Hellfire EPH 150

Updated May 14, 2019.
Published Jan 4, 2017.

Manufactured by Innovative Labs, Hellfire 150 EPH is a strong fat burner that contains 150mg of ephedra. Ephedra has been banned for safety reasons, so does this supplement really contain this banned ingredient and live up to the dangerous claims? We take an in-depth look at Hellfire EPH 150 to find out more.


  • None


  • No information about the origins or manufacturer of this supplement
  • Incomplete ingredients profile
  • Contains dangerous ingredient
Hellfire EPH 150
Hellfire EPH 150 is advertised as an ephedra diet pill that feeds on fat cells to fuel weight loss. This supplement is described as a ‘belly melting’ energy blend and a ‘bad boy’ tablet, so the message is clear; this is one dangerous diet pill!

Hellfire EPH 150 Overview

What you need to know about Hellfire EPH 150

We are concerned about Hellfire 150 EPH. Despite this supplement being available from numerous sellers, there is no real information about its background. Innovative Laboratories, the so-called makers, are not listed as a US company.

In fact, the closest we got to the source was finding a distribution company who in turn only provide an email address for trade enquiries. We think that Hellfire 150 EPH is imported, so may not conform to GMP (good manufacturing practice) or basic safety guidelines.

There is some confusion around this product, when we first reviewed it the ingredients list was pretty different to the current one. It used to include a branded extract called Ephedran (which may or may not have been dangerous), but now it seems to contain actual ephedra (which is definitely dangerous).

What are the side effects of Hellfire EPH 150?

Side effects may include irregular or rapid heartbeat, stomach upset/pains, nausea, vomiting, jitteriness, sleep problems, anxiety/ irritability, high blood pressure, racing heartbeat/heart pounding, dizziness, headache, frequent urination, bloating, skin rash, and increased risk of kidney failure, seizure, and heart attack.

How much does Hellfire EPH 150 cost?

This depends upon the retailer, but a typical price is one bottle of 100 capsules for $29.99.

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Hellfire EPH 150 Key Features

Hellfire EPH 150 has the scary look! The clue is in the name. After all, your doctor or physician is never going to write out a prescription telling you to take Hellfire for two weeks!

Some diet pills come with names that sound like prescription medicines but this one is unabashedly walking on the dark side of the supplement world.

If you are looking for a diet pill to deliver energy, euphoria and extreme weight loss and you don’t care about safety and potential side effects, it looks as if Hellfire EPH 150 ticks all the boxes.

Hellfire EPH 150 Key Points

  • Made by a company called Innovative Labs who are probably based overseas
  • Available on eBay but not stocked by mainstream companies
  • Contains ephedra

Ephedra contains ephedrine, a chemical that works as a stimulant and appetite suppressant with a similar molecular structure (and effects) of amphetamine. Supplements containing ephedra were banned in the USA in 2004 in response to adverse effects and deaths associated with ephedra supplements.

This makes this supplement very unsafe.

How to Take Hellfire EPH 150

Begin by taking one capsule per day. For best results, take twice daily.

DO NOT take within six (6) hours of bedtime.

NEVER EXCEED more than two (2) capsules in a 24-hour period.

Do NOT take for more than 45 consecutive days without a 20-day break prior to your next protocol.

Hellfire EPH 150 comes from a company called Innovative Diet Labs. There is zero information about them, save that a distribution company called BN Distribution is the sole distributor of Innovative Diet Labs products.

Sticking our neck out here, but we suspect that these supplements are imported from China and probably do not conform to GMP (good manufacturing practice) and basic safety controls.

Hellfire EPH 150 Concerns

  • No health warnings or safety information despite this supplement containing stimulants
  • Ephedra is a dangerous ingredient
  • Might be imported from China

The ingredients list may not correspond to the product information. Despite extensive searching for details of Innovative Diet Labs, we drew a big fat zero.

If this company really exists, it does not appear to be based in the USA. Innovative Diet Labs supplements are available online from many cut-price online supplement companies and eBay. They are not on sale from any of the major reputable companies such as GNC or anyone else you are likely to have heard of, so come with no safety guarantees.

What does Hellfire EPH 150 claim to do?

The advertised benefits of Hellfire EPH 150 include:

  • Attacks unwanted body fat
  • Promotes euphoric feeling
  • Increase energy levels
  • Helps achieve desired physique
  • Improves alertness & focus
  • Increases your metabolism

There are some alarming claims,

Innovative Diet-Laboratories is known to put the HEAT on competition, and now, the metabolic masterminds behind their HARDCORE products have collaborated their efforts to create an enigmatic energy blend designed to torch your metabolic ability, combust calories, and fuel the euphoria and mental focus that make it easy to fine tune your physique.


Engages an incinerating synchrony of fat searing, focus fuelling ingredients to crank your body up to a metabolic broil.

And, is described as,

A belly melting energy blend designed to torch your metabolic ability, combust calories, and fuel your euphoria and mental focus that makes fine tuning your physique an easy feat.

This sounds painful! It could be just advertising hype or it is possible that this supplement contains additional ingredients that we do not know about or dangerously high levels of ephedra.

With the lack of information about the manufacturer and the shadowy Innovative Diet Labs, we cannot find anyone to contact regarding the ingredients list.

Does Hellfire EPH 150 work?

If you want to lose weight and are willing to put your health on the line, Hellfire may help you lose weight. After all, if you are suffering from side effects, you will probably lose your appetite. Added energy and stimulants also help temporary weight loss.

However, we would not advise anyone to take anything containing ephedra.

We are not that sure what this diet pill really contains. We believe that it is imported, and Chinese diet pills often come with added ingredients that don’t show up in the product information.

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Hellfire EPH 150 Ingredients

When we first reviewed this product, the ingredients list was just these three proprietary blends:

Ephedran Brand Extract (150mg):

  • Caralluma Fimbriata: This trademarked brand contains just this one ingredient- a natural cactus sometimes described as Indian Hoodia and contains plant chemicals pregnane and megastigmane glycosides that appear to decrease appetite. Although research is in early stages, results look promising but Caralluma requires further testing for both effectiveness and safety. We covered this new ingredient in a Watchdog video report.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): The backbone of many fat burners and the world’s favourite stimulant, caffeine has an energy and metabolism boosting effect that can provide support to weight loss. The downside is that everyone has different tolerances to caffeine and once you get used to it, the effects can wear off. Caffeine Anhydrous is the powdered form of caffeine and the most suitable for supplement manufactureing. The equivalent here to about 2 cups of instant coffee.

StimMax (140mg):

  • Black and Green Tea: So delivers antioxidants in particular ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate) which is known to be relevant to increased fat burning and does have health benefits.
  • Phenethylamine: This natural amino acid, also present in chocolate is often included in bodybuilder’s products and weight loss supplements because of the mild euphoric effects. Phenylethylamine can cause a short-term mood lift but has no proven benefit for weight loss. It is potentially unsafe and can cause side effects.
  • Evodiamine 98%: This is a chemical, extracted from Evodia Rutaecarpa an Asian tree. It may help increase serotonin levels and clinical testing on mice has indicated it can reduce fat deposits. It appears to act as a thermogenic but it lacks human clinical testing regarding weight loss. There is no proof that it works.
  • Alpha Yohimbine P.E. 8%: Chemical derived from a tree in Africa called the Yohimbe. Yohimbine increases blood flow and is a stimulant that may have weight loss benefits. However, this ingredient is unsafe and is on the “dirty dozen” dangerous ingredients list. Reported side effects include changes to blood pressure, increases in heart rate and even heart attack and seizure. Here in unknown quantities and potentially dangerous.

ThermoCore (95mg):

  • Coleus Forskohlii: This is a plant extract, which contains the chemical forskolin. This is supposed to increase the metabolism and aid weight loss but it lacks any real evidence and results are conflicting. It is also claimed to boost testosterone.
  • Peppermint: There is no evidence that peppermint will cause weight loss.

However, it now looks to have been updated and contains the dangerous ingredient ephedra. The latest ingredients list is as follows:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)
  • Ephedra Extract (150mg): leaves, as Thermo Z Brand.
  • Proprietary Blend with Thermo-Rx and Extend-Rx Technology (235mg): Senegalia berlandieri Extract (Leaves) [Yielding Phenylethylamine Alkaloids Including: Methylsynephrine, B-Phenylethylamine, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, & N-Phenethyldimethylamine], Methylhexanamine HCL, Black Tea Extract (leaves), Higenamine Hcl, Rauwolfia Serpentine Extract (Bark), Evodiamine, Rutacarpine, Peppermint Extract (leaves), Black Pepper extract (98% Piperine).
  • Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Magnesium stearate, FD & C Red#40, Red #3, Blue #1.

Hellfire EPH 150 Side Effects

Although it is hard to find customer feedback for Hellfire, a Watchdog reader has contacted us complaining of some pretty alarming side effects including vomiting, pounding heart and severe pain following taking this supplement. This fits in with the side effects of ephedra.

Other potential side effects may include:

  • Irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • Stomach upset/pains
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Jitteriness
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety/irritability
  • High blood pressure
  • Racing heartbeat/heart pounding
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Frequent urination
  • Bloating
  • Skin rash
  • Increased risk of kidney failure, seizure, and heart attack

There is not one health warning provided in the product information. This does not mean that Hellfire is safe. It just means that people selling this supplement do not know or care what is actually in it.

The diet pill industry is unregulated. Just because a supplement is openly on sale does not mean it is necessarily safe.

Caution: Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Definitely avoid if you have any medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart condition, glaucoma, kidney problems. Do not take if you are sensitive to stimulants. See your doctor for advice, before you take this supplement.

Hellfire EPH 150 Customer Feedback

There is not much feedback for Hellfire. It is often sold on eBay so most feedback relates to the speed of the delivery and customer service rather than the product itself.

However, one retailer (I Supplements) has displayed some feedback comments. One customer called Crystal reported,

I have used many fat burners over the years but DO NOT LIKE this product. It made me very shaky, sweaty, and gave me goose bumps. I felt “out of it” and spacey with this product. Will not order again.

Another customer liked it,

This product is very good it is wonderful because doesn’t make you agitated… full of good energy through entire day up to 16 hours this product gives you wonderful mood and infinite amount of energy . Will recommend to any of you out there to try this out. Do not take more than one.

Hellfire EPH 150 Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee with this supplement.

Where To Buy Hellfire EPH 150

You can only buy Hellfire online. It is available from a variety of sellers on eBay and also on sale from some of the smaller online supplement companies that specialise in ‘strong’ ephedra style products.

If you are in the USA, you can find Hellfire on sale from I – one of the better-looking retailers in this category. One bottle of 100 capsules cost $29.99.

With this company, you can make savings on larger orders. Two bottles costs $58.99, Three bottles costs $87.99.

You can also buy Hellfire via eBay. Prices range from around $25.99 to $40.00. In the UK, you can find Hellfire for around £35.00 for 100 capsules.

Watchdog Verdict

Ephedra is now on the ingredients list. It used to contains a branded supplement containing a cactus fibre called Ephedran that was deliberately named to create a misleading impression.

But now it contains genuine ephedra, so Hellfire 150 EPH is still not safe. The few customer feedback comments mention side effects and support the view that this supplement is dangerous.

It is important to keep safe when buying supplements online. The diet pill industry is unregulated, and some of what is on offer can be a serious threat to health. We feel that Hellfire 150 EPH falls into this category.

It is an easy decision. We would not take this supplement ourselves or recommend it to anyone else so there is no way we would ever add this to our approved list.

How does Hellfire EPH 150 compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Hellfire EPH 150 Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I am a bodybuilder/powerlifter who diets down once per year. This item is very very strong, and this comes from a guy who is used to 2-3 scoops of C4 pre-workout. It’s very hard to believe these pills have only 150mg of caffeine. My heart was beating like crazy and I actually felt a chest pain sometimes. Almost passed out after 30 minutes of running. Will finish the package but definitely won’t buy again. It definitely works but feels unhealthy. I don’t recommend starting your diet with it, probably just use it to finish some stubborn fat when natural diet stops working. No supplement should feel shitty or have side effects, for that you have steroids, except they also work. Diet pills will have only minor effect on your physique.

  2. I have been taking these for about 6 months. The jittery feeling usually goes away after 1) I workout or 2) I eat. Whichever comes first. Have had the irritated skin, but it only happened once or twice. It definitely raises the metabolic rate. I have no problem gettin my gallon and a half of water down with these, I usually only stick to one pill a day and have had good results

  3. 2 pills taken, feels like a preworkout.

    1.30hrs after eating -watery eyes, anxiety, pupils huge even in bathroom under light..

    Lasts a while. If a police saw you while doing this 2 pills you would be in trouble for sure.

    Not sure how to take 3 a dayand remain normal.. Its impossible .

    One with a huge meal should be ok if you want to remain normal and not go sweating looking like your on some drug

    It works good as pre gym but lasts 4-5 hours before you chill

  4. NOT Sure why my hellfire product is different than yours but the hellfire 150 product I have in my hands straight up has ephedra on the label and it’s an active ingredient without the alkalines so ephedrine is band ephedrine is not in this product rather it’s alkaline extracts, ephedra, are active ingredients in this I don’t see you cactus or anything anywhere on this it’s straight up ephedra

  5. I got these in an attempt to have more energy to get through workouts awhile back. I tool as directed and had to stop because I had to much energy and was very jittery. I put them away and just revisited them a few days ago. Here is what I came up with-I take one in the morning only before a workout with 32 + ounces of water during the workout. Because it gives me that boost-I can focus, get through it and give 100%. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks so this helps me move in the morning. I don’t take another one, even if I do an afternoon workout. I feel if I take one and work out, I burn off the jolt. Not sure if that helps but I think the modified plan I have works for me.

  6. I bought these online while browsing different fat burners. I had been taking Jet Fuel by GAT. I expected these to do pretty much the same thing… Boy was I wrong. Taking just 1 of these makes me nervous, sweaty, anxious, mildly nauseous, and overall just feel like crap. I use diet pills in place of energy drinks because they are cheaper and dont make me urinate as frequently. I do not recommend Hellfire to anyone. As the name suggests, they are not a pleasant experience.

  7. OK so I’ve taken products by this company for a little while now. Here are my findings with Hellfire.
    – Some nervousness and anxiousness, but at the same time excited and motivated.
    – Heart rate increases by 25bpm (my normal rate is around 60-65bpm)
    – Definitely has ingredients which elevated testosterone levels, can cause some mild ejaculation whilst urinating.
    – Frequent urination
    – Dry tongue, you must eat something and continue drinking consistently every hour.
    – Effects appear to wear off after 5hrs.
    – Do not take more than one serve at the same time.
    – Appetite is suppressed, mitigating the urge to eat, but you should still eat lower quantities which this can certainly help you achieve.
    – Do not take if you also drink coffee/energy drinks or stack with pre-workouts.

    Overall these have been my findings after day 7. Would I buy this product again? Probably not.

    Where did I purchase from? EphedraWarehouse

  8. I took my first dosage this morning and felt fine for the first 2 hours or so but then it hit me hard. I was sweating, cold, rapid heart rate, headache, shaky, and light headed. I took a single pill with water. I also have been urinating every 10 minutes or so. It has been about 12 hours since I took the pill and I am still feeling the side effects but the only difference is I’m now exhausted after having my body revved up all day. This is my first experience using a diet pill and will probably be my last.

  9. Forgot telling that I felt tiredness on two opportunities: once was yesterday when working out. I took one before getting to the gym. I felt exhausted to do cardio after working out as I always do. The second time was today…I took one before lunch…I started falling asleep an hour later. Slept for 3 hours. It called my attention but can’t say if it’s related to the pill or not

  10. I am a figure competitor. I read comments on the web before taking it. As I have had unpleasant experiences with some fat burners in the past and I haven’t taken any for about a year, I took it with caution. Not in an empty stomach and nothing of caffeine!. To my surprise I didn’t have any sympton. I lost two kilos in the first two days. I have taken this for four days. As I didn’t have any bad feeling I took a second pill in the evening before going out. .I was not going to sleep. I had a rush of nervousness for 15 minutes maybe and a little increase of heart beat for 10 minutes…nothing dramatic. Now I gave a pill yesterday to a friend…40 minutes later..she felt really bad…rapid heart beat and bad feeling. She started crying. My conclusion: If I didn’t have a competition coming so close in time I wouldn’t continue taking it..It works…but it is uncertain what it is doing in my body. I wanna stay healthy. .not only ripped ????.

  11. I am a 35yo, 5’9″ / 90+kg male. I am a regular-exerciser of ten years now, who is familiar with various stimulants. I bought a few of these bottles online at Amazon, as I was looking to get more of a potent-fix for my dumbell/power-walking cardio sessions. As a longterm Jack3d (original) user (and non-smoker/non-drinker), I was more than confident that my body was able to cope with it. (I WAS AFTER THE REAL EPHEDRA/DMMA COCKTAIL, AND WAS MISLEAD BY THE FALSE ADVERTISING). I read the recommended dosage before using it, and it said for best results to take 1 TABLET twice a day (separately). I made a stupid mistake by taking 2 at the same time, washed down with a 380ml of Lucozade (which contains caffeine), on an empty stomach, after waking from sleep. Here are the results: The onset was very rapid, with a massive, steady, and controlled rush of “energy”, similar to having say 3 cans of Relentless happening all at the same time. This was not so bad/quite enjoyable and predictable. I proceeded to go about my usual dumbell-workout, and the energy from the tablets seemed to be never-ending. My face became very red and flushed, and, having to use the toilet to defecate about 2 hours after consuming the tabs, I had to steady myself on the hand rail (next to the toilet), as I was feeling very lightheaded and faint. There was definitely some sort of Euphoric state-of-mind going on. Eventually, a few hours later (long after the workout had finished), I decided to go and lie down on the bed, and I was praying for the effects of the tablets to wear off. Heart-rate was elevated, but not so drastically; it was more of this red-faced “flushed” feeling that was the problem, not the heart-rate. Then, an hour or two after I had been lying down on the bed, it was almost as though someone just “turned the light switch off” and all the symptoms of the tablets suddenly stopped, and I felt absolutely fine again. I went to the kitchen to eat and drink, and I was A-OK. I kept on muttering to myself “thank god that’s over”, and it also felt like “nothing had ever happened”. CONCLUSION: To be fair, I took 2 tablets instead of 1, and I also stacked that with a caffeinated drink, and did so on an empty-stomach. So whatever results I did obtain, I would have to half in order to anticipate what the correct dosage would have reaped. I myself am willing to try this out again WITH JUST 1 TABLET. I am willing to give this drug the benefit of the doubt. I would recommend taking ONLY ONE TABLET of these, about 6-8 hours after eating a SMALL pre-workout meal, and getting some fresh air whilst enduring the effects. I would also HYDRATE a lot during exercise (WITH A NO-CAFFEINE DRINK). I think, under the right conditions, this tablet would work really well; but I would have to test this out in order to make a confirmation. THIS IS A VERY POTENT TABLET –

    1. Thanks for your input I will follow instructions and take just 1 pill I think u should have just posted results of taking pill as described to be fair I was wondering after reading why you didn’t I wanted to know.

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