Lean Belly Breakthrough

Lean Belly Breakthrough Belly fat is amongst the most problematic types of fat in your body from both a health and beauty perspective. Not only is belly fat unsightly, it is also the type of body fat that is most strongly linked with the onset of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Because of this, focusing your weight loss efforts on the belly specifically is extremely important, as the loss of fat in this area can improve health more drastically than elsewhere.

Fortunately, many diet programs, supplement manufacturers and personal trainers claim to have the techniques and ingredients needed to target and reduce overall belly fat over all others.

But is there truth to these claims?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a diet and exercise program that can be purchased online as a digital download and a set of e-books/videos. The program claims to offer a set of very simple, 2-minute “rituals” that can be undertaken daily to target stubborn belly fat deposits. These “rituals” appear to consist of simple eating and exercise advice, all of which is supposedly easy to follow (even for the elderly). This pricey program is available to purchase for $37 and is supposedly backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

What Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Claim To Do?

As with many other expensive e-book diet programs we’ve seen online, Lean Belly Breakthrough markets itself to customers through an infuriatingly long infomercial linked from YouTube onto its official website.

This video is over 50 minutes long, and repeats itself dozens of times, almost grinding down the viewer’s will to resist. Luckily for our readers, we’ve sat through it so that you don’t have to!

To put things more straightforwardly than the infomercial can seemingly manage, Lean Belly Breakthrough is a diet and exercise program. Its main unique selling point is that it claims to be extraordinarily quick and easy, requiring dieters to follow a short 2-minute eating and exercise “ritual” every day. Customers signing for the program should expect to receive the following items:

  • 39-page Main Manual (to guide you through the methodology)
  • 4-page Tracking Sheet
  • 8-page Emergency Fat Loss Guide
  • 8-page Guide to Hormone Influencers of Body Fat
  • 10-page Guide to Fat-Burning Desserts
  • 3-page Libido-Boosting Food Guide
  • 21-page Recipe and Meal Plan Guide
  • 60-second Belly Fat Shred Exercise Guide (with videos)

In the infomercial, the designers of this diet plan really drive home how quick and easy it is supposed to be, claiming that dramatic weight loss results can be achieved by simply devoting 2 minutes per day. According to the advert, customers need only consume a few selected foods, herbs, and spices, and undertake 5 “natural body movements” per day.

Over 50 minutes, the infomercial actually makes so many outrageous promises about the benefits of Lean Belly Breakthrough that it’s hard to keep up! The program supposedly reduces belly fat, reduce harmful plaque in the arteries, increases sex drive, provides a “youthful hormone balance”, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Testimonials from various former customers (including the diet’s designer’s father-in-law) claim that the program can also reduce joint pain, improve memory, boost “hormonal health”, and restore the arteries, blood sugar levels, and overall health “by 10 years or more”. One woman supposedly saw her “bad cholesterol” levels disappear to such an extent that doctors were “left amazed”.

How Was This Supposed ‘Breakthrough’ Discovered?

The infomercial actually presents a bizarre and convoluted origin story, making the author appear less like an ordinary diet designer and more like someone who stumbled across a secret elixir in a fantasy novel. According to the infomercial, the diet’s author’s father-in-law (Dan) had a heart attack on a plane and was rushed to emergency medical care in Germany. His life was saved upon arrival, leading to a fateful meeting with a German health professional called Dr Heinrick. Dr Heinrick provided Dan with a super-easy diet and exercise plan that eventually caused Dan to lose dramatic amounts of weight in a short time, as well as boosting his memory, raising his libido, and erasing all pain in his body. Like many others, the infomercial darkly mutters that these easy cures are not available in the USA due to some sort of conspiracy, as doctors refuse to divulge life-saving secrets due to their inability to be effectively monetized (except via the sale of a $37 e-book apparently). American doctors instead rely on dangerous drugs, leaving incredibly effective cures to be sold for a premium on the Internet by independent salesmen.

Who Created Lean Belly Breakthrough?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough e-books appear to have been written by a personal trainer called Bruce Krahn. As personal trainers go, Krahn appears to have achieved a lot of success in his field. He currently claims to be a “celebrity” personal trainer, having worked with performers like Nelly Furtado and Criss Angel in the past. He also makes occasional television appearances and has written and sold a number of diet and exercise plans/books (including the Fat Fighter Diet and Trouble Spot Fat Loss).

Bruce Krahn is also the president and CEO of Ebodi, a company that offers personalised fitness and nutrition programs, as well as a number of published diet, exercise, and nutrition guides. It is this company you will need to contact to arrange a refund or for further enquiries related to Lean Belly Breakthrough. The company can be contacted by email at [email protected]

Does The Advice In Lean Belly Breakthrough Work?

Contrary to what is advertised, most people agree that the advice in the book is not really geared around 2-minute or 1-minute solutions once you begin reading it. Instead, the book is filled with slightly more complex pieces of advice on how to eat in a healthier way, and how to engage in simple exercises that target the core and belly in particular. Even negative reviews appear to concede that the advice given could help someone on their weight loss journey, even if only as a way to learn about some common-sense health advice.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Lean Belly Breakthrough?

The praise definitely ends there though. Customer reviews show that the e-books are not particularly well-loved by customers, with many criticising the writing style. Unfortunately, it seems that Bruce Krahn utilises the same basic writing style in his books as in his infomercials, meaning that he takes an age to reach his point and disguises his lack of advice through thousands of words of needless exposition. Tragically, readers who may have already sat through a 50-minute video that explains the story of the father-in-law’s heart attack on a plane 8 or so times will have to read through the story once more in the book. Below we’ve included a selection of some of the customer reviews we’ve spotted online on Goodreads, Amazon, and elsewhere.

Where were the 2 minutes of exercises? The book repeated a lot and sometimes it didn’t finish the sentence. It was difficult to decipher in places.

This book was in deep need for proof reading.

Not worth the money

I found too much repetition in much of the information. Repeatedly strung out personal and connected family info… Wavering information and not concise enough… I was very disappointed and found it time consuming

Just wasted 30 minutes of my time watching the video advertising this book. Fortunately good ol’ Amazon set me straight with their mostly negative reviews. Thanks Amazon!

Comments like these also tend to turn up on Krahn’s other weight loss books, suggesting that a poor writing style and an unsatisfactory lack of information plagues his work in general. The lack of reviews for his books online also suggests to us that there is very little interest in his work, which might explain why he needs the support of infomercials and other gimmicks. As the below review mentions, Krahn also appears to have an ongoing habit of spreading false advertising:

Two minutes ritual. Not a true reflection of what the book is about. As I suspected you have to follow a diet regimen and do your workout.

Most of the wild claims made in the infomercial don’t appear to be followed-up, mostly because they have no grounding in reality. The advertising material repeatedly implies that fat loss can be achieved by simply eating a selection of foods that positively influence hormones and “switch on” dead metabolisms. However, the book does not deliver on these impossible promises, instead delivering the same kind of eating and exercise advice you’d see elsewhere, except at a higher price.

How Much Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Cost?

The primary problem with Lean Belly Breakthrough is that it’s extraordinarily expensive. Customers choosing to buy from the official Lean Belly Breakthrough website will pay $37 for the privilege (supposedly reduced from Krahn’s initial proposed price of over $200). Some websites claim to link to a special offer where the price is reduced to around $27 or so, but there appear to be a lot of scams out there that take the money and run. If you’re planning to buy the set, we recommend getting it from an official outlet.

Although the page has since been taken down, a version of this e-book was once sold for a very low price on Amazon. However, customers only ended up receiving little more than an infomercial in written form, with the book encouraging customers to part with more cash for the “full set”. Overall, we would conclude that there is no way of avoiding that $37 fee, so you’ll have to pay up if you want to read this 93-page book!

Encouragingly, all purchases are backed by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. As long as customers contact Ebodi within 60 days, they can reportedly receive a full refund immediately. As Lean Belly Breakthrough is an e-book set, customers won’t have to go through the trouble of packaging their unwanted product or paying shipping/handling fees.


If readers can’t tell already, we don’t approve of this product. We found the infomercial to be boring and repetitive, and it used some truly appalling sales techniques towards the end (continually suggesting to elderly viewers that they might have a heart attack and that they owe it to their friends and family to buy the book). Many of the customer reviews we found suggest that the book is not presented in a drastically different way, making it waffling and uninformative.

To add to it all, this simple set of diet and exercise guides is ridiculously expensive. When we remember that the unique selling point is a basic lie (as there is nothing that can be achieved in a “2-minute ritual” as promised), then we would conclude that you can find the same kind of advice (or better) for free online.

Overall, we advise saving your cash and putting your trust in a more reputable advisor than Bruce Krahn and Lean Belly Breakthrough. We do not recommend Lean Belly Breakthrough to our readers.

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