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Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Jan 22, 2014.

Different versions of the Kilo Off packaging seem to make different claims. The main points seem to be that it helps you burn fat and drain water and toxins, but some say that it reduces hunger and aids in maintaining a flat stomach. Whatever the case may be, we are never impressed with water weight and detox claims, we like to see actual fat burning potential. In this regard, Kilo Off may well help a bit, especially when combined with the weight-loss plan you get with this product. We are concerned about a couple of ingredients though, as orange peel and pineapple extract are both known for their potentially dangerous side effects.


  • Contains multivitamins
  • Comes with a 20-day weight-loss plan


  • Contains orange peel extract and pineapple extract, which can raise heart rate and blood pressure
  • A lot of customers have found this diet drink unpleasant to taste
  • No money-back guarantee
Kilo Off
Kilo Off is a soluble diet supplement that you buy in the form of sachets to make a diet drink. It is described as an overall solution to weight loss and contains natural ingredients, including guarana and vitamins.

Some genuine positive feedback for this supplement has got us interested, so we take a look at Kilo Off to find out more about this supplement.

Kilo Off Overview

What you need to know about Kilo Off

Kilo Off is an interesting looking supplement and we have not seen anything quite like it before. We are not sure why it is advertised as having a “water draining” effect because this seems very unlikely and not even desirable.

The sachets contain a mix of vitamins and minerals plus some ingredients that have been proven to help reduce cholesterol as well as cause other positive benefits.

Many ingredients have been shown to be effective for weight loss and others may appeal to people who use alternative medicine like cider vinegar because traditional use suggests that they work.

However, the bitter orange and pineapple extract may cause side effects and could be potentially dangerous for some people.

Although orange peel is safe enough when taken in your normal diet – in cakes or marmalade for example, it is not advisable as a supplement.

What are the side effects of Kilo Off?

Orange peel extract and pineapple extract have both been linked with some pretty serious side effects.

How much does Kilo Off cost?

A pack of 10 days supply of 10 sachets costs £8.47 from Tesco. (£16.94 for 20 days supply). If you want to buy online via the same package costs £13.99 including free shipping to UK addresses. (£27.98 for 20 days supply).

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Kilo Off Key Features

Kilo Off is manufactured in France by Vitarmonyl and is available throughout the UK and Europe from a wide range of retailers including Tesco and ASDA.

It is also on sale from numerous online retailers including Amazon. It seems this rather modest looking supplement has a surprisingly wide coverage although is not on sale in the USA.

If you are looking for a way to shift the few unwanted pounds that most of us stack up over winter, Kilo Off proposes a way to help you do this in time for summer!

The product advertising is aimed at women and the aim of the supplement is to help you lose a few pounds or kilos healthily.

Kilo Off Key Points

  • Manufactured in France by Vitarmonyl a leading supplements company
  • Available in numerous UK retail outlets both online and on the High Street
  • Not available direct to US customers

Kilo Off is made from all natural ingredients and includes Guarana, green coffee, apple pectin and orange peel.

It comes in the form of a diet drink but it is not a meal replacement. Instead, you add the contents of a sachet to a glass of water and take this diet supplement in the same way as you would take a diet pill.

As well as the sachets, each packet of Kilo Off comes with a 40-page guide to weight loss where you can find weight loss tips and complete a personality quiz to find out the key to your weight gain and whether you are an emotional eater, a perfectionist and so on.

This is to help you decide on your weight loss strategy and the optimum time of the day to take the supplement.

The advice is firmly aimed at women although we cannot see any reason why men should be excluded from using this supplement.

How to Take Kilo Off

When you take, Kilo Off is up to you and your specific weight issues (as revealed on the questionnaire).

Mix the contents of the sachet with a glass of water and drink it whenever it suits you, once a day. We do not advise that you take it too close to bedtime because the drink contains caffeine.

You are advised to stay on Kilo Off for 20 days and to then take a break for 15 days if you want to continue further.

Kilo Off is made in France by French company Vitarmonyl. According to the company information, they specialise in high quality health supplements at a low prices. These appear to be mainly for the French market and include vitamin supplements, diet supplements, herbal teas, herbal sun protection, and dental care and so on.

Kilo Off Concerns:

  • No official product website provided by Vitarmonyl for English speaking customers
  • Some confusion about how this supplement works
  • Kilo Off contains orange peel extract and pineapple extract, which may raise heart rate and increase stroke risk

Vitarmonyl supplements are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies across France but Kilo Off appears to be the only Vitarmonyl product on the English speaking market and this one is not sold in France.

There is very little online information provided by Vitarmonyl regarding this supplement. There is no official website for Kilo Off so apart from the information on the box, it has been left to the various sellers to advertise Kilo Off as they see fit and in most cases this does not extend to providing much information.

What does Kilo Off claim to do?

“I’ve decided to slim down” is the statement on the Kilo Off box setting the tone for this product with a good positive message.

According to the advertising on the Kilo Off box, this supplement offers some key benefits.

Burn fat: with extracts of green tea, Guarana, mate and green coffee.

Drain water and toxins: with extracts of grape marc, cherry stalk, meadowsweet and orange peel

Confusingly the key benefits are not the same on all packages although the product is identical. Some Kilo Off packages carry the claim that the supplement will help you:

Maintain a flat stomach: with extracts of pineapple and papaya

Reduce hunger pangs: with citrus and apple pectins and guar gum.

Alternatively , otherwise identical looking boxes state that Kilo Off will help you, “withstand fatigue” and do not mention the appetite suppressing and flat stomach effects.

With no “official” website for Kilo Off it is impossible to clear this point.

We are also concerned about the claim that Kilo Off will “drain water and toxins” by the use of these ingredients because there is no clinical evidence that they will have this effect.

This is a point in this supplement’s favour because the whole issue of detoxing has been rubbished by the medical profession as pointless unnecessary and in some cases potentially dangerous. But it is all quite confusing and muddled.

Does Kilo Off work?

We think it does work for some people. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, Kilo Off may help you especially if you combine it with some exercise and a few dietary changes and follow the 20-day plan.

Some customers have reported that they have noticed a slight reduction in appetite, which has helped them reduce snacking for example. Other customers have reported enhanced energy. That is, if you can cope with the taste!

Kilo Off has not provided clinical evidence but many of the ingredients used in this supplement have performed well in clinical trials.

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Kilo Off Ingredients

Leaving aside the confusion over the exact purpose of this supplement, it is probably best to describe Kilo Off as a general-purpose diet pill aimed at addressing the common issues of dieting.

Not all sellers list the ingredients but we managed to find a detailed ingredient list taken from the label. Amounts are per sachet.

To create the fat burning effect Kilo Off contains the following ingredients. All these ingredients contain caffeine and have been found to have a positive effect upon the metabolism. We all know how caffeine can boost energy levels by perking you up too. Ingredients are in safe amounts.

  • Gurana (25mg)
  • Mate (25mg)
  • Green Tea extract (25mg)
  • Green coffee bean extract (25mg)

The “water draining” effect:

  • Cherry stem (25mg): French herbal remedy often taken as a herbal infusion to eliminate water retention
  • Meadowsweet (25mg): Natural herb that may have medicinal application but not proven to reduce water retention. When chewed in its raw form it may help relieve headaches.

To “withstand fatigue” Kilo Off contains a range of vitamins and Cynorhodon (rosehip) extract. Boosting your immune system with a dose of vitamins can help you fight off minor ailments (and the caffeine content will also help increase your energy levels too).

  • Cynorhodon (rosehip) (25mg): High in vitamin C, rosehips are often used to prevent colds and influenza and are very good for general health. Rosehips are rich in lycopene, which is believed to reduce cancer risk.
  • Vitamin E 10 mg (83.3% RDA)
  • Vitamin C 60 mg
  • Thiamine (B1) 1.4 mg
  • Riboflavin (B2) 1.6 mg
  • Niacin (B3) 18 mg
  • Vitamin B6 2 mg
  • Folic acid (B9) 200 mcg (100% RDA)
  • Vitamin B12 1 mcg (40% RDA)
  • Biotin (B8) 0.15 mg

Kilo Off also contains ingredients, which may reduce your appetite and lower cholesterol.

  • Citrus pectin (300 mg): May be effective for lowering cholesterol levels and effective when taken in combination with Guar Gum.
  • Guar Gum (200 mg): Natural laxative derived from the fibre of the Guar plant. This ingredient also expands in the intestines and can create feelings of fullness, thus creating an appetite suppressing effect. Source: WebMD Guar Gum
  • Apple pectin (100 mg): Clinical evidence suggests apple pectin can also lower cholesterol when taken in combination guar gum. Sometimes taken as a remedy for diarrhoea

There are some other ingredients too:

  • Cider vinegar (100 mg): Popular folklore remedy for just about everything from head lice to diabetes but no real clinical evidence that it works.
  • Pineapple extract (bromelain) (80 mg): Potential healing agent in alternative medicine and believed to reduce inflammation but medical research is unproven. There does not appear to be any reason why you should take this for weight loss. Pineapple extract may increase the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Orange peel extract (25 mg): This stimulant can raise the heart rate and blood pressure and increase the risk of strokes but is a common ingredient in weight loss drugs. It is believed to boost energy and fat burning and is sometimes used as a treatment for depression. It is not used to eliminate water retention. We covered Orange peel extract ingredient in our previous investigation.
  • Grape marc extract. (25 mg): This ingredient (also called pomace) is derived from the skins and pulp of grapes olives and fruits after pressing for oil or wine. This substance is high in polyphenols and may play a role in the treatment of diabetes. Does not appear to work as a diuretic as advertised. Source:
  • Papaya extract (20 mg): High in nutrients and vitamins the papaya is often used in Asian cuisine and may provide health benefits. Unripe or green papayas are known as a natural contraceptive

Kilo Off Side Effects

According to extensive customer feedback, nobody has reported adverse side effects.

However, this supplement may cause a change to bowel movements or diarrhoea and may cause discomfort to the stomach. Orange peel extract can also increase the risk of strokes.


Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding (standard advice). To be on the safe side do not take if you suffer from a heart condition, have high blood pressure or suffer from glaucoma. Do not take if you are taking antibiotics because it may increase the risk of antibiotic side effects (pineapple extract). Seek the advice of your doctor before taking if you are taking medication in case of possible interactions or if you suffer from an underlying medical condition.

Kilo Off Customer Feedback

Yes, and opinion, as ever, is divided. Many customers are happy with Kilo Off and report it has helped them lose weight.

…loved it. It gives me energy after I’ve drunk it which makes me work out harder. I’ve had 4 boxes now and lost more than a stone


I pretty much ate as normal but weighed myself after 2 days and noticed I had lost 3 pounds! Ten days later I have lost 7 pounds!

There is also a very mixed opinion about the taste.

It tastes good, I lost some weight, not a lot, just a little bit

It doesn’t taste that good, a orange/lemon taste and it forms a grey ‘foam’ but if you drink it quickly not too bad – like a fruity alka seltzer lol

Some customers could not even drink it “this was so disgusting that I couldn’t even have one. I throw it away the same day. This is impossible to drink

Kilo Off has not worked for everyone.

I am sorry to say this product did nothing for me! I finished the full course and it had no result at all.

Kilo Off Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee.

Where To Buy Kilo Off

If you live in the UK, just about everywhere.

Kilo Off is available from the major supermarkets including ASDA and Tesco and High street chemists. It is also available online via pharmacy sites and from The price varies depending upon the retailer.

A pack of 10 days supply of 10 sachets costs £8.47 from Tesco. (£16.94 for 20 days supply). If you want to buy online via the same package costs £13.99 including free shipping to UK addresses. (£27.98 for 20 days supply).

Kilo Off is not currently available direct to US customers.

To follow the 20-day plan you will need to buy two packages so if you do want to try Kilo Off, it is worth shopping around.

Watchdog Verdict

We think Kilo Off may help you with some modest weight loss, even if there is some confusion over the package description of what it will actually do.

Clinical evidence suggests that the pectin and guar gum does reduce cholesterol levels, we like the multi vitamin aspect and some of the ingredients such as grape marc do have positive health benefits.

The glaring problem of course is the inclusion of the orange peel and pineapple extract. Although most people will probably have no real problems with taking synephrine and bromelain, these ingredients can cause an increase in heart rate and are linked to an increased risk of strokes.

This may be a small risk but we feel we just cannot recommend a diet supplement to everyone if there are potential health issues. So sadly, for this reason we must reject Kilo Off.

How does Kilo Off compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaKilo Off ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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9 comments on 'Kilo Off'

  1. I love this product, it’s the only product that has helped me lose weight. I like the duretic side off it as my body does retain water I vote 10 out 10 for kilo off

  2. I’ve only been on this a couple of days no side effects yet, I didn’t like the taste but I have found a solution I put it in a shake I am only taking it coz it says it helps with drainage and I have lympodemea so I’m hoping it’ll help, so far my legs have reduced in size so I’m seeing it as a win

  3. Have been on this for about 13 days now and it has enabled me to eat fairly normally and still have a modest weight loss. I like the fact it increases my metabolism rate, although I have developed a higher heart rate and LOW blood pressure, so keeping an eye. Plan to do 20/15 plan for a while and see how it goes as it is very affordable and easy to do.

  4. Hello I have bought some kilo off from asda been taking for 4 days as instructed started to have some really bad stomach pains and discomfort. I was ok till started this product now am eating sensibly to lose weight. I don’t REcommend this product made me ill. Have thrown them away. Should not be on sale because of side effects.

  5. Just wanted to say that I live in France and have purchased this at my local supermarket, so yes they do sell it in France.

    I found it OK to drink, no side effects and lost about a kilo…..

  6. I tried this for a while and didn’t have any weight loss with it. I do however still buy it and take one sachet just every now and then as I found it really helped with bloating!! If I feel particularly bloated, I drink one of the sachets with some water and it does reduce the bloating. But for weight loss, rubbish!

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