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ISDG Enzyme Pills review

Hi Dietpillswatchdog,

I am big fan of your independent diet pill review site. I want to take this chance to let you know how helpful your reviews have been.

I recently heard of a particular enzyme diet pill from Japan that many around me has started taking. It’s called ISDG Enzyme Pills and comes in four different versions. Such as for slimming and beauty, fat burning while sleeping etc.

I noticed however, other than a review/advertisement by a popular Taiwanese beauty show in 2016. There are not much independent reviews for this product. I believe is isn’t even official site for it. Most of its marketing are from word of mouth but many has said that its popular in Japan.

I am hoping that you can make a proper review for this product as I am sure many like me are interested to try them. The product is rather affordable at a price of SGD $33 – $40 per pack. I have no idea how the doses are supposed to be as I get varying reccomendations from the people around me such as 3 pills per day to 3 pill before each meal.

Thank you for your time and if you really do make a review for this, do let me know!

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