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We are always on the lookout for some magic diet pill that will helps us lose weight and gain that perfect figure in no time at all. Well, Fruta Planta may not promise magic but it has proven to be very effective in achieving the goals that have just been outlined.

This is an all-natural product that uses the goodness of some fruits and vegetables that are a part of the everyday kitchen. The difference is that it uses an ancient formula to combine these ingredients and bring about massive weight loss.

Fruta Planta Pros

  • Helps control appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Burns fat and aids in weight loss

Fruta Planta Cons

  • May lead to severe cardiac issues
  • May have side effects like constipation, insomnia, skin rashes, and sensitive teeth
  • May interact with other medications
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Fruta Planta Review

Fruta Planta Facts

  • Made from all natural ingredients.
  • Contains no stimulants.
  • curbs appetite and leads to weight loss.

One of the key problems that can derail any weight loss regime is the recurring cravings for food between meals. A dietary supplement that will control these hunger pangs and fight the fat from within is the right solution. Fruta Planta falls right in place here because it has been specially formulated to fight fat through naturally induced thermogenesis and reduced appetite. This purely organic product help users fight daily cravings with a dosage of just one capsule a day. One can lose up to 15 pounds in the first month even without diet and exercise, or so the manufacturer claims.

It follows an ancient Chinese formula for weight loss which specifically targets the abdomen and belly fat, fat from arms, buttocks and even the face. In earlier times, this was used to help women lose their pregnancy weight, but has now become the simple, fast and effective way for all to eliminate the excess fat from the body. The formula is designed to work with the body’s chemical makeup to reduce appetite and cravings, while it targets all soft fatty tissue areas like the limbs and hips, thighs and buttocks. Made from all natural fruit plants, this 100% all natural weight loss supplement is equally beneficial for men and women.

The fruits and vegetables found in the Fruta Planta Formula are quite common and have been a part of the Chinese daily diet for centuries. When you look at the ingredients you will notice that these have been used for centuries in holistic healing as well as weight loss practices in many cultures. We have all heard of them yet many of us had no idea how capable they are of fighting fat. Each individual ingredient in this supplement contains its own special health benefits. Now it is possible for everyone to take advantage of their goodness through the simple yet powerful one-a-day 400mg capsule along with plenty of fluids all day.

The highly concentrated formula of natural fruits and plants extracts helps to break down the stubborn fat rapidly as well as maintain skin elasticity. Unlike other supplements it does not promise to offer instant energy and fat breakdown. Instead, it slowly gets absorbed into the system and starts working on the body fat after 2 hours of intake. It is therefore a good idea to take it early in the morning, preferably with a glass of warm water which will give even better results. It is very convenient to take since the dosage is low and not needed to be taken throughout the day. One can go about one’s work and slowly see the body fat recede to reveal a slim figure and fitter body.

Also, there are no rigid diet restrictions or the need for rigorous exercises to lose weight. Of course, pairing any diet supplement with diet and exercise will always bring in better results. But in this case one doesn’t have to go overboard. A balanced diet and some workouts are enough to lead to weight loss. Fruta Planta helps balance the calorie intake, consumption and their absorption by the body. It burns fat fast and prevents further fat deposits as it flushes out all waste and unwanted fats out. It can boost energy levels without stimulants, inhibits the enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat and leads to long term weight loss.

How to Take Fruta Planta

Users are advised to take one capsule a day. The best time to do so is early in the morning, preferably with a cup or glass of warm water.
One should take in lots of fluids throughout the day to help flush out the toxins and unwanted fats.
Consulting a doctor before usage is advised.

Fruta Planta Concerns:

  • A potent product that may have many side effects.
  • Does not have a clear money back option for users.
  • Banned by the FDA.

What Does Fruta Planta Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of Fruta Planta claim that this all natural and powerful product will help users lose their excess body fat faster than ever before. It uses the goodness of common fruit plants to bring about far reaching changes in one’s weight and aid in getting the body back in shape. Just one capsule is enough to bring about these changes as it suppresses appetite effectively and slowly leaches the excess fat away from the body. These ingredients are also filled with essential nutrients which help the body get back in good health as it loses the weight. Increased energy levels helps one stay active and fit without the usual crash that accompanies the usual diets and diet pills.

So What Is Fruta Planta and What Are The Ingredients?

Fruta Planta is an all-natural diet supplement that aids users to lose the excess body weight fast. It is crafted out of common fruit plants that combine to aid in appetite suppression and fat loss in an organic and healthy manner.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • Radish Fruit: Low in calories and high in fibre content, it helps to keep the body full for a long time and flushes out all waste and excess fats easily. It also helps to lower cholesterol by binding to low-density lipo proteins or LDLs which lead to good health along with weight loss.
  • Lemon: Packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and essential nutrients it helps in self-purification of the body, flushes out all the wastes and toxins from the organs, purifies the blood and helps repair the digestive system. It promotes healthy metabolism and breaks down the excess fat to be flushed away as well.
  • Bitter Melon: It contains rich RPA (elaterin) that helps to burn and eliminate fat effectively. It also has the ability to inhibit easy fat absorption by the intestine. It boosts the metabolism and burns fat faster and can even reduce further fat intake by 40-60%.
  • Mangosteen: It has a high concentration of hydroxy citric acid and vitamin B that helps curb fat synthesis and burns fat thus aiding in weight loss. It helps controlling appetite as well which helps one slim down gradually. It also helps the protein to metabolize timely and prevent fat accumulation.
  • Papaya: Rich papaya enzymes help dissolve the protein and sugar along with the excess fats. This targets all fat storage and prevents further fat from being stored in the body.

So What Does All This Mean?

All these go on to show how ingredients that lie around us in our every days lives can be of great help to restore our health. Fruta Planta has been specially made with natural fruit plants in an ancient Chinese formula that was used to help women lose their pregnancy weight. Today, this formula has been effectively packed in these tiny capsules that can help users lose weight, almost as much as 15 pounds in a month even without diet and exercise.

Does Fruta Planta Have Any Side Effects?

Though this is a natural product it is a powerful one. Some users have reported increase in constipation and some digestive disorders. Some have reported insomnia and tiredness along with rashes. Some users have reported that continuous use has led to sensitive teeth.

However, the more worrisome news is that the FDA has warned against its usage since it may contain sibutramine. This could lead to increase in blood pressure and pulse rate which could in turn lead to congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and arrhythmias or stroke. It could also interact with other medications in a life-threatening manner.

Anyone with existing heart conditions should not take this medication. It may interact with other medications and conditions so reading the label is very important. It may contain sibutramine that may lead to cardiac ailments and stroke along with high blood pressure. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must not use the product and children below 18 years should avoid taking it. The user must consult a physician before using the product.

Any Fruta Planta Reviews From Customers?

We were able to find a few reviews on the official site, but these may be biased.

I love the pills; they have made a huge impact not only on my weight, but on my life as well. I went from 129 lbs to 113 lbs and I love the energy and beautify function it gives me! And I am not as emotional as used to be!

I began taking Fruta Planta on June 6th, starting weight was 138 lbs, now down to 115lbs, I am full of energy with it, and gain great feeling with my lighter body, I will recommend it to people around me, it is really a great pill.

50 lbs/40 inch is my used figure, now is 220 and 36, so wonderful! Just 2 months and everything now is different to me! Recommend it if you wan to be light or lighter.

So Does Fruta Planta Work?

It seems to have helped numerous users lose their stubborn fat deposits and excess weight fast. It takes the age-old Chinese formula for weight loss after pregnancy and uses it for any user who wants definite results today. However, one needs to be careful since there have been reports of various side effects from users. Though the official does not state it, the product contains ingredients that may have severe and fatal effects for users. So consulting with a doctor before usage is advisable. For those who did not suffer from any untoward effect, this dietary supplement has been very effective in helping them slim down and get their body back in shape.

Where Can I Buy Fruta Planta?

You can buy it from the official store and it is also available at various retail stores.

What About A Guarantee

There is a conditional return policy offered for this product and the money back guarantee is not stated clearly in the official website.

Watchdog Verdict

Fruta Planta is a well-known dietary supplement that uses the goodness of natural fruit plants to aid in weight loss and restore good health. It uses the ancient Chinese formula that has helped millions of women lose their pregnancy weight in earlier days. Today, this formula has been effectively packed in powerful tiny capsules to help users from rest of the world lose weight too. It suppresses appetite and flushes out all toxins, leaching away the stored fat in the process too. It prevents further fat build and helps one lose as much as 15 pounds in a month even without diet and exercise.

This is however a potent product and there have been reports of various side effects from users. Though the official does not state it, the product contains ingredients like sibutramine that has been banned by the FDA. It may have severe and fatal effects for users leading to cardiac ailments and stroke along with high blood pressure. So consulting with a doctor before usage is advisable. So anyone with existing heart conditions, pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as children should refrain from taking this. Consulting with doctor before usage is advised.

Taking into account all the information we feel that Fruta Planta just isn’t good enough so we have to reject it.

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