Ketone RX

Losing weight can be really hard and if you have given up after all those countless failures, well you are not the only one. All of us have been there some time or the other and would still be if we did not come across any product that would help us get over this impasse.

The Ketone RX is one such product that breaks through all those glass ceilings related to weight and complete changes the way our metabolism functions. What’s more, it uses the power of all natural ingredients to do this which means that it is not only efficient but also free of side effects.

Ketone RX Pros

  • Leads to significant weight loss which is about 5.5% per month
  • Boosts energy levels and spikes up the metabolism
  • Aids in better workouts and performance

Ketone RX Cons

  • Could be harmful for people with heart, blood pressure, COPD or asthma conditions
  • Has risks for diabetics as it could result in blood sugar fluctuations
  • Offers no money back
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Ketone RX

Ketone RX Review

Ketone RX Facts

  • Uses the goodness of natural ingredients aid in weight loss.
  • Helps one maintain a sustained good health.
  • Very easy to incorporate in daily diet.

While there are many raspberry ketone supplements available in the market today, Ketone RX from Intramedics has been making some big waves. The advanced weight loss formula includes a unique blend of extracts with an 84 count that is meant to support healthy and sustained weight loss for users. Made with sweet orange, grapefruit, red raspberries and guarana this raspberry ketone supplement offers a synergistic foundation for a slimmer body and good health in future.

One of the best things about this supplement is that instead of going out of your daily regime it actually makes it easier to incorporate it into your daily diet. Therefore, unlike other supplements this can become a part of your regular diet immediately, with no hassle and in no time at all. As a result, it compliments the current diet or workout regimen and absolutely encourages an all-encompassing approach to all users’ weight loss.

With just two Ketone RX Advanced Weight Loss Formula pills a day one can step forward to a future of increased weight loss. This gluten free product is meant to help all kinds of users who see a considerable difference in their weight and health within a few weeks of intake. It makes a huge difference in the way one burns fat and the amount of fat burned in a day. The secret to its success has been amply explained in the clinical study conducted on the product.

In a 12 week placebo-controlled and double-bind study, it has been seen that the weight loss target has been achieved through significantly reduced fat mass. The lipolysis promoting activator compound in Ketone RX led to constant fat release during the period of the study and what’s more, even after that. Healthy, overweight volunteers either received an indistinguishable placebo or the functional compound in Ketone RX twice daily. The result is revelation as the difference in their weights is phenomenal.

After 4 and 12 weeks of treatment, each subject was weighed and analyzed for total body fat at baseline. The ones who received the 84-count Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Formula experienced significant weight loss with a continual drop in total body fat. After just 4 weeks, the participants had experienced at least 5.5% drop in body fat on an average and a whopping 15.6% after 12 weeks. This not only means a loss of about 5% body fat a month but also that 86% of every pound that is lost is pure fat which is otherwise sits on our bodies like a stubborn mule. Along with this significant loss in overall body weight, users will also feel increased energy by taking this dietary supplement on a daily basis.

How to Take Ketone RX

Users are advised to take two capsules before meals, twice a day. Each intake should be accompanied with a full glass of water.
One should take care not to exceed a maximum of six capsules in any 24-hour period.

Ketone RX Concerns:

  • May have severe side effects for user suffering from serious health conditions.
  • No money back guarantee which is risk for new users.
  • Not recommended for diabetics.

What Does Ketone RX Claim To Do?

The Ketone RX claims to helps users lose a significant amount of weight in a very short time. It has been touted a “miracle fat-burner” by many known experts in the last few years. Miracle or not, it does use the goodness and power of nature to bring about significant changes in weight for any user who uses it consistently. Several recent studies have pointed out to their ability to burn stored fat through the all-natural ingredients that are combined with this powerful one. When taken daily in conjunction with breakfast and lunch and also paired with diet and exercise, this product can help users break through their weight-loss plateaus. Basically, the ketones work by regulating the body’s release of norepinephrine. This in turn causes the body-temperature to spike up and the metabolic rate to increase big time.

So What Is Ketone RX and What Are The Ingredients?

Ketone RX is a new age dietary supplement that uses the goodness of raspberry ketones with other natural ingredients to help users lose stubborn body fat.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

Ketone RX Proprietary Blend contains:

  • Raspberry Ketone: Regulates the release of norepinephrine to spike up body-temperature and the metabolic rate in the process.
  • Blood Orange (fruit) Extract: Stimulates the metabolic processes by raising metabolic rate and facilitates the uptake of amino acids into the user’s muscles. It may also promote fat breakdown and keep users feeling full and less hungry throughout the day.
  • Sweet Orange (fruit) Extract: Prevents high blood pressure and stroke and also aids in keeping cholesterol levels low.
  • Grapefruit (fruit) extract: Helps stimulate weight loss, keeps one feeling fuller, helps break down body fat with the aid of enzymes found in grapefruit and also aids the energy stores to be metabolized into glucose.
  • Methylxanthine (from caffeine): Helps energize the body, motivates one to work out and uses the fat as a fuel. Also keeps fatigue at bay.
  • Guarana (fruit) Extract: Promotes weight loss when used with a low-fat diet and exercise. Improves exercise endurance and high-intensity performance and power. Also aids in maintaining overall good health.
  • Red Raspberry (seed) Powder: Helps keep conditions like Diabetes, cardiac, respiratory and digestive issues at bay. Also has pain-relieving powers.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Rice Flour, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate,Red #40 and Blue #1.

So What Does All This Mean?

All these show that Ketone RX has been carefully blended with the best of natural ingredients to bring about significant weight loss benefits to all users. One of the best things about an all-natural product like this is it can bring about these wonderful changes without the unwanted side effects that most other similar products are associated with. This particular product is not only great for helping users lose weight bit also in in allowing them to maintain overall health through its various other health benefits.

Does Ketone RX Have Any Side Effects?

Though this is an all-natural product and usually is not associated with any side effects, some experts have warned about some possible effects. Since it has the ability to spike up the metabolic activity big time it could result in blood sugar fluctuations for severe diabetics. Also, norepinephrine can have effects on blood pressure and heart rate so people with heart issues or high blood pressure may suffer from some adverse reactions as well. It is important all these users speak to their individual doctors before taking this product. For this same reason, people who have COPD or asthma conditions may not be good candidates for raspberry ketones as well.

However, none such result has been reported till date.

Users should read the label carefully before consuming and not exceed six capsules in any 24-hour period.

None of the manufacturers’ claims have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

It contains a stimulant mixture of xanthine which is significantly potent so users are advised to consult a doctor before taking this diet supplement.

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.

This is not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise routine, and should not be used for self-diagnosis, treating or curing any illness.

Not to be taken if pregnant or nursing.

Not intended to substitute the advice given by a doctor or any other licensed health-care professional.

Anyone with a serious medical condition should consult a health-care provider before taking this.

Should be stored at controlled room temperature.

Any Ketone RX Reviews From Customers?

We found reviews online for this product from many websites.

I’ve only been taking it before 2 instead of 3 main meals and it works quick and lasts until evening, which is when I should be taking the last dosage anyway. It’s really helped curb appetite and get rid of cravings. If I start losing my evening urge to binge then it’s perfect. Only one way to find out.

I been trying this product for over a week. It says to take 2 pills before every meal. The first time I took it I followed the instructions. I took two and it made me too jittery. I continued to take one before each meal instead. After the first three days I am able to take two now. Im a big food lover so I needed something that can help me with my cravings and help curve my appietite. This product has helped so much. I now drink a lot of water through out the day while taking the pill. I am able to stick to three small meals feeling really full after each. It also really helps by giving me energy to power through the day and working out. I probably work out 3-4 times a week. Just the first week alone I lost about 2 pounds. I’m going to continue to take this product for the next couple of weeks and see if I can keep losing weight.

I love this product, helps me with cravings.

I’ve been taking these for 2 weeks and have lost 10 lbs! They give me extra energy but I don’t feel jittery like with most weight loss products. I’ve just been trying to eat my 3 meals per day, limit my snacking, and cutting out some of my sugar intake. I’m definitely not doing anything drastic and haven’t exercised much other than walking a few times per week. I’m pretty impressed. I only bought these because a pharmacist I know took them and lost 20 lbs in a month without doing anything different. I was skeptical but now I’m seeing it for myself that it does work!

There were some negative reviews as well.

I’ve tried to take it different times since purchasing the product. It’s just too hard on my stomach. If my stomach feels bad I don’t feel like eating so maybe that’s how it works. I’ll toss it and try something else.

This product did not work for me.

This product did absolutely nothing for me, I didn’t lose any weight!

I only took it for 2 days, I decided that I am just going to eat healthy and exercise…pills are no miracle…I have lost weight on my own by just cutting out fatty foods and eating less cause it what u eat and if u eat too much that leads to being overweight..u just have to have ur own self control and don’t let food control ur body…

So Does Ketone RX Work?

Going by the user reviews as well as expert recommendations it seems that this is one product that is meant to work for all kinds of users. More than just reviews, there are also results from clinical trials that show that regular intake of this product can lead to an average of 5.5% fat reduction per month.

Where Can I Buy Ketone RX?

You can buy it from the official store.

It is also available at various retail stores like –

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee provided for this product.

Watchdog Verdict

Ketone RX from Intramedics is one of the latest rages in the weight loss industry today. One reason is of course the power of raspberry ketones, which after Dr.Oz endorsed it, became an overnight sensation all over the world. This particular product has become even more popular because it combines the goodness of sweet orange, grapefruit, red raspberries and guarana along with the raspberry ketone. As a result, it is a power packed diet supplement that is bound to bring about far reaching changes in one’s weight and health.

However, one must remember that it is a potent product and could have different effects for different users. People with heart, blood pressure, COPD or asthma conditions need to consult a doctor before taking. Same with diabetic since it can spike up metabolism and cause major blood sugar fluctuations. Since it offers no money back guarantee, it could result in buyer’s risk for newbie users. We just don’t feel that Ketone RX is good enough so we have no choice but to reject it.

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1.5 out of 5
Ketone RX
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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