Many dieters find themselves putting in lots of effort in order to lose weight, and when they don’t get the results that they hoped for, a pill that helps them to do that, as well as have other positive effects on your mood, such as GlucoFit sounds ideal.

But is GlucoFit actually worth the money, or is it another in a long line of diet pills that promises lots but delivers on very little? We examine it further and let you know what we think of it in this review.

GlucoFit Pros

  • Contains glucomannan – known to help suppress appetite

GlucoFit Cons

  • No information about the company behind the supplement
  • Expensive
  • Need to take 9 capsules a day
  • Contains an unknown citrus extract, which may be bitter orange. This can have some quite serious side effects
Watchdog Rejected


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GlucoFit Overview

What You Need To Know About GlucoFit

GlucoFit is a three-daily weight loss supplement from E & V Energy. which claims to help consumers lose weight and burn more fat, detox, and improve metabolism and heart health. It contains just four ingredients, the main one being glucomannan, a dietary fiber that has been proven to help with weight loss.

What Are The Side Effects Of GlucoFit?

If taken as directed, glucomannan, the key ingredient in this supplement, is considered relatively safe. However, there is the risk of choking or blockage of the throat and esophagus if the glucomannan expands before reaching the stomach. Some people may experience some mild side effects such as wind, bloating, soft stools, or diarrhea.

Some users may find that Vitamin C can cause abdominal cramps and nausea, and it may also prevent other nutrients from being absorbed. Citrus extract may cause high blood pressure, fainting, heart attacks, strokes, and headaches.

How Much Does GlucoFit Cost?

GlucoFit costs £27.70 for 90 capsules from Amazon. As 9 capsules need to be taken a day, this will last the user just 10 days.

Our Verdict On GlucoFit

The product will work – there is no denying that, as even the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) states that glucomannan will help weight loss if taken as directed with plenty of water.

We are not clear what the citrus extract is in the supplement, but we suspect it may be bitter orange, as this is a popular ingredient in weight loss pills. If this is the case, it makes us think a whole lot differently about the supplement. Bitter orange can have some really quite serious side effects for some people, due to it containing synephrine. A chemical similar to bitter orange has been banned by the FDA because of the dangers. This makes us wary of any supplement that includes this ingredient.

Initially, at less than £30 for 90 capsules, the supplement seems relatively cheap. However, when you take into account a whopping 9 capsules a day need to be taken, meaning the bottle will only last ten days, it is suddenly quite expensive.

There’s no information about the company behind the supplement, E&V Energy. The product appears to be made in the EU, as they refer to the EU legislation Directive 2002/46/EC multiple times, and from what we can gather, the company are based in Croatia. However, that is the extent of our knowledge about them.

There is only one review of the product on Amazon so far, which is five-star rated. However, whilst it mentions about more energy and improving sleep (which isn’t what the product is aimed to do), it doesn’t say anything about losing weight, so we don’t know if it works.

There is a money-back guarantee stated in the Amazon listing, but it does not explain how to do this.

Taking all of this into account, we do not recommend GlucoFit to our readers.

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GlucoFit Key Features

GlucoFit is a dietary supplement made in the EU. It contains glucomannan and garcinia, popular ingredients in this type of supplement.

It should be taken three times a day, half an hour before each meal, so that the glucomannan has time to take effect.

GlucoFit Facts

  • Made in the EU
  • 90 Capsules per bottle
  • Contains just four ingredients

Glucomannan is a fiber derived from the Konjac root, a plant which is also known as the elephant yam. Glucomannan is widely used in weight loss supplements due to it having the support of numerous different clinical trials to show that it does actually help weight loss.

How to Take GlucoFit

  • Take 9 capsules per day, spread out over 3 separate doses
  • 3 half an hour before breakfast, 3 half an hour before lunch, and 3 half an hour before dinner
  • Each capsule needs to be taken with two glasses of water

When you take a supplement containing glucomannan with water, it starts to absorb the water, and turns the water into a thick gel which takes up space in your stomach, and means that when you eat a meal, you can eat less food before you get full. This means that you feel satisfied even though you have eaten fewer calories. In turn, this will help you to lose weight. It also slows down digestion, meaning that you stay fuller for longer. As well as this, it regulates blood sugar levels, preventing that crash that often leaves people reaching the biscuit tin and also binds with fat and cholesterol in the body, so fewer calories are absorbed. Glucomannan really is a bit of a wonder ingredient when it comes to weight loss – as long as the dosage is correct and it’s combined with other effective ingredients.

GlucoFit Concerns:

  • No information about the company manufacturing the product
  • No information on how to return the products even though they offer a money-back guarantee
  • Only one customer review

The only information we can find out about the company behind the product is that they are called E & V Energy and are based in Croatia. They do have a website and some social media accounts, however these are all in German with very few posts.

What Does GlucoFit Claim To Do?

E & V Energy claim that their product:

  • Helps users to lose weight quicker and burn more fat
  • Works as an all natural cleanser
  • Works as a natural detox
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves heart health
  • Regulates blood sugar levels

Does GlucoFit Work?

We believe that it will work because it contains glucomannan, which we know has proven effects on weight loss.

Garcinia also has been shown to have a small effect on weight loss, and citrus extract, assuming it is the bitter orange that we think it is, whilst dangerous, again, has a positive effect on weight loss.

If taken correctly, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, we believe that this product will work for some people.

What Are The Ingredients of GlucoFit?

Please note that the quantity of each ingredient is correct for nine capsules of GlucoFit

  • Glucomannan (3060 mg): This is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of the elephant yam, also known as konjac. It gives consumers a natural feeling of fullness, which in turn will lead to them eating less and consuming less calories, allowing them to achieve their weight loss goals.
  • Garcinia Extract (20% caffeine)(1260 mg): This contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid, which studies have shown to help boost fat burning and cut back appetite. It also contains a small amount of caffeine, which is also known to help with weight loss.
  • Citrus Extract (80% hesperidin) (540 mg): It is not clear exactly what citrus acid this is. We are guessing that it may be citrus aurantium (bitter orange), as it is a popular ingredient in weight loss pills. It contains an active ingredient called synephrine that is similar to ephedra. In 2004, the FDA banned ephedra due to the serious side effects on the heart. Many weight loss and bodybuilding products contain bitter orange and caffeine, which can cause high blood pressure and increased heart rate in healthy adults. There is concern that using bitter orange might cause heart problems.
  • Vitamin C (540 mg): A daily dose of vitamin C not only helps your body function properly, but it could aid in effective weight loss. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2005 showed that people who are deficient in vitamin C may have a harder time losing fat mass.

Does GlucoFit Have Any Side Effects?

Some of the ingredients have side effects. These include choking and blockage of the esophagus and throat, wind, bloating, soft stools, or diarrhea from the glucomannan, and abdominal cramps and nausea from the Vitamin C, as well as the stoppage of other nutrients. Citrus extract may cause high blood pressure, fainting, heart attacks, strokes, and headaches.

As with all dietary supplements, seek medical advice before taking if you are pregnant, nursing, take any medication or suffer with any medical conditions.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For GlucoFit?

There is just one customer review on Amazon for this product. However, the user has been using it for a short time and has not mentioned anything about weight loss. They have, however, talked about it improving their sleep and energy.

Got my Glucofit product very promptly. Having taken the first few doses over the past several days, i can already notice that my energy levels and sleep have improved. I will definitely be replenishing my supply once i have finished this pack

– May 2018

Does GlucoFit Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

They do offer a 100%, 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee on their Amazon listing, but there is no information on how to obtain this.

Where Can I Buy GlucoFit?

You can purchase GlucoFit from Amazon for £27.70.

How does GlucoFit compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria GlucoFit Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend GlucoFit.


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