 fat burner on the market. The authorised version is marketed through Slimming.com who extensive experience with the Forza brand of T5s.

Designed to regulate your metabolism and energy levels, Forza T5 Super Strength can maximise your weight loss and are a popular choice amongst dieters looking for a supplement alongside a healthy diet and exercise programme.

What are T5s and what are the differences between T5s, T6s?

T5s were originally based on the ECA stack which is a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin ingredients taken in certain quantities. Originally used by bodybuilders, ECA stacks is very effective at promoting fat loss helping to get lean muscle definition.

Ephedrine is banned and is illegal to be used in diet pills in most countries and highly regulated due to concerns over its safety. So T5 diet pills today should not contain Ephedrine and so will be different to the originally ECA stack.

T5s are the most popular type but recently T6 fat burner has been released – we will be reviewing this very soon.

What Are The Ingredients For Forza T5 Super Strength?

Forza T5 has its own unique blend of natural ingredients that work to maintain healthy metabolism without the crash experienced by other T5 fat burners. These include:

  • Activ-Rx™ (100mg) – Forza’s own unique blend of natural compounds that promote fat burning when combined with proven weight loss ingredients. Released slowly over time to helps maintain a healthy metabolism and increase energy levels for longer.
  • Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium, Synoprene) (200mg) – Thought to be as effective as ephedrine for boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.
  • Caffeine (180mg) – Not the most effective fat burning ingredient but can give short term energy release and improve concentration.
  • L-Tyrosine (50mg) – May help in suppressing appetite and works to promote healthy thyroid function and improved, more efficient metabolism.
  • Guarana Seed (12mg) – 2 ½ times stronger than caffeine and is slow release.

So What Does All This Mean?

The unique formulation used in Forza T5s means they are completely legal and available over the counter without prescription. Unless you are very sensitive to caffeine you should not suffer from any side effects whilst taking Forza T5 diet pills either.

As Forza T5 diet pills contain more active ingredients than most T5s they will keep your body energised and in fat burning mode for longer without experiencing quick burst of energy followed by a crash.

Is Forza T5 Super Strength a Scam?

You can find a variety of brands that market their diet pills under the “T5 diet pill or T5 fat burner” label that are available directly from manufacturers or from Ebay/Amazon. The problem is that some diet pills have used the generic T5 label as a marketing gimmick to trick consumers.

We would not recommend buying T5s from ebay as many contain inferior ingredients and few (if any) seem to be backed by money-back guarantees.

This is not the case with Forza who are well known in the diet pill industry for supplying quality diet pills that work. The Forza T5 Super Strength diet pill is there most popular product and has sold in excess of 1 million bottles showing how attractive it is amongst consumers.

Does Forza T5 Super Strength Have Any Side Effects?

There is caffeine present in most Forza T5 fat burners, the equivalent of 3 instant cups of coffee (65mg in each). So if you are not used to caffeine you could experience mild, temporary side effects such as nervousness, increased heart rate and palpitations. Otherwise you will likely handle these diet pills without any issues.

Any Forza T5 Super Strength Reviews From Customers?

There are over 100 reviews about Forza T5 Super Strength on the website, out of which only 5 consumers have reported little if no weight loss.

Ive been using t5 super strength for nearly 2 weeks and i think they r brilliant. i was 15.7 just after xmas . now a week and 2 days ive lost 10 pounds and am now 14.11. i feel fitter and healthier already . just one a day suits me for now as i get a buzz all day and i dont feel a bit hungry .

ellise18uk, Manchester, UK

I tried this after a recommendation from a friend and have to say how impressed i am with the results. I’ve now lost 5lbs 3 weeks in so I’m just about to place my next order.

2012slimmer, London

So Does Forza T5 Super Strength Work?

If a product’s effectiveness is rated by its’ success then Forza T5 Super Strength is the real deal. With over 1 million sold, Forza T5 Super Strength is one of most popular diet pills on the market.

T5 super strength fat burners do what they say and promote increased fat burning by boosting your metabolism.

If you are looking for a safe Forza T5 diet pill that can help you maintain a healthy metabolism and more effectively burn stubborn fat than dieting along, you can’t go far wrong with Forza T5 Super Strength!

Where can I Buy Forza T5 diet pills?

You can buy Forza T5 Super Strength from Slimming.com website who stocks a range of Forza T5 diet pills.

One bottle of 60 tablets costs $50.95 (£34) with regular offers and discounts available from Slimming.com.

Watchdog Verdict

Choosing the right T5 diet pills can mean the difference between successful weight loss or not. This is the reason why we recommend the Forza T5 brand of diet pills. They have a proven track record in producing the most effective T5s on the market (although these supplements have recently changed their formula).

Although we have reviewed the most popular Forza T5 Super Strength supplement here, there is an extensive range of Forza T5 diet pills available for all occasions, even a caffeine free version called Forza T5 Night Time (seems to be discontinued at the time of writing)!

Forza T5 is a safer, alternative to the ECA stack popular with bodybuilders who are after a supercharged metabolism to increase fat burning to get that lean and defined look. Taking the original ECA stack, which the original T5 formula was based on, could be potentially bad for your health and has been known to cause serious side effects.

Forza T5 diet pills can work without any significant changes to your diet or exercise routine but better results can be obtained by following a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Slimming.com are the official stockists of credible Forza T5 diet pills remains one of largest online sellers of Forza T5s, although a number of other T5 stockists are now available.

Review Notification: We are currently awaiting feedback from the merchant as information has changed for this product.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

11 comments on “Forza T5 Super Strength”

  1. Leaves says:

    Guarana contains caffeine so it is hard to find how caffeine can be 2 1/2 times more potent than caffeine. 200mg of Synephrine is not safe for all people, some get very high blood pressure from 100mg. 50mg of L-tyrosine will not do anything. Definitely a rip off/scam.

  2. Karen says:

    I started t5 super thermo only 5 days I started with 1 pill in the morning and will increase to 2 after 10 days I have not lost any weight yet but I have lost 4inches around my waist 2.5 around my hips I definitely notice a difference I feel full of energy would highly recommend,but would warn anyone thinking about buying these pills don’t take at night and don’t drink too much coffee or energy drinks.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I’m looking for a t5 fat burner that works… Gives me energy.. Surpresess my appetite… Lifts my moods…

  4. Jon says:

    I 1st went onto the t5 blacks blacks in June 2012 it took almost 3wks before I started to see a change in my weight. I went from 23st 6lb down to 17st 5lb in just 4months. For me theses worked well & now a few years on I am now back on them due to putting the weight back on. My weight now is 20st 5lb & I will be happy If I can loose 3st 5lb. I buy my ‘forza t5 super raspberry’ from Forza even tho you can buy ‘t5’ from anywhere I would always buy mine straight from FORZA themselves because you know you are getting the real thing!

  5. Jill Nelson says:

    I orded these from amazon on the Friday & got them the next day excellent service don’t no if they work yet but will get back after a week they were around £15 for 60 taplets .

  6. John says:

    I’m on Warfrin for a blood clot on the lung is it safe to take forza t5

  7. Mitch says:

    I have just ordered my 1st bottle of forza T5 super strengh
    Pills . I have seen so many good reviews but also some bad !
    I’m lookin forward to receiving mine so I can start them along wih a healthy eating plan ???? I don’t go to the gym but my job is very active and is as good as using the gym ! Can anyone give me some feedback to reassure me they are safe to use and I will lose weight ? ???? thanks

  8. Fionn says:

    I used forza t5 3 months after giving birth to help shift stubborn fat- im not breastfeeding so its safe! I had never used any diet/slimming aid but i really feel this works. Dnt take more then 2 a day, i did find if i took after 11am i wouldnt sleep at night. I had been on e 5:2 diet but after loosing initial 10kg my weight loss stopped. Thats when the pills worked for me and im seeing great results. I have typically slightly low blood pressure so i knew caffeine would not be an issue but I would strongly advise against taking them if You have high BP. And dont take with alcohol or you will have a 3 day hangover…,

    1. Fionn says:

      Just to add, the t5 forza pills i took where called black heat and where max strength ones, cost £39.00

  9. Pat says:

    visited slimming.com to place an order still waiting to receive that’s ten days ago and their customer service is dreadful Never reply to any queries Woudnt recommend them to buy from

  10. barbara says:

    i bought some T5 max strength tablets from amazon ,it states they are made by ebody labs,can anyone tell me if they are the real thing {same as forza t5},many thanks

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