Leptiburn 2.0

Leptiburn is a product of Biotrust Nutrition, which is quite a reputable company in the supplement world. Marketed as a weight-loss product, Leptiburn helps you break through the weight loss plateau. The manufacturer says that after enjoying some weight loss benefit, you may not be able to lose any more weight – this point is called the weight loss plateau. This happens because of a decrease in the levels of a hormone called Leptin that supports fat burning and weight loss. Leptiburn is supposed to help you lose weight by improving the levels of Leptin and reducing Leptin resistance in the body.

An offering of Biotrust Nutrition, Leptiburn is supposed to produce weight-loss benefits in a few days of use. They use a number of ingredients to help achieve the results they promise. Many people think the company makes big claims, making Leptiburn look more like a ploy than a long-term solution to your weight management issues. Let’s find out the truth.

Leptiburn 2.0 Pros

  • May produce short-term results
  • One-year money-back guarantee
  • Ingredients quantities are listed

Leptiburn 2.0 Cons

  • Dosage too small to be effective
  • No full clinical data
  • Does not help with appetite control
  • Expensive
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Leptiburn 2.0

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What You Need To Know About Leptiburn 2.0

Leptiburn works on the principle that stimulating the hormone Leptin may help you lose weight more efficiently. The manufacturer says that the levels of Leptin decrease quickly when you diet; in fact, there is a 50% decline in its levels in 7 days of dieting. This leads to a weight loss plateau, which you can overcome with the help of Leptiburn, which uses ingredients like 5-HTP, aframoum melegueta seeds, and more to reduce Leptin resistance in the body. It idea looks promising on paper, but many of the ingredients in Leptiburn has no scientific data to confirm their efficacy.

What Are The Side Effects Of Leptiburn 2.0?

Leptiburn contains natural ingredient, but natural does not always mean safe as well. It may not have any known allergens, but it contains stimulants, which can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. You should avoid it close to bedtime or it will disrupt sleep. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid it, mainly because it contains ‘irivinia gabonensis’, which may not be safe in certain situations. Check out our ‘Side Effects’ section for more details.

How Much Does Leptiburn 2.0 Cost?

Leptiburn costs you a lot actually. You have to spend $69 to get a bottle, which contains 120 capsules. They recommend you buy at least 3 bottles if you want to lose more than 10 lbs – it may not be wise while you have no idea about how it is going to work, but it may cost you less because 3 bottles are available at $64.

Our Verdict On Leptiburn 2.0

It is true that Leptiburn is from a reputable supplement company, but unfortunately, it fails to deliver promised results, mainly because the ingredient profile is not that impressive – there could be some known fat burners, such as Ashwagandha, carnitine, yohimbe, chromium, etc., moreover, whatever good ingredients you can find in Leptiburn are under-dosed. There is no scientific research to confirm that the formula really works to stimulate Leptin and proves effective against Leptin resistance. You will be better off trying a supplement with loads of positive customer reviews and multiple ingredients with scientific data to burn fat efficiently.

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Leptiburn 2.0 Review

Leptiburn relies on the fact that regulating the levels of a hormone called leptin may help you lose weight efficiently. Leptin comes from white adipose tissue that plays a role in weight gain. You develop leptin resistance where there is too much of leptin in the body, and this leads to poor metabolic health. Many ingredients in Leptiburn claim to regulate leptin levels, but there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm the efficacy of those ingredients or the formula used in Leptiburn. Many ingredients are under-dosed, which is why Leptiburn fails to deliver great performance.

Leptiburn provides you with 500 mg of green tea extract to help lower the levels of leptin in the blood. The manufacturer believes that you hit the weight loss plateau when there is so much leptin in the body that your body becomes insensitive to it, and this is when Green Tea Extract can help make a difference. Green tea has a number of polyphenolic components, commonly known as tea catechins. These catechins stimulate fat oxidation and thermogenesis by inhibiting an enzyme called COMT. This may certainly offer short-term fat loss benefits. But there is more you need to consider.

Leptiburn 2.0 Facts

  • 120 capsules per bottle.
  • Discounts on bulk orders.
  • Money-back guarantee.

First thing first, green tea extract also provides you with caffeine. While caffeine may stimulate thermogenesis, it may also produce several side effects, such as irritability, jitters, etc. Even if it works, it is important to combine it with a low-calorie diet and exercise to get desired results. Moreover, there is no reliable study to say for sure if green tea extract and caffeine can bring a significant change to your body weight. In fact, some studies have shown the opposite. For instance:

A study was recreated with the purpose to assess the effect of green tea extract in combination with low-energy diet on resting energy expenditure. This study consists of forty-six (46) overweight women following a low-energy-diet combined with green tea or placebo supplementation during 12 weeks. Results from this study show that “the resting energy expenditure as a function of fat-free mass and fat mass did not decrease significantly over time when green tea was ingested but the decrease in resting energy expenditure was significant in the placebo group” (Diepvens, 2005).

That shows that Leptiburn that relies heavily on green tea extract may prove ineffective when you want long-term results. There are other studies as well that show that green tea is not going to help you lose a lot of weight, especially without proper diet and exercise.

Leptiburn also contains Irvingia gabonensis (IG) extract or African Mango extract to help trigger weight loss. It is supposed to work by inhibiting the production of CPR, which in turn improves leptin sensitivity. However, there is insufficient evidence to confirm that the IG extract actually supports weight loss. Some websites also claim that IG extract provides you with soluble fibre, which may help melt way belly fat, especially when combined with green tea extract. No scientific study is there to support these claims – and many supplement makers have sponsored whatever little evidence you can find.

How to Take Leptiburn 2.0

You will get 120 capsules per bottle, which is a 30-day supply. You have to take 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 at lunchtime to see some results.

Leptiburn includes 5-HTP to help you lose weight. While there are studies showing that it may help improve sleep quality by increasing your body’s natural serotonin levels, there is insufficient evidence to support that it provides you with satisfactory weight-loss benefits. The manufacturer believes that it works by improving the level of neurotransmitter serotonin, which is supposed to lower stress, improve sleep quality, resolve psychiatric disorders, and suppress appetite. You may benefit from it a little in case you eat more when you are depressed.

There is little research confirming the benefits of 5-HTP for people struggling with weight loss. Even if it works, you need to take a lot more of it than what is available in Leptiburn. Some studies have shown that you may notice weight loss results by taking more than 500 mg of 5-HTP a day, but Leptiburn contains only 100 mg of 5-HTP. How much you take will affect the results, but an overdose may also lead to side effects, such as palpitations, nausea, increased appetite, fatigue, gastrointestinal side effects, headaches, and vivid dreams. You should also avoid taking a supplement that contains 5-HTP if you are taking drugs to lower blood pressure.

Leptiburn 2.0 Concerns:

  • Very expensive.
  • Not effective for everyone.
  • No immediate benefits.
  • No scientific evidence to support the formula.

It is clear that Leptiburn is not going to work for everyone, which is why you will be risking your money by going for it, especially considering the fact that it costs you a lot. You can easily find a weight-loss product with some scientifically proven fat burners and other ingredients at less than what Leptiburn costs ($69/bottle). There is a money-back guarantee, but you will never get a refund if you have opened the bottle. So, save your hard-earned money and try a fat burner along with following a calorie-and-carb restricted diet and good exercise program to lose weight efficiently.

What Does Leptiburn 2.0 Claim To Do?

Leptiburn claims to regulate the levels of a hormone called leptin to help you overcome your weight loss plateau. It also includes ingredients like 5-HTP, which may help reduce stress and keep you from dealing with stress-induced overeating. Unfortunately, Leptiburn fails to provide you with its ‘benefits’, as many ingredients are under-dosed and others are not supposed to work as claimed by the manufacturer.

Does Leptiburn 2.0 Work?

Unfortunately, it does not. Even if you notice some results after taking it, that is mainly due to green tea extract. However, the effect will not last for long, as there is not enough of green tea extract, or other important ingredients such as 5-HTP. Research shows that raising Leptin levels may help trigger weight loss, but this is certainly not the only reason behind weight loss. A well-rounded weight loss supplement would have ingredients to control appetite, trigger metabolism, and burn fat directly. And of course, you need a good exercise program to get results. A supplement that relies only on raising levels of Leptin is not going to prove effective, especially in the long run. Go try something else!

What Are The Ingredients of Leptiburn 2.0?

Leptiburn contains a number of ingredients and they are all geared towards achieving one purpose – to improve Leptin levels and fix Leptin resistance. Here is more about those ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract (500 mg): It may help improve metabolic rate, but it is used in Leptiburn to lower the levels of Leptin, which may fix Leptin resistance. Not many studies confirm green tea extract can do all this.
  • Irvingia Gaborensis Extract (150 mg): It is supposed to help improve sensitivity of leptin by inhibiting the production of a chemical called C-reaction protein (CPR).
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) (100 mg): It is included in the supplement thinking that you will get weight-loss benefits when your body’s serotonin levels go up. It is supposed to help you with carbohydrate cravings.
  • Aframomum Melegueta Seed (40 mg): It is supposed to help boost metabolic rate by activating the brown adipose tissue. There is not enough scientific research to confirm if this spice really works for weight loss.

Does Leptiburn 2.0 Have Any Side Effects?

You cannot find a list of possible side effects associated with the use of Leptiburn, but the ingredients it has may cause certain problems. Many people complain about problems like headaches, flatulence, and sleep problems. You may experience these issues because it contains IG extract; moreover, the presence of green tea extract, which includes caffeine, may result in sleep problems.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid Leptiburn. It includes Irvingia gabonensis, which may not be safe during pregnancy. Similarly, green tea extract with its caffeine content may not always be a suitable choice during pregnancy. Similarly, 5HTP makes Leptiburn a less suitable supplement option for pregnant women.

In fact, the presence of 5HTP may actually produce several other side effects as well, such as abdominal pain, absence of menstrual bleeding, aggressiveness, agitation, depressed mood, ears buzzing, drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhoea, fatigue, euphoria, heartburn, and headaches.

Not suitable for children or individuals under 18 years of age. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeeding.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Leptiburn 2.0?

In case of Leptiburn, you are not going to find many customer reviews, and most of them mention that it does not work for everyone.

Leptiburn was not for me. Felt nausea upon taking theses tablets.

I didn’t lose any weight using this product … in fact I gained a few pounds. I also do aerobic exercises every day for one hour and thought that would be helpful especially after the “cheat” day.

It’s not a miracle product there are things you must do i.e., exercise, eat right, and if you do, it works!

It does seem to reduce hunger pangs and give you more energy, but I have not lost weight yet.

Does Leptiburn 2.0 Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, you get a money-back guarantee with Leptiburn, but getting a refund is not always easy.

Where Can I Buy Leptiburn 2.0?

You can buy Leptiburn directly from the official website and third-party retailers.

Leptiburn 2.0

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