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Is Leptigen a Scam?


I have recently seen a product called Leptigen and want to know if its a scam? Its real expensive and dont wanna waste my money if it doesnt work. Let me know ASAP.


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6 comments on “Is Leptigen a Scam?”

  1. sg.nathan says:


    I ordered from Australia it took 3 weeks for delivery in this time I started loosing weight so when it arrived I decided I didn’t need these anymore it has been 7 days of calling 3 different numbers, emailing also facebook to try to get a number where you actually speak to a person not a machine to call back during business hours. I have called at all hours early morning late at night during EST hours and same response. HELP does anyone have a number I can contact ?? to return the dam PILLS ???

  2. Mitch says:

    Its sad to see people complain over something that can be handle in such a simple form. I purchased the trial bottle of Leptigen on a web page that was not Leptigen.com and guess what, the terms and condition did in fact appear when I was typing up my credit card information. I was confused because after reading so many negative comments of how the terms and condition on not posted that this was a scam yet there they were clear as day. I read them you can’t miss the information its clearly there. It did clearly say that after 14 days I would be charge. I went ahead ordered the product waited for it to be received. After 3 days my package was received and inside there was a note with an 800 number to call. So I called to cancel before no further charges were made. The customer service reps were very helpful and even offered me a promotion I decline. Explain that I would just like to try the product out. They cancel my subscription. I even received a confirmation email in regards to my cancellation. Just like that no problems or anything. I honestly do believe any and all consumers should read the terms and condition on any product that they would like to purchase online before they pay and become dissatisfied.

  3. Rea says:

    I ordered one bottle to try Leptigen out making sure not to be on auto purchase. They started sending a bottle every other week. There is no acct #, no phone # they would answer, no address to send the bottles back to, and not even a date showing. I had to cancel my credit card and be without it for 10 days. I hope others see this note.

  4. Julie says:

    I’m not sure your review of the product takes into account all information currently available on their website. They currently offer a 120 day money back satisfaction guarantee – your review states they have no guarantee. Also, one of your big issues was that they did not list the amounts of each of the ingredients. I assume that was true at the time of review but that information is now clearly posted on their FAQ page. Would it be possible to update your review? They still may not make the cut but it would be nice to know what you think given these changes.

  5. Barbara says:

    Yes, most certainly is. How can a pill make you lose weight. You need to eat right and exercise.

  6. Watchdog Team says:

    Hi Carol,
    We have done a full review of Leptigen that you can read. Unfortunately this product didn’t make it into our approved list due to a number of reasons.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Diet Pills Watchdog Team

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