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Garcinia Total Diet Scam?

hello there I guess ive been scammed, I saw this company on facebook and thought ooh i will try, since then I cannot contact this company, their phones do not work and I’m gonna be billed about 70 pounds. Have u heard of these people, address is po box 1229 salt lake city ut 84110. Thank you .


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28 comments on “Garcinia Total Diet Scam?”

  1. Michael says:

    It seems I will not be charged for this useless product !
    My query is about DRAGONS DEN UK ? Did those entrepreneurs really ALL put their finances in to this ?
    Something seriously out of order here ? Who is lying, deceiving and using fraudulent methods ? That is not a
    rehetorical question. I have no axe to grind and no names or organisation to criticise ! Just wondering how
    this seems to have spiralled in multiple ways and directions ? That said, I have not read ALL reviews and testimonials, albeit I saw only ONE that claimed after using an entire bottle, there was zero effect . ZILCH, NAUGHT.

  2. Margaret says:

    I feel so angry with myself for letting myself into this , it seems when availing of the free trial i didnt read it correctly and should have cancelled within 14 days. my credit card company waswell used to dealing with this same company . the email address on the pill bottle is an error. I have searched and searched. i have stopped payments but i dont ever expect a refund

  3. GILLIAN NASH says:

    Ring your credit card company. They will put a bloke on further transactions to this company

  4. Maria says:

    It happened to me the same.I’ve been scammed too

  5. Verona sutton says:

    I have been taken aswell.I am really angry that this scum get away with it

  6. Keith says:

    First thing. Ask credit card company to cancel current cards and reissue a new one. If ordering anything over the web, use Pay Pal. Start a separate bank account linked to Pay Pal and only place enough money in the account to pay for items ordered. Using this method, you won’t be scammed.

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