Fuel Station Juice Detox

Updated May 20, 2019.
Published Apr 22, 2017.

Fuel Station Juice Detox is a selection of soups and fruit/vegetable juices. If you follow their plan, you will likely lose weight, as you will be consuming an insanely low amount of calories per day. However, any weight-loss is going to be short-term, as this sort of diet is completely unsustainable. To follow one of these detoxes is also ridiculously expensive. For just 20 bottles of juice (a 5-day “cleanse”) you are looking at paying £95! It would be so much cheaper to just buy the fruits and vegetables and blend them yourself.


  • Effective at helping customers to lose weight in the short-term
  • Manufacturer offers free delivery on all orders


  • Manufacturer has a poor reputation in terms of customer service
  • Not sustainable and could lead to illness
  • Very expensive for what it is
  • No money-back guarantee
Fuel Station Juice Detox
The world of dieting is chock-full of fads that come and go in a blink of eye, as fashionable celebrities flit between new, odd and extreme ways of losing weight. Although often touted as miracle cures, the short shelf-life of these plans often hints at their poor long-term effectiveness or usability for ordinary people! One such fad that seems to have taken certain groups by storm is “juicing”, whereby dieters essentially starve themselves for a few days, surviving on just a few bottles of overpriced juices that have been specially designed for this purpose.

Below, we take an in-depth look into Fuel Station’s Juice Detox products to see whether or not these juices are a safe and effective way of losing weight, or just the newest wave of the juicing fad.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Overview

What you need to know about Fuel Station Juice Detox

The Fuel Station Juice Detox is a relatively new diet program and juice range promoted by a company called Fuel Station. The program encourages customers to “detox” by consuming only 3-4 vegetable or fruit juices per day (+ 2 soups in some versions) in lieu of food. Marketed as a weight loss and cleansing solution, this product is only available to buy in the United Kingdom.

Fuel Station is a relatively new company. Created in 2014, the company has been promoted in several mainstream outlets with the help of a host of minor British celebrities (including page 3 girls, reality TV contestants and formerly-famous singers). Despite a relatively strong promotional start, the company has been dogged by accusations of unprofessionalism and poor customer service on social media.

What are the side effects of Fuel Station Juice Detox?

The process of fasting in this way can put the body into starvation mode, which can cause a number of side effects. Along with the associated symptoms of illness (detailed below), starving the body repeatedly over time can have a serious effect on the metabolism, which makes it harder to lose weight in the future, as well as making it much easier to gain weight as well.

The significant hunger pangs associated with fasting can cause headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, difficulty focusing and moodiness. The lack of protein contained within this product could cause illness and difficulty recovering from exercise, especially for older customers. Diabetics may also struggle to regulate their blood sugar levels whilst taking this product, and those who have suffered with heart, liver or kidney conditions (or those taking the drug Coumadin) should avoid this plan entirely as it could cause serious complications.

How much does Fuel Station Juice Detox cost?

The 3-day juice-only detoxes (which will contain 12 bottles of vegetable or fruit juices) retail for £65 on the official website. The 5-day juice-only detoxes (containing 20 bottles of juice) cost £95, and the 7-day plan (for vegetable juices only) costs £125.

The option of combining the soups and juices (2 soups and 3 juices per day) costs £75 for the 3-day option and £95 for the 5-day option. A special 5-day pack containing just 3 juices per day costs £79. Next-day delivery shipping is free for all orders over £50, although customers must take care to ensure that the option is selected on the order form. Customers interested in this product should note that it is only available to buy in the UK and only from the manufacturer’s website.

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Fuel Station Juice Detox Key Features

Fuel Station is a UK-based company that is currently promoting a set of detox products. The company has only recently been set up (in 2014) and has already brought a number of minor British celebrities on board to help market and promote their products, including former reality TV contestants, professional boxers and formerly-famous singers.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Key Points

  • Manufactured by Fuel Station, a subsidiary of Fuel Shakes Ltd
  • Comes in 3-, 5- and 7-day kits, and with a choice of vegetable drinks, fruit juices or soups
  • Kits are only available to buy in the UK

The juice detox product range claims to help customers to lose weight and flush out harmful “toxins”. The program works by instructing buyers to only drink the provided juices for a set number of days. As of February 2017, the different juice detox programs differ only slightly, by the number of days the customer is expected to fast, and the types of juices and soups provided. The juice detox program is currently only available to buy in the UK.

How to Take Fuel Station Juice Detox

The directions for use are vague on the website, although buyers are supplied with a paper-copy containing some guidelines. In general, customers are advised to drink only the juices and soups supplied for the number of days suggested by the pack (except when taking the “5-Day Til Dinner” pack, where the customer eats an evening meal). Customers are advised to drink plenty of water, avoid exercise and stay away from caffeinated drinks. The juices are clearly numbered and labelled so customers know when and in which order to drink them.

Fuel Station can be contacted using the information provided on their official website, or through one of their numerous social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). However, we have found numerous reports of customers with complaints being blocked on social media, and reports of terrible customer service.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Concerns:

  • Company seems to have a poor reputation in terms of professionalism
  • Product is very expensive
  • No money-back guarantee

What does Fuel Station Juice Detox claim to do?

The juice detox is clearly intended to act as a weight loss solution, and Fuel Station highlights the precise number of pounds customers should expect to lose with certain kits. On the official website, Fuel Station also claims that their product helps to “cleanse, detox and rejuvenate”, by removing toxins and revitalizing the body.

Does Fuel Station Juice Detox work?

All customers thinking of buying this product should immediately be informed that all talk of “flushing out toxins” and rejuvenating the body is vague nonsense. This product will not be able to flush the body of unspecified toxins, and starving the body of food will not help to rejuvenate or cleanse it, beyond perhaps stopping the customer from consuming unhealthy or fatty food (if that was their habit beforehand).

The program will likely help most customers to lose significant amounts of weight if followed as directed. The reason for this is simple: by consuming only the juices and soups provided, the customer will only be consuming an estimated 900-1200 calories a day, which will make anyone lose weight. Whether this weight loss is sustainable is another matter entirely. Longer detoxes may put the body into starvation mode, which could hugely and negatively affect the metabolism for the long term.

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Fuel Station Juice Detox Ingredients

This section on ingredients will not be accompanied by the usual explanations, as the ingredients contained within the juices are not “active” ingredients that are expected to perform a specific action. Instead, all ingredients contained within the juices have been picked due to the fact that they are low calorie, can be made into juices and soups, and are a good source of vitamins and minerals etc. Expect most ingredients below to be poor sources of protein and dietary fiber (although high in some vegetables like kale, fiber is often lost in the juicing process).

Vegetable-Based Juices:

  • Super Green: Kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon.
  • Carrot Spice: Carrot, ginger, red apple, celery, spinach.
  • Beet Boost: Beetroot, red apple, cucumber, carrot, tenderstem brocolli.

Fruit-Based Juices:

  • Green Lemonade: Green apple, lemon, kale, cucumber.
  • Zesty Orange: Orange, carrot, green apple, ginger, lemon.
  • Berry Red: Red apple, red grape, strawberry, cucumber, beetroot.


  • Green Phyto Soup: Green pea, extra virgin olive oil, spinach, mint, kale.
  • Red Vita Soup: Tomato, red pepper, garlic, onion, cannellini beans.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Side Effects

Although none of the ingredients contained within the juices and soups come with notable side effects, the process of fasting and relying on liquids for nutrition can cause a range of issues.

The overall lack of protein contained within the juices and soups could cause illness during the detox, especially for older customers with already-lowered protein stores. The extreme hunger associated with fasting can cause headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, moodiness and difficulty concentrating. Diabetics may experience unstable blood sugar levels as a result of taking this product.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, those with advanced heart, liver or kidney disease, or diabetics. Consult with a physician before purchase if you have a serious medical condition or use any medications, whether prescription or over the counter. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using this and any supplemental dietary product.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Customer Feedback

As Fuel Station’s Juice Detox is only available to buy from the manufacturer’s website, there are very few independent product reviews available online. However, there is some chatter about the juice detox on Twitter and other social media sites, and a number of highly critical comments on Facebook regarding the company itself. A sample of these opinions can be seen below.

12lb lighter after #5DayDetox… now it’s time to Maintain and then cut down again

denying all responsibility calling their product “perfectly good” when it’s clearly not if it’s made you sick!

I think this site is a scam. I purchased juices and never received them have left countless messages that are never returned and email contact either. I am going to report this to the police.

Thanks for blocking me on Instagram lol forgot about Facebook though didn’t you!
Your customer service and treatment of your customer is absolutely appalling. Especially as I have proof that you are unable or unwilling to keep your word. Do you just take people’s money and then hide from them? Looking at the previous comments it looks as though something real dodgy is going on here!

Fuel Station Juice Detox Money-Back Guarantee

On the website, Fuel Station does not advertise any kind of returns policy, although their standpoint can be gleaned through their legal “terms and conditions” document. Fuel Station does not seem to offer guaranteed refunds even in cases where the goods have been delivered in a damaged condition (such as being “off” or sour), but instead require customers to follow a strict process that may not yield results. The customer must contact Fuel Station within 12 hours, the company must then inspect the goods and may then offer a refund at their own discretion. To quote the terms and conditions:

If any products are delivered damaged or they are not consumable due to them being off or sour, the customer must inform us within 12 hours. Replacements or refunds will not be issued to goods which have later expired but have not been informed to us within this time frame.
Refunds or replacements will be offered at our discretion. In the event of a damaged delivery, we may request to collect the parcel to investigate, in this instance replacements or refunds will not be issued until damaged goods have been received and management have made a decision, customer must not dispose of products until agreed with Fuel Management.

Where To Buy Fuel Station Juice Detox

The Fuel Station Juice Detox is only available to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. There are a range of different kits that are available to buy, depending on the customer’s tastes and aims.

3-day juice-only detoxes (which will contain 12 bottles of vegetable or fruit juices) retail for £65. The 5-day juice-only detoxes (containing 20 bottles of juice) cost £95, and the 7-day plan (for vegetable juices only) costs £125. The option of combining the soups and juices (2 soups and 3 juices per day) costs £75 for the 3-day option and £95 for the 5-day option. A new “5-Day Til Dinner” version containing just 3 juices per day costs £79. Fuel Station offers free next-day delivery for all orders over £50, although customers must take care to ensure that the option is selected when ordering.

Watchdog Verdict

Juice detoxes are not great ideas in general. To be clear, a juice detox will absolutely cause you to lose weight if followed correctly. As the plan likely involves consuming somewhere between 900-1200 calories per day, almost any customer will lose weight, as they are consuming low quantities of food. However, this process is not thought to be sustainable; like any crash diet, it invites customers to starve themselves in a dramatic way whilst cutting out many of the nutrients the body needs to thrive (such as protein). Customers that rely on this method should expect their metabolism to be greatly affected over time (meaning that it will be easier to put weight on, even when eating less). In addition, this way of approaching dieting is extremely expensive, with 5-day detoxes costing nearly £100.

Fuel Station run a fairly unprofessional website, which is full of spelling errors and very poor or incomplete explanations of what their products do, complete with vague or unhelpful references to “cleansing” or “detoxifying” (without further detail, these words are basically meaningless). Most worryingly, their customer service standards are reportedly appalling. Every visitor post on their Facebook page is to complain about late or cancelled orders for which the customer was charged money, with all customers complaining about the poor way they were treated. 40-minute waits on hold, ignored emails, and being blocked on social media sites; it seems almost any tactic for ignoring the customer is fair game for Fuel Station. Their returns policy (or lack thereof) is further evidence of the company’s lack of concern for customer satisfaction – customers should not expect a refund even in cases where they have been delivered product that is “off” or rotten!

We do not recommend Fuel Station Juice Detox to our readers!

How does Fuel Station Juice Detox compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Fuel Station Juice Detox Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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