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Leptiburn 2 review

Please review the weight loss products from bio trust as I just watched a too long video about one of their products Leptiburn 2. While watching it sounded promising but now I don’t think so. It’s probably like Bio-x 4 from Nucific . I still have multiple bottles of bio-x 4 and not sure I should take it. Lately My blood pressure was high when I went to the doctor and now I’m on my second different medication for high blood pressure. I have some digestive problems and used to have low blood pressure I also am overweight but can’t order the pill you recommend yet because of my budget and not sure because maybe I need to be cautious about caffeine.

The review would be appreciated for now and yes that Leptiburn might have caffeine as well. I will be seeing a doctor before I order anything if I order at all.

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