Javita Lean + Green

Green tea is a proven thermogenic booster. Whilst many consumers of green tea opt for a capsule, others like the taste- it is this group of people that Javita Lean + Green, a weight loss tea, is directed at.

Below we take a look to see if this expensive brand of weight loss tea is an effective option.

Javita Lean + Green Pros

  • Green Tea proven weight loss aid
  • Some reviews positive

Javita Lean + Green Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Unknown ingredient quantities
  • Some ingredients have very mixed evidence
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JAVITA Green Tea

Javita Lean + Green Review

Javita Lean + Green Facts

  • Manufactured by Javita, a MLM company
  • 24 sachets per box
  • Instant tea dissolves in water

Lean + Green is a weight loss green tea manufactured by Javita, a company based in the USA. Javita is a Multi-level marketing company, or, as they describe it, a company that uses ‘social marketing’ to sell their products, passing on large commissions to their independent members, rather than paying advertisers.

New members can only be signed up with a referral from a current member, and are highly encouraged to purchase one of a selection of ‘business packages’ costing $499 or $999. Independent members are then urged to sign up their own team of members, with a focus on this over actually selling the products. We strongly recommend that Javita customers do not sign up to become Javita Independent members, as they are unlikely to make back their initial investment, let alone make money in the long term.

Each box of the tea contains 24 individually packaged sticks. Whilst the website does not mention any directions for use or daily dose, many customers who have left reviews indicate that they are drinking two cups per day. This means that a single box will only last for 12 days. Considering that this quantity of the tea costs $45.00, this is an incredibly expensive diet aid, and an even more expensive tea option.

Sellers of the product claim that the high price is due to the high quality and expensive ingredients, but it is most likely that the price is high to compensate for nearly half of the cost going to independent members in commission.

Whilst this product is described as instant tea that supposedly dissolves instantly, some customers have complained that it dissolves poorly and leaves a grainy residue no matter how well it is stirred.

Whilst Javita Independent members sell Javita products, they are considered to be self-employed and independent from the company. Customers can contact their representative directly, or contact Javita directly by calling 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821) or by emailing [email protected]

Javita Lean + Green Concerns:

  • No money back guarantee
  • Multi-level marketing companies can pressure customers to joining
  • Very expensive product

What Does Javita Lean + Green Claim To Do?

Javita Lean + Green is a convenient weight loss tea that is packaged in individual sachet sticks. It dissolves instantly, and contains beneficial nutrients.

Combine the widely reported fat-burning benefits of green tea with the incredible fat-blocking power of garcinia cambogia and the sweet stopping, crave busting control of gymnema sylvestre, and you have Lean + Green — Javita’s one-two-three knockout punch to fight the ongoing weight loss battle.

So What Is Javita Lean + Green and What Are The Ingredients?

The Lean + Green Blend consists of a mixture of Japanese Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia and Gymnema Sylvestre. No ingredient quantities are given.

Whilst some compounds may be very water soluble, and infuse well into tea (something that has been well researched with green tea), there may be active compounds in Garcinia Cambogia and Gymnema Sylvestre that are not very water soluble, and unlikely to be present in the tea, even though they are present in the plant material. There appears to be very little public research into this matter, and studies into the non-green tea ingredients focus upon consumption of plant extracts in capsule form rather than in a drinkable tea infusion.

  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins and caffeine both increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism temporarily. However, the metabolic increase caused by green tea is limited. One study found that the use of green tea was not enough to counteract weight gain following a high calorie diet.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit, also known as the Malabar Tamarind. Test tube and animal research suggests that HCA, the active compound in Garcinia Cambogia, may be helpful in weight loss because of its effects on metabolism. However, studies in humans have found mixed results. Some studies have found it has no effect upon either appetite or metabolic rate, whilst others showed increased weight loss compared to the use of a placebo.
  • Gymnema Sylvestra: Preliminary evidence suggests that some specific extracts of this plant can potentially aid weight loss. However, one of these studies was in rats, and the human study focus upon the use of gymnema sylvestre extract in combination with hydroxycitric acid and niacin-bound calcium. Gymnema Sylvestra has also been used for reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics, alongside oral medication.

So What Does All This Mean?

With no ingredient quantities provided, it is difficult to determine how strong this product is. Green tea may increase thermogenesis in the body, but the results of its use are usually small. Whilst Garcinia Cambogia has been an incredibly popular ingredient in diet pills recently, studies are inconclusive, and mainly show that its effects are unpredictable at best.

Gymnema Sylvestra may be useful for diabetics looking to control their blood sugar levels (with a doctor’s supervision), and studies linking its use to weight loss are promising. However, these studies are still preliminary research only, and do not look at the product’s effectiveness when used as a tea.

Does Javita Lean + Green Have Any Side Effects?

Because of the ingredients used in Lean + Green, it is possible that consumers could experience some side effects.

Gymnema Sylvestra is generally under-researched, and so little is known about its potential side effects. However, as it could lower blood sugar levels, diabetics should consult their doctor before purchasing Javita Lean + Green. Low blood sugar levels can cause the consumer to feel lightheaded, dizzy and even cause them to faint.

Green tea contains caffeine, which can cause headaches, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and problems sleeping.

Garcinia Cambogia can cause nausea, digestive discomfort and headaches.

Not suitable for those under the age of 18 or those who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Diabetics should consult their doctor before purchase.

Any Javita Lean + Green Reviews From Customers?

There are numerous customer reviews on amazon.com for this product. Reviews are mixed, with some customers losing weight but regaining it as soon as they stopped using the tea, whilst others saw no results at all.

There were also customers who became so fed up with drinking the drink daily they found themselves unable to continue using the product, suggesting that consumers who do not like green tea in general should consider capsules products instead.

This product did not work for me. I gave it a chance for four months at least and no results. Waste of money.

Five family members try the tea and instead of losing weight, we all gain weight. It made us hungry.

Love it, it works. It’s just too expensive.

Just like the coffee… Another diet fad to aid in losing weight. The tea had a lot of residue left on the bottom of the cup even though I used the hottest of water and stirred like crazy.

Awesome product! Lost 18.8 pounds in 37 days! Tastes great. I made it as an iced tea with a little sugar and sometimes a little half and half in the afternoon (latest was about 2:30 or 3:00 in order to sleep well that night).

Definitely Green! Not 100% sold on the taste. It seems to be more palatable with a little sweetener. I definitely prefer their coffee product. As for the magical power of weight loss…the verdict is still out.

So Does Javita Lean + Green Work?

Customer reviews are mixed, with some stating that their appetites were reduced and that they did lose weight whilst using the tea whilst others noticed no results at all. The ingredients list suggests that the teas could potentially have a small impact upon weight loss, but without knowing the ingredient quantities per sachet, we are not able to establish the strength of the product clearly. Even if the ingredients were present in large quantities, the increase in weight loss would still be considered small but significant.

Where Can I Buy Javita Lean + Green?

From the official Javita website a Lean + Green basic kit of two boxes costs $90.00, whilst a Lean + Green Power kit of four boxes costs $180.00. A single box costs $45.00. Discounts are available for auto-ship deliveries on the larger bundle of four boxes, but we strongly discourage consumers from signing up to any auto-ship program, as these can be difficult to cancel, and could cost the user more in the long term.

There are some sellers of Javita who sell through amazon.com. Here the prices are slightly less, at $30.00 per single box of tea, which is arguably still incredibly expensive for a 12 day supply of tea.

What About A Guarantee

Javita states that their customer guarantee is as follows:

If a customer is dissatisfied with their product, Javita will refund the full purchase price of any order that was placed directly with Javita (less shipping charges) within 30 days of receipt (see “Return Merchandise Authorization”). When a retail sale is made directly from Member to customer, you are required to provide a Retail Sales Receipt to the customer. If a retail customer is dissatisfied with the product, he or she may return it to you within 30 days of the sale. It is your responsibility to refund the purchase price promptly. To obtain a replacement product from Javita, you must send Javita a copy of the completed Retail Sales Receipt and written explanation for the requested item. Upon receipt, Javita will issue an RMA number to return the unused portion of the product to Javita for exchange.

Opened products are considered non-refundable items.

Customers should call Javita Member Services at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821) for more information, or email Javita at [email protected]

Watchdog Verdict

The relevant clinical research and customer reviews suggest that whilst this product works for some people, it may not lead to any weight change in others. Overall, the product appears to be not very strong. As the effectiveness one of the main ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia, appears to be very unpredictable in clinical trials, this may explain why only some customers are pleased with the product.

Even if the product did work as a reliable weight loss aid, we would still have to reject Javita Lean + Green Tea regardless, as its price is excessively high. Using just two sachets of the tea per day costs the consumer $3.75 per day.

The manufacturer and seller, Javita is a Multi-level marketing company that encourages consumers to become ‘independent members’ who sell the product themselves, asking for a hefty investment fee. There is no money back guarantee available. The company also fails to provide various information about different aspects of the tea, such as the directions for use and the ingredient quantities used. Whilst these may be listed on the product’s box itself, customers should have this information available to them when deciding whether or not to purchase a product.

For these reasons, we reject Javita Lean + Green.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. This website stating incorrect info on price it is 24 dollars a box not 45 which makes it 2 dollars a day.

  2. This is completely false on many aspects. The product is two dollars a day and since you control your own order in autoship it is instantaneous to cancel. 2 dollars a day is not expensive

  3. Misinformed. If you are on auto delivery of 2 boxes per month the price is $24 a box and free shipping. Still cheaper than DD or Starbucks which contain proven zero weight loss benefits.