• Juice Plus

    Made from the juices of more than 30 fruits and veggies, Juice Plus claims to help you lose weight and improve your overall health. It contains minerals, vitamins, and plant compounds from fruits and veggies, and promises to help you in a number of ways. It contains garlic, broccoli, apple, beet, pineapple, peach, and many other fruits and vegetables, which work synergistically to improve your overall health.

    Founded in 1970, the Juice Plus company claims that Juice Plus is going to be the next big thing in the world of nutrition supplements. By taking its power from fruits and vegetables, it helps keep you healthy and makes it easier to control your weight. The question is, is it really a good idea to take a supplement instead of eating raw fruits and vegetables? Are there any benefits of taking Juice Plus? Here is our review to help you decide.

    Juice Plus Pros

    • Uses natural ingredients
    • Offers plant compounds

    Juice Plus Cons

    • May not work for everyone
    • Comes with an auto-ship program
    • Might not do nothing to reduce weight
    • More expensive than other comparable supplements
    Watchdog Rejected

    Juice Plus

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    What You Need To Know About Juice Plus

    Juice Plus is a nutrition supplement and provides you with some essential vitamins, minerals, and many other plant extracts considered vital for your overall health. It is true that you need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, but you do not need to include Juice Plus in your routine when your diet is already big on vegetables and fruits. Even the company has mentioned that Juice Plus is designed to bridge the nutritional gap left after eating raw fruits and veggies. It means that it is never a substitute to eating raw fruits and vegetables.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus contains natural ingredients only, so it is generally safe, but some people may experience some gastrointestinal problems in the beginning. Refer to our “Side Effects” section to learn more.

    How Much Does Juice Plus Cost?

    Juice Plus is very expensive, mainly because you have to pay for a 4-month supply plan. You have to pay £241 or you can also pay in instalments – you have to pay £61.75/month, which means you will end up paying £247 in four months. We are always wary of products that are part of an auto-ship program, because they can be notoriously hard to cancel for customers.

    Not only is this an issue, but also we are worried about the fact that the money back guarantee can only be seen on the US site, and not the UK one. Does that mean if you order products to the UK you can’t return them? We feel the best thing to do in this situation is to contact the manufacturers directly.

    Our Verdict On Juice Plus

    Juice Plus provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts to make it easier to control your weight and improve your overall health. However, there is not enough scientific evidence suggesting that supplementing with Juice Plus will help reduce weight, boost immune system, or improve cardiovascular health.

    Many customer reviews have already stated that Juice Plus does nothing to improve your health. It is worth mentioning that you will be better off eating raw fruits and vegetables instead of taking Juice Plus, especially when you are on a tight budget.

    Juice Plus costs a lot. It is incredibly expensive and is therefore not a great choice for many people. You can get it in a 4-month supply package, which makes it very expensive. You can easily get a multivitamin supplement at a much lower price than what you pay to get a 30-day supply of Juice Plus.

    Overall, we do not recommend Juice Plus to our readers.

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    Juice Plus Review

    Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement, designed to help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Made from the juices of whole fruits and vegetables, it is supposed to help you keep lean and healthy. The supplement contains different blends with their Fruit Blend containing cranberry, peach, apple, papaya, orange, prune pineapple, cherry, and more. The Vegetable Blend contains parsley, broccoli, garlic, carrot, tomato, cabbage, spinach, beet, and kale, whereas the Berry Blend contains cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, raspberry, pomegranate, blackcurrant, concord grape, cocoa, artichoke, and more. These blends provide you with vitamin-C, vitamin-E, calcium, enzymes, carotenoids, soluble fiber, and folic acid. How much of each ingredient is there in the blend is not clear, which is always a red flag.

    Juice Plus Facts

    • Manufactured in Switzerland for NSA
    • A 15 day supply equals 3 bottles of 60 capsules

    Juice Plus is supposed to help you by raising blood levels of lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin-E, and folate. However, it is important to mention that not all studies have noticed an increase in the blood levels of these nutrients after the use of Juice Plus. Another consideration is that the supplement is basically fortified with these nutrients, which makes it less impressive and no better than your standard multivitamin supplement.

    Some studies have shown that Juice Plus may help boost your immune system by increasing the activity of immune cells. However, the truth is that this change in activity does not always lead to a significant boost in your immune system. In fact, it may not offer increased protection against illnesses either. Many studies have confirmed that there was no change in the frequency of illness after taking Juice Plus. Source

    How to Take Juice Plus

    The core products offered by Juice Plus are fruit and vegetable supplements. They come in capsule or chewable form in the following blends:

    • Fruit blend
    • Vegetable blend
    • Berry blend

    The adult dose is two capsules of each blend per day, preferably at meal times. Children under 13 are advised to take one capsule of each blend per day.

    Juice Plus claims to improve your skin health, which is mainly due to its vitamin C and E content. If you increase your intake of water and get more vitamin C and E from your regular multivitamin supplement, there is no need to waste money on Juice Plus.

    When it comes to losing weight, you will be much better off eating raw fruits and vegetables. The reason is that this is going to provide you with loads of fiber. When you increase your intake of fiber, you are less likely to feel hungry all the time. Fiber promotes satiety and makes you eat less in the first place. This will make it easier to eat in a calorie deficit, which in turn will translate into weight loss. When you opt for a supplement like Juice Plus, and that too for weight loss, you do not get the much-needed fiber, which will hamper your weight loss progress.

    Juice Plus comes with glucomannan, which is supposed to increase your intake of fiber and treat constipation and other digestive disorders. However, it is possible to develop several side effects when you use glucomannan on a long-term basis.

    Juice Plus Concerns:

    • Incredibly expensive
    • Nothing more than a multivitamin – much cheaper options elsewhere
    • Hard to opt out of auto-ship program

    Another reason to avoid this supplement is that you cannot buy it on a monthly basis. You have to pay for a 4-month supply, which does not seem reasonable at all. They actually enroll you into their auto-ship program, and try to take as much money as possible. Many customer reviews have also stated that it is incredibly hard to opt-out of their auto-ship program, which is why we believe you should avoid placing your order in the first place.

    The fact of the matter is that Juice Plus may seem to be an easy alternative to eating fruits and vegetables, but it is never a substitute, as you get loads of fiber from raw fruits and veggies. Yes, there are vitamins and minerals in this supplement, but you can get them all from your regular multivitamin supplement and that too at a much lower price. Overall, you should avoid Juice Plus and save your hard-earned money!

    What Does Juice Plus Claim To Do?

    Juice Plus makes several big claims. Though it only provides you with essential vitamins, minerals, and some plant compounds, it still promises some outstanding benefits. For instance:

    • Improves your heart health
    • Reduces stress and inflammation
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Improves your dental health
    • Improves your skin health

    Does Juice Plus Work?

    As a weight loss product, we do not see Juice Plus doing much in terms of burning fat. It is always better to maintain a healthy lifestyle or take a supplement that provides you with scientifically proven fat burners to support weight loss.

    The marketing for this product claims that the capsules will improve general health and well-being, whilst simultaneously not explicitly stating how the product would affect the consumer. Some would argue that although these tablets will boost your vitamin intake, a multivitamin could do the same and be a cheaper option as well.

    Overall, it would not be wrong to suggest that most of the claims associated with Juice Plus are not true, and that is why you should seriously think of avoiding it.

    What Are The Ingredients of Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus capsules contain the fruit, vegetable, and berry blend. Each one contains different ingredients to offer health benefits.

    The Juice Plus Fruit Blend contains:

    • Apples
    • Cranberries
    • Oranges
    • Acerola cherries
    • Pineapples
    • Peaches
    • Papayas
    • Dates
    • Prunes

    The Juice Plus Vegetable Blend contains:

    • Carrots
    • Parsley
    • Broccoli
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Tomatoes
    • Garlic
    • Cabbage

    The Juice Plus Berry Blend contains:

    • Concord grape
    • Pomegranate
    • Blueberry
    • Bilberry
    • Blackberry
    • Elderberry
    • Raspberry
    • Cranberry
    • Blackcurrant

    All these ingredients are said to increase the quantity of important active compounds in the blood, and that there have been 30 studies involving Juice Plus, which seems like a lot. The proves that the company wanted to be thorough, and try their hardest to prove that this supplement does what it says on the bottle.

    Juice Plus is also free from:

    • Gluten
    • Lactose
    • Artificial aromas and colours
    • Chemical stabilisers

    Juice Plus have admitted that the capsules are supplemented with 3 of the known 13 vitamins, vitamin E, C, folic acid, and provitamin A which all come from natural sources.

    • Provitamin A comes from Dunaliella salina, a type of algae, carrots, and other sources
    • Vitamin C comes from acerola cherry and other sources
    • Vitamin E comes from soya oil
    • Folic acid is obtained by biofermentation, a process similar to the way folic acid is formed in the body

    Other Ingredients: The capsules also contain gelatin, citrus pectin, calcium ascorbate, citrus bioflavonoids, natural carotenoid blend (lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin), glucomannan, natural tocopherol blend, bromelain, papain, natural enzyme blend, Lactobacillus acidophilus, folic acid. Source

    Does Juice Plus Have Any Side Effects?

    Juice Plus contains natural ingredients only, so you are less likely to experience side effects. Some people may develop mild gastrointestinal symptoms in the beginning though.

    On the FAQ section it says the following with regards to people taking the product with allergies:

    • This question can only be answered once the severity of the allergy is known. With regard to allergies, in our experience, Juice Plus is also tolerated very well even if an allergy exists to the fresh state of one of the types of fruit contained. In the case of allergies, always seek medical advice before taking Juice Plus and check the ingredients on the label.

    When taking with other medication they say:

    • Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement that should basically be regarded as food. Therefore, generally no side effects are expected when used with medication. It is crucial to respect the recommendations of your doctor and read the instruction leaflet in the packet where any side effects with other substances (medicine, food, etc.) are listed. For further information please contact the person who supplied you with this brochure or send us an e-mail.

    Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you are predisposed to high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems. Speak to your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

    Are There Any Customer Reviews For Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus makes several big claims, but it seems that it fails to achieve positive results because customer reviews are not that impressive.

    I have been using it for a couple of months now, but there is no change in my weight. How can I tell if my overall health has improved? I cannot, and that is why I think it is better to avoid this scam.

    I do not think this supplement is any better than your regular multivitamin supplement. If you are already loading up on fruits and veggies, there is no need to waste your money on this supplement.

    Does Juice Plus Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

    It is not easy to locate the satisfaction guarantee. There is a very small badge towards the bottom of the website with two bottles surrounded by an orange border. If we didn’t notice it we’d think there was no guarantee attached to this supplement. However, one thing to note is that this is only visible on the US site and not the UK one.

    It states the following:

    • We offer an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee on your last shipment that was received in the last six months. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Juice Plus order, call the number below anytime Monday-Friday between 8:00am-5:00pm Central and our Service Center will take care of you. You may cancel your Juice Plus shipments at anytime. Just call 1-800-347-6350 or email

    Where Can I Buy Juice Plus?

    You can buy it directly from the official website.

    Juice Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement designed to help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Made from the juices of whole fruits and vegetables, it is supposed to help you keep lean and healthy.

    What are the side effects of Juice Plus?

    Some people may develop mild gastrointestinal symptoms in the beginning.

    What are the ingredients in Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus contains different blends with their Fruit Blend containing cranberry, peach, apple, papaya, orange, prune pineapple, cherry, and more. The Vegetable Blend contains parsley, broccoli, garlic, carrot, tomato, cabbage, spinach, beet, and kale, whereas the Berry Blend contains cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, raspberry, pomegranate, blackcurrant, concord grape, cocoa, artichoke, and more. These blends provide you with vitamin-C, vitamin-E, calcium, enzymes, carotenoids, soluble fiber, and folic acid.

    Does Juice Plus work?

    It would not be wrong to suggest that most of the claims associated with Juice Plus are not true, and that is why you should seriously think of avoiding it.

    How much does Juice Plus cost?

    The 4-month supply plan costing £241, or you can also pay in instalments at £61.75 per month.

    Who makes Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus is manufactured by National Safety Associates.

    How do I take Juice Plus?

    The adult dose is two capsules of each blend per day, preferably at meal times. Children under 13 are advised to take one capsule of each blend per day.

    Can I take Juice Plus if I have a health condition?

    Do not take if you are predisposed to high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems. Speak to your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

    Does Juice Plus have a money-back guarantee?

    Juice Plus offers a money-back guarantee, however this is only visible on the US site and not the UK one.

    How long has Juice Plus been around?

    Juice Plus has been around for several years.

    Where can I buy Juice Plus?

    Juice Plus can be bought online from the official Juice Plus website.

    Can I buy Juice Plus in stores?

    Juice Plus cannot be purchased in stores.

    How do I contact Juice Plus customer service?

    Juice Plus can be contact via the details provided on their website.

    Are there any Juice Plus coupons?

    At this time, there are no Juice Plus coupons.

    Are there any free samples of Juice Plus?

    There are no free samples available for Juice Plus.

    How does Juice Plus compare to Phentatrim?

    CriteriaJuice Plus ComparisonPhentatrim comparison
    Clinically Proven Ingredients
    Side Effect Free
    Positive Customer Reviews
    24/7 Support
    Money-back Guarantee

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

    300 comments on “Juice Plus”

    1. Simon Templer says:

      a guy I worked with has taken this for over a year, at the same time he started he stopped eating a serving of chips or pizza every 2 hours, strangely he lost 2 stone… sadly he is now brainwashed by this cult and posts some JP related picture every hour on facebook, the only contributory factor to his weight loss was eating 3000 less calories per day

      his hair is getting thinner, the weight he loses now is the same stone put in and taken off again… if you add the weigjt loss together it’s around 10 stone he’s lost, but he has also put 10 stone on and is just as big as he ever was

      but he doesn’t care, coz he is a few levels up the sales pyramid and earns money from many other gullible folk

    2. Julie hunter says:

      I have used juice plus shakes and lost a good few pounds in weight and felt better for it. But like most diets when you stop you gain weight. It’s all about eating healthy and stop snacking in between meals and eat at meal times. I find walking helps with weight loss too, instead of using cars or buses try walking it’s a great way of doing exercise. Eat healthy and be happy.

    3. Carol says:

      been on the juice plus diet for 3 weeks now and I feel great I’ve lost 1stone so far I’m sleeping well at night have more energy I’m 62 can honestly say I don’t feel it I would recommend it

    4. Ben says:

      It’s a massive scam to make the distributors money that’s why they tell you to brag n lie about booking holidays and buying new cars ect to get more people under them fact

    5. suzzy says:

      I spent £270 rubbish

    6. Jay says:

      Juice plus is nothing but a con. By some multi vitamins from boots they do the same thing and are loads cheaper. Loosing weight is all in your mind you don’t need to take 12 tablets a day! And pay there ridiculous contract prices

    7. Yvonne says:

      This is ridiculous, look at the way people are going at each other over a multi-vitamin.
      Yes, it may help people take in more nutrients as part of a healthy lifestyle. But they’ve extracted the majority of the nutrients of the fruit and veg they’re putting in the products! Micronutrients, for the most part, can’t be stored for later use, so you’re probably consuming what you can and excreting the rest.. Hell of a price to pay to pee it out…
      I don’t know about you but I enjoy meal times with family and friends. I’m healthy and fit and my job is to help other people become so. It’s easy to succumb to mlm and easy ways to make quick money, but that doesn’t make it right.
      It seems that people need just a small reason to latch on to unsupported and internally funded (which actually makes them bias) ‘research’ and they’re hooked. Come on now, no one is so ill informed they have to latch on to the first thing they find to create quick money by scamming other people…. Are they?

    8. Robin says:

      I have a friend who has just become a rep for this product. The briefest of internet searches shows what the deal is – a multi-vitamin, extortionately priced, sold in the most disreputable and exploitative way it’s possible to imagine. My friend’s Facebook wall is now filled with testimonials clearly written by new FB friends who are clearly also reps. All the benefit claims that are not made by the company are made by the reps, so the company can avoid responsibility. They’re now offering the equivalent of payday loans. This is a hugely rich US company encouraging the poor to exploit their friends, making everyone poorer. I think my friend has poured significant money into it already, and desperately needs a return. It’s viral and vicious. I don’t know what to do.

    9. Marios says:

      I be taking JP capsules for 8 months, it did help with many health issues and definitely gained more energy…this report is inaccurate in many ways..6 capsules a day, NOT 12….many testimonials from people that it helped with many health benefits, most are not distributers…JP does care about children and their health, they offer fruit and vegetables chewables for FREE until age 21…..31 health studies, more than any other health food products…JP might not be for everyone, but those that do take the products have gained in positive ways re health issues….FACT….

      1. Robin says:

        By “FACT” you mean “CLAIM”.

    10. Leanne Thomson says:

      Also they are not diet pills, the product is about health and well being.

    11. Leanne Thomson says:

      I have been in the berry capsules got 3 months and feel amazing and since upgraded to the premium capsules of which have helped my arthritis, IBS, Servia back pain, sleepless night and also my anxiety and stress, best move I made the testimonials I watched and read before my purchase are epic. Don’t knock until you try it or at least research like I did

    12. Jenny says:

      ‘£20 per month for 3 months supply’ – what I mean is that it costs £20 per month and you are supplied 3 monthly – so the cost for 3 months is £60.

      1. Bruno Lamberti says:

        What a complete and utter load of garbage juice plus is! And the claims the sales people make are nonsense! Trading standards should shut them down for all the lies told just to sell crap and con people out of money!

        1. Jenny says:

          Bruno you are so wrong! My daughter is thriving on JP as part of the Team Trim plan and this is fact!. You have too much faith in this researcher. Since my last comment I too have started JP/Team Trim and guess what, improved skin (I have rosacea), improved arthritis and energy levels. This is not a diet, I eat more, I eat healthy, and I take my berry capsules 2 a day – no different from taking Sanatogen! I take it from your comment that you have not had a good experience with JP, but so many have had huge success, now that is a fact.

          1. Robin says:

            You eat healthy and you’re healthy. That is not surprising, and good for you. But why should anyone believe it has anything to do with JP? And why would anyone trust what a rep says anyway? This is so clearly a scheme explicitly designed to get the poor to extract money from the poor in the most insidious way possible. I must applaud the people at the top of the pyramid who are clawing it all in.

            1. Paul says:

              I ain’t poor at all I’ve being on this juice plus for 2 wks I dont get stomach cramps at all ,I’ve lost 8lb 3/4 in that time if it dident work for u it dident work for ya stop being angry people u tried it dident work for u ,it works for me a my wife my 2 other friends period

        2. Dawn says:

          Im amazed at how people are so eager to criticize someone wanting to make a living out of helping people live healthy lives. Occult! Keep watching your adverts for fast foods and carry on eating the addictive foods that are constantly being pushed on us. Brainwashing is we all have had done to us for an eternity but most people are ok with that.There fine with taking their children to the fast food chains and feeding them with rubbish? Thats ok on balance, but please don’t accuse ethical companies like Juice Plus who are trying to reeducate people on getting away from the convenience processed food OCCULT industry that your already in.

          1. Mike says:


            “Im amazed at how people are so eager to criticize someone wanting to make a living out of helping people live healthy lives.”

            The vast, vast majority of distributors don’t have a clue about healthy lifestyles. They don’t educate people on CICO, they don’t emphasise the importance of a healthy diet, they don’t talk about exercise. They just say “hey, come buy these Juice Plus products, and while you’re at it, join my team!” It’s all about making money.

            “Occult! Keep watching your adverts for fast foods and carry on eating the addictive foods that are constantly being pushed on us.”

            Who says people who criticise Juice Plus are addicted to junk food?

            “Brainwashing is we all have had done to us for an eternity but most people are ok with that.”

            For example, how companies like Juice Plus brainwash people into thinking they can make megabucks online by selling their products to people on Facebook.

            “There fine with taking their children to the fast food chains and feeding them with rubbish? Thats ok on balance, but please don’t accuse ethical companies like Juice Plus who are trying to reeducate people on getting away from the convenience processed food OCCULT industry that your already in.”

            That’s just nonsense. Juice Plus distributors peddle the line that if you take these products you don’t have to eat real fruit and vegetables. If anything YOU guys are the worst for putting people off from eating healthier diets; you project these products as miracle cures that stop people from having to make real, substantial lifestyle changes to better themselves.

      2. Cherisse says:

        Fab comment so many things said in article are wrong and I’m shocked at the recommendations they clearly have not done there research

    13. Jenny says:

      Jo. What Hannah is saying is the information in the article is incorrect, that means their numbers are wrong darling! Just because it’s written on here doesn’t make it correct. As far as my experience goes my daughter has had a horrendous time over the past 3 years with severe IBS, she was unwell and suffered anxiety. Since starting JP in January she has turned her life around. She pays £20 for 3 months supply, follows the clean eating to the letter and has lost 4 stones in weight, her skin is amazing and she has so much energy. Best of all, the IBS is controlled. Her husband started soon after her and has lost nearly 5 stones! All I can say is having yoyo dieted over the years (we’ve done them all – WW SF SW, etc) this is not a ‘diet’ it is a change of lifestyle for healthy eating, if your mindset is that it is a diet, you will fail! Also, her mentor is amazing and has been with her every step of the way supporting her, above and beyond the very small commission she makes from her sales of the product!

      1. sam says:

        your daughter feels better because of clean eating!! no juice plus!

    14. Jo says:

      Hannah. Why don’t you do your maths love? Or is it your reading that is suffering? It clearly says in the article, 2 of each, twice a day. That’s 6 tablets, twice a day, making 12 in total. So Michaela has read it correctly. It’s you that hasn’t.

      1. JoJo says:

        Jo, the point Hannah has made is that the article is wrong!!
        You take 2 of each ONCE a day NOT twice a day.
        Therefore that is 6 a day.
        This article has so many facts completely wrong.
        So Hannah is correct and the article is wrong. You have only read the article and not true facts are therefore WRONG!

    15. Judith says:

      Very disappointed no money back guarantee in U.K. I suffered severe stomach cramps on the shakes yet still have to pay. Where are customer rights here.

      1. Kym says:

        I drank the shakes for 1 week and also had severe stomach cramps. 2 weeks later and I still have them. Not sure what ingredients has caused it but I must have a sensitive stomach because I feel really bad! Could it be too much fibre?

    16. Vicky says:

      I have used the jp capsules and shakes and haven’t noticed ANY difference. No weight loss or increase in energy NOTHING. I followed the program to the letter but still NOTHING.

      I honestly believe the only way to truly be lose weight and inches is to eat a well balanced diet and exercise. I’m now following a sensible eating plan where there are no restrictions and exercise min of 4 times a week using weights and cardio based training. I’ve since lost a dress size and just over a stone!!! My bank balance hasn’t lost anything ????

      1. Vicky says:

        Also adding to that it had no affect on my eczema either

    17. Mark T Brody says:

      Juice Plus is normal fruit and vegetable juice concentrate powder put into capsules. If you’re a reasonably intelligent person, you can buy fruit and vegetable juice powder in bulk, from various manufacturers for literally 1/10th the cost. These bottles of Juice Plus cost no more than $5 to manufacture, if I had to guess. The bottling and labeling is probably more costly than the product in the capsules.

      The outlandish, ridiculous claims this company makes is mind boggling. I don’t know how they haven’t been shut down for fraud. Clever “loophole” wording, and high priced lawyers are probably how this company continues to stay open, and peddles this overpriced garbage.

      I’m not saying these capsules provide NO nutritional benefit, but to get any substantial benefit from them, you’d have to take 10-20 capsules a day, which would not be very cost effective. When you buy a standard fruit/vegetable juice powder concentrate, you routinely take 1 TBSP (15 grams) of the powder. These capsules are 750mg, so therefore, you would need to take 20 to get what I would call a nutritionally substantial dosage.

      I have taken this product and noticed zero benefit, because there’s little to no benefit to be found in the miniscule dosages these capsules provide. If you’re taking this stuff and you’re having the placebo effect, great. Keep taking it. Placebo is just as powerful as anything. But for someone who’s not easily fooled, spend your money elsewhere.

      Gram for gram, this might be the most expensive nutritional supplement ever created, when you factor in the dosage needed to have significant effects on someone’s nutritional profile.

      Again, I’m not saying this is a BAD quality supplement. It’s just misleading, insanely expensive, and putting the powder in capsules instead of offering a powder is a convenient way to rip you off even further.

    18. Juliet says:

      I tried JP last year after being persuaded by a close friend who was about to become a distributor. I have to say that I didn’t experience any improvement in my skin or health etc, I stuck at it for 5 months then gave up after a really nasty flu virus knocked me out (it’s meant to help the immune system) I also stopped taking them due to the costs involved.
      Everyone is different, I put on weight with this product, my friend seems to be enjoying her distributing role although it is all she talks about including calling her colleagues her family and talking JP every chance she gets, I’m worried about her as I think it’s a bit OTT and cult like!
      JP may work for you but it didn’t for me, to be honest I find fruit and veg a better option and juice these myself, that way I can be assured that the binding agents shown on the JP ingredients list won’t be going in to my tummy.

      1. JJ says:

        Totally agree. It’s very cult like & I know a few people who have lost themselves.
        When I questioned polity about the high fructose, I had about 10 JP distributes abuse me! Calling me names on the fb thread.
        It’s a huge scam, not the only one of it’s kind, that preys on the vulnerable.

    19. Diane says:

      I have been using the capsules a month 6 a day in all. My skin has improved I am more alert get up better in the morning and definitely have more energy. I am not a distributor but will continue with the product because it is good. Never been told these tablets are weight loss so not sure I’d the revir is the same product.

    20. Kelly says:

      Wow not only have you got all of the facts wrong regarding juice plus.. You are recommending a product that suppresses appetite?! In what way is that healthy ?! Appalling behaviour I really hope people question your recommendation on this!!

    21. Peter Gray says:

      I am Nutritionist who has been using Juice Plus for a number of years now and also used in my practice with my patients.
      The comments here are so far from my experiences I wonder if you are talking about the same product.
      Juice Plus has NEVER been recommended as a weight loss programme and should never be used as such – what it does do is give the body EVERY bio-available nutrient so that the body can detox naturally and allow the fat cells to release the fat – hence weight loss as a secondary action – BUT the most important aspect is the alkalinity of the body and the ability to detox.
      Hope that short note helps

      Peter Gray

      1. Robin says:

        It’s no wonder “nutritionist” is a legally meaningless term. “Detox” is another meaningless nonsense word. Juice Plus reps constantly and relentlessly recommend it for weight-loss. So no, your short note does not help.

      2. Martin says:

        Yes but the point is all the social media advertising features before and after photos of previously over weight women, now miraculously slim. So while they may not call it a weight loss program this is what is implicitly suggested by their promotions.

      3. Carolina says:

        I have been under the care of a nutritionist team at St George’s hospital in London for several years now. I have learned there are an awful lot of people who call themselves ‘nutritionist’ but many are without the thorough clinical expertise required to work in hospitals and treat the general public.

        Someone who had a qualification off the internet and called themselves a ‘nutritionist’ tried to sell me Juice Plus because they were on my fb friends list. I talked to the hospital team about the products because I also had also another friend whose family I am close to, who had started selling it, that I thought it would be nice support. BUT I nearly got laughed out of the hospital: they said no clinician worthy of the title would endorse or recommend this stuff! It’s overrated and overpriced. That was the kindest thing they had to say. Since I have a serious pancreatic enzyme deficiency and these guys have kept me alive and nourished for the past few years, I know who I’m going to put my trust in. There are better and cheaper options out there – and I’m taking them, my blood tests prove it!

        I’m sad to say after telling my friend selling it, and this ‘nutritionist’ who sells it, they are now so brainwashed by the sales pitches they are still telling me juice plus is the best thing out there… to make money from sick friends?! What they need is to make money. From a sick friend too. Not to mention a healthy person doesn’t need multivitamins.

        Juice-plus isn’t just an inadequate product, it’s a MLM cult.

        To anyone whose thinking of taking it, any ‘nutritionist’ worth their title would be doing them a disservice not to design a diet plan, recommend a clinically approved multivitamin IF necessary, and arrange blood tests to test effectiveness of this regime BEFORE trying to flog their ‘patient’ a more expensive option not even approved for use by the NHS!!!

      4. Kgmoomoo says:

        I did a three year degree in nutrition and would never recommend these. If you were a qualified nutritionist (registered with AfN) you should know that the body doesn’t need to detox. All these products are just an expensive scam and just a way for you to make even more commission

      5. ClaireL85 says:

        Peter I have been offered juoce plus MANY time for weight loss. Imagine have spoken to a nutritionist who told me to stay clear of juice plus. You seem brain washed like the rest.

    22. Sharon says:

      As an ex-distributor I was pressured daily by my up line, sent photos to she on my site that were not of jp success stories and the chat sites used by distributors was no less than scathing toward any customer who dared question any aspect of the programme. I left feeling very disappointed at the unprofessionalism of most of the people who are only there to gain more and more ‘minions’ to earn them they’re commission. Oh, and it costs £50 for this privilege. My advice, eat less and move more.

      1. Christine Bardoe says:

        Must have been in the wrong team then Hun x

      2. mia says:

        thank u SO MUCH for sharing this ! i was just about to join this ”company” ! 🙁 dont wanna be a part of this ! thanks again for saving !!

        1. Charmaine says:

          You must have had a bad team…. I’m with JP and love the product and my team – we all help each other, have fun events and teach whole food nutrition helping people gain better health it’s a win win. Sorry you had a bad experience but this company has been around for 3 decades and just gets better and better.

        2. shelley says:

          i am a rep and also use this myself i have tried every diet or eating plan going this is the only one that has ever worked for me and the comany are brilliant i love my job and helpping people meet they goal ye its not for everyone but its one of the cheapest too the money you pay at slimming world and weightwatchers you could do the shakes 2 shakes 2 snacks and a meal and its cheaper than slim fast i have tried them all x so i think you should do your research alot better as with any diet or eating plan if you dont eat rubbish the weight will stay off thank you x

    23. Kerry says:

      An unbelievable article, this has been reported to the company for your incorrect research, in fact, have you even done any research on this? Shocking, I have no words!

      1. Christine Bardoe says:

        Omg totally agree ????????????????????????

        1. Christine Bardoe says:

          That was laughing faces by the way not question marks ha

    24. connie nixon says:

      I used juice plus and not only didn’t work they rob me I call them around 10 weeks after doing the plan i did the plain to the book loads money out of pocket and i called the customer service and they said send what I have back so I did and after talking to them on the phone they said i couldn’t have refund as i use they producers even though it didn’t work after are conversation on the phone they said I could have my last payment nock off if I send the three packs of shakes what I did and I call them today as they did take other further £57 of me and they said I can’t have that refunded back because they sent me an e-mail why I didn’t receive and now they’re saying it’s not their fault this is the biggest cone on and bunch robbing company I’ve ever known very said I have a disabled daughter and three other children and i want to be more active for my children and not only they rob me they made my liness worse and not loss weight very said

      1. Shelagh says:

        Connie…then may i suggest you try their self promoted ‘approved diet pills” but asked yourself, approved by who?, and who paid for the clinical research? and how many chemicals and dyes are you consuming. I am not going to defend Juice Plus, i personally feel the product doesn’t need defending….one of the best whole food products on the market. …my opinion! There is only one reason we knock another down…and that is to make ourselves feel bigger and better. If watchdog wasn’t threatened by Juice Plus, they wouldn’t feel the need to diminish the product

        1. Kelly says:

          Why would watchdog feel threatened?? It’s comments like yours that give me doubt about trying this product

        2. Anne says:

          forgot to mention that after nearly 50 years of hayfever I had the best ever hay fever season took less medication and had no extreme flare ups for the first time ever. That was one summer so may be after next season it would be interesting to see what has happened.

      2. Anne says:

        What were you expecting to happen? May I suggest that as you never finished the product you never gave it a fair chance. Also have you ever heard of a healing crisis where sometimes a therapy appears to make things worse to begin with? It looks to me as if you wanted instant results but unfortunately if you have had problems for a long time it doesn’t happen over night. As a rule of thumb it can take a month of therapy for every year of a problem. Having said this when I took JP to help my health the last thing I was expecting from it was relief from fibro pain but it was the first thing that happened. I have no financial interest in this company in fact I was highly sceptical about the product but had seen some very positive results in a friend and just felt I had to give it a try. I suggest you do some research on healing crisis and on clean eating and next time you try anything then give it a fair chance to work. What was your water intake like while taking the product and what was your diet like? Of course you were not going to lose weight by taking the capsules because they are not a weight lose supplement. Seems like you had not read your information correctly or followed the guidelines very well. What about our support group? Did you make use of their help and support? My group is wonderful and we all swap ideas even have evenings together for food tasting. Any probs and we ask each other for suggestions. I am sorry you didn’t get what you wanted but there are plenty out there who did.

        1. mia says:

          and this is how the MAGIC ends. After somebody being unhappy with product, ”the company” starts to talk not in the nicest with costumers !!! very bad ! and unprofessional ! they try to make u feel guilty not taking enough water, or not exercising enough, or not …. and many more ! dont be fulled – just go to your closest healthy store and check for veg-fruit supplements – i’m sure u will find u looking for for much better price with same ingredients ! safe your money for something nice for your kid instead ! all the best !!!

          1. Karen says:

            If done properly juice plus shakes work….you need to drink plenty of water and eat clean. At first I wasn’t drinking enough water,I did this and the pounds came off. 80% of loosing weight is what you eat 20% is exercise. I now stick to my glutten free diet,don’t have sugar or milk….I think its peoples ignorance that stop them loosing the weight as most think they can carry on eating just what they like ,then blame JP when they dont get the results they want

            1. Mike says:

              Kelly, you’ve just shown why Juice Plus isn’t needed to lose weight. As you said it is entirely down to healthy eating and properly maintaining the amount you eat – you don’t need to spend silly sums of money on products that are so mediocre there’s better out there for much cheaper.

              That’s why it’s shameful that we have people out there peddling this junk. They make every claim under the sun to entice people to buy these products. It’s all about sales, not health.

            2. Mike says:

              Edit: sorry I meant Karen.

      3. sarah says:

        I suggest you save your money for an English lesson or something. Your grammar and spelling is awful, I can’t understand your post.

    25. Zara says:

      im a jp distributor and it’s NOT 12 tablets a day! It is only 6… 2 each day from each pot. You receive a 4 month supply for the price they are giving in this article. MOST of the info on the above is wrong.
      As for the lady here saying about her 15 year old daughter…none of us distributors are able to order without firstly parents permission and secondly the parent would have to be the one to pay and confirm the order so she wouldn’t of been able to order it unless your daughter didn’t tell that person her ages and got hold of a payment method. We ask for a date of birth so if she managed to get an order without your permission then she may have lied about her age….
      On top of that… These stats are incorrect. There are 26 fruit and veg in the capsules and there are 31 different clinical research so feel free to google them as juice plus have far more research than any other Health product on the market.
      Maybe they should have looked into it further before writing this article

      1. Gemma Smith says:

        Can I ask you if you I usethe shakes do I fill the scoop to the line or to the top?

        1. Aggie says:

          Depending if you are blending in any fruit and veg with it. When i add fruit and veg to my shakes j would pnly use 1/2 scoop as otherwise its too thick 🙂 if just with milk alternative or water full scoop to thd top 🙂

      2. lisa says:

        I think it’s wrong to pay for the first 4 months upfront chances are it doesn’t work for everyone and you have wasted all that m9ney????

        1. Lisa says:

          You don’t pay for them all at once. You get billed every month. They ship your 4 month supply all at once. Your blood cells regenerate every 120 days, that is why you should at least try it for 4 months(hence the 4 mos supply). I have been taking the capsules for 11 years and will be for the rest of my life. ALSO, they are not for weight loss. It’s for extra nutrition and balancing out your immune system.

          1. Mike says:

            The problem is, Lisa, that there’s so many distributors out there making all kinds of claims about what these products do. I’m in a group with a distributor who has made all kinds of claims about Juice Plus – weight loss, strengthen bones/cardiovascular muscles, help couples conceive children, aids physical, mental and spiritual (what?) wellbeing, etc.

            The fact is a huge number of you distributors don’t have much of a clue about nutrition and exercise and make up all kinds of wonderful claims about the products. At the end of the day Juice Plus capsules are nothing more than mediocre, over-priced multi-vitamins – that’s it.

          2. Linda says:

            Hi My niece has done this diet and today has had to go to the doctors as she has come out in a rash since startin the diet, If she is told by the doctor to stop what are the chances of her getting her money back as she cannot afford to lose this money, like all diets it will not suit everyone as everyone is different I have lost nearly two stone from just eating healthy

            1. Mike says:

              Hi Linda,

              I’m sorry to say that your niece’s money is gone. As soon as you make the purchase the distributors and the company gobble up the money then make up excuses about why people don’t lose weight/aren’t feeling any improvement with their conditions (i.e. “you haven’t given it enough time” or “this is all part of the detox process”, etc, etc).

              I’m afraid this is a case of lesson learned. Your niece can get multivitamins for much cheaper and for much better benefit from the likes of Boots or Holland and Barrett.

      3. Ashleigh says:

        No dear you lost the weight through your own efforts, looks like you’ve been brainwashed by the reps.
        As for studies, the only studies done are by the company itself. If the product was working all these miracles, weight loss, gain, acne, pcos, Ive even seen a two say she would do a testimonial for a dying kid, how low can you go.
        I notice too they encourage you to ditch dairy, does nobody realise milk is meant to turn a calf into a full sized cow? So of course you’ll lose weight if you give up dairy.
        I’m a third year medical student and these things will never be endorsed by doctors. Some of the lies we’ve heard reps use could potential lead to a law suit. Being it on. They’re greedy money driven parasites, I was added (and blocked) from their Facebook page for asking for proof, which of course nobody had. Stick to healthy eating, exercise and plenty water, a cheaper generic vitamin of you need, which you won’t if you eat right.
        Most people 32nd up reps to try making their rep some extra cash, tcertainly food at brainwashing people, also preying on the vulnerable, why else are no negative stories allowed in the testimonial page? They only want “positive” stories shared. I’ve seen reps use six year old photos as progress along with a badly photo shopped recent picture.Which was deleted fast on being found out but it’s already in circulation. Why are these admin allowing this?
        Oh yes because money.

    26. Emma says:

      The support from reps and distrust facts that you are taught r the most important thing !’ I only paid £30.00 I lost 2 stone in 2 months on the shake supplemts n didn’t even use it all ! Learning about detox n how too eat clean taught me so much. !! I would highly recommend it I found it easy too follow yummy n it made me feel amazing !!

    27. Michaela says:

      For the guys above that say its only 6 capsules – please re-read, it says: 2x a day. 2×3=6×2=12

      1. HAnnah says:

        Do your maths Michaela and you and watch dog need to get their info correct. IT IS 6 CAPSULES EACH DAY. 2 OF EACH ONCE A DAY !!

        1. Annie says:

          Michela how stupid why are u multiplying by 2 again 3×2 =6 thats it 6 capsules a day u dont take 2 twice a day u take 1 twice a day.

    28. Karen says:

      Im very angry!!
      That this company, does NOT care about who they sell this Product too!!!!!
      My daughter was 15 yr ? And this will be reported!!!!!

      1. Kerry says:

        A 15 year old can use the products Karen, it’s fruits and vegetables and yes the company does care abput children which is why they offer the childrens fruit and vegetable chews for free!

        1. l says:

          Its strictly for 18+ it even says it on the website

          1. jeff says:

            As a personal user of JUICEPLUS capsules for the past 14 months I have lost 4kg that I couldn’t with other products.I disagree with some of the comments made here that if we eat a balanced diet…. Considering that farmers use so much chemical herbicides and pesticides that in the end we eat its a relief for me to balance my diet with JUICEPLUS..
            My varicose veins have almost all been reduced to skin level.if it works why should I complain?
            I became a distributor after seeing that I can help people with their health as i have helped my body.

          2. Vicky says:

            That’s if you wish to become a rep !
            Seriously you all need to get your facts straight before slating something and making yourself a look like fools !

        2. HeidiK says:

          Free??? I enquirer for my son who has Excema and was told it would cost me £50!!!!!

      2. Aimee says:

        Maybe instead of giving your perfect little daughter enough money to “waste” on Juice Plus, you should pull your finger out and talk to her about why lying about your age on the internet is wrong.

        1. ClaireL85 says:

          Don’t dare refer to this woman’s daughter as her perfect little daughter. Do you have kids?
          I have a son and he is perfect! Everyone thinks their kids is perfect.
          I was going to purchase juice plus but to be honest the distributors I have spoken too are only interested in my money they don’t care about me getting the right plan. I work in network marketing and have been very successful because I actually put my customers first as I enjoy this and the income is a bonus. Juice plus is far too expensive.
          You distributors are all brain washed.
          Cant believe yous sold these to a 15 years old. And so what if a 15 year old lied about her age maybe she was desperate to lose weight. Ive seen 15 year old son do ALOT worse. Jut can’t get genuine reviews of juice plus cause yous are all distributors.

          1. Mike says:

            Precisely, that’s all that matters to the distributors. They make up all kinds of wacky claims about the “benefits” of Juice Plus and give people false hope that these products can make people lose weight and cure their diseases.

    29. Jessica says:

      Am taking juice plus and have many benefits. It’s not 12 capsules aday it’s 6 if u take all 3 and the product watchdog has,approved is likely to order,shud have been through the 15 yrs of clinical testing. The capsules have 26 variety s of fruit and veg which u simply cud not consume in one day.this is an extra boost u have to eat clean to healthy food s, no processed, sugary, high in fat,or salt content ect

      1. Trev says:

        Sorry but if you take away the auger and crap and than eat healthy without juice plus you will loose weight fact it healthy exercise and cut out the rubbish

        1. Vij says:

          thats the perfect answer there NO magic pills out there simply eat well, exercise daily drink lots of water and get some good sleep… SIMPLE’s

        2. Charmaine says:

          Yes of course if u cut out sugar u will loose weight and feel a lot better but taking Juice Plus helps us eat the recommended 9+ cups of RAW fruits and veges we are supposed to eat EVERY DAY. It has higher nutrional value than supermarket veges as picked at peak

          1. Mike says:

            Charmaine that’s just outright false. The only way to ensure you eat your daily amount of fruit and vegetables is – drum roll – to eat fruit and vegetables. Juice Plus is just a second rate multivitamin.

      2. Sharon says:

        I think this a huge waste of money, how can it be natural when they are removing the fibre etc. Best just getting a juicer and doing it yourself. They obviously have very good marketeres doing this. People nutrition requirements vary, do you have to do a health questionaire brfore yu start ?

        1. Mike says:

          It’s a classic pyramid scheme, that is why Juice Plus is so successful. Customers are duped into buying these products by friends and family who usually have no clue whatsoever about health and nutrition. They make claims about the products being able to help lose weight/fight disease – not the company bigwigs – so this skirts legalities.

          As you said Juice Plus is a massive con with a disgraceful, shameful business model.

      3. Ashleigh says:

        More fool you. Have a proper read up on fibre. Where’s the goodness from thirty plants coming from in a dehydrated pill? There’s FOUR nutrients in it, FOUR! That’s it, try a vitamin pill and do whatever else you are (unless you’re now a rep you won’t want to) I guarantee you’ll still feel the same.
        Look up placebo too. 🙂

      4. Ashleigh says:

        More fool you believing this, you lost it off your own efforts. Have a proper read up on fibre. Where’s the goodness from thirty plants coming from in a dehydrated pill? There’s FOUR nutrients in it, FOUR! That’s it, try a vitamin pill and do whatever else you are (unless you’re now a rep you won’t want to) I guarantee you’ll still feel the same.
        Look up placebo too. 🙂

    30. bodyevidenceac says:


      I hate making rude comments but I was shocked to see that this page says you take 12 capsules in one day when its only 2 of each which is 6 capsules. So that extreme price is for 4 months supply.


      1. ThatGirlAgain says:

        It states “The manufacturers recommends taking 2 selected fruit capsules, 2 selected vegetable capsules and 2 selected berry capsules, TWICE A DAY”
        So 6 tabs once and then 6 tabs again later would equal a total of 12 tabs a day….

        1. l says:

          I don’t know where you’ve got your information from but it’s wrong you only have 6 capsules a day and I’ve been on juice plus 9 months and have lost 3 stone and I’m not a distributer

          1. lisa says:

            Do you have the shakes to cause I got told by a good source that you don’t lose weight with just the capsules

            1. Louise says:

              I lost a stone in 3 weeks on juice vegetable and fruit capsules.

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