KLB6 is a an all in one health supplement which contains Kelp, Lecithin, Vitamin B6, and Cider Vinegar. It looks healthy and many people swear by taking supplements but will this one help you lose weight? We find out.

KLB6 is a health supplement, which is typically found available in the UK from Holland & Barrett. Is it worth visiting your local store to purchase, we investigate.

KLB6 Pros

  • On sale from reputable British, company Holland & Barrett
  • Inexpensive supplement will not break the bank

KLB6 Cons

  • Unlikely to help you lose much weight
  • Contains ingredients with potential side effects
  • No clinical proof or advice provided about this supplement
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KLB6 Holland and Barratt

KLB6 Review

KLB6 Facts

  • Holland & Barrett own brand
  • Contains Kelp, Lecithin, Cider Vinegar and Vitamin B6
  • Available online and via UK high street shops

KLB6 is a health supplement that contains Kelp, Lecithin, Vitamin B6 and Cider Vinegar. It looks like a standard health supplement and although the label states that it supports weight management, it would have been very helpful for consumers to know the benefits and what it actually does.

Unless you are especially interested in health supplements, you are unlikely to know what it does. The KLB6 advertising does not make this easier because the supplement comes with no product information and there is no website to explain it further.

This is not a high profile or well known supplement and customers should note that there are numerous KLB6 supplements on the market that appear to be identical to this product. There are KLB6 products advertised all over eBay, Amazon, and and most have yet to receive any customer feedback.

This particular KLB6 supplement is manufactured in the UK and comes under the Holland & Barrett home label and we feel that this well-known company could have done much more to explain this product. In fact, the lack of advertising for this supplement may be a refreshing change but does little to help the consumer.

However, there is some genuine looking feedback on the Holland & Barrett site and although there is not much of it, some opinion is positive.

There are two products in the range and as well as Original KLB6, there is also KLB6 Ultra. The two supplements look much the same but the Ultra capsules contain greater ingredient amounts than the Original version so require you take less capsules. There are a couple of minor differences too regarding the ingredient profile. KLB6 Ultra contains slightly less kelp and slightly more vitamin B6 than the original version.

Surprisingly the customer feedback for Ultra on the Holland & Barrett site is not as positive as that left on the Original KLB6 product page and the couple of customers who have reported on Ultra have been left disappointed.

To use KLB6 Original you are advised to take six capsules daily with meals.

To use KLB6 Ultra you are advised on the bottle to take three capsules daily with meals.

KLB6 Concerns

  • High levels of Lecithin may cause side effects
  • Some Kelp has been found to contain arsenic which is poisonous
  • Will probably not work for weight loss

What Does KLB6 Claim To Do?

KLB6 does not claim to do anything and beyond naming the ingredients, customers are left none the wiser. However, on the bottle it does state that KLB6 is a “Dieters Support Formula” and that the supplement supports weight management.

The main selling point of KLB6 is based around the contents Kelp, Lecithin, Vitamin B6 and Cider Vinegar. Many people take supplements for each of these individual ingredients to maintain or improve general health and Kelp and Lecithin are often taken for weight loss and muscle building.

So What Is KLB6 and What Are The Ingredients For KLB6?

KLB6 is a health supplement that may help play a role in supporting weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The sceptical among you will point out that a healthy diet and lifestyle will support weight loss alone and it is a fair point!

Serving size and ingredients information is based on 6 capsules of Original KLB6 and three slightly larger capsules for KLB6 Ultra. However, the capsules are very small for both products and the Original capsules are not much bigger than homeopathic tablets.

  • Kelp (150mg in Original KLB6, 100mg in KLB6 Ultra): Kelp is a type of seaweed and is well known for its health benefits. Some types of kelp contain high levels of calcium, protein or amino acids. However, its principle feature is the high levels of iodine it contains. Iodine is linked to the metabolism and is used by the thyroid gland to produce hormones. An under-active thyroid gland can be a cause of weight gain and makes sufferers feel sluggish and lacking in energy.
    Kelp has received some limited testing and although there may be benefits, there is no proof that it boosts the metabolism or helps weight loss. In addition, most people receive adequate iodine from diet alone so according to health advice, there is no need to take supplementation. You should seek medical advice about any thyroid condition or abnormalities you may suffer from before reaching for the supplements.
    There have been safety issues with kelp supplements. A case report prepared for the FDA, found that kelp can contain arsenic and lead to symptoms of toxicity due to arsenic exposure. This is a serious matter for concern. Source:
  • Lecithin (600mg): Lecithin is found in all living cells and takes its name from the Greek word for egg yolk (Lekithos) According to advertising, Lecithin has numerous benefits for weight loss including the reduction of cholesterol and fat metabolism. However, there is no scientific evidence that Lecithin supplementation does work for weight loss and it may even help increase weight due to its fat content. Lecithin is found in a normal diet and estimated intake should be around 50mg per day. This supplement is widely in excess of this and can cause side effects at this level.
  • Cider Vinegar (240mg): Many people take apple cider vinegar as a cure all folk medicine for everything from arthritis to removing head lice. Although cider vinegar may reduce glucose levels, help reduce blood pressure and create feelings of satiety none of these claims have been fully proven.
    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which regulates health claims that manufacturers can make about products, has failed to approve any health claims for apple cider vinegar.
    It may work for some folk remedies but remains truly unproven. Source:
  • Vitamin B6 (21mg in original KLB6, 50mg in KLB6 Ultra): Important vitamin found in many foodstuffs including chickpeas, beef liver and tuna. B6 plays an important role in the metabolisation of protein and is responsible for over 100 enzyme reactions associated with the metabolism. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

KLB6 contains ingredients that are believed to work on your metabolism in some way but there is little evidence that this supplement will help you lose weight. Kelp has become a popular weight loss supplement but although it sounds safe, there are health concerns around potential arsenic content.

The ingredients may all sound natural and appear to come from folk medicine but this does not mean that they will work or are even safe.

Does KLB6 Have Any Side Effects?

You may find that KLB6 does have side effects.

Kelp has been known to cause occasional toxic reactions including skin rashes, fatigue, nausea and sickness due to trace arsenic content found in some batches of seaweed.

The high levels of lecithin also come with a range of side effects if over 30mg is taken as a supplement and as there is 600mg contained in each dose of KLB6 side effects seem likely. These include;

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weight gain
  • Skin rash
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • “Fishy” body odour

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Check with your doctor if you are taking prescription medicine in case of interactions. If you feel you have an undiagnosed underactive thyroid problem see your doctor for medical advice and treatment.

Any KLB6 Reviews From Customers?

There are a few customer reviews on the Holland and Barratt website.

One customer was satisfied and reported;

Brilliant as I would buy this product again and continue with it as much as possible

However, another consumer was not quite as enthusiastic,

I have been using it for exactly a month now and exactly as instructed, I eat healthy and have began an exercise program but I have not lost a pound in a month

KLB6 Ultra reviews came off even worse;

This product is ineffective. I am so disappointed


Does not work whatsoever, please don’t waste your money

So Does KLB6 Work?

Unlikely, it will not work for most people. Kelp has been shown to provide some benefits to people who may lack iodine in their every day diet, such as vegetarians and vegans, but is totally unnecessary for most people. If you fall into this category, taking some advice from a qualified professional dietician or doctor may be a good idea.

Otherwise, KLB6 does not seem likely to provide anything that will help support weight loss.

Where Can I Buy KLB6?

You can buy KLB6 direct from the Holland & Barrett website and if you live in the UK, you can find it in the Holland & Barrett high street stores.

1 bottle of Original KLB6 contains 200 capsules and costs £11.39. You can also buy a smaller bottle containing 100 capsules for £6.49. 100 capsules of KLB6 Ultra costs just £3.82.

If you live outside the UK, you will need to contact the company to find out about shipping charges and delivery times.

How About a Money-Back Guarantee?

There appears to be no money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

A lot of supplement manufacturers are trying to sell KLB6 products and we don’t know why they bother because demand seems to be very limited.

We are not impressed with Holland & Barrett’s version, KLB6 or KLB6 Ultra and although these are probably as good as the other KLB6 products on the market, we cannot see what they really do or why this formula should help you lose weight. There is simply no clinical evidence.

Added to this, there are concerns about the Kelp and high Lecithin content, which may cause potentially dangerous side effects.

The lack of consumer information is irritating and although Holland & Barrett are a reputable company, they do not offer a guarantee either. For all these reasons, we have no other choice but to reject both these products.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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3 comments on 'KLB6'

  1. i used these klb6 tablets more than 30 years ago, i couldnt lose wait before but after
    running few days and taking them i lost 2kg. The best thing was that i maintained those kilos for years.
    i couldnt get them as wanted to buy them again after few years and i had no comuter like now to google and search. i want to know how is the shipping cost to South Africa?

  2. When I use this combined with a training program, running, cycling weight training etc, the weight literally falls off me.

    If your going to sit in front of the telly eating pizza and think a pill will help you loose weight, your deluded.

    If i take two of these in a morning on an empty stomach and go for a 2/3 mile run, my metabolism kicks in like i haven’t eaten all day, you can literally feel the calories burning off.

    I can easily loose a stone in 4 weeks and I am NOT exaggerating.

    Run 4-5 days a week, weight train 3-4 times a week in combination with these tablets put’s your body in fat burning mode 24/7.
    Without the tablets it takes me around 12 weeks.

    The only side effect I’ve noticed is a little extra wind, and fatigue, compensate fatigue with more food, glutamate, and/or carb drinks, compensate wind by blaming someone else 😉
    I usually stop taking theses after 2 or 3 weeks due the fatigue, but taking extra glutamate counteracts the tiredness and recovery.

    These tablets are 100% the best ones i’ve found that stimulate my body into weight loss, but you MUST give them a kickstart with exercise.

    Similar tablets are available at most health food shops, and at a lower price, Dodds, Health Rack etc, they all do the same thing.

  3. This item as all weight management suppliments MAY help with weight loss , it does not state that it WILL help with weight loss. Weight loss suppliments are taken as a short term boost to kick start a healthy weight loss programme . The daily recomended allowance for such ingrediants are actually based on the LOWER amounts not
    The higher amounts for r.d.a . As for not promoting on the package what klb6 does its not law that it has to be stated on lable or packaging i myself have shopped at holland and barrett many times , their staff are qualified to advise on all their products and can explain to any customer what a specific suppliment does and its contra indications .

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