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Juice Plus

We all know how important it is to incorporate fruit and vegetables into our daily diet, but sometimes it’s just too difficult and expensive to keep this up and a lot of the time we aren’t dedicated enough. Juice plus wants to change this by offering dietary supplements that contain 30 different kinds of fruits, vegetables and berries to give you everything you need.

They are marketed as only including ‘the best parts of fruit and vegetables’ to provide a powerful support to your daily diet. Juice Plus proudly claim to be the ‘next best thing to fruit and vegetables’, but how true is this statement?

Juice Plus Pros

  • None

Juice Plus Cons

  • Not a weight loss aid
  • No benefit over taking multivitamins
  • Runs an autoship programme
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Juice Plus
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What you need to know about Juice Plus

For what Juice Plus is marketed as we feel that it is incredibly expensive when there are other multivitamins out there that are cheaper. Granted they may not include as many ingredients as Juice Plus, but what kind of message is it sending to people? That it is easier to swallow a pill than to get the proper nutrients from the real fruit.

We think the idea is interesting and for some people who live busy lives they would see it as being worth the price tag.

Will I lose any weight?

This product, unfortunately, will not be helping you with your weight loss goals and anyone who tells you this isn’t speaking the truth. Not only is it not advertised on the official site as doing this, but also the ingredients offer no more than vitamins and antioxidants.

Auto shipping and money back guarantee

We are always wary of products that are part of an auto-ship program because they can be notoriously hard to cancel for customers.

Not only is this an issue, but also we are worried about the fact that the money back guarantee can only be seen on the US site and not the UK one. Does that mean if you order products to the UK you can’t return them? We feel the best thing to do in this situation is to contact the manufacturers directly.

Our Verdict

Without seeing any independent reviews from customers it is hard to say if this product will really work, as any comments on the official site will be biased. The one thing we know for sure is that this product is overpriced for what it is and will not make you drop the pounds.

We cannot approve Juice Plus.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Phentaslim. Whilst not just containing clinically proven ingredients that have been shown to shift the fat, Phentaslim is very unlikely to give you unwanted side effects.

The makers of Phentaslim are so confident in their product they offer a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee too. To find out why this is our visitors #1 choice in our review here.

Juice Plus Review

Juice Plus Facts

  • Manufactured in Switzerland for NSA
  • A 15 day supply equals 3 bottles of 60 capsules
  • £225 for a 2 month supply

The Juice Plus Premium capsules are made up of a fruit blend, a vegetable blend and a berry blend. Juice Plus want to give you the benefit of valuable phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals to bridge the gap between what people eat everyday and what they should be eating. Or at least that’s what they say. They state that adults and children can take the supplement, something that not a lot of supplements do.

Juice Plus boasts that numerous clinical research has taken place to ensure that customers know exactly what the supplement will do and that there is proof it will work as stated. They go into extensive detail as to how Juice Plus is made. They start by harvesting all the ingredients when they are ripened, which they say will give you the best quality. They use a juicing and drying technique to remove water and any unusable components, which leaves only concentrated plant materials. This works to keep as many nutrients as possible in their natural form.

The company itself has been established for over 20 years now and has been developing and expanding it’s range of products since 1993. However, Juice Plus as often been associated in the past with running a pyramid scheme in which they encourage their independent distributers to sign up other distributors below them, in return for a small commission on their sales.

As well as the Premium Capsules Juice Plus also sell Juice Plus Complete Shake and Complete Bar to take alongside the capsules, although we won’t be looking into these in this review.

Juice Plus Concerns:

  • Incredibly expensive
  • Nothing more than a multivitamin – much cheaper options elsewhere
  • Be wary of the auto-ship programme and understand fully how this works and how much it costs!

How does it work?

The manufacturers claim that Juice Plus will contribute to:

  • Normal immune system function
  • Normal immune system function during/after intensive physical activity
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress
  • Normal blood vessel function
  • Normal homocysteine metabolism
  • Normal skin maintenance
  • Normal tooth and gum function
  • Tissue growth during pregnancy.

It does all this by offering you provitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid, all backed by clinical studies.

Nowhere on the site does it state that it can help with weight loss in anyway so anyone going into this thinking that may be sorely mistaken. This seems to be nothing more than a glorified vitamin supplement. However, some distributors have claimed that:

the weight control comes as a byproduct of getting healthier. If you do the right things, you won’t have to worry about your weight.

It is recommended that you take 2 fruit capsules, 2 vegetable capsules and 2 selected berry capsules every day at mealtime with plenty of water. For children up to the age of 13 only take 1 of each.

Will this product work

As a weight loss product we don’t see Juice Plus doing much in terms of burning fat. The marketing for this product claim that the capsules will improve general health and well-being, whilst simultaneously not explicitly stating how the product should affect the consumer. Some would argue that although these tablets will boost your vitamin intake, a multivitamin could do the same and be a cheaper option as well.

What are the ingredients and are they safe?

Juice Plus premium capsules contains the fruit, vegetable and berry blend. Each one contains different ingredients to offer health benefits.

The Juice Plus Fruit Blend contains:

  • Apples
  • Cranberries
  • Oranges
  • Acerola cherries
  • Pineapples
  • Peaches
  • Papayas
  • Dates
  • Prunes

The Juice Plus Vegetable Blend contains:

  • Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Cabbage

The Juice Plus Berry Blend contains:

  • Concord grape
  • Pomegranate
  • Blueberry
  • Bilberry
  • Blackberry
  • Elderberry
  • Raspberry
  • Cranberry
  • Blackcurrant

All these ingredients are said to increase the quantity of important active compounds in the blood and that there have been 30 studies involving Juice Plus, which seems like a lot. The proves that the company wanted to be thorough and try their hardest to prove that Juice Plus does what it says on the bottle.

Juice Plus is also free from:

  • Gluten
  • Lactose
  • Artificial aromas and colours
  • Chemical stabilisers

Juice Plus have admitted that the capsules are supplemented with 3 of the known 13 vitamins, vitamin E, C, folic acid and provitamin A which all come from natural sources.

  • Provitamin A comes from Dunaliella salina, a type of algae, carrots and other sources
  • Vitamin C comes from acerola cherry and other sources
  • Vitamin E comes from soya oil
  • Folic acid is obtained by biofermentation, a process similar to the way folic acid is formed in the body

Does Juice Plus Have Any Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects it would seem that Juice Plus doesn’t have any when taking the supplement. On the FAQ section it says the following with regards to people taking the product with allergies:

This question can only be answered once the severity of the allergy is known. With regard to allergies, in our experience, Juice Plus+ is also tolerated very well even if an allergy exists to the fresh state of one of the types of fruit contained. In the case of allergies, always seek medical advice before taking Juice Plus+ and check the ingredients on the label.

When taking with other medication they say:

Juice Plus+ is a nutritional supplement that should basically be regarded as food. Therefore, generally no side effects are expected when used with medication. It is crucial to respect the recommendations of your doctor and read the instruction leaflet in the packet where any side effects with other substances (medicine, food, etc.) are listed.
For further information please contact the person who supplied you with this brochure or send us an e-mail

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you are predisposed to high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems. Speak to your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

Any Juice Plus Reviews From Customers?

When it comes to customer reviews there is nowhere on the official website where you can submit how this product has worked for you, there are only testimonials from Juice Plus ambassadors which are bound to be biased. Here are a selection and who they are from:

I’ve been doing competitive sports since childhood and have always made sure I eat healthily. With Juice PLUS+ I get that extra daily portion of energy and vitality. Juice PLUS+ is worth its weight in gold, particularly on expeditions where fresh fruit or vegetables are not available.

-Dr. Matthias Baumann, a surgeon.

Sport is definitely the key to more energy and vitality. I do sports almost every day. The best time is in the morning. So I can start the day full of energy. I also make sure I have a fresh and balanced diet. And that I drink plenty of water. However, what I can’t do without is: time with my family and the view of my beloved Tyrolean mountains. This gives me the strength I need.

-Barbara Schett, a former tennis player.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do – Juice PLUS+ gives you lifelong support. Healthy nutrition is my mantra– Juice PLUS+ my personal solution.

-Katie Ravey, one of the most successful franchise partners.

While these reviews are all glowing they are biased and are supposed to show the product in the best light possible. We would love to see some independent reviews from customers and if you would like to express your views feel free to drop us a comment at the bottom of this review.

What about a money back guarantee?

It is not easy to locate the satisfaction guarantee. There is a very small badge towards the bottom of the website with two bottles surrounded by an orange border. If we didn’t notice it we’d think there was no guarantee attached to this supplement. However, one thing to note is that this is only visible on the US site and not the UK one.

It states the following:

We offer an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee on your last shipment that was received in the last six months. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Juice Plus+ order, call the number below anytime Monday-Friday between 8:00am-5:00pm Central and our Service Center will take care of you.

You may cancel your Juice Plus+ shipments at anytime. Just call 1-800-347-6350 or email

Where to buy Juice Plus

You are only able to buy the product from the official site via Juice Plus distributers.

When it comes to buying the product you can buy the berry blend capsules on their own (2 bottles) the fruit and vegetable blends together (2×2 bottles) and obviously the premium capsules.

With the Juice Plus Premium Capsule you get 2 bottles of selected vegetables, 2 bottles of selected fruits and 2 bottles of selected berries. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Delivery for this option is every four months and you can decide to either pay the full payment of £225.00 or pay 4 instalments of £57.75 per month which will total at £231.00.

This is of course an auto-shipment product so it could be easy for some people to forget about and be out of pocket. You can of course cancel at any time by contacting the company.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

254 comments on “Juice Plus”

  1. Jill says:

    Anyone familiar with MTHFR mutations? My whole family has a combination of this genetic mutation (along with a large percentage of the population). We don’t break down synthetic folate (folic acid), which can lead to a whole train of possible health issues over time. So…the big question is….does juice place have synthetic folic or methylated folate (easier to break down and utilize)?

    1. Robert says:

      Hey folks,
      I immediately stopped taking it, when I readed the review in website of DOCTORS-CRITICS in internet.

      A very good researched scientific analysis, which shows, how worthless these products are, and that it DAMAGES YOUR HEALTH.
      It also seems to be a BIG SCAM, because its unhealthfull CHEMISTRY hidden in a powder of shredded SAWDUST AND HAY-snippets!! …which furthermore will privoke a terrible JOJO-EFFECT when you stop it!!’

      So, folks, its a good advice: read these pages, if you want to inform yourself well to these products! This asvice is well meant. God bless you all.

      1. Julia Marie says:

        Thank you Robert for your significant advice to the website of the JUICEPLUS DOCTORS CRITICS and their expertise. As a former member of this (in)sect(s) I can assure you: it’s all true! First I also thought, that it is a good product, until I found out the fraud.

        What you can read there about “sawdust and hay-snippets mixed with 4 artificial vitamins and furthermore chemistry” describes exactly a cocktail, that makes users ill. I can’t understand, why the prosecutors can’t stop this scam and selling of products, which harm our health? Isn’t it right when I say that it resembles to a criminal act?

        And what can we all do to stop it?
        I think we should spread around and distribute informations like the above named website of dedicated, concerned and enlightening JuicePlus-Doctors and their critics as well as this forum DIETPILLS-WATCHDOG or FOODUCATE, MLM-WATCH, NUTITION-STUDIES and others. In years before their appearance people mainly became informed by the “JuicePlus-Storytellers”.
        Education and reconnaisscance are -as in past- the best developing instruments of our democracy the protection of consumers.

        I would like to thank Watchdog and all the others for their engagement and these wonderful forums, where people can find and objectively discuss all the necessary informations about those frauds around us! Finally the resistance moves and people become enlightened. I hope it helps to stop those untrustworthy machinations.

  2. Commonsense says:

    OMG! Detox – nonsense (not necessary); just fruit & veg – if that’s the case, just eat fruit & veg (and benefit from the fibre!); if you eat a sensible balanced diet with no junk food, which will reduce your calorie intake = lose weight/better hair/better skin/better nails/better sleep/more energy. It’s not ROCKET SCIENCE! Save yourselves some money and do it the good old fashioned way. Why does everyone constantly seek and pay hundreds for a ‘magic bullet’?

    1. Janin says:

      Lots of fruit and vegetables do not have the nutrients they should have, because they’ve been harvested long before they should be, so fruits, for example are not ripe, and you get, straw berries, for example, that are still green and taste horrible.. and do not have developed the anti histamine, which is supposed to make them digestible, hence, lots of people develop allergies to fruits, simply because they come to us immature. Also, lots of veggies and fruit lose their nutriciousness, because they sat around in store rooms and lorries for ages, so, you may eat lots of them, but may not get what you think you’re getting out of them. Also, organic stuff is so much more expensive

  3. Jass Godly says:

    I started having Juice Plus+ 2 years ago. I feel so much better, more energy, no joint pains anymore and my nails, hair and teeth are all better too. And yes i have gone down 3 jeans sizes too and am now maintaining a health weight. I am now a Juice Plus+ distributor. No one in Juice Plus+ claims it is a miracle diet pill. There is so much science to back it up that you only need to be open minded to know it is bioavailable and beneficial Scientific and medical studies from many reputable institutions say it is. What it isn’t is isolated vitamins and minerals it is wholefood. NOT to replace healthy eating to to bridge the gap! Please if you are open minded do some research for yourself! Then make your own mind up.

    1. Mike says:

      Well clearly you’re a distributor because like a typical Juice Plus distributor you contradict yourself in one go.

      You started off by saying you’ve dropped jean sizes and have stronger nails and teeth, then you turn around and say Juice Plus isn’t a miracle pill – okay – then why go at lengths to describe how much better you feel since taking the stuff?

      And the studies, don’t make me laugh. They are all funded by Juice Plus. The reality is your products are nothing more than mediocre multivitamins and shakes – I can get far more value from a bog standard multivitamin from Costco for a fraction of the cost!

      1. Cheryl says:

        The people selling this stuff, blurt out the same stupid gargon!!!! They have been brain washed at the sales conferences.

        I mean, can one little pill seriously contain 30 pieces of fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, minute bits of dust of that fruit, maybe!!

        1. Cheryl Brighton says:

          Tell me about it!!! From my point of view I find it DANGEROUS as they say the boosters can help with type 2 diabetes. That may be true but if they then push the shakes onto you, they could kill you!! They have over 40g of sugar per 100g….. NO DIABETIC SHOULD TOUCH THIS!!!

      2. Lewis says:

        I’m a sport scientist myself so understand the importance of reading the nutrition information on the packs. My mum brought a few of their meal replacement shakes, and while it seems good getting 37g of carbohydrate, how can it possibly be beneficial if only 3g out of 37 are complex carbs and the rest sugar. Everyone knows sugar will make you get a short burst of energy then fall down a cliff (energy levels drop more).

        While being a critic I decided to try it for myself for two weeks and personally, have not felt a difference. I take 2 shakes, morning and evening, also 2 juice plus pills. In my opinion, over priced product that has not much benefits. Better to spend the money on food.

      3. Janin says:

        Probably improvements happen not because something is a miracle product, but because it simply does what it does… Have you tried juice plus products? If not, how can you comment? I’m using their stuff without having read anything, and I’m too losing the pounds and have more energy during the day and sleep better.

      4. Janin says:

        What is your problem, Mike, if some one is really getting better when having taken juice plus? Are you jealous? Also, think about it: you say that you can get cheeper vitamins from any shop, yes. But, being good capitalists, one has to put a high enough profit margin onto of products, so that, after paying persons at the till, paying rent for the shop, paying for delivery of the products from your company to the shop,,, after all of this you still have to make enough to make a living. So, how cheaply do you have to produce your products? Juice plus products are not stored in any ones’s living room or shop, for which you have to pay rent, you do not pay any one to stand at the till all day to sell the products… so could it not be a question of how their things are made that’s why it is not 1. pence per capsule, or however cheep you’d like to think vitamins should be?

    2. Richard says:

      I’m guessing you’ve alienated your whole family and friends then like every other juice plus seller bombarding Facebook with relentless and annoying pics of people you have never met and claim to have lost 3 stone in one day. Biggest scam company going.

    3. Rachel says:

      Can you please provide links to all of the peer-reviewed journalled studies supporting Juice Plus. As a distributor, you should have ready access to these.

      1. Ranga says:

        The so called “science behind Juice Plus'” is a big fraud. And the same applies to the contents: Nowhere in all these “studies” is exactly descriped what is in these powders resp. how many of an apple or all the other alleged ingredients is in there.
        The meanwhile revealed reality is: Sawdust and hay-snips with 4 added isolate, artificial vitamins.
        And why these products are a serious health hazard you can read
        Folks, don’t let you be deceived!!!

      2. Ag says:

        Wow you people are so nasty. Why are you all so angry? Just express your views kindly and respectfully. Talking the way you are is very negative and seems so aggressive.. Everyone if different and what works for one may not work for another. I too have been sceptical about this product, but I’ve seen people that would never of even attempted to get fitter or change their diet without it. will people simply eat better and exercise.?? No, they need the stories and supplements of juice plus to help them get started. That’s part is in the Brain the mental aspect of losing bweight etc, but if it gets people thinking about what they eat then that’s amazing. You can’t deny that 🙂

    4. Janin says:

      I have just started taking juice plus products, love them, just see what happens, without reading too much, just learning from experience…

  4. paul says:

    do not buy this crap of pills , many people have felt bad, liver, kidneys , others have died because renounced to other foods , but mostly reported to the authorities juicy plus distributors , who are the goats that do not understand anything about nutrition and think only money next volendone physical death , to make the qualifications ,

    1. Amy-Lou says:

      Hi Paul i am dong some serious research into this worrying product my question to you is have you any evidence that people have died from using it? i would be very interested in hearing your response

      Thank you

      1. Kelly says:

        Yes, this fact is very true, people most certainly do die from using juice plus,
        And on a regular basis!
        Back in 2015 I started using the products, I felt great, it really helped me to come out of a very bad post natal depression, and I dropped 4 dress sizes,
        I can most certainly say that woman I was back in 20014/20015 is 100% dead I am a new woman and I love it! I Have so much to thank juice plus for, and the amazing support you get from the distributor is definitely with the price

        1. David says:

          What an absolute crock of 5hit. Another obsessed and brainwashed juice plus seller. They are so easy to spot

          1. Alan says:

            I agree – you can spot a Juice Plus seller a mile away! It’s an expensive capsule of berry dust with added vitamins. But to the Juice Plus seller – it’s a miracle cure!

          2. Cheryl says:

            Well said… The only ones to change from this stuff is the people at the top of the pyramid, whose wallets get fatter!!!!!

            The videos posted.. OMG Hi Guys!!! give us a thumbs up.. let us know you there.. they all have the same, sickly voice that they were taught at the brainwashing conferences!!!

          3. Ag says:

            Wow! How can you talk to a stranger that way? And shun their story, please think about your actions and how they may effect someone Taft could be quite vulnerable. Just because you hate a product you can still express that with respect for the person. Your are also a very angry person, there are many in this page. I’m blown away ur the awful lacking respect for people you do not know.

      2. Mike says:

        Hi Amy-Lou,

        I don’t know where Paul is getting his facts from but I haven’t heard of anyone die from these products.

        That being said, Juice Plus products are an absolute waste of money. The capsules alone contain just four vitamins and distributors sell a limited supply for a horrendous cost. You can get much cheaper multivitamins for much better value from your local supermarket.

        1. charlotte horsfall says:

          3 in morning 3 in the evening…1 of each type lol…not 12

    2. bb says:

      My key points are these:
      You would be better off taking a multivitamin ($20-40 per month) and a powdered greens supplement ($30-40 per month) than you would taking Juice Plus+® ($45-75 per month).
      Laboratory analysis has repeatedly shown that Juice Plus+® provides meager amounts of Vitamin A, C, and E, along with Folate. That’s it.
      The multivitamin alone is vastly superior and you will save money.
      The results that Juice Plus+® can prove is likely a result of Vitamin A,C, and E supplementation. In which case, a multivitamin is sufficient.
      There are no studies that compare a multivitamin-only to Juice Plus+®-only to a placebo. I suspect this is intentional.
      Many of the studies cited by Juice Plus+® are funded by Juice Plus+® and have severe design flaws that question the legitimacy of the research. These include: lack of a placebo group, lack of a double-blind, small sample sizes, and an over-reliance on studying smokers (a group that is known to benefit greatly from Vitamin C supplementation)

  5. Rowena says:

    Firstly most off the shelf vitamin suppliments contain aspartame and/or other scientific and clinical proven cancer causing ingredirects so I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Secondly juice plus is fruit veg vitamins minerals all of which if you research it are natural!
    I used to be a distributor of Juice plus and some of the methods that people use…not juice plus products…people are underhand yes but that’s humans for u. The products themselves are amazing and have helped 1000’s of people overcome all mane of illnesses and if that works for u then go for it. There is nothing harmful in the products at all. I still use the products, I have lost weight and gained much more health since using them and so too have my children so much so that my eldest is now not on any medication for her arthritis at all. ‘Chemotherapy injections’ or juice plus? Hmmmmmm no brainer!

    1. Mike says:

      Juice Plus has helped people fight diseases you say?

      Great! Perhaps you can be the very first fan of Juice Plus to explain to me how their products help someone with diabetes, a claim I’ve seen made many a time. Explain to me how products that do not contain insulin, which you know, diabetics need, help diabetics?

      In your own time.

    2. Kathryn says:

      Yes Rowena, please point us to the studies that prove the claims made by JP and other ‘wellness’ MLMs. And when we say ‘studies’ I want to see proper PubMed pre-test post-test double blind, randomised experiments not paid for by JP and not carried out by anyone in their pockets and not spun until it’s a work of fiction. Because I am SICK of the damage done by this snake oil; not just the illegal health claims but also the awful culture of these MLMs that lie to their ‘staff’ and get people into debt and so desperate that they’ll make any claim to make some cash (when they’re not recruiting). Over 90% of people coming into these pyramid shaped organisations make no money or lose money. They’re a scandal on so many fronts.

  6. Lauren says:

    I stopped reading after the boosters comments because you have got so many thing wrong already and I was confused to how you could make a review when you don’t know the facts?
    For example you actually just take 2 capsules a day of each one once a day.
    The boosters you get 90 for the price of £74.50.
    The capsules and shakes you actually get four months worth and is sent out all at once and you have an option for it to be shipped out every four months if you want.
    There are so many people that have benefited off JP products as they are not just for weightloss.
    I myself have clearer skin, healthier nails and have lost a over a stone in 6 weeks which I think is a healthy time scale.
    So before you do a review why don’t you check out the facts and peoples results on the products instead of basing it on hearsay.

    1. Mike says:

      Lauren, I’ve seen distributors recommend taking up to three Booster sachets a day, meaning if someone did this they’d be out of Boosters within a month.

      Furthermore, your capsules cost a stupidly high amount of money for a limited supply. I can buy a 500-capsule container from Costco for just under £13 which would comfortably last me more than a month – and I get the benefits of 16 different vitamins compared to the FOUR Juice Plus provide!

      Your products are over-hyped, over-priced and under-whelming.

      1. Bill says:

        Mike, I’m not a JP distributor. But are you really that silly to think that your multi vitamins work?!?! They are synthetic chemical crap! Your body does not recognise synthetic products. Your body recognises FOOD. If you don’t want to take JP, that’s cool, but for crying out loud quit the multi vitamins!!

        1. Lisa Stockley says:

          Funny. Mine work. The blood tests prove it.

          1. Mike says:

            “The blood tests prove it”

            Prove what?

        2. Mike says:


          “But are you really that silly to think that your multi vitamins work?!?!”

          A simple multivitamin can supplement your diet with far more vitamins for a fraction of the cost of Juice Plus capsules. I am not claiming they are wonder products.

          “They are synthetic chemical crap!”

          Then by that logic so are Juice Plus capsules.

          “Your body does not recognise synthetic products. Your body recognises FOOD.”

          So, why not eat more fruit and vegetables?

          “If you don’t want to take JP, that’s cool, but for crying out loud quit the multi vitamins!!”

          Why? It gives me plenty of vitamins that I otherwise lack in my diet. Unlike a Juice Plus rep, however, I do not sing to the heavens that multivitamins can be a direct substitute for fruit and veg or cure diseases.

      2. Janin says:

        Some representatives may give wrong amounts for the intake, but that is not the companies fault, that is the fault of a greedy sales person. Also, a good person would be some one who advises you, for example, the powder can be taken even once a day, so lasting for 8 months instead of four and still benefit. Also, many capsules that you can buy in ordinary shops may not be resourced naturally, and the profit is shared by big manly national companies, and no one complains about normal shops making profit, why not?

  7. Gemahartley says:

    What a load of horse … this article is, I have never read something so miss informed evvvver! They did that much research into the product that they couldn’t even get what the recommended dosage or minimum shipment is right!!! What a load of sheep, ooooh JUICEPLUS is bad…. I’ve had kidney problems for years now and they actually worked for me, I wasn’t trying to lose weight and they don’t claim he capsules help you do that!

    1. Mike says:

      Gemma, if Juice Plus cured your kidney problems doctors all over the world would be clamouring all over these products. But they’re not, because either your condition was cured by conventional medicine/treatment, or you made it up.

      1. charlotte horsfall says:

        I have a liver disease called Gilbert’s syndrome which caused me chronic fatigue…since taking the capsules I don’t have that over bearing urge to lay down. I am so much more active. After a workout my muscles take a day and a half to repair rather than 3. So I can vouch that there products work.

        1. Mike says:

          Charlotte, the capsules are overhyped multi-vitamins. You can buy a bog standard multi-vitamin from any supermarket for much cheaper and for much better value for money. It’s great that you’re enjoying a placebo effect, but it’s not Juice Plus making you feel better.

      2. Janin says:

        Mike, doctors would not clammer over juice plus product even if they work, because doctor’s income depends on people being suck and not getting better, or if they do get better, they should take a long time, so the farmasutical companies make a lot of money, no matter how much people suffer.

      3. Janin says:

        Mike, most doctors would not be happy to recommend real solutions to people’s diseases, because they make a huge profit on people being sick. Example, in the seventies an antidote to cavities has been found, a way to kill the bacteria that cause cavities, and guess what, it is not being used, because dentists make millions from having to drill and replace our teeth with plastic or whatever… Whenever there is something out there that helps people without the medical industry profiting, and whenever there is something out there that challenges our own beliefs we go against it and find ways of putting it down, because it may shake our own belief system and possibillities

    2. Cheryl says:

      That would be all the extra water you have been drinking, as advised when taking the tablets that have flushed your kidneys!!!

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