FucoXanthin Patch-CR

Diet patches are not a new phenomenon, but their poor reputation continues to give us hope that the trend will soon fade and be forgotten like many other useless fads. Inspired by the success and popularity of the more famous nicotine patches, diet patches have been created to provide weight-loss benefits through ingredients that are absorbed through the skin rather than eaten. Although frequently described as more convenient and ‘private’, the evidence suggests that this method turns otherwise good ingredients into a useless waste of money.

Below we take an in-depth look into FucoXanthin Patch-CR, to see whether this patch can beat the trend and deliver actual weight loss results.

FucoXanthin Patch-CR Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive product
  • No reported side effects

FucoXanthin Patch-CR Cons

  • Ingredient quantities not provided
  • Unlikely to be effective
  • Manufacturer have distanced itself
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FucoXanthin Patch-CR

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What You Need To Know About FucoXanthin Patch-CR

Flucoxanthin Patch-CR is a weight loss supplement that works via a transdermal delivery system, meaning that the ingredients are absorbed through the skin from a sticky patch. This product appears to be quite an old one, having been around since at least 2004 (many of the websites selling it are notably out-of-date in terms of web design)! Like most weight loss supplements, FucoXanthin Patch-CR claims to work by boosting the metabolism, curbing hunger pangs, and providing energy.

This patch is manufactured by SmithSorensen, a US-based company that sells a range of health supplements and multivitamins direct to customers and to trade. Curiously, SmithSorensen have made the decision to not sell FucoXanthin Patch-CR with their other products on their official website, meaning that customers will have to look around third-party retailers (this may actually be a blessing in disguise, as the SmithSorensen website is notably slow, confusing and unfinished).

Readers should note that this product is associated with a few different names and box designs, although the product and ingredient list appears to be the same every time. It may be listed on some websites as FucoXanthin Diet Patch or Advanced FucoXanthin Patch-CR.

What Are The Side Effects Of FucoXanthin Patch-CR?

Based on the evidence of customer reviews, there are no expected side effects of using FucoXanthin Patch-CR. This may be due to the fact that the patch method renders some ingredients useless, as Hoodia in particular has been associated with a long list of side effects that are commonly experienced after taking it (including headaches, stomach ache, vomiting, increased blood pressure and heart rate, a tingling sensation in the skin and liver damage). A handful of customers may experience an adverse reaction to the pomegranate extract contained within the patch, which has occasionally been known to cause a runny nose, breathing problems, itching and swelling.

How Much Does FucoXanthin Patch-CR Cost?

Fucoxanthin Patch-CR is available from a long list of outlets, and prices obviously vary from place to place. The cheapest price we found for the patch was $14.97 for one pack of 30, with much higher prices being seen on some of the old and outdated sites that initially tried to sell it when the product was launched in 2004 (sometimes as high as $39.95 for 30).

Our Verdict On FucoXanthin Patch-CR

Diet patches have a bad reputation with researchers and sites like ours, because all available evidence suggests that they may not work (and at the very least are perhaps the worst way of consuming the same ingredients). Many of the ingredients contained within diet patches may not work when absorbed through the skin, as all available testing that has been done on them has only ever examined their usefulness when taking orally. Some ingredients cannot be ground up fine enough to be absorbed through the pores, and some studies on nicotine patches have confirmed that people with too much body fat will not be able to absorb anything anyway (a pretty bad sign for dieters).

This product in particular is one of the poorest we’ve seen from a bad bunch. Only one ingredient out of the three has actually been proven to work at all (FucoXanthin), and even then it must be absorbed through the intestines to burn fat cells, meaning that it shouldn’t work in the form of a diet patch. We also know that Hoodia is associated with a list of side effects that are experienced by most who take it; the fact that this product has no side effects at all could be taken as strong evidence that it likely does little in the first place.

The most damning indicator of how bad Fucoxanthin Patch-CR is the way it has been treated by its own manufacturer; SmithSorensen do not sell Fucoxanthin Patch-CR directly from their own web store, but the product is available on numerous other websites, the majority of which are suspicious-looking and badly written. Its low price compared to the price it attracted in 2004 suggests that sellers are simply trying to get rid of their stocks at this point. Fucoxanthin Patch-CR is not universally criticised by customers and some seem to swear by it, although the majority of these notably combine their use of the product with good diet and exercise (the likely source of any and all good results).

We do not recommend Fucoxanthin Patch-CR to our readers!

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FucoXanthin Patch-CR Review

FucoXanthin Patch-CR is a weight loss supplement that works via a patch that is affixed to the skin. The patch contains a relatively simple mix of three active ingredients (including the titular FucoXanthin) and promise to reduce appetite, give bursts of energy and boost metabolism. Although not available on the popular retailer, Amazon, FucoXanthin Patch-CR appears to be widely available on a number of websites on the Internet.

FucoXanthin Patch-CR Facts

  • Manufactured by SmithSorensen Nutracuticals.
  • Contains 30 patches per box.

This product is manufactured by US-based SmithSorensen Nutracuticals, although they curiously have chosen not to sell it on their official website alongside their other products. SmithSoren seem to have a rather amateur approach to their online presence in general, with entire sections of their website remaining unwritten or unfinished.

How to Take FucoXanthin Patch-CR

Choose a clean, dry, hairless area on your upper body to apply the patch. Peel off one new patch each day and apply to upper arm, shoulder or back areas, adhesive side down. Then leave the patch in place for 24 hours. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This will help flush out toxins from your body and replace them with essential fluids.

FucoXanthin Patch-CR Concerns:

  • Products will likely not work as advertised.
  • Sold on unprofessional websites and has seemingly been forgotten by manufacturers.
  • No money-back guarantee or returns policy of any kind.

What Does FucoXanthin Patch-CR Claim To Do?

FucoXanthin Patch-CR essentially aims to promote weight loss through suppressing appetite, raising metabolism, and energy boosts. The product is said to work through a transdermal delivery system, which essentially means that the ingredients enter the bloodstream directly through the skin via the patch. Many of the selling websites also highlight the supposed strengths of the patch system itself, particularly championing the notion that it is more ‘private’ than other methods. To quote on websites summarising the benefits of FucoXanthin Patch-CR:

  • FucoXanthin Patch is easy to use.
  • FucoXanthin Patch helps control your appetite.
  • FucoXanthin Patch helps burn fat safely and effectively.
  • Helps increase energy and stamina due to the body burning off excess body fats.
  • No strict dieting or strenuous exercise necessary.
  • Promotes an overall sense of well-being.

Does FucoXanthin Patch-CR Work?

FucoXanthin Patch-CR is designed to be absorbed through the skin via the patch, a method that remains controversial as a means of taking diet supplements. Put simply, we still have no evidence that any of these ingredients work when entered straight into the bloodstream (FucoXanthin has only been found to be effective when absorbed through the intestines). In addition, it may be impossible for some ingredients to even pass through the skin, as each component must be small enough to pass through the pores, and the user must be thin enough for this process to work in any case. Due to all of these concerns, it is possible that FucoXanthin Patch-CR may do nothing at all for many customers.

The ingredients contained within the patch are unlikely to result in dramatic weight loss in most cases, even if the ingredients were taken orally in adequate doses. The only effective ingredient contained within the mix is Fucoxanthin, and the patch method could stop this ingredient from working entirely (as it appears to work when passing through the intestines). For the record, some customer reviews do claim that the product works, although a significant number maintain that it does nothing at all.

What Are The Ingredients of FucoXanthin Patch-CR?

The main active ingredients used in FucoXanthin Patch-CR are listed below. Readers should note that the ingredient quantities are unlisted, which can make it impossible to estimate how effective each ingredient is within this particular mix.

  • Concentrated Brown Seaweed (FucoXanthin): A few studies have shown a connection between long-term consumption of ‘a daily dosage of 2.4-8mg FucoXanthin’ and weight loss, although there are currently several theories about what mechanism causes this weight loss. Weight loss is not seen quickly with this ingredient.
  • Pomegranate: Whilst eating pomegranate may improve digestion thanks to the presence of fibre, the small amount present in diet products is unlikely to have the same effect. The NHS has concluded that ‘evidence around the health benefits of pomegranates are inconclusive’.
  • Hoodia Gordonii: This plant extract was eaten traditionally in the South African bush to stave off hunger. There is almost no clinical evidence that actually proves that it works, and far more studies that show that the product is ineffective and unsafe, frequently causing a wide range of side effects.

Does FucoXanthin Patch-CR Have Any Side Effects?

Customer reviews seem to be unanimous in claiming that the product has no side effects, likely due to the fact that some ingredients are ineffective when placed into a patch. In normal circumstances, hoodia has been known to cause a range of side effects when taken orally, including tingling skin, headaches, nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and liver damage. Side effects are normally very common when taking hoodia.

Pomegranate extract can cause adverse effects in people that are sensitive to the fruit, including a runny rose, trouble breathing, itching and swelling. These effects are thankfully quite rare.

Not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before using this product. If you are taking any medication, or have any type of medical issue, consult with a doctor before using this product. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For FucoXanthin Patch-CR?

Plenty of customer reviews of FucoXanthin Patch-CR are available all over the Internet, with customers seemingly split on whether the product works or not. In general, all customers agree that the product is easy to use and free from side effects.

I use this patch every other day. It’s simple. I put it on immediately after my shower and I forget about it until the second day. It controls my appetite, gives me extra energy without feeling jittery or drugged, and doesn’t show when I wear it. I have used this product off and on for two years and have already lost 60 pounds. I highly recommend using this patch along with a sensible diet plan. A diet alone did not work for me; using the patch WITH a diet plan DID.

As long as you use it as directed … it works, apply same time every day for the best results. Have to be realistic and watch what you eat and exercise for maximum results but w/o it still blocks fat.

Took for 30 days, did not lose even one pound. I was disappointed. I was not over eating either. Did not work for me.

This product didn’t do anything to help with weight loss. In fact, I gained weight on the product. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

Does FucoXanthin Patch-CR Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

On their official website, SmithSorensen have failed to update the section covering their returns policy (it currently just has placeholder text). As it is impossible to buy this particular product directly from the manufacturer, their returns policy may not be useful in any case. Always check with the outlet that you buy from to ensure that your purchases are protected by a money back guarantee or a fair returns policy.

Where Can I Buy FucoXanthin Patch-CR?

FucoXanthin Patch-CR can be purchased from a number of outlets, including Better Total Health, Dr Leonard’s, AmeriMark, eBay and www.closeoutzone.com. Most websites tend to sell a month’s supply of FucoXanthin Patch-CR (30 patches) for $19.99. The cheapest price we saw was on the Closeout Zone ($14.97) and the highest was on Better Total Health ($39.95). Customers should note that many of the websites selling this product are oddly unprofessional and out-of-date in terms of programming, information and layout; make sure you order from a company with a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating to avoid being scammed.

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1.9 out of 5
FucoXanthin Patch-CR
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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