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Herbex Complete Pack Women 40-60

Herbex Slimmers for Women 40-60 Complete Pack provides you with a combination of products to help you lose weight more efficiently. It is designed specifically for women in this age group because they need more help accelerate their metabolism. The complete pack includes products to help stimulate metabolism, reduce appetite, and reduce water weight. Regular use offers other health benefits as well.

Herbex Slimmers for Women 40-60 offers several products, including Booster Fat Burn and Appetite Control Tablets. By using these products simultaneously, you can hope to get better results and trigger fat loss. It certainly has an impressive ingredient profile, but the question is, ‘can it really help you lose weight quickly and effectively?’ Here is our review to help you decide.

Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Pros

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • May possibly help boost metabolism

Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Cons

  • Under-dosed ingredients
  • Lacks scientific evidence
  • Contains caffeine
  • May cause side effects
  • Not easy to take
  • Expensive
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Herbex Complete Pack Women 40-60

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What You Need To Know About Herbex Complete Pack 40-60

Herbex Slimmers for Women 40-60 is a combination of several natural ingredients and herbal extracts. These ingredients work synergistically to boost your metabolism, reduce appetite, and trigger fat loss. It also contains mild laxatives that help reduce water weight, which in turn makes you look slimmer. Its fat burn ingredients are supposed to restore thermogenic metabolism to help you burn additional calories. Herbex Slimmers for Women 40-60 certainly make big claims, but most of its ingredients do not have enough scientific evidence to support those claims. It has also under-dosed ingredients, which is another reason why it may not work.

What Are The Side Effects Of Herbex Complete Pack 40-60?

It is true that Complete Pack Women 40-60 contains natural ingredients, but it is also true that some of its ingredients can cause several side effects. Caffeine, for instance, can cause serious side effects, including jitters, insomnia, palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and more. Refer to our ‘Side Effects’ section to learn more.

How Much Does Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Cost?

The pack is quite expensive. You have to spend 227.79 South African Rand to one pack.

Our Verdict On Herbex Complete Pack 40-60

Herbex offers a number of weight loss products, and the Complete Pack Women 40-60 is a combination of a few. It is supposed to improve your metabolism while burning fat and suppressing your appetite. Unfortunately, it does not have enough of important ingredients to create a difference. Some scientific evidence suggests that L-carnitine, St. John’s Wort, and even Siberian ginseng may work when taken in large doses, but you get very little from the Complete Pack Women 40-60. The price is not that affordable either, and it is quite difficult to get a refund. Our verdict: Avoid it and look for a product with scientifically proven ingredients that target layers of fat.

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Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Review

Herbex Complete Pack Women 40-60 is geared towards women in this age group. The product includes several natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients are used to control appetite, while others are included in the blend to boost fat loss. Let’s find out if those ingredients are backed by some scientific evidence to produce desired results.

One important ingredient found in Herbex Complete Pack Women 40-60 is buchu leaf. Native to South Africa, it is generally used to treat urinary tract infections or prostate inflammation. It may also prove effective in the treatment of inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The problem is that you cannot find any evidence suggesting that buchu leaf can also help reduce fat. The only reason why it may help lose weight is that it works as a diuretic. It means that it may reduce water weight and make you look slimmer. Just bear in mind that this is not true weight loss because you are likely to regain that water weight the moment you stop taking a diuretic.

Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Facts

  • Natural ingredients
  • Improved metabolism
  • Money-back guarantee

The complete pack also includes green tea extract. It provides you with caffeine that is supposed to boost metabolism. There certainly are some studies showing positive effects of caffeine intake, but there are many contradictory studies as well. For instance:

A study was recreated with the purpose to assess the effect of green tea extract in combination with low-energy diet on resting energy expenditure. This study consists of forty-six (46) overweight women following a low-energy-diet combined with green tea or placebo supplementation during 12 weeks. Results from this study show that “the resting energy expenditure as a function of fat-free mass and fat mass did not decrease significantly over time when green tea was ingested but the decrease in resting energy expenditure was significant in the placebo group.

You should also bear in mind that since caffeine stimulates your nervous system, it can cause several side effects too. Many people complain about problems such as palpitations, irritability, jitters, and insomnia. You may not want to deal with these side effects, especially when you know that caffeine is not going to improve your metabolism significantly. Similarly, ginger root extract is included to boost thermogenesis, which is supposed to help you burn more calories. Again, the effect is not that significant and you will never be able to lose weight quickly. Another issue is that only animal studies have noticed positive effects of taking ginger root supplements, whereas human studies do not support those results.

This study looked at the effect of resistance training and ginger supplementation for 10 weeks on a group of 32 obese men. The men were split into 4 groups – placebo, ginger 1g/day, resistance training plus placebo, and resistance training plus 1 g/day ginger. They found that although ginger did reduce obesity-associated inflammation, it seemed to have no significant impact on weight loss.

How to Take Herbex Complete Pack 40-60

Here is what the official site says about taking the Complete Pack Women 40-60:

SLIMMERS FOR WOMEN 40-60 YEARS: Take two tablets daily. One tablet before each meal, morning and evening.


5 DAYS DOUBLE STRENGTH: 90 drops in a glass of water. Take 3 times a day, before meals.

10 DAYS FULL STRENGTH: 45 drops in a glass of water. Take 3 times a day, before meals.

APPETITE CONTROL FIZZI TABS: Dissolve 1 tablet in a full glass of cold water half an hour before meals. Allow to effervesce and drink. Stir if necessary.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that even animal studies have used large doses of ginger root to produce results. You should at least be taking 1000 mg of ginger supplement daily, but the Complete Pack Women 40-60 does not offer enough. Talking about under-dosed ingredients, Eleutherococcus senticosus is also there. Also called Siberian ginseng, it works as an adaptogen to reduce stress. It is included in the blend to provide you with sustained energy, so you could work better in the gym and end up burning more calories. The problem is that most studies that show positive effects of Siberian ginseng supplementation has the worst methodology, whereas other studies used very high doses of this ingredient. You should be taking at least 1,200 mg of Siberian ginseng, but you are only going to get 10 mg from the Complete Pack Women 40-60.

Another ingredient found in this product is St. John’s Wort. Many studies have shown that supplementing with this herb may help treat depression. Mayoclinic.org says:

Human research suggests that St. John’s wort is more effective than a placebo and equally as effective as TCAs and SSRIs in the short-term for mild-to-moderate depression. Although St. John’s wort has been shown to have fewer side effects than SSRIs, it should be used with caution and guidance of a medical professional.

The problem is that many false claims are also associated with this herb. Some supplement manufacturers say that it can work like prescription antidepressants, help reduce depression, and prevent overeating to support weight loss. Many studies have found that St. John’s Wort is no better than placebo. Some studies with positive results have used to 900 mg/day, which is certainly not what you are going to get from the Complete Pack Women 40-60.

Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Concerns:

  • Under-dosed, ineffective ingredients
  • Side effects of caffeine
  • Ineffective for most women
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Quite expensive

Another under-dosed ingredient is L-carnitine, which is supposed to help reduce mental and physical fatigue, and even play a role in reducing appetite. Some studies are certainly there to support the use of L-carnitine. For instance:

A study conducted in 66 centarians (100 years or older) noted that L-carnitine received 2 g of L-carnitine daily for 6 months. Improvements were noted in ratings of mental and physical fatigue, lean mass increased and fat mass decreased.

What you should bear in mind is that you need to take very large doses of L-carnitine – something up to 2,000 mg – to notice any results. Again, you do not get enough from the Complete Pack Women 40-60 to see any benefits.

There are some other ingredients included in the blend but even though they are under-dosed or ineffective. They do not have enough scientific evidence to back up their claims. For instance, most of the products include yellow gentian root, gooseberry fruit, barberry bark, and guarana seeds. Do not expect much from Indian gooseberry fruit because it only offers some antioxidants that are not going to do a lot to burn layers of fat. It can, however, lead to a sudden dip in your blood sugar levels and cause complications. Similarly, yellow gentian root may help treat gastrointestinal issues, but there is no evidence that it supports fat loss. Guarana seeds do nothing more than adding more caffeine to the blend, and it is certainly not going to prove effective when you want to lose weight.

It is also important to point out that Herbex offers a number of products in their “Slimming Age Group” range, but it is nothing more than a marketing ploy. If you dig deeper, you will notice that all those products almost have the same ingredients. There may be a bit of change in how much of each ingredient is included in the blend, but the ingredient profile is quite the same. Therefore, you are not going to notice any results irrespective of what product you choose as per your age. They have priced these products differently, but you should not fall pretty to this marketing gimmick and save your hard-earned money by trying something else. The Complete Pack Women 40-60 offers a combination of different products, but do not expect much from it either. You will be better off trying a weight-loss product with scientifically proven fat burners. The Complete Pack Women 40-60 is not going to cut it!

What Does Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Claim To Do?

Just like any other weight-loss product, the Complete Pack Women 40-60 is supposed to help you lose weight effectively. It claims to produce quick results mainly because its ingredients work in different ways. Some of its ingredients help reduce appetite. Other ingredients work to boost your metabolism. And there are some more that target fat. It certainly looks good on paper, but the truth is that most of these ingredients are either under-dosed or lack the necessary scientific evidence to support their use.

Does Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Work?

There are many weight loss products available in the market but the Complete Pack Women 40-60 claims to be different because it boosts metabolism, burns fat, and suppresses appetite at the same time. It is supposed to produce these benefits because of its ingredient profile. The problem is that though the ingredient profile looks fine on paper, most of the ingredients are either under-dosed or do not have enough scientific evidence to support their use. There is ginger root that may or may not work. There is St. John’s Wort, but it is quite under-dosed. L-carnitine is also there, but you will not get enough of it either. Then, there is caffeine that can cause several side effects without helping you burn fat. Overall, the Complete Pack Women 40-60 is not going to fulfil its promises. Look for something else to supplement your weight loss efforts!

What Are The Ingredients of Herbex Complete Pack 40-60?

You can find a long list of ingredients used in the Complete Pack Women 40-60, but here is a bit about some of the most important ingredients.

  • Eleutherococcus Senticosus: Also called Siberian ginseng, it works as an adaptogen to help you fight fatigue and perform better in the gym. It does nothing to target layers of fat.
  • Ginger Root: It is supposed to work by boosting thermogenesis and fat breakdown. There is very little of this ingredient in the blend.
  • Capsicum Frutescens: Capsaicin may help boost fat loss but not all studies confirm the amazing benefits associated with the use of capsicum.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: It helps lose weight because it contains HCA, but not enough scientific evidence is there to support its use for weight loss.
  • Dandelion Leaf: It works as a laxative and helps get rid of water weight, but it does nothing to burn fat.
  • Buchu Leaf: Quite like dandelion leaf, it acts as a diuretic and reduces water weight. It can cause dehydration and lead to several complications.
  • St. John’s Wort: It helps relieve depression and prevent stress-induced overeating, but it fails to burn fat on its own.

Does Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Have Any Side Effects?

Many people think that the Complete Pack Women 40-60 uses natural ingredients, so there is no need to worry about any side effects, but that is not true. Even natural ingredients can cause side effects in some people, so you have to be very careful when going for something like the Complete Pack Women 40-60.

There is a good amount of caffeine in the blend. It is supposed to increase your metabolism and help burn calories, but it also stimulates your nervous system and produces several side effects. Some common problems are chest pain, restlessness, irritability, increased heartbeat, vivid dreams, and insomnia. It is also possible to notice an increase in your blood pressure, especially if you cannot tolerate caffeine well. These symptoms may also be associated with the use of Siberian ginseng. It is also possible to experience problems like muscle spasms, sadness, anxiety, and drowsiness due to Siberian ginseng.

There is also buchu leaf in the Complete Pack Women 40-60, which actually works as a diuretic. Some people have complained about developing urinary tract side effects after taking buchu leaf. Moreover, you may end up developing dehydration when taking this supplement. Also, keep in mind that buchu leaf can stimulate uterine contractions, which is why you should never take it during pregnancy.

It is possible to develop allergic reactions after using the Complete Pack Women 40-60 because many of its ingredients may not be safe for some people. It can also increase menstrual flow and produce symptoms like swelling, hives, breathing difficulty, and itchiness.

It should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Herbex Complete Pack 40-60?

You may find many claims associated with the Complete Pack Women 40-60, but you cannot find many positive customer reviews to support those claims. For instance:

I have been using this pack for several days and it has offered no help whatsoever. I think I need to change my diet plan and try something else.

It is not easy to follow the instructions that come with this pack. You have to take different tablets at different times to get positive results. It can be confusing though.

Does Herbex Complete Pack 40-60 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Depending on where you go to place your order, you may receive a money-back guarantee. However, getting a refund will be quite tricky.

Where Can I Buy Herbex Complete Pack 40-60?

You can buy it directly from the official website or order through third-party retailers.

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