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Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Dec 22, 2016.

LA Muscle are one of the better fitness brands out there, with a good reputation amongst the muscle community. They have plenty of (presumably paid) endorsements from athletes, but the customer reviews were quite mixed. It doesn’t seem to be the most effective fat burner out there, but it is pretty safe as it doesn’t contain any stimulants.


  • Free from stimulants
  • Manufactured by reputable company
  • Good consumer feedback


  • Fairly expensive
  • Lacks clinical data to support claims
  • Very little product information
LA Muscle Fat Stripper
LA Muscle Fat Stripper claims to be the ideal weight loss starting diet pill for both men and women. Using 100% natural and stimulant free ingredients, Fat Stripper promises rapid weight loss that’s especially effective for the stomach and thigh regions.

Endorsed by athletes and celebrities, we take a look at this “best selling weight loss supplement” by LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Overview

What you need to know about LA Muscle Fat Stripper

LA Muscle Fat Stripper is a stimulant free fat metaboliser and so should not cause any jittery sensations and will not cause increased calorie expenditure through increasing your body’s metabolism, such as thermogenic diet pills. Instead the ingredients work to increase fat oxidation through of the use of what LA Muscle call Pharmaceutical Grade, tested in the lab, ingredients.

This all sounds good and all the right language is used in describing how effective this supplement can be, but and this is a big but where is the evidence? We wonder if this is more marketing than substance.

What are the side effects of LA Muscle Fat Stripper?

A real bonus for many dieters looking at fat burners is that Fat Stripper contains no stimulants. There is less chance of getting the jittery side effects often seen with other supplements.

How much does LA Muscle Fat Stripper cost?

The most obvious place to buy Fat Stripper is from the official LA Muscle website. One bottle is fairly expensive at £49.99 (approximately $75) and depending on usage will last from 15 days to one month.

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LA Muscle Fat Stripper Key Features

Fat Stripper is one of LA Muscle’s best selling supplements and most probably their flagship diet pill. The branding of this product as you would expect is second to none, LA Muscle are a popular, reputable and reliable retailer who have been trading since 1997.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Key Points

  • Manufactured by LA Muscle
  • One bottle lasts from 15 days to 1 month
  • Two other versions available: Fat Stripper Intense and Fat Stripper 7 days

With a strong online and offline presence, you have most likely seen an advert on the TV (Sky) or in popular fitness and supplement magazines. Without doubt they are the UK’s number one supplement and sports Nutrition Company who follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards very highly. They clearly display their contact details and have a very professional support team who are on hand to answer your questions, from order to product queries.

How to Take LA Muscle Fat Stripper

Take 1-2 capsules 3 times per day with water before meals.

As we expected, we couldn’t find any rip-off or scam reports for Fat Stripper or for LA Muscle.

The branding has recently been updated and we were very impressed with the new bottle design, it really does scream class in its metallic looking bottle.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Concerns:

  • The cost! From £49 to £55 for one bottle this diet pill is not cheap!
  • Lack of clinical data to support claims made

Each bottle of LA Muscle Fat Stripper contains 90 capsules that are taken 1-2 capsules 3 times per day with water before meals. This means one bottle will last from 15 days to one month depending on usage.

What does LA Muscle Fat Stripper claim to do?

The marketing of this supplement carries some fairly bold claims. Taken directly from the official site:

Fat Stripper is the world’s best selling, no-nonsense Pharmaceutical grade weight loss, fat loss and diet supplement, ideal for those looking for fast and effective weight loss and fat loss.

The manufacturers state that it uses a unique fat burning formula that “is science-based, safe and strong”, which is an “Engineered formula for rapid weight loss for men & women” that is “Especially effective for the stomach and thigh regions”.

The last statement particularly interested us, more on this later!

Does LA Muscle Fat Stripper work?

Good question, looking at the reviews on the LA Muscle would suggest it does! So we went looking for the “product science” that supports the anecdotal evidence for Fat Stripper working. Hmmm, there isn’t any!

We did manage to find some references to clinical studies on some of the other LA Muscle products though but couldn’t see how these were related to the claims made by this supplement.

This diet pill mostly relies on a few, so-called “lipotropic nutrients”, that are suggested to enhance fat metabolism and avoiding the build-up of fats in certain organs. One organ in particular, the liver, is critical as its major role is the breakdown of fats and converting them into sugars.

These lipotropic nutrients are mostly obtained from our diets, but a diet deficient in such nutrients is related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Looking at the first lipotropic nutrient in this supplement, “Choline”, we couldn’t find recommended intakes for promoting weight loss but 350mg taken 3 times per day was suggested to improve liver health. Considering the maximum Choline serving in Fat Stripper per day is just 300mg then it would appear that nowhere near enough is present!

Next looking at Inositol the same is the case, it seems that a therapeutic dosage of this nutrient is usually about 500 mg (Source: so it’s difficult to see how effective the daily dose of 150-300mg from Fat Stripper capsules will be! In fact Dr Elson M. Haas goes on to state that 500 mg. of inositol is sometimes used “before bed has a mild antianxiety effect (placebo?) as well as possibly helping to utilize fat and cholesterol during sleep.”

L-Carnitine has been widely researched and there is evidence it can help weight loss by converting fat into energy. There is only a minute quantity of L-Carnitine in Fat Stripper and not likely to be enough.

The inclusion of Chromium Piccolinate can largely be ignored as this has been refuted as having any significant effect on weight loss.

Lastly we were particular interested in evidence to support the claims that Fat Stripper is “especially effective for the stomach and thigh regions.” No surprisingly we couldn’t find any! It’ simply not possible for a pill to target weight loss in particular areas. The ingredients in the pill will be broken down and exert an overall effect on the body, there is certainly no homing device that will send the ingredients directly to the stomach or thigh!

There is no scientific evidence for the ingredients and the amounts used in Fat Stripper to support the weight loss and appetite suppressant claims made by the manufacturer.

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LA Muscle Fat Stripper Ingredients

Fat Stripper is mostly a fat metaboliser although it claims to suppress appetite in a matter of hours too. This is unlike other fat burners that are thermogenic, this supplement aims to boost fat oxidation in order to “get the fat out”.

There are 6 active ingredients that are 100% natural and not thought to cause any side effects.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in more detail:

  • Choline (150mg): Similar to B Vitamins but is not classified as one. Has several functions in the body especially for developing fetuses and infants. Works with another of the ingredients included here, Methionine, although its role in Fat Stripper we are not sure! Interestingly there is the same amount of Choline in Fat Stripper as an egg.
  • Inositol (150mg): Also known as vitamin B8, said to promote the breakdown of fats in the liver when combined with other B complex vitamins. Little to no evidence to suggest this can have any meaningful effect on weight loss.
  • Betain (150mg): We think the manufacturer is referring to Betaine, which is said to help in the breaking up fats and proteins, thought to help the preservation of muscle tissue and so to help reduce the loss of muscle tone. Can also generate another compound called creatine, which is important for building muscle.
  • Methion (150mg): We couldn’t find anything for the spelling used by LA Muscle and suspect they mean Methionine. This amino acid has been said to reduce fat and aid in lowering cholesterol, whilst also preventing excessive fat build up in the liver.
  • L-carnitine (10mg): Little evidence that L-carnitine can promote weight loss but some studies have shown that supplementation improved muscle metabolism and performance. There is likely to be nowhere near enough in this supplement to cause much if any effect though!
  • Chromium Piccolinate (50mcg): Found in many diet pills as they are said to help burn and boost energy levels. Unfortunately an in-depth study by the National Institute of Health found this ingredient to be in-effective for weight loss.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Side Effects

A real bonus for many dieters looking at fat burners is that Fat Stripper contains no stimulants. There is less chance of getting the jittery side effects often seen with other supplements.


If you have any medical conditions please consult your GP prior to taking this supplement.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Customer Feedback

A number of athletes the likes of John Donovan (Commonwealth Bronze Medallist & 3rd Dan Black Belt), Ricky Martin (PPW Welsh Tag Team & Heavyweight Champion) and Stephen Wells (2010 UK National Championships Winner) have written testimonials on Fat Stripper. It’s clear that some, if not all, of these athletes accept paid sponsorship from LA Muscle and so are not completely independent reviews.

We could only find a few independent consumer reviews for Fat Stripper on Amazon. Although the reviews were largely mixed the overall score was 3.8 out of 5.0.

Fat Stripper Amazon

On the official LA Muscle website there are currently 64 reviews who report it worked well. Most of these reviews seem to be from exercise enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the gym and not dieters.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Money-Back Guarantee

If purchased directly from LA Muscle then their “Premium Service” will apply that also means you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will need to return the opened or unopened product at your cost within 30 days from the date of your receipt on your order.

Buying LA Muscle Fat Stripper from other retailers will mean you most likely have the standard refund policy for faulty goods.

Where To Buy LA Muscle Fat Stripper

The most obvious place to buy Fat Stripper is from the official LA Muscle website. One bottle is fairly expensive at £49.99 (approximately $75) and depending on usage will last from 15 days to one month.

There are offers on the LA Muscle site though that can make Fat Stripper more affordable, such as the “Summer Slim Down” that includes Slim Gum, Slim Whey (2.2kg) and one bottle of Fat Stripper for £99 (approximately $150).

Watchdog Verdict

Fat Stripper is manufactured by LA Muscle, one of the most popular and reputable supplements companies in the UK. Unfortunately, this supplement is rather disappointing and would have expected a lot more from such a company.

It was a very tough decision when rating Fat Stripper, the consumer reviews that were available were overall positive (especially the sponsored athletes!). The fact is there is very little evidence to support the claims, it may well work but we are not confident in the product.

Unfortunately we cannot just approve diet pills on how great we think the manufacturer is, but have to look at the pedigree of the supplement too! In the face of so much competition this LA Muscle fat burner fails to stand out and is too expensive for us to approve. So we reject LA Muscle Fat Stripper.

How does LA Muscle Fat Stripper compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaLA Muscle Fat Stripper ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. iv just started taking la muscle and i have to say it seems to be working for me.for the first time my trainer said yes your not far off in seeing your abs.iv been on la muscle for one week and take three a day/expensive but if it works then thats fine with me.kevin williams.australia.

  2. LA muscle will not let you leave a bad review on their site, I have tried a few times now but they always get edited. Last time I tried, I started by saying this product is great, then went on to say how bad la muscle stuff really is. La muscle just put my review up as, this product is great. So be aware not all reviews make it on to their site.

  3. This product does work and I’ve used several times to help with rapid weight loss. Find that it’s especially good at flattening the stomach and the effects are almost immediate. Downside is that energy levels dip and can cause nausea. Also hampers sleep so need to take last dosage early afternoon or you’ll be awake all night. Bottle has been rebranded and so has price used to get for 30 quid now nearer 50.

  4. i have tried L.A Muscle fat stripper and it did not work for me i sent the product back for a refund again i was very dissappointed to have not lost any weight.

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