Green Stinger

If you have tried quite a few weight loss supplements and not received any results, it is natural to feel frustrated and cynical. Why bother trying out something else when you know it’s not going to work, right? Well maybe you are in need of a product that will show results without any fanfare. All you need to do is look at user reviews to see which products are truly effective.

When you need to lose weight drastically, only a very potent thermogenic weight loss supplement will be of any use. Green Stinger with Ephedra is one such product that has changed the lives of its users. You will not find big promises sugar coated in fancy ingredients here. It is an all-out ephedra based product that promises to burn fat and tone the body in no time at all.

Green Stinger Pros

  • Promotes massive thermogenic activity which leads to extreme fat burning and fat loss
  • Controls appetite and prevents fat uptake
  • Increased energy levels and improved mood helps one perform better all day

Green Stinger Cons

  • Ephedra may lead to severe side effects
  • Contains a high amount of caffeine that can be harmful for those sensitive to it
  • A very potent product that is not meant for crash dieters at all.
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Green Stinger

Green Stinger Review

Green Stinger Facts

  • Has many fat burning ingredients
  • Increases metabolic rates and energy levels
  • Has antioxidants and may act as an aphrodisiac drug

It is now possible to get that perfect body that you have desired for a long time. Of course, diet and exercise are important but you will have additional help in the form of Green Stinger with Ephedra. This potent thermogenic has been specially formulated to boost the body’s metabolic rate so that body’s ability to burn fat is increased manifold along with your energy levels. Experts in the industry, whether they are athletes or an active body builder, will vouch for this product because it does so much more than fat burning. As a popular variant of the ECY Stack concept, this can take one’s dieting and workout program to the next level.

These are serious weight loss supplements which mean that they are very strong and potent and may not be suitable for all users. Yes, they will help users lose weight really fast but unless you are very active you may suffer from certain side effects. It’s not hard to understand why. If your body has excess energy and you are doing nothing about it, then naturally it will result in headaches or jittery feelings. These maximum strength pills can give you explosive energy which is great for workouts because you can now push your body to new levels, burn away all those excess fats and get a well-honed body in the process.

Manufactured by Schwartz Labs, these ephedra based diet pills have become best sellers in the weight loss niche today. They combine 8 thermogenic compounds with 3 thermogenic extenders to boost your metabolism and fat burning capabilities. Powerful ingredients like ephedra, Phenylethylamine HCL and Theobroma Cocoa are blended to increase their individual benefits and become a potent power together. Their effectiveness has users raving about this product which has quickly become the perfect supplement partner for one’s dieting. Anyone who wishes to experience increased overall energy and quicker weight loss should try this out.

A lot of people get confused between ephedra and ephedrine. The former is a type of plant which has a number of active ingredients in its stems called the ephedra alkaloids. The most powerful of these alkaloids is known as the ephedrine. This product has 27 mg of ephedra extract which works without being too strong. Combined with this is about 200 mg of caffeine that enhances the metabolism, appetite suppressing powers and energy levels. Then there are ingredients like bitter orange and synephrine which can charge up the system and activate fat burning big time. Theobroma is a metabolic activator which also improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health along with reducing inflammation.

Powerful antioxidants like green tea help improve overall health while Yohimbe HCL increases the amount of norepinephrine in the bloodstream aiding in the breakdown of fats. All these components go a long way to initiate a rapid weight loss system. However, it must be noted that many experts think that this combination also makes this too strong a product for everyone. Some feel that mixing Yohimbe and ephedrine could lead to severe side effects.

How to Take Green Stinger

Users are advised to take two caplets with water, two to three times a day or as needed.

It is advisable to test tolerance levels before upping the dosage.

Proper hydration is important since this is an extremely powerful product. To ensure effectiveness one should take at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

One must follow the directions for use carefully in order to get the best results to avoid side effects.

Under no circumstances should one exceed the recommended dosage.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking Green Stinger, especially if one has any kind of medical condition to report or takes any prescription medication that may react with this.

If any user feels any discomfort, he or she should stop taking this pill and consult with their doctor for advice and support.

Green Stinger Concerns:

  • Has potent dosage of ephedra extract in each dosage
  • The combination of the above with caffeine with Yohimbine HCL can be dangerous
  • There is no money back guarantee attached

What Does Green Stinger Claim To Do?

Green Stinger is one of the most powerful fat burners available today, which can be a bad thing in some cases. Made by Schwartz Laboratories it includes ephedra extract along with Yohimbe and Evodiamine to help you people lose weight fast. Combined with caffeine this thermogenic diet pill also has enormous appetite suppressing benefits leading to powerful weight loss effects. It claims to increase the energy levels and power the body up throughout the day for better physical and mental performance.

By boosting up the metabolism it results in extreme fat burning activities. It supports the fat and water weight around the body’s core comprehensively promoting rapid weight loss. The stimulants help in increasing energy levels but without the usual crash or jitters. Instead it increases the endorphin levels and improves one’s overall mood.

So What Is Green Stinger and What Are The Ingredients?

Green Stinger falls under the category of serious or extreme dietary supplements that can promote rapid weight loss through massive thermogenic activity. It offers 27mg of pure ephedra extract per dose, which makes it a potent product unlike the common diet pills that most crash dieters use. It has been specially formulated to burn fat and increase energy levels leading to fast and effective weight loss results. This powerful fat burner is ideal for people who are physical active and into healthy diets.

A look at the ingredients:

The proprietary formula of Green Stinger includes:

  • Ephedra Extract: Boosts metabolism and targets fat
  • Yohimatrix: A proprietary combination of Yohimbine HCL with two other versions of the herb- Aids in the breakdown of fats in the body
  • Citrus Aurantium or bitter orange: Activates fat burning
  • Synephrine Extract: Charges up the central nervous system and activates fat burning
  • Acacia Rigidula: Enhances ephedra functions by stimulating the thyroid gland
  • Phenylethylamine HCL: Aids in weight loss and mood enhancement
  • Theobroma CoCoa: Acts as metabolic activator,improves blood circulation, cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation.
  • Green Tea Extract: Full of antioxidants that leads to overall good health
  • Naringen: Lowers cholesterol and helps in fat burning
  • Pure White Willow Bark Extract: Enhances the activities of other elements
  • Evodiamine: Reduces fat uptake
  • TriENRG: A proprietary combination of pure, natural caffeines with Kola Nut and Guarana Extract along with Yerba Mate – Kicks up metabolic rate, increases energy levels and suppresses appetite.

The inactive ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glucolate, dextrose, magnesium stearate, silica,stearic acid and FD&C Green #3.

So What Does All This Mean?

It is easy to understand why the Green Stinger has become such a popular product in such a short time. It uses all the powerful elements mentioned above and blends them into a winning formula. The result is a potent product that works as an extreme thermogenic fat burner that can bring about massive weight loss effects and fast. While it is highly endorsed by athlete and hardcore fitness experts because of its efficacy in producing high energy and building up lean muscle mass, regular users are beginning to use it more as well.

The reason for this is it has shown great results in melting away the stored body fats that one has been unable to get rid of till date. When users combine this with their diet and exercise program they can finally see the results that they have waited for all their lives. A great body and good health combined with it.

Does Green Stinger Have Any Side Effects?

Is Green Stinger Safe?

The manufacturers themselves have proclaimed that that Green Stinger is a serious weight loss product and is not suitable for everyone. It offers enormous weight loss advantages for all but are ideally more effective for those who are physically active. Its pure ephedra and caffeine content make it a very strong product that can lead to serious side effects.

Earlier, ephedra was banned by the FDA but later the ban was lifted. Nevertheless, one cannot discount the potency of this element which had even resulted in deaths some time back. However, the FDA did mention that a few ephedra extracts are safe to use and this is what makes up for the formula in the Green Stinger.

But ephedra is not the only ingredient here, it also has caffeine and Yohimbine HCL, the combination of which can be severe for many. Caffeine especially is presence in high doses which can lead to jitteriness, headaches and insomnia in those who are sensitive to stimulants.

Not meant for anyone below 18 years of age, pregnant women, or nursing mothers, or those taking medications or suffering from any health conditions

Those allergic to caffeine should refrain from using this.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Schwartz Laboratories have warned that this potent product is not suitable for all dieters.

One should talk to the doctor before taking Green Stinger as the primary weight loss supplement.

Any Green Stinger Reviews From Customers?

This product is sold in various places, some of which have independent reviews ready for us to see. The majority are very positive.

It gave me a rush, took away some of my pain, and helped me slow my overall eating down. To lose weight. Yes. Yes. I am happy with my 10 lb. weight loss so far.

It really does make me feel I have more energy and seems to provide a decent boost in my workouts.

Works great, energy boost with minimal jitters. That.s what I was looking for and this delivers. Worth the money, Highly recommended.

Great product! !! Have used it for years, for appetite suppressant and energy. Does NOT make me nervous. Just works very well !! I would absolutely recommend it to others, and have.

There are a few that are less positive.

I wanted this product to give me extra energy throughout the day. I had no jitters or headaches, and it worked pretty well for a week or so. I did not lose any weight while taking the product. However, by the second week, I found myself having to take more of the product to get the same energy boost as I did during the first week. For these reasons I would say that the product was a little pricey for what it did, and I ran out quicker than expected. This product has been on backorder and so I purchased the Lipodrene and it has worked much much better in every wan I expected. As a side bonus, my belly has flattened out more as well as my hips. I would recommend the Lipodrene over Green Stinger.

I purchased this product for energy, assistance with appetite control and weight loss. I took 2 tabs 3x a day. It gave me a little boost in the morning, but did not curb the afternoon crash especially if I ate. This product did not help with my weight loss goals at all. I would not recommend it to others. I liked lipodrene better.

Did not do a thing for me- I used Ephedra 20 years ago before it was banned and it worked great- this extract only made me jittery and did not help me lose anything. I would not recommend it and will not be reordering.

Green Stinger Diet Pills It made my heart pound and I got real jittery. I even cut pills in half, same result. I swear I crashed in an hours time.

So Does Green Stinger Work?

Green Stinger is probably the most powerful thermogenic supplement in the market today. With 27 mg of ephedra in each dose that is combined with 8 other thermogenic compounds and 3 thermogenic extenders this has become the ultimate ephedra supplement for users who want real results. The winning formula can burn fat so fast that users have to rethink their diet and exercise routines. This is not meant for crash dieters but for serious fitness experts who want long term weight loss results.

It uses the goodness of ephedra without causing the fatal side effects that it has been earlier known for. It is known to promote extreme thermogenic activity in the body without the nervousness and jitteriness that other products cause. The effectiveness of Ephedra as a weight loss supplement is deeply established, and in this product doubly so. One only has to see the user reviews to see how well it works. Although we are a little bit worried about side effects which a number of people have experienced.

Where Can I Buy Green Stinger?

The product is available via several online retail sites like –

What About A Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee mentioned for this product.

Watchdog Verdict

The Green Stinger has proven its efficacy as a potent diet pill which has brought about massive weight loss effects in all its users. The two active alkaloid compounds in ephedra, pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are the powerful stimulants and thermogenic that make this such a potent pill. The winning combination of ephedra with a variety of stimulants and other weight loss compounds can trigger fast fat loss, even in those who have suffered from stubborn fat deposits for long. When combined with diet and exercise it can lead to long lasting slimming effects.

While it has been a favored supplement for athletes, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts, regular users are beginning to see great results as well. However, the manufacturers have been very clear on its potency and have warned crash dieters against using this. Those who are sensitive to stimulants have also been warned to exercise caution or take medical advice before taking this. We’ve seen the side effects, as commented on by users and paired with no money back guarantee, we can’t possibly approve Green Stinger.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Green Stinger

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