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Garcinia Total Diet Scam?

hello there I guess ive been scammed, I saw this company on facebook and thought ooh i will try, since then I cannot contact this company, their phones do not work and I’m gonna be billed about 70 pounds. Have u heard of these people, address is po box 1229 salt lake city ut 84110. Thank you .


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28 comments on “Garcinia Total Diet Scam?”

  1. Joanne Gribben says:

    OK, I got some strong reading glasses on and found the number in Australia to ring off the side of the bottle! I rang them and she said that I have booked an ongoing monthly plan with them (which I did not) and that is what the two other amounts are. Scam! She said the bottle is in NZ and I will get it in a couple of days. When I do, I have to ring her back and she will give me the address to send it to? She has cancelled my account. She says she will refund the money once I ring back?

  2. Joanne Gribben says:

    OMG. I ordered the free bottle of Garcina Total Care and the shipping amount of $5.53 came out of my bank account on 27 March 2017. I just received the bottle yesterday (9 May 2017). I noticed that the bottle says Garcina not Garcinia so looked it up online and found out all of this. I have checked my VISA account and have been charged $146.17 on 6/4 and $149.78 on 21/4! I am in New Zealand and there is no number on the bottle for us! What shall I do?

  3. Jules says:

    I hAve also been scammed and they can keep taking money out that I need. The Australia phone number on the bottle is not connected and it is so small it’s hard to read.

    How can I stop this please???

  4. Nin says:

    What a SCAM. These people/ company should be put on the Watch List as stammered.

  5. Anna says:

    Why are scamming companies like these still allowed to trade. Where are the customer consumer watchdogs? Why aren’t they being closed down and charged?

  6. Val Pym says:

    The Garcinia Total Diet bottle has phone numbers on the label for several countries. I was able to get in touch and cancel. I had been billed for two bottles and I was only wanting to trial. I returned the second bottle and have just been told that a refund for it has been made.[It took a while] If you ring them, have your order number ready or they can find your order from your phone number. I have almost finished the first bottle and no it didn’t work. Hope you get your money back.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I have had the same problem – unfortunately I didn’t see this forum in time. As I was in New Zealand at the time my Post Office credit card was being used for all sorts of purchases so I didn’t notice the supplementary monies going out to Bodyregit.com. My dealings with Bank of Ireland [Post Office credit card] has been woeful. They are telling me that the free trial has to be returned within 14 days nd they won’t dispute the transaction until I have returned any products to the merchant by registered post. That’s my dispute – I never signed up for further shipments, I have never received further shipments and have no address or paperwork for me to return the unopened trial bottle I received back in November. They have been so slow to respond that another payment has gone out of my account. It looks as if I have to cancel the credit card altogether, which is annoying because it gives such an excellent exchange rate when used for travel

    1. Jean Moylan says:

      Unfortunately I have also been scammed as I responded to a questionnaire on my email account & was informed that I would get a bottle of the product for FREE. I received an email from (supposedly) the company stating that my order was successful & I would only be charged the shipping cost for the two items, that is Aus $3.90 & Aus $3.82. However I have been charged a total so far of Aus $540 & received 2 bottles of tablets. When I tried to ring the number (1-800-751-591) on the email from them the response was that the number was temporarily suspended. I also emailed the two email addresses on their email, and both emails were unsuccessful. I am endeavouring to cancel my credit card (at an inconvenience to me) & hopefully before they try to SCAM any more money from me. I will also contact my bank to see what can be done to be reimbursed but I am not feeling at all hopeful. Absolute SCAM & I hope more people are not caught up in this. And not a good look for the Garcinia company. There is an address for the company in Salt Lake City but I’m sure if I wrote to them there be no response. Very Angry

  8. Munia Ahmed says:

    I saw the advertise on Facebook and have subscribe for two bottles, but your company is charging me till date every month from last Oct. I want to stop the subscription. Please help me to stop the order.

  9. h collins says:

    I purchased my trial order on 14/1/2017 & still not received have tried to contact to find order but they have denied any order (via checking on package tracking etc. but no order) too sus. so have cancelled my credit card.

  10. Terrie says:

    I am waiting for my trial pills and have had charges pending on my credit card so i rung the bank and they have cancelled the card. I hope this works.

  11. Anne says:

    I also saw these products on Facebook and stupidly ordered as “you could experiment without having to buy it”. Yeah, right!!!!!

  12. Sylvia Temara says:

    I sent for a Free trial too!!! OMG reading this makes me angry…I’d been waiting before New Years..I tried ringing the company as well, NO answer…Then yesterday I received x3 bottles, know wander, I couldn’t get a hold of them…I feel just as stupid, my son brought them for me, using his credit card. Now I’m really worried they could take more money out of his bank account.

  13. Ruth Gibbs says:

    my bank rang me & cancelled my card. Since then on 3/1/2017 i received my 2nd bottle of Garcina total diet about a week after the 1st bottle arrived, which was called
    Complete Body Cleanse System.I did not receive both bottles together.When i asked the bank how many had being caught i was told thousands.I won’t get caught again.!!!!

  14. Marilyn Baker says:

    I sent for a free trial of Gardenia Elite 350 and paid £4.95 – I have then been charged £85 twice for the Garcinia elite 350 product and another £80 twice for Advanced Trim Cleanse that I didn’t even order. So I am now £330 out of pocket within 1 month!!. I have now cancelled both and am taking it further with my bank.

    1. Paul Tone says:

      How did you cancel Marilyn

      1. Ferne Tresidder says:

        Please tell me how you managed to cancel your order. Yes I have been sucked right in too!!!

    2. Gail walker says:

      Yes I too need to know how to get in touch with them and cancel before I have no money left how do I go about it thanks in advance

      1. Lorenzo Cofield says:

        How do i get in touch with them so i can cancel whatever they are trying to scam Me for?

  15. Sue says:

    I sent for a free trial and they certainly don’t work !! Again I can’t get hold of the company not sure if I will get billed in future but am going to see if my bank can help by not sending any monies to them . Imfeelingvery stupid and angry . Has anyone else had problems getting hold of this company ? ….

    1. Josephine foy says:

      I am like you this has just happened to me I have tried to call them no answer so I will have to contact my bank how did you get on with your bank

    2. Lorenzo Cofield says:

      Yes csn someone please tell me how i can get from under this scam

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