Inner Eco Probiotic

Many people these days are adding probiotics to their diet in the hopes they’ll help with losing weight. These probiotics can come in all shapes and sizes, from soy drinks to sauerkraut, and then there’s coconut. Coconut? That’d be Inner Eco Probiotic – freshly-extracted coconut water from young green coconuts at the peak of their nutritional life, and laced with probiotic culture.

We kind of like coconut, so that gave us a good excuse to look closer at Inner Eco Probiotic, and this is what we found.

Inner Eco Probiotic Pros

  • It’s not pasteurized, which means the probiotic culture is still alive
  • Probiotics also boost the immune system as well as helping the gut
  • It’s all-natural, vegan, and free from gluten or soy

Inner Eco Probiotic Cons

  • Potential for probiotic side effects
  • Spraying the surrounding area if you don’t open the bottle carefully
  • Wastage: a month’s supply can spoil after a couple of weeks
Watchdog Rejected

Inner Eco Probiotic

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What You Need To Know About Inner Eco Probiotic

Let’s talk probiotics: essentially, they’re bacteria, but then again, our gut contains trillions of other bacteria – some beneficial, others not so.

Unfortunately today’s lifestyle means we’re more likely to find ourselves with those not-so-beneficial bacteria, but with a single serving of Inner Eco Probiotic we get over a hundred billion active probiotic cultures.

The problem is, Inner Eco Probiotic contains subspecies of those probiotic bacteria. Some subspecies of each type of bacteria can be good for us, or at least not harmful, as in the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) classification, while other subspecies might not be so good for us.

And what we all need to know is whether Inner Eco Probiotic contains safe bacteria subspecies, or unsafe ones. But there’s no way of telling.

What Are The Side Effects Of Inner Eco Probiotic?

Side effects such as digestion problems can be quite noticeable until your body gets used to the appropriate dosage of Inner Eco Probiotic. So you might start off by accidentally taking more than your body really needs, run to the bathroom a few times and then reduce the dosage until things in that department are back to normal again.

That said, there’s always the chance that what could be considered as side effects are actually signs that the probiotics are doing their job, and killing off harmful microorganisms in the gut. But they’re not going to go without a fight. However, when the probiotics start winning, the body’s going to have to get rid of toxins, waste, and even heavy metals via more frequent bathroom visits, sweating and skin complaints, and cold and/or flu symptoms.

How Much Does Inner Eco Probiotic Cost?

That depends on your local Inner Eco Probiotic retailer (and if there isn’t one, the company seems quite happy to deal with your local healthfood store if you drop them an email).

Berry-flavored Inner Eco Probiotic goes for between $15-$16 at Sprouts Farmers Market, WFM, and Wegmans. That’s before tax.

And even though Inner Eco Probiotic insists you don’t buy online, it’s possible to get it through Amazon, but make sure the shipping is refrigerated (and don’t be surprised at the high shipping charges).

Our Verdict On Inner Eco Probiotic

The probiotic cultures in Inner Eco Probiotic aid digestion, and fight off the kind of yeast in the gut that does more harm than good. And, say the makers, they can colonize in the intestinal track (that should be tract, obviously – they really ought to know better) with regular consumption.

Now “regular” can take on a whole host of different meanings, and here we’re pretty sure that here, “regular” means “ongoing”. Which can be pretty good for business.

However, “ongoing” might be a bit of a misnomer, because each bottle contains what we’re told is a month’s supply, while we’re warned that it could, under certain circumstances, go seriously off after only a couple of weeks. Thereby requiring us to buy twice as many bottles per month than anticipated. And that’s also pretty good for business.

But whether the month’s supply in each bottle lasts as long as it should, we’re still concerned that we’re not told which bacteria subspecies Inner Eco Probiotic contains. And given that there are several subspecies of Lactobacillus, one of the probiotic ingredients listed, and given that at least one of those subspecies has had its GRAS notice from the FDA officially closed, we think we’d better stick on the side of safety.

So even though we still kind of like coconuts, in light of the reasons listed above, we do not recommend Inner Eco Probiotic to our readers.

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Inner Eco Probiotic Review

There seem to be several fresh-coconut-based companies in Colorado, which is a bit of a puzzle since the climate there isn’t exactly conducive to palm trees in general. However, that doesn’t stop one local company selling ice-cold coconuts around there, another selling coconut water as a sports drink, and Inner Eco Probiotic touting their coconut water as a healthy probiotic drink.

What none of them tell us is precisely where any of their coconuts come from, and how they get all the way to Colorado. And since Inner Eco Probiotic pride themselves on extracting the water from fresh young coconuts, and because coconuts don’t exactly make for lightweight air cargo, we have to wonder whether these three companies band together and hire a heavy transport cargo plane when it comes to importing their raw materials as speedily as possible.

Otherwise we’d be looking at road (and perhaps sea) haulage from an unknown location, during which time those coconuts would lose a certain amount of that sparkling freshness Inner Eco Probiotic claim they have.

Inner Eco Probiotic Facts

  • The company producing Inner Eco Probiotic was established in 2008 by two elementary school teachers in Denver
  • Inner Eco Probiotic products include Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic, To Go (small, more portable bottles of probiotic drink), and Fresh Young Coconut – hand-scooped and pureed frozen coconut
  • Because of the natural effervescence of their coconut water products, their tagline reads: “a serious probiotic with a bubbly personality”

We have one or two issues with the probiotic contents of Inner Eco Probiotic: Yes, probiotics can help to restore balance within the gut, meaning food nutrients can be digested better and therefore more energy is available. Some, such as Lactobacillus gasseri (one subspecies of Lactobacillus) increase the size of fat molecules, helping people to absorb less of that fat and excrete it without digesting it.

While others, like another subspecies of Lactobacillus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, could have precisely the opposite effect and cause weight gain.

But when Inner Eco Probiotic just tells us we’re ingesting an unknown subspecies of Lactobacillus, we could either be gaining or losing weight. And we’d appreciate knowing which.

How to Take Inner Eco Probiotic

Serving suggestion:

Enjoy any time, with or without food. Adults begin with 1 Tbsp (children 1/2 tsp-1tsp). Adjust frequency and serving size according to individual needs. Enjoy alone or add to juices and smoothies.

Inner Eco Probiotic Concerns:

  • We’re told not to buy Inner Eco Probiotic online because of the bottles bouncing around and heating up, but there it is on Amazon. Best not to buy it from there!
  • There’s a good possibility of digestion problems if you take more than your body is “adjusted” to
  • We’re a bit puzzled because we’re told Inner Eco Probiotic Probiotics isn’t heat-resistant (as in packaging and transporting) but the bacterial strains it contains will survive the heat (and acidity) of the gastro-intestinal tract

What Does Inner Eco Probiotic Claim To Do?

From the website, “may provide beneficial nutritional support for digestive and immune systems.”

Does Inner Eco Probiotic Work?

Purely as a weight loss supplement? We can’t put our hand on our heart and say you’ll lose weight as a direct result of taking Inner Eco Probiotic, but then again certain probiotics have been seen to reduce visceral fat (that’s the stuff wrapped around organs like your liver, pancreas, and kidneys). Only problem is, those aren’t the probiotics in Inner Eco Probiotic.

What Are The Ingredients of Inner Eco Probiotic?

  • Fresh young coconut water
  • Kefir culturesActive cultures:
    • Lactococcus lactis subsp.: For manufacturing dairy products like buttermilk and cheeses.
    • Leuconostoc subsp.: For fermenting cabbage, making it into sauerkraut.
    • Streptococcus thermophiles: For manufacturing dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.
    • Lactobacillus subsp.: For creating yoghurt and other naturally fermented products. “subsp.” Is shorthand for “sub-species”, and that’s where things get complicated. Because we don’t know which sub-species they’re talking about here.
    • Kefir yeast
    • Kefir grains microflora

Does Inner Eco Probiotic Have Any Side Effects?

We touched on the possibility of more frequent bathroom breaks earlier, as we did on toxins leaving the body via urination, bowel movements, sweat, and cold and flu symptoms. But we didn’t mention constipation, which is also a possibility.

What we also didn’t include back then were the following:

Infection problems with the intestines.
Acid reflux – which could be an indication that you’re detoxing properly.
Allergic reactions – which could include headaches, emotional and mental issues, as well as skin problems and swellings where swellings shouldn’t be happening.
Changes in blood pressure – brought on by probiotics changing cholesterol levels.
Headache – which can be brought on by the toxins produced when harmful microorganisms die off.
And it’s possible probiotics can have an effect on period cycles.

We’ve been hunting high and low for a caution notice, and the closest we’ve got to finding any kind of warning about anything is the advice on how to open a bottle of Inner Eco Probiotic without spraying the surrounding area (and yourself) with fizzy coconut water.

We’re also advised that if our body’s not used to the dosage, we’ll find out about it soon enough (think bathroom breaks again) and that those bathroom breaks are a sign we should cut back on Inner Eco Probiotic.

And we’re told that although it’s advisable to up your intake of Inner Eco Probiotic while on antibiotics, you need to wait a few hours after taking those antibiotics before taking it for maximum benefits.

Here’s something you might want to consider, as well: because of the fermentation process it’s quite likely Inner Eco Probiotic contains a tiny bit of alcohol. Regulations state that a drink containing less than 0.5% alcohol is officially classified as non-alcoholic, but WebMD has already told us that kombucha (also classified as less than 0.5% alcohol) doesn’t mix with Antabuse and can bring on a nasty reaction. So we’d better play it safe and add that idea to this caution notice, just in case.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Inner Eco Probiotic?

Yes, and on the whole people are happy with Inner Eco Probiotic – but they’re not the people who’ve bought it with the express intention of losing weight.

We went, as usual, to Amazon, where people who’d bought Inner Eco Probiotic there (despite being told not to) and people who hadn’t bought it there left reviews, and these reviews included,

As of January 2017, they are selling a rotten product. It taste horrible and it is full of alcohol because it was over fermented. Don’t buy this for your kids!

I think you can’t buy or sell this online. It is not allowed and not safe, because the product must be refrigerated. Amazon says on a page I saw that it is not allowed. Please please keep safe and don’t let me harm you. Please keep safe.

Just purchased at Sprouts Market. Shook the bottle and it popped like a champagne bottle. Lost around 1/3 of it. Definitely live stuff in there.

And all we can say to whoever wrote that last one is you shouldn’t have shaken it – you were warned not to.

Does Inner Eco Probiotic Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

It doesn’t look like it from what we’ve seen, so that’s probably a no.

Where Can I Buy Inner Eco Probiotic?

Inner Eco Probiotic is available throughout the USA in natural food stores.

And here’s something they wrote in big red letters on their website, for the benefit of those people tempted to buy it on Amazon,

“Online Sales Disclaimer: inner-eco™ does not endorse the sale or purchase of their products through online sources and will not be held liable for any mishandling, damages or refunds. inner-eco™ is a living, fermented food that requires a stable environment and constant refrigeration to maintain integrity and minimize bottle pressure. SHIPPING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.”

How does Inner Eco Probiotic compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Inner Eco Probiotic Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Inner Eco Probiotic.

Inner Eco Probiotic

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