Updated May 14, 2019.
Published Dec 20, 2016.

Leptigen is a metabolism boosting diet pill containing several patented and branded ingredients, that claims to help you lose 4 times the weight than with just diet and exercise alone. Dietspotlight has since discontinued the sale of its product, Leptigen. Dietspotlight Burn TS replaced Leptigen.


  • Some proven ingredients and quantities are shown
  • 120-day money-back guarantee


  • VERY expensive
  • Free trial difficult to cancel
  • Not many independent reviews
Leptigen is a metabolism boosting diet pill containing several patented and branded ingredients, including one called Meratrim. All of the ingredients claim to be clinically researched and are safe for consumption.

Their scientific formula says that it will help to support fat loss, diminish weight-loss plateaus, boost metabolism, and control your blood sugar levels. In this review, we will find out if the hype over Leptigen is to be believed!

Leptigen Overview

What you need to know about Leptigen

After looking over the information we collected, we’ve come to the conclusion that Leptigen may help to aid weight loss, as well as being one of the safer diet pills available on the market. In the past when we’ve reviewed this product there were no ingredient quantities, something we are glad to see now. A bit of transparency goes a long way.

FREE TRIAL ALERT The company behind Leptigen run a “free trial” that can be very difficult to cancel, and many customers have been shocked to see large payments coming out of their account. This company also sell an identical product under the name DietSpotlight Burn TS.

What are the side effects of Leptigen?

On the official website, the manufacturers state that there will be no side effects from taking this supplement, however not everybody reacts the same way and you never know if you will have side effects.

How much does Leptigen cost?

the monthly cost is around $90 if you purchase the “free” sample or the 90-day supply. Otherwise, you’ll be paying even more at $109.95 for a single bottle. Unfortunately, this is an incredibly expensive product, and whilst some may think it is worth the money, according to some user reviews it doesn’t always work.

This could also be an issue if you’ve ordered the most expensive option, and there is a possibility that you won’t get a refund if you’ve “overly used” the product. That being said, it is always reassuring when there is a money-back guarantee and one that will last 120-days is very good.

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Leptigen Key Features

Leptigen Key Points

  • Manufactured by Leptigen
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • International shipping charges

Leptigen is manufactured by a company of the same name and claims to be a metabolism-boosting supplement that contains a blend of four ingredients, two of which are branded. They are Meratrim and ChromeMate. Leptigen have stated that their researchers:

Left no stone unturned in their quest for the most-effective, safe and sensible weight-loss formula.

It definitely sounds promising to us, but with all diet pills, they have to have proof that it does all this.

How to Take Leptigen

When it comes to taking Leptigen it is advised that you take two doses per day, at least 30 minutes before meals. A single dose is one pill.

Even though Leptigen are based in the United States, they are able to ship internationally and are very transparent when it comes to company details, something we always like to see. It shows they have nothing to hide. You are able to call them by phone with any questions you have, or you can email them using a form online. The address they have on the official site for returning products is based in Coral Gables, Florida.

Leptigen Concerns

  • No money-back guarantee
  • No ingredient quantities
  • Very expensive

What does Leptigen claim to do?

The manufacturers of Leptigen claim that it works in the following way:

By using Thermogenic and lipolysis-inducing agents, Leptigen provides an effective, safe way to assist your body in releasing stored fat and increasing metabolic rate in order to burn fat.

It is said to be effective for both men and women in regards to meeting their weight loss goals. They say that’s it is best to pair Leptigen with these recommendations:

  • Eat a healthy whole-foods diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and low-fat dairy products
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
  • Eliminate empty calorie junk foods from your diet, including sugar-free soft drinks

Does Leptigen work?

After looking at the ingredients for Leptigen, we can say that there is definitely potential there for it to become an effective weight loss aid. We like that they have posted the ingredient quantities on the site so people will know what is effective, and could make a noticeable difference to the body’s metabolic rate.

It doesn’t seem that there will be a lot of side effects that come with this product, and if there are any they will only affect those sensitive to them.

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Leptigen Ingredients

Leptigen only contains four ingredients in the formula, Meratrim, ChromeMate, caffeine, and green tea leaf extract. In the FAQ section of the site, there is an ingredients label showing the ingredients and the amount per serving in one capsule. This is the only place on the website where we can find the quantities. A lot of products say their ingredients are clinically tested, but never actually provide the proof. With Leptigen that isn’t the case, as each ingredient has a page dedicated to explaining what the ingredient does and a link to the clinical study.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Meratrim (400mg): Meratrim is a blend of two herbs, Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia mangostana, a flower and fruit extract. Research claims that these two herbs have various positive effects on the metabolism of fat cells. This combination of ingredients may increase weight loss, as supported by the clinical trials. Source
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg): Green tea is often touted as a weight loss aid and is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins and caffeine both increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism slightly for a few hours. Source
  • ChromeMate (100mg): ChromeMate is a branded niacin-bound chromium called chromium polynicotinate that supplies a highly bioavailable form of chromium, an essential trace mineral that supports healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range. Chromium has been linked with a tiny amount of weight loss when used continually for a long period of time.
  • Caffeine (75mg): Numerous studies have shown that caffeine boosts energy levels and alertness, as well as mildly boosting metabolism. The effects shown in studies are small, and some studies are inconclusive. Source
  • Other ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source).

Leptigen Side Effects

On the official website, the manufacturers state that there will be no side effects from taking this supplement, however not everybody reacts the same way and you never know if you will have side effects. The following are just an example of what you could experience.

Consuming caffeine can lead to these side effects for certain people:

  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased urination
  • Dehydration
  • Jitteriness
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

As green tea also contains caffeine the likelihood of experiencing these effects can rise for those sensitive to the ingredients.

Chromemate contains chromium, which can lower blood sugar levels. If consumers already have very low blood sugar levels and take this product, it could lead to them feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and even fainting. If you are diabetic it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before purchasing this product.

Meratrim is the only ingredient in this product that doesn’t seem to cause side effects when used in appropriate doses as seen here.

Caution: Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Leptigen. Do not take Leptigen if you are under 18 years of age. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions should consult with a physician or licensed, qualified health-care professional prior to using Leptigen or starting any weight loss regimen.

Leptigen Customer Feedback

We would have preferred to see more independent reviews, or even an unfiltered and unedited review system on the manufacturer’s site. Does the fact they don’t have this mean they’re not confident in the product?

We are receiving lots of customers reporting feeling they have been scammed purchasing Leptigen, here are some examples:

They are a scam. I received product and rang to cancel any more shipments and you can never reach them as they keep saying the office is closed even though it is in their working hours that they state in their phone message. They charged me for another shipment and I haven’t received. I have had my bank change my account so future payments cannot be taken out

LEPTIGEN IS A SCAM. THEY HAVE SLICK PROFESSIONAL ADS! You think you are dealing with a professional company. Signed up for the trial and immediately emailed to cancel the autoship after I got the product. Low and behold about 2 weeks later they charged the autoship to my account.

The official website boasts numerous testimonials for Leptigen from customers, however, we are always wary of this as they are selected to show the product in it’s best light. Any reviews that happened to be negative or mentioned side effects would not be shown on the site. Here is a selection of the reviews:

I have been taking Leptigen for three months and just started to notice that I am experiencing a difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I take the Leptigen according to the directions and have had no side effects. After reading other testimonials, I am excited to witness further reductions. I have had no headaches, jitters or sleeplessness like other products that I have tried. This is by far the best non-prescriptive product that I have taken. Leptigen lives up to all the claims that have been expressed by others.

My name is Cheryl and I am 57 years old and have been using Leptigen for a month and a half. I am a night snacker and using Leptigen has helped me. What was surprising to me was it really reduced the craving to eat and did not have the usual jittering you would have expected with a supposed “diet” supplement.

I love Leptigen! I started using the product a few weeks ago and have been so happy with the results! I have always been someone who can lose weight but keeping it off is the biggest challenge for me. I have always had to deal with cravings and being “hungry” and having tried many different things and nothing has worked until now. I noticed right away that I was losing my “evening” cravings when I began Leptigen and I am hopeful that not only will I lose the weight I need to but that I will be able to keep it off as well! Thank you Leptigen, you are a product that really delivers!

We were able to find some independent reviews on Amazon where the product is being sold. There were only 7 posted altogether, here are a few of them:

In my opinion, this is the biggest fraud since Don Lapre was alive.
My friend tried the rest of my bottle and couldn’t agree more. However if a company gets a few thousand people to spend 200 bucks before reviews come around, they’ve laughed all the way to the bank.
Would be better if the “company” would post its basic ingredients on the advertisements for all to see

I was excited to try Leptigen after reading great press about it. The product’s FAQs advised that thyroid patients get their doctor’s okay before using. My doctor cleared me for trying it, but unfortunately, after taking Leptigen for two weeks, I added 8 pounds to my small frame. After doing further research, I read that the product may inhibit the absorption of thyroid medication. The sellers processed my refund in a timely fashion as promised; however, I’m still trying to drop the weight I gained on the product. I would recommend checking out the product if you don’t take thyroid replacement medication.

Didn’t seem to do anything for me

When it comes to figuring out if this product works based on the reviews our answer is that we’re not sure. How do we know if the testimonials are true to their word? Some would say that this product needs to be taken on faith, but if it doesn’t work you could be out of pocket if you don’t meet the requirements for returning the product.

Leptigen Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Leptigen do offer a money-back guarantee of 120 days, which is quite a lot if you ask us. This only applies if you purchased the supplement from the official site. Third party suppliers will have different return policies.

They have outlined the policy by stating:

All we ask is that you follow a few reasonable guidelines:

  • Products must have been purchased directly from (our website or 800 numbers). We cannot accept returns of products purchased from other retail outlets or affiliate partners. Please follow the return policy agreed upon through purchasing through the respective affiliate partner.
  • Products purchased through must be returned within 120 days of order date.
  • Please call our customer service department at +1 800 555 3951 to obtain an RMA number, required with your return, include a copy of your receipt (or a note with your order #, name, email address, phone number) and your reason for returning the product(s)
  • We cannot accept returns on overly used products.
  • Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (if applicable).

We’re not sure what “overly used products” mean, but we can only assume it means more than one used bottle. It is always best to clarify this by contacting the customer service team.

Where To Buy Leptigen

Leptigen offer three options for purchasing their product on the official website. All the options come with 5 free gifts.

The first option is a 30-day supply of Leptigen at $109.95.

The most popular option is a 60-day of Leptigen at $199.90, however as there is an offer on it is usually $219.90.

The best value option they offer is a 90-day supply of Leptigen at $269.85, with the usual price being $329.85. This works out at $89.95 per bottle.

Leptigen is a very expensive supplement, which is why you need to be 100% sure that it will work in the way it is supposed to.

You are able to pay with a credit card and PayPal.

Watchdog Verdict

The Leptigen supplement itself may be fine, and with the right diet and exercise may work. The problem is if you opt for the so-called “free trial”, you will likely find it difficult to cancel and end up paying more for the supplement than first realised. Many customers who contacted us feel cheated when signing up for the trial.

If you go for buying without the free trial you will be paying over $100 per bottle, one of the most expensive diet pills on the market. Considering the options available and the poor track record of the company, we would suggest looking elsewhere and avoid buying Leptigen.

Overall, we do not recommend Leptigen to our readers.

Leptigen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen claims to be a diet pill that could help you lose 4 times the weight than with just diet and exercise alone.

What are the side effects of Leptigen?

Taking Leptigen too close to bedtime may cause insomnia for some individuals, due to the Caffeine content of the capsule.

Other side effects are possible, such as headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, and dizziness.

What are the ingredients in Leptigen?

There are only 4 main ingredients, these are Green Tea Extract (200mg), Meratrim (400mg), Chromium (100mcg), and Caffeine (75mg). Amounts shown are per capsule.

Does Leptigen work?

It may do, but it’s unlikely to be as good as claimed!

One of the ingredients, Meratrim, has shown weight loss potential in a clinical study. Subjects that had undertaken a 2000 kcal diet with moderate exercise, consuming a daily dose of 800mg, lost a reasonable amount of weight and saw a decrease in BMI.

The other ingredients are either inconclusive or contain too few ingredients to actually exert much, if any, weight loss benefits.

How much does Leptigen cost?

This is a very expensive supplement, as the monthly cost is around $90 if you purchase the “free” sample or the 90-day supply. Otherwise, you’ll be paying even more at $109.95 for a single bottle.

US shipping is typically free, but International customers will be paying fairly hefty shipping fees!

Who makes Leptigen?

It’s not immediately obvious who actually makes this supplement, but after some digging, we can see the manufacturer is Green Bracket LLC, a company based in Florida, USA.

The company have been trading since 2008 and have been behind a few supplements such as Leptigen, Pronabolin and the now discontinued Avesil.

The company have previously fallen foul of the Florida penal system when a civil matter was taken to court.

You can read more here.

How do I take Leptigen?

You are recommended to take 2 capsules per day, around ½ to 2 hours before meals, with at least 8oz of water. Avoid taking within 4 hours of bedtime and if you miss a dose avoid taking a double dose.

Can I take Leptigen if I have a health condition?

No. Any pre-existing health condition will require consultation with your physician to ensure this supplement won’t interfere with your health. This goes for anyone taking medication.

Does Leptigen have a money-back guarantee?

There is a money-back guarantee, but only for customers who didn’t enrol in the auto-shipping programme (sample offer).

How long has Leptigen been around?

Not too long; the website has been online since May 2015 and so the at the time of writing around 18 months. Previously, the same company manufactured a similar product called Avesil.

Where can I buy Leptigen?

Leptigen is available from the official website and from Amazon.

Can I buy Leptigen in stores?

No, Leptigen is only available to purchase online and is not available from your local Walmart.

How do I contact Leptigen customer service?

They have a contact form on the official website, although replies are fairly slow.

There is also a telephone number available during core business hours of 8am to 7pm (Eastern Time), with reduced hours over the weekend (10am-3pm Eastern Time).

Are there any Leptigen coupons?

There do not appear to be any coupons available for Leptigen at this time.

Are there any free samples of Leptigen?

Although Leptigen state that they have a 15-day “free trial”, you pay $3.95 for the shipping and handling.

Importantly, if you DO NOT cancel within 15 days of ordering then you will be charged $89.95 + $5.95 shipping for another bottle, and again each month until further notice. Here are the terms:

…you will be enrolled in our Leptigen Member Program, where we automatically send you a one-month supply of Leptigen in 15 days and every 30 days thereafter for just $89.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling.

How does Leptigen compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Leptigen Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

* Comparisons are NOT based on the “free sample” option.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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182 comments on 'Leptigen'

  1. After using this product for a month I was unable to sleep. Before I could stop the auto shipments, I received two more bottles. The company will not take them back or give me a refund. NOW they want me to buy the cafiene free Leptigen. Why didn’t they tell me about this before when I complained? This is a scam. Don’t buy this product.

  2. Don’t sign up!
    I only ordered a free sample and now they are trying to take large sums of money from my account.
    Don’t do it.

  3. I ordered the “free” trial of Leptigen over a month ago and still haven’t received it, but they charged me $96 for a second bottle already. The customer service at this company is appalling – I was given a fake phone number to call that had one too many numbers in it and when I did get through, the guy was eating the entire time. If I had the power to reach through the phone to smack him in the mouth I would have.

    They state on their website that they have a 120 money back guarantee, but they won’t give my money back, even though I haven’t received anything.

    1. i just finished canceling a membership i didnt even know i had. i remember paying for the “free trail” and another bottle for just 20 something bucks. then i was being charged 96 dollars a month for a bottle that i didnt agree to buying. When i called to get my money back, they said i had signed up for a membership and that to cancel future payments i would now have to pay 65 dollars on top of the 96 i just unwillingly paid. YEY LEPTIGEN!

  4. This is the worst product and company to work with. I got violently ill taking just one of the pills, I felt like I was poisoned, I threw up for over an hour. I was sicker than I have ever been in my life. They wouldn’t refund any money, even on a completely unopened bottle.

  5. I want to,cancel my order of Leptigen and have tried numerous times on the number given at various times, weekdays, weekends, night times and all I ever get is a recorded message saying the office is closed at this time and please try again later when one of our consultants will be available to,help you. But times are never specified, this has been going on for over three months now, so Imwil be visiting my bank next week to,provide them with written advice that these payments are to be cancelled immediately and no longer to be withdrawn from my account.

  6. FRAUDS! Do not go for the free trial, you are entering into a autoship monthly payment that is impossible to cancel. Customer service very friendly and helpful but that’s where it ends. They lie! Nothing will be stopped even the amount of phone calls you have with them. I don’t mind paying for a product I receive and can send back for a refund but so far this hasn’t happened but yet more payments off my credit card and so called shipping orders to my email address!

  7. Just wanted to say regarding everyone’s opinion that it is a scam… if you read the terms and conditions that you check “I agree” to, you would know you were being enrolled in a subscription. I just called to cancel mine and was on the phone for less than 1 minute, and he asked zero questions as to why, and did not try to convince me to stay with any other “offers.” Maybe I just got a lazy rep who didn’t feel like arguing with anyone, but I was impressed given everything I’d read about how hard it is to cancel.

    1. Lucky you! I had to repeatedly and calmly say, “No thank you. I would like to cancel.” for 5 minutes. 😀

  8. I ordered the trial bottle first, it came in the mail with no directions on dosage to take, just a bottle in the box. Then I noticed my bank account was being charged from liptegen. $3.50, .45cents, I called to cancel the next month $95 out of my account then lesser amounts all under liptegen. Called to cancel again was told it was already cancelled, then got billed again. Not sure if I trust what I have. the third bottle came with an insert with dosage directions. No refund was offered when I called a third time. Spoke with a rep from my bank, no more liptigen fees will come from my account.

  9. I just cancelled my free trial due to being newly diagnosed with cancer. Justin answered the phone immediately after the standard “a rep will be with you shortly” message. He brought up my account , cancelled me and stated he’d send a confirmation e-mail. Easy peasy. No hard sell ,no guff. Pleasant and fast. Tahnk you Justin.

  10. I ordered the Leptigen sample, read the reviews on how it was a scam, so I called customer service (1-800-555-3951) to cancel my trial. The paper that came with my sample said something about being able to extend the trial, so I asked what that was about. What that is is giving me another week, and they are sending me another week’s worth of Leptigen capsules. So if you’re going to do the trial, you can call to get an extra week and more capsules.

    The operator said something about $287.90 (not sure if that was monthly) but then said I could sign-up for automatic payments for $95.90 but there was a 3 month supply I could get for $136.00, and that one doesn’t come with a subscription. The operator also said that, if I was not happy at the end of the 90 days, I could get a full refund but if I lost weight and was happy, they would appreciate a testimonial. I haven’t started taking the capsules yet but it’s good knowing that if it doesn’t work, I an get my money back.

    It was really easy to get a hold of customer service, which I was afraid would be the case, because of the bad reviews I’d read. I’m going to cut-and-paste this to other places too because I don’t know if the product works, but the customer service is good and it seems really easy to cancel.

  11. I tried the trial but was under the impression that there was no obligation. I recieved the autoship bottle and charged for it. Called the company and was told they would credit 25$ ( I would still owe 75$ for the bottle ) and they would cancel the auto ship. It is no where in the info I signed up with or on the website that you would be enrolled in an autoship program. The invoice with the bottle gives no contact number or way to call – had to go to the website. I feel like this is a scam and you do not know that you are signing up for auto ship. They assure me that I am now un-enrolled. We will see.

  12. I received the free sample and then sent an email to cancel, I received confirmation by return saying it was cancelled, this was followed up by a sales email that also confirmed my account was cancelled and no further monies would be taken, and the haven’t. Found it very straight forward.

  13. Do not deal with this company, they are scammers. When you sign up for the free sample you are authorizing monthly deliveries and credit card payments of $127.95 for Leptigen. Their website is very good at tricking you into this contract which you need to cancel before you even have the free sample. These people treat customers like fools. A good lesson learnt in future check online reviews before going ahead with any online purchases.

  14. I was able to stop the auto payments, and was send some free samples afterward, but I can tak the stuff… stomach ache then diarrhea… not wonder you lose weight~

  15. Terrible !!!! Didn’t even get a chance to finish the first bottle to know whether or not it even works for me and just got charged 95 for the second bottle. I haven’t even received the 2nd bottle.

  16. Terrible !!!! Didn’t even get a chance to finish the first bottle to know whether or not it even works for me and just got charged 95 for the second bottle. I haven’t even received the 2nd bottle.

  17. Is a scam… I can’t believe they are not getting sued for this . They are not transparent with their costumers .

  18. I tried leptigen twice the first time I was vomiting had cramping spazim in my back and abdomen and spent all night on the toilet unable to move from it whilst vomiting!
    I thought I’d try it once more just to be sure it was the leptigen and what do you know same thing happened again both times I was scared and thought I should go to the hospital

  19. I just received my free sample yesterday in the mail. I was very scared that I was going to have problems cancelling it, but I just called the number that was listed in my confirmation email and, Ray, the guy that answered, actually gave me an additional free sample, plus a free sample of the cleanse/probiotic and told me that my new cancel date was April 28th and to call him directly with any questions or if I need to cancel.

  20. I decided to do the free trial for this product. I wasn’t even three days in, when I noticed on my Paypal account that I was charged $95 from Leptigen. I immediately called Paypal and told them that I didn’t authorize that transaction and they refunded me my money. Which by the way, Paypal will ALWAYS take care of their customers from any unauthorized transactions. Two days later, I received another Leptigen bottle. I didn’t open up the package, but knew it was from them because it had their name on the recipient. I immediately called Customer Service, and I told them I would send them back their package and that it’s still sealed in the envelope. They said that that wasn’t necessary. They did say that they couldn’t refund me my money, but did cancel the subscription. Little did they know that I had that taken care of already. I had no issues contacting them, and I recommend to ALWAYS read the fine print.

    1. They told me that too.. I was on the phone with them until they bended and told me they will give me back the money , only after I mentioned lawsuit and bad reviews . They tried to sell me more stuff while i was on the phone resolving this issue .

  21. I will say this….When you sign up for the free trial, it definitely states that after 15 DAYS you will be charged for the subscription. Read The Disclaimers Thoroughly!!!! And Cancel in Time!!!

  22. Has anyone said how the company got your credit card information? If you did not give it to them then that is above fraud, that is theft. If you gave it to them, well, let the buyer beware. You should have heard the bus horn in the distance.

    1. I got it last night for the free trial, and I cancelled it this morning with no issues, but I hope it stays that way. I got a cancellation confirmation email, and they’re still sending the trial bottle. I’ll try to keep you guys updated for here on out.

  23. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE! If you signed up for the free trial beware they will be drafting from your account within 14 days. Call your credit card fraud department right away and have them call the company on three way. This is the only thing. That worked for me. I had tried several times to fight the charge on my own and nothing worked until I called them with the bank on the line. Do not give up! Don’t let them get away with stealing your money!!

  24. I sign up for the free trial and didn’t even get to use the whole product to get a feel on how good it was. I then got another shipment in the mail & was confused as to why. I tried to call Leptigen to find out what was going on and they were always stated it was out of business hours even though it was not. To cut to the end. I’ve cancelled my cards and asked my bank to chase my money back for this overpriced product and one why I just wanted to try a sample and was unaware I had signed up for a subscription. They are now accusing me of shop lifting in an email sent to my back which is abhorrent. These people are not to be trusted.

  25. I have been using the trial version and it does seem to be working. I was going to cancel because of the price and I emailed the company to do so. I received an email back that I had to call but that they would give me an extra week to try it. I called today and it was easy to reach the company and talk to a real person. They offered three months for $150. I couldn’t decide so they offered to send and additional free sample and another 30 days to see results. They will hold the promotional price if I decide to purchase next month. Overall I am happy with the product and customer service and I think I will make a purchase if my weight continues to drop.

  26. I sent for trial of Leptigen. I’ve been trying to cancel this for months now as ridiculous amounts of money coming out my bank. I’ve messaged them they said nothing else would be taken from bank but they are still taking it, it’s causing so much stress I don’t know what else to do.

    1. It seems to be a scam; the order page has no information at all to indicate that you are signing up for a subscription, and no information about how to cancel. There is no customer account and no way to learn what will be shipped, what has been shipped, or at what price. You simply get charged without warning. I advise contacting your credit card company to dispute the charge and get this canceled. When the credit card company intervenes you will get customer service and the problem will get resolved.

  27. This company definitely a haven’t even had pills 2 weeks charge my account $65.00. This was suppose to be a free sample an they go an charge me beware.

  28. The letter that came with the sample bottle clearly said: If you’d like to extend your trial or if you have questions, call 800-555-3951. To me, that meant nothing more would be sent unless I called to extend. My credit card just showed a charge of $95.90. Shady business!

  29. I purchased a bottle of Leptigen. I took one capsule and within an hour was on my hands and knees vomiting. This is not something that has ever happened to me with anything I have taken or eaten. Once I stopped vomiting, I spent the rest of the day in bed weak, exhausted and sick. I called immediately to let the company know my experience. They credited my credit card and told me to throw the rest away which I did. The customer service was actually very good and I had no trouble stopping the autoship or getting my money back. I will never purchase any such product or any other product on line again.

  30. I ordered the free trial and after seeing reviews I immediately called the company and advised not to enroll me in any subscription. I told the Rep about all the bad consumers reports about peoples accounts being debited etc. and he explained how their system worked. I still wanted no parts of it so he cancel my unauthorized subscription and I never had any funds come out of my account. (Only the shipping for the free trial) That was over 6mons ago. I have been watching my account to be sure. Still got the trial bottle for both me and my husband. Plan on trying it this week.

    1. Throw it away. It is bad stuff (look at my review). I have determined diet and exercise is the way to go – no short cuts.

  31. They’re posting articles that look like blog posts that are set up to look like professional are bashing Medifast. Lots of fake comments and when you try to add your own, suspiciously the captcha is rejected every time… sad when your product sucks so bad that you have to resort to that kind of fakery.

  32. Horrible customer service. Cancel if you can and make sure you call theme to do it. Then if you cancel 1 minute outside of 15 days you are being charged even with no product. Most companies will go on and refund you, but they want to keep $50. Just horrible, please beware!!!!

  33. I echo comments from above DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT OR THIS COMPANY. they will auto ship no matter what, I called to cancel within 15 days of trial now battling over $100 auto ship which I declined up front. rude and obnoxious “customer service”

  34. This company is unethical. Do NOT order from them. I explicitly indicated NOT to automatically ship but guess what? After a charge of $95 a bottle was shipped. I did not try the product, but my wife did not like it at all. She felt bloated and had other GI distress related to this product. DO NOT ORDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Same thing happened to me, now I have contested charge through my credit card and have to wait 2 months for results.

  35. Ordered the 15 day free trial of Leptigen and Detox. Called to cancel and was sent another 15 day trial. Then called to cancel again. So far finishing up the 1st 15-day trial and have not shed a pound nor gained. I eat healthy and exercise at least 5 days a week.

  36. I tried the 15 day free trial sample for a couple of weeks. The only good thing I can say is it curbed my appetite but not worth it due to the lack of sleep, increased heart rate, overall feeling bad probably because I can’t sleep. I called on the 13th day to cancel and was told that my card was already charged $95.90 for a 30 day supply because the product is scheduled to ship tomorrow. They refused to refund even though the product has not left their facility. Even if they ship it and I return it, they don’t give refunds, only credit towards another product. Eventually had to hang up on the customer service rep because he kept trying to sell me other products that would work better “we can ship the non-caffeine version for only $60 more” and I’m still stuck paying for something I won’t be taking.

  37. I have just received my free sample and have read that I am enrolled in the plan which I don’t want. As I don’t want to fork out so much money I phoned my bank and stopped further payments as I couldn’t get through on the phone. DONT ORDER!!!!

  38. Just hung up with the company. This is a scam and they debited my credit card account before they sent the product. Call the BBB and let’s see.

  39. I ordered a free sample, never even tried it and couple weeks later they charged $95.90 in my account. Hoping to get my money back when returning product that I haven’t even got yet. Usually these pills give me heart racing and make me feel like I am dying so I was scared to even try one. All I wanted was maybe give it a try not being scammed for almost $100. I will definitely not even try them now.

  40. I to was scammed by Leptigen in their “free trial”. Autoship charges, refusal to refund instead you have to listen to sleek sales person try to “save you money” by selling you more for a “great deal”. Have not even started taking it I am so upset by the money scamming they are doing.

  41. This is a scam! I asked only to try the sample. I did not give them my information to charge for for anything and they have sent me the pills twice and taken the money from my checking account. I have asked twice for them to stop because I do not want their product. They do not answer my requests. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and any other agency that can take action against this company if my money is not returned.

    1. Good for you! I’m filing a complaint with the BBB as well. This is a scam and my credit card company says there is nothing to be done. Hello lawyers….

  42. I was also scammed for this product by signing up for free “15” days. The customer service sucks and the representative I talked to made me sound like I was an idiot and gave examples of how I was! Do not sign up for any of this !!! I asked to talk to supervisor and of course they weren’t available. I now have to wait for the package and probably go to post office to mail back. They say if you cancel within 25 days you get your money back but I wouldn’t trust that. I told representative I was going to cancel this payment at bank and she said “good luck” as she said they will not cancel as they contact them first. Very unhappy as most of you are! !! Seems more bad reviews than good. Not good for an apparently good business. Beware!

  43. i haven’t tried to cancel yet, but when they sent me my trial there was a phone number and letter on it (on the front)?? they answered right away and i called at 7:30 pm est. so not sure why people arent reaching them. if anyone needs it, it is 800-555-3951


    1. Just had $127.95 come out of my account after signing up for a trial of this shit. I rang my bank and was advised to cancel my card so that they couldn’t take any more of my money because they will keep taking it until stopped. I feel like such a fool for falling for this scam. Lesson learned.

    2. Ive just had the same thing happen to me. $174 out of my account after i purchased a sample.
      The payment is stil pending. I will be cancelling it first thing in the morning.
      And canceling my card.
      Im in Australia

  45. This is one of the worst scams. Thanks to somebody who left a number to call because I couldn’t find one easily (844 3927565). Don’t accept their smooth talk on the phone. Let them know you have cancelled the credit card charge. They will offer free gifts, partial refunds, etc. Stick to your guns, accept nothing but a full refund. They will go away for a few minutes to talk to the boss, ha ha, and come back and finally offer the 30 day empty bottle guarantee for a full refund. We will see if that works. Don’t be late, that is what they count on. In the mean time I have cancelled with my credit card and will monitor my account carefully as I always do. These SOB’s only win if we accept their chicanery, so don’t. Hope this helps.

  46. Like others above I just noticed my credit card had been charged for $127 (AUD) after having signed up for the free trial. I did not see any mention on the trial signup page about the need to cancel the account after 25 days or I would be charged. Having checked the dates I now realise they calculated the 25 days from the day I ordered online – not from when I received the trial bottle which was several days later. It was over Christmas so I doubt I would have been able to contact them anyway. At my peril I ignored the tightly folder paper accompanying the trial thinking it was product information. My second mistake!
    The representative on the phone (American) advised me she couldn’t refund the charge as they had already shipped the first month’s supply and she said I couldn’t return it as it was a particular type of product – hard to hear what that was! That’s different than some of the other comments above. She said they would cancel the account and refund $45! That’s about 35% of the full amount. When I protested that this was a scam and that many, many people were unhappy from reading online reviews and that I would dispute the charge with my bank she re-iterated that the conditions had been on the website order form and enclosed paper with the trial.
    In fact my bank can’t do anything about the charge so this is a warning to Australian buyers to beware.
    I don’t know if the pills do anything – it wasn’t a great time to be trialling them over the festive season! But I guess I’ll use the month’s supply IF it arrives given I will have paid over $80 for them. This is a perfect lesson to not only read the fine print (which I’m still not convinced existed on the website or if it did it must have been well concealed) but to be very wary of online ‘free’ trials and samples.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I started seeing payments deducted so I called the 1800 number and they explained to me it’s in the terms & conditions. They actually shortened it to 6 lines so you can actually read it… The good thing about the experience was Leptigen worked for me. Lost 22 lbs in 7 weeks. And they were good about cancelling, even wished me well. Still expensive but money well spent.

  47. The worst sales people which they work for what do you reckon they could sell?
    Ignore this company and the product, they do not know how to run a business, they sell a product which is not good for your body, side effects over the moon, if you care about your body DO NOT TAKE IT!
    They don’t want to cancel your trial and they play the game of silent because they want the review from you, basically they go against your rights of cancellation, do not trust them!

  48. These are the same makers of Avesil!

    Don’t waste your time.

    Save your money! This company is the same has Avesil in Coral Gables, FL.

  49. I recently have been scammed as well. I ordered the “free” trial, did not see anything about having to cancel within 14 days and then saw the 95$ charge on my bank account. Called customer service told me I could return the bottle that still isn’t here and get a full refund within 6-8 weeks, or he said I qualify for the open bottle policy (which isn’t listed anywhere on their website). He said if I open the bottle keep it for a month and send it back I will get a full refund. This to me seems like just another scam. I will be calling leptigen once again and demanding a refund or I will call my bank and dispute this charge. Guess you learn the hard way. I also might add that I didn’t even open the free trial bottle.

    1. I was just scammed on the free trial for $3.95. Luckily my credit card company contacted me instantly.
      The charge was from “leptgen” in the U.K. I cancelled my credit card immediately, and was told to dispute the charge in 2 days.

  50. There “free trial” is a scam! they charged me $95.90 and a bottle I didn’t order and when I called they said that if I tried it and called back on the 15th, today I would get all $95.90 credited back to my account, but when I called back they said I was supposed to of called the 13th and than during the conversation they changed it to the 14th.. so they could not return my money now… after much discussion they finally agreed to return
    $57.54 which is $38.36 less than they were supposed to return… I am very angry at being taken by these scam artists!!! Don’t fall for them!!

    1. I tried the so called free trial that cost me 19.00. Exactly one week later they charged my debit card 95.90. I didn’t order this! I tried Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and finally got someone named Daniel on the phone (which is a very difficult thing to do) (844-392-7565), on Monday. They overdrew my account and I couldn’t buy Christmas for my grandchildren, do you think Daniel cared, hell no. So he gave m e a refund of 57.54 (60%). They are a major ripoff. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!

  51. I fell for the scam .. I had to call my card services to stop further payments from this company after the trial post.. I’m glad I found these reviews but too late to cancel the trial. Ugh what a ?

  52. They are a total scam…and total scum. They illegally debited my credit card twice. Hopefully they and their families will all die very soon.

  53. They are a scam. I received product and rang to cancel any more shipments and you can never reach them as they keep saying the office is closed even though it is in their working hours that they state in their phone message. They charged me for another shipment and I haven’t received. . I have had my bank change my account so future payments cannot be taken out

  54. Can someone please help with a way to contact these people. I have tried both numbers the Australian and 1800 and I matter what time I try they both have message stating out of hours. They answered one email saying ring the 1800 number to cancel orders but no more contact. They have already taken $127 from bank account for free trial !!
    Please if anyone has a way to contact them can you let me know..

    1. Hi Janine, did anyone get back to you on the number to call? I’m in Perth, WA, and having the same issue.

  55. LEPTIGEN IS A SCAM. THEY HAVE SLICK PROFESSIONAL ADS! You think you are dealing with a professional company. Signed up for the trial and immediately emailed to cancel the autoship after I got the product. Low and behold about 2 weeks later they charged the autoship to my account. I call them and told them I cancelled this. No empathy, just refuse shipment which I could not do because the postal carrier left it in my mailbox. Well took it to the post office. Had to buy and item just to get the track# on my receipt. Sent it to my back and as of today the charge is still there. Now they now I have returned the item and they still have not removed the charge. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS OLD TRICK! BATE AND SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  56. I fell for the trial offer. I got my box & never even opened it. I called to cancel but they had already charged my card & sent out another bottle & were charging my card again. Both charges $95 after shipping. I offered to return them,& they said to just keep them & they would refund the full amount minus $5.95 shipping. So, basically their product is so great they gave it to me for $6 a bottle. I think I still ended up paying almost the full amount for 1 bottle. It’s a scam. They are the same makers of aversil & have the same address as a website building company & are owned by 2 guys that have already been sued for bad business practice. They are operating barely within the law.

    1. I also fell for Leptigen. I spent 300 dollars n got wrong shipment (just one Leptigen n 2 other bottles were vitamins which I never ordered ) I had paid n ordered for 3 bottles of letigen. I called customer service (. Which were not helpful at all) however they promised to send correct order but now 3 months I Hv not received it. It’s a hoax pls don’t buy it n spend money.

    2. Are you in Australia ? Their customer care number keeps saying its out of business hours so I cannot ring them

    3. Hi Sharon
      I am also trying to contact them on both numbers to cancel and get same message no matter what time of day. Did you have any luck getting through, already been charged $127 for FREE TRIAL !! Thanks

  57. Thank you everyone for posting your experiences and comments. You just saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation! I appreciate the info and am so glad I found this site and all of your reviews! I will NOT ever be doing business with this company! Thank you!

  58. Does anyone have a more recent phone number to contact them in Australia. I called during week 1 as I was feeling unwell and only got their message about their opening hours, even though it was during those time. Multiple follow up calls all went to the message. I sent an email a few days later to cancel my order based on not being able to call and talk about my issues, then another two emails which have never been responded to. Now I’ve received more and had my card debited. More emails sent, more attempted phone calls, no success. I will have to call my credit card company now and let them know about this fraud.

    1. I just called that number and talked with a gentleman. He did try to talk me into extending my free sample but i insisted that he cancel my membership. I have not been charged anything as of yet. I hope it stays that way. He cancelled my membership and said I would not be charged anything. I received a cancellation notice in my email from them just a few min later. My notice says they are open from 8 am to 7 pm ET M-F and 10-3 S&S. Hope this helps you.

    2. Hi Linda,
      The telephone numbers for leptigen no longer work. Can you provide me with their email address so I can contact them to cancel the pills please.

    3. Hi I have tried to call them on all the numbers on there website to cancel any further products and they don’t answer even though it’s business hours.

      Tried emailing them but it saying my email is not valid! So facebooked them a message.

      What else can I do???? I rang the bank to stop and transactions been made by the company

    4. You can call 800-555-3951 to cancel. I too had ordered the 15 day trial and after reading these posts called asap to make sure I had not unknowingly been set up for auto ship and sure enough I had been. They sent an email right away confirming my “membership” cancellation.

    5. Their site charges your card for full order if you try to get free trial. I never ordered and they charged my card over $147.00! I emailed them they sent reply that they canceled. But bank shows they did not. I have tried to contact them 3 more times with no reply. Crooks and scam artists. Do not fall for free trial!

    6. Hi Geela
      I also have been trying to ring both numbers but get same reply no matter what time of day I ring. I need to cancel this as already have been charged $127 for FREE TRIAL !! Not happy..
      Did you have any luck getting through to them, thank you.

    7. Hi Susan, I am in Oz and I called Friday and got through just fine. I tried to cancel because the trial started from day of purchase but it took two weeks to get to me. They extended the trial through November and offered me $35.00 a month if I liked it. Not sure how I feel about it yet but day two and I have not been as hungry. I just looked up the time on the internet in the USA and called and got through straight away. Good luck!


  60. I ordered the sample. They accompanying paperwork stated that in 15 days I would be charged $89.95 plus $5.95 shipping & handling if I did not cancel. In less than that time I was charged. I immediately called the company who told me it had already been shipped and I could send it back for a full refund or keep it at 60% off. It does not matter if it works or not – DO NOT do business with them. Very unethical.

    1. After posting the above comment and reading all the others, I contacted my bank to start the process of disputing the charge. I then called the company back and informed them I had contacted my bank and the BBB. The entire charge has now been refunded along with being told to keep the month supply when it arrives. When the company is only open M-F you do not have 14 days to cancel – this is information from my bank. A headache for sure but also a lesson learned! Their customer service reps are extremely kind and professional though.

    2. Same was done to me they ripped me off I order the tril sample, an they started deducting from my account TOTAL SCAM

  61. Doesn’t work.I emailed leptigen to cancel membership which I didn’t even know I signed up for. Then I was charged $95 and they stated over the phone you must call to cancel membership. They will not accept email cancellations. I notified my bank to dispute the charge. 2 days later my account was refunded by my bank. You must call first thing 9am if you want any chance of talking to someone. I informed the service agent I disputed charge. She said I could keep the pills at 60% off. Screw that! I’m keeping my money and sending the pills back. Leptigen is one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had. I am posting this everywhere to save others the aggravation I went through.

  62. I orderd my trail $3,95 and Today I’ve received it.
    I’ve also try to canceled it but the next day I’ve received a mail that my free sample has been shipped.
    Thank God i have used a debit card other wise i’m having the same problem that most of you have

    1. I just ordered my 14 day trail at the end of August and received it a few days ago. I called today to cancel my trail and they offered to send me another 15 day sample order at no cost. So I’ll probably call in the next week or two to cancel if I do not feel any different or see any difference.

    2. was is it a prepaid debit? I just ordered free sample I wonder if my bank can block them from taking future payments out of my account. I have a checking account

  63. Anytime I have to give my credit card number I always use a prepaid debit/credit card. This way they cant keep charging. they cant get what’s not there.

    1. They excepted my prepaid debit but also overdraws so I need to make sure my money isn’t there and see if they can overdraw mine cause my bank said cause I used a card for the trial they can’t block the payment

  64. Please report this scam to the government of consumer protection in your country or state or province . If you insist they will act.

  65. They sent me a free trial bottle and I was charged $9.95 for shipping on August 16,2016 but on the same day I sent an email to cancel the order until I see and speak to my Doctor and they agreed. Today I have noticed that they withdrew $89.95 on the 26th of August 2016 from my account without my knowledge and my agreement.
    I have the emails to prove it. I am trying to recover my money and my bank is investigating.
    Plese avoid this product LEPTIGEN and and all products with a FREE TRIAL

    1. I had the same problem and my bank is handling for me. Good thing i received an email indicating that they were going to charge $3.95 for the trial not $89.99.

  66. Bad experience. The free trial is not free. They charged me $ 32.65 and after 14 days charged me another $95. When I called customer service, they were polite and told me for full refund I need to send product back in good condition and will take 6-7 weeks to get full refund of $95 but I agree she will give me $57 right now. I thought one hand is better than two in the bush.

  67. i am from Guatemala, and i have the same problem i ordered the free trial and then they charge me the 95$ they are a scam, definitely a bad bad experience with Leptigen

  68. Total scam! They need to be reported. I got their “free trial” but never opened the box. About 4 weeks later I see a charge of $95.90 on my credit card statement.

    That’s a crappy thing to do to people. Avoid the “free trial” because, I should have known, nothing is truly free.

  69. This company is biggest trial package was not cancelled by customer service and now they say I hve to pay $119 Canadian…be careful don’t buy…no respect fr clients as they need to scam mny

  70. Will never deal with this company…A scam..Tried to return it…oh..bottle is not sealed..heck no..tried it..but return..too bad..

  71. Unreal..yes..a scam the way it is advertised and trying to return…be nice? when a company scams the public? NOT..

    They will get fast into your bank account and their customer service is shitty. Don’t go through the headache for a product that doesn’t even do shit. Their free trial is a scam , you will pay for it after 14 days so it’s not free. Never again

  73. Ordered my “free” trial on June 20 and received it today (July 5) do the math and that is more than 14 days. I read the note in the box stating that after 14 days they ship you another bottle for 89.95$. I called immediately to get the information to return it, however the customer service lady didn’t give me any info to return it, but she did cancel my account and I got an email saying future payments will be cancelled. However I don’t know if I’m still supposed to send the product back or if cancelling my account is enough? Overall this has been a nightmare. I cancelled my service and am trying to return the product before even trying it. I’m keeping a very close eye on my bank account this month. Does anyone have any advice as to how to return the product or if they do charge my account how to get my money back or not have to pay it? (I cancelled on day 15 as that’s how long it took me to receive it and am nervous they have already charged me)

  74. I am glad I saw all of your reviews before ordering the FREE TRIAL. Perhaps I didn’t scroll down far enough but I wanted to know if anyone found that the product worked to help you lose weight?

  75. Hi all,
    I’m the new “free Tial” victim. I just found out they charged me over AUD $122 in my Acc. I’m panicking because I don’t have much money. I’m so silly for believing leptigen and not reading the fine print. FYI, the pills not even working. Tried to call but no answer, email them too. Now I’m talking to my bank to help me to resolve this matter. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT!

    1. I’ve tried calling too, I’m in Australia, I’ve tried emailing, Facebook & instagram & nobody will reply!! I’m going to my bank on Monday to have them bounce the funds!!!

  76. This company really screwed me over. I ordered the 30 free trial hoping to just get a little jump start on some weight loss. I have health issues and have been unable to lose weight with working out. I read their guarantee and it states:

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we stand by the quality of our products. Should you be for any reason unhappy with your purchase, upon product return we will issue a refund to your credit card.
    All we ask is that you follow a few reasonable guidelines:
    Products must have been purchased directly from [link removed] (our website or 800 numbers). We cannot accept returns of products purchased from other retail outlets or affiliate partners. Please follow the return policy agreed upon through purchasing through the respective affiliate partner.
    Products purchased through [link removed] must be returned within 120 days of order date.
    Please call our customer service department at +1 800 555 3951 to obtain an RMA number, required with your return, include a copy of your receipt (or a note with your order #, name, email address, phone number) and your reason for returning the product(s)
    We cannot accept returns on overly used products.
    Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (if applicable).

    I took a total of two pills and hated the way they made me feel. I knew it was a 30 day guarantee so I planned on cancelling before that time was up. WELL before the thirty days I noticed my bank account was negative due to a charge of $90 and I was being charged overdraft fees. I called twice hoping to get this resolved and the customer service would only refund half of the money. Apparently for the trial (which claims it is 30 days but is actually only 14) you do not have a guarantee. Because the bottle was open and two pills were taken it complete voids the guarantee.

    My family is going through a very hard economic time right now- we cannot afford this. I am so disheartened right now, I feel like I have been scammed.

    1. After sending me the trial, they charged my bank account $96.00.
      without my permission. Not answering the phone so I called my bank they tried to call for me no luck. Pills are bad. I felt like I had a heart attack. I was in the middle of exercising class I just could not take it anymore. next two days I was very tired and had some bleeding. Please do not use this product. Bad business.

  77. RUN RUN RUN! This is such a scam! The customer support was so rude when I tried to cancel my trial which just so you know is NOT FREE!

    1. I was able to cancel. But It’s really IRRITATING that they “subscribed” me, and tried to upsell me.

  78. I ordered and saw I had to pay the 3.95 shipping, agreed to that, and if I didn’t want a refill, I had to cancel within 14 days. I called after a week to cancel and the woman said, “You’ll have to send back 14 days worth of pills in the bottle because it was a free 14 day trial, not a month. You’d be responsible for shipping or if you choose to keep it, pay a $5.95 fee.” I opted to pay the fee and cancel future shipments. Still, it made me very nervous and I wouldn’t recommend dealing with this company.

    1. Hi Cheyenne,

      Did you have any troubles after they cancelled your “membership”? I just called to cancel and got an email stating all future purchase payments will be canceled. Should I still ship the product back? Or will they just charge me a 5.95 fee?

    2. Hey Erika, I just called to cancel my order and got the same results as you. They were very nice and understanding when I told them I would not be able to afford the product and sent me the email and all. I was wondering if they still charged you an additional fee or did you have to send the free trial pills back? I don’t want any unexpected charges.

  79. Wow, after reading all these comments and every single one is a horror story I will never deal with this company !

  80. Beware of free trial or sample scam!!! There are a lot of scams use this method, the different is the products name.

    I wish I’d seen this site before dealing with this nightmare of a company. In the package it said call to cancel within 14 days. I did that. A month later my debit card was charged. I called to complain and the following month the amount was credited back to my bank. Two months later another charge appeared on my statement. Phone calls have been pointless. They won’t answer my questions, just go round in circles. I sent about 10 emails, the last in early May but according to them they haven’t received an email from me since March. As I simply replied to the same email each time, rather than compose a new one, there was no way they didn’t receive them. I have now asked my bank to intervene and attempt to get my money back. A complete nightmare.

    1. Good luck getting your Bank to help you. I use Chase and they told me there was
      nothing they could do. I just had my card canceled, getting a new one tomorrow.


  82. Watch out for the $1 scam…in 14days $89.95 will be charged to your credit card then another shipment and charges on day 30. And they will tell you that it is in writing…

  83. I emailed them through their website and told them to cancel my subscription. They charged me anyway and claimed they never got the email. But then they offered to refund me if I would pay them $6 first. I never even saw any of their product.

  84. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!! I signed up for a FREE trial (which turns out is a lie, it’s NOT free!)and only had to pay shipping. I left the day after receiving the product to go out of the country for a week. When I came home, my account had been charged $89.95 and because the bottle had been opened (NONE WERE USED)they would not return my money! This company uses false advertising!!! BEWARE!!!!

  85. I have just ordered 2 bottles of Leptigen, with my Visa card and been charged $147.31, but since doing this I went back onto the site and t have just read that they do not deliver overseas..I live in Australia so I am worried now as they already have my money. I can only see what happens

  86. !!!BEWARE!!! This company is a scam…it took 7 days to receive the product from them (whoever “they” are???), which only left 7 days of the “14 day trial” period (not a fair amount of time at all, to see if the product works!)…and trust me, they debited my checking account on the 14th day! I Called “Leptigen” and spoke to rep “Meg” about receiving a refund but I was not heard and so my only option was to cancel my “Leptigen membership”…please don’t purchase this product, you’ll be sorry!!!

  87. Received my order couple days ago. I took my dose 1.5 hrs before breakfast. Shortly after it made me sick sick sick… throwing up & diarrhea. Needless to say, I will be cancelling my order. Im really disappointed because I’ve hear this product works – Im sure it works if it makes you sick and cant keep anything down. Can anyone explain why Meratrim makes people sick to their stomach when it is a natural product?

  88. I ordered this product as a free trial and have been using it for a week. So far I feel great with no side effects. I read the fine print before ordering and it clearly states that if you do not cancel within 14 days of receiving the product that your account will automatically be billed. Due to this product being so expensive I called customer service and cancelled within the 14 day period. They were very courteous about the cancellation. Overall I like this product, just make sure you always read the fine print!

    1. Hi Jenn,

      did you have to also return the free trial? or just cancel your membership? The note I recieved in my package states that you must return the free trial within 14 days in order to prevent being charged. Did you return yours or did you just call to cancel and everything was fine?


    2. Hey Erika, how can you return the free trial? You are meant to try it. I would just dispute it with your bank or credit card. Good luck!

  89. About to start today… I’m happy with customer service. I called the same day I received the package to cancel, so I was only charged the $3.95. The 14 day $89.99 disclosure was listed several times on the page and on the leaflet they sent with the package.

    1. Hi Kylie,

      Did you have any troubles after you cancelled the product? Did they make you send it back or still charge you for the trial?

  90. There is no customer service. They rope you into a 2 WEEK trial before rolling you into a recurring monthly.

    They do not respond to emails, or answer their phone yet I keep getting pills that don’t work and that cost $89 a bottle.

    Diet and exercise is working, these pills do not contribute!

  91. DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/THIS COMPANY. Deceptive sales practices. This company claims to provide a free trial of their product. In their fine print they claim if you’d like to extend your trial to call 1-800-555-3951 however without the consumer placing a call to the company they still debit your credit card. Also on the bank debit stattement the transaction list “Leptigen Diet 855-2926951 FL”. This number doesn’t belong to their company. The company it belongs to, Local LightHouse, claims this company has been committing fraud for a long time now and people are constantly calling them to complaint. I had to call my bank to be able to dispute the charge. When they realized my bank was on the phone then they decided to refund the $89.95. I submitted a complaint to BBB.

  92. I ordered the free trial and when I received it I read through the order and saw that I would be charges $89 after 14 days. I decided to try it for a few days an see if it curved cravings an then cancel if I didn’t. After just a few days I didn’t notice any side effects an wasn’t sure if it made a difference or not so I decided to call and cancel. I spoke witha very friendly ccustomer service rep who advised me that she could cancel my order and I could return the unused product or she I could cancel the recurring order and keep this bottle for the $3.95 shipping paid and they would ship me one more bottle for the low price of $39.95 so that I could try the product for 60 days to give it a chane to work and see if it would work for me. She said that auto ship would be cancelled and I would not receive any future product or billing unless I called and requested more at which time I would still be able to take advantage of the low $39.95 per month (bottle). I requested something in writing to verify that I had accepted this offer an she stated an email would be sent to my,address. By the next day I had not received email so I called back because I wanted to make sure that I had something in writing after reading all of these horror stories. Again a very nice customer service rep answered an after getting my account information she confirmed that my,account had already been closed an no other charges except the one time $39.95 would be charged to my account. When i asked about the email that i had not received she checked an imy email was incorrect. So i am giving this product 60 days an don’t feel scammed. I think a lot of issues come from not reading.

    1. I agree… The packaging clearly states that unless you call within 14 days you will be charged for the next bottle. I called to cancel, and I simply told them I didn’t want to be in a recurring product plan. The customer service rep was kind and helpful, and she also offered a 2nd bottle at the discounted price if I wanted, which I also asked to confirm by email. I’m going to try a 2nd bottle because I think this product really helps with cravings and feeling full. No huge weight loss yet but they acknowledge it takes 2-3 months. This is probably due to a lifestyle change, but I know I need help in that area so I would recommend this product! No side effects, either… very mild. Overall, I’ve had a positive experience with Leptigen.

  93. So when you order the trial, it doesn’t say anything about being charged anything other than the shipping. The shipping label has the $89 reoccurring charges information. Couldn’t get a hold of this company by any info included. So to avoid the charges I called and canceled credit card used and opened a new account. Definitely scandalous scam. Just glad I read the shipping receipt before I was charged with something that may or may not worker for me.

  94. I ordered a 3 month supply of leptigen with a discount coupon, even received a confirmation email with my $53 discount and a total that my credit card was charged only to discover when I received my credit card statement that I’d been charged the full price! Be careful when purchasing this product.

  95. Leptigen is a border line SCAM!

    First, lets face the facts that no 2 people have the exact same body chemistry. So,what may work for you may not work for someone else. With that out of the way, I want to explain my recent situation with this company. I did the FREE trial. I was on another website looking at reviews. No where did it say clearly that after SEVEN days if not returned they would charge you $90.00! Furthermore, they did not provide instructions on how to return the product. Well, I took this product for 4 days and it did not make me feel well. Stomach was all in knots and overall I felt terrible (maybe due to my body chemistry). So I emailed the customer service about returning the product because right next to the FREE trial was a big pretty picture that says 120 DAY RETURN POLICY. So customer service emailed me back saying my reoccurring order would be cancelled. Wait…since when did my FREE trial become a reoccurring $90 order? So I emailed them back requesting how to take advantage of the 120 day return policy. I never received an email back. So I call them this morning and was told that the FREE trial DOES NOT have a 120 return policy. That the free trial was under different rules then the EXACT SAME product. The only difference according to the customer service rep is that one was a free trial, plus shipping, then after 7 days it is becomes a $90 dollar bottle. The 120 return policy product is the EXACT same but cost $109.

    What a rip off from an American Based company.

    Hope this helps anyone considering buying this snake oil in pill form.

  96. You guys can’t CLEARLY states the 89.95 after the trial. I got mine and cancelled immediately with no problems. Its not the company, most of you aren’t reading

    1. It wasn’t that simple for me day before free trial arrived I was charged €78 so have cancelled card an expensive lesson but never again !!

  97. RUN!!!!! Stay away they did the same to me as above 14 days never received any notification and than got charger $89.95 and to top it off the product dose not work!!!!

  98. I wanted to order your product but after reading the nightmare reviews I decided not to do so. Please let me know when your company is more consumer friendly and is easier to work with. Right now your company is not very concerned with taking care of your customers. This is a lot of money to spend only to find out it doesn’t work or it has side effects. I would love to have a sample, but don’t want to get billed in a sneaky manner.

    1. Order it… But with a prepaid card…. I alway order “freetrial” products With it and only add the exact money for shipping… Very handy and save you the headache if you miss the fine print or forget to cancel!

  99. I did the “free trial” as well. Missed wherever there was fine print about being charged $90 after 14 days. I randomly checked my bank account and that the fee was pending. I freaked out and looked up the the number the bank was offering. Called them and the customer service lady was actually really nice and just canceled the processing payment so I didn’t lose the $90.
    Keeping an eye on my account for the next couple days though…scared it is too good to be true.

  100. Wow! I also participated in the “free” trial with Leptigen and thought I was only paying shipping/handling. To my surprise, after the fee for the initial $3.95, I saw a charge for $89.95. I thought this charge was for another bottle, but it wasn’t. The way it was explained to me is that because I didn’t respond to extend the trial that I was charged! On my receipt, I clearly read, “If you’d like to extend your trial, call 1-800-555-3951.” I understood that to mean that if I didn’t call, I wouldn’t be charged any additional fees, and I didn’t read anything on the website where I placed the order that said you had to call within 14 days or be charged the total price. COMPLEX AND CONFUSING! Yet, on their Leptigen site, you can get a 90-day supply (3 bottles) for $89.95! The customer service rep offered me a $49 refund and I didn’t have to return the product. Their site also boasts a 120-day no hassle money back guarantee. This is definitely a SCAM. I tied the product, and didn’t notice a difference in controlling my appetite. There is a pattern here! We should all complain to the FTC and BBB.

  101. I experienced the same thing as many others. Because the 14 day “free trial” starts the moment you enter your information on line which wasn’t clear to me – my fault – I was only able to take it for 6 days before realizing it was giving me headaches. There is nothing free about the free trial unless you call almost immediately which how are you able to assess the effectiveness? When I called they did discount 1/2 of the $89.95 which is something but I was angry with their fine print and dismissive attitude – we got another one – ha ha. Shame on them. If they were that confident in their product, they’d let people REALLY try it. I then saw that you can buy a 90 day supply on line right now for $89.95 yet that is what they are charging new users for a 30 day supply?

  102. Same happened to me.

    I ordered the trial at $3.95. I was charged the full monthly price 2 weeks later of $89.95. I did not notice until another week had gone by. I was very frustrated and ready to dispute as fraud because I was not receiving call backs from the company. I finally found the 800-555-3951 number. This customer service number was answered promptly.
    Customer Service provided me with two choices – 1. A partial refund and keep the product or 2. return the product for full refund. I opted for choice 1. Both choices would cease further monthly charges.

    Customer Service explained BOTH charges, 3.95 and the 89.95 were for the 1 bottle.

  103. i cancel my card just after they charged me 3 dollards shipping. because i sent an email telling them to dont send the product and they charge me even they sent email that they will not charge me anything . it was a lie. thx for your reviews it helps a lot.

  104. I too agree with Jennifer and Ken! Although, I did know from the beginning that this would be an auto fill. I didn’t have any problem cancelling, the girl I spoke with was very polite and courteous. My first ‘auto fill’ is already on its way and my bank account has been charged. That being said, I was told that all I would have to do is ship it back and I would get a refund… I probably won’t because for me it’s water under the bridge. Now as far as the weight loss… it just didn’t work for me. I was so hoping it would but three weeks in and not an ounce is gone. Wonder why it works so well for some but not for others?? The ‘only’ over the counter diet pill that ever worked for me was the original Metabolife. Dang, I wish that was still around…

  105. Have to agree with Jennifer on this… I overlooked it on the website but saw it when I looked at the packing slip…It was in regular print and clear, I will be charged after 2 weeks. I called and got the most nice and polite lady ever, called me sir and all that… cancelled my order and I didn’t get charged. I actually am loosing a good bit of weight so going to cry and order some more as it is expensive…

    1. Hi Ken,

      Did you have any problems after you cancelled your order? Did you have to also return your “trial” bottle or did you keep it and just cancel future payments?

  106. I’m not being an ass as I know that it’s so hard to deal with uncooperative customer service representatives however the first things I read was that this trial offer is followed up by an auto fill and to be sure to cancel within two weeks of ordering your free trial. So it’s not lie they hide this from consumers it is right in the page clearly we must know that with a 100 dollar product that their giving for 3.95 that there is some catch to it jus saying

  107. Same thing happened to me with the trial…. I called today to cancel and get refund.. The 89.95 was taken out of my account today. They refused to issue a refund. I’m not done. Will call back again this afternoon and ask for supervisor.

  108. I ordered my free trial and read the fine print, of them charging me within 14 days as ‘auto renew’ for the 89.95. so I called to cancel, they were fine on the phone to me…I just said “my dr. doesn’t want me to take these due to other meds I take” and their customer service rep happily canceled. no fuss at all. This doesn’t excuse the unpleasant service others on here experienced, but sometimes you just gotta lie to get off the phone faster. as for the supplememnt, I like it so far, I don’t stress eat when I’m home and I’m happy with the fact it doesn’t make me feel speedy or shakey. it’s a right balance for my body I guess.

  109. I had almost the EXACT experience as Joyce. I was suckered. Big time. I purchased a “free” “sample” for shipping and handling which was $3.95. Lo and behold, two weeks later a 89.99 charge from Leptigen on my bank statement. Apparently, the fine print was on the invoice in the box that the “free sample” came in. I should have known better. The customer service rep was a complete B**CH and refused to refund my money. I am now going to try and dispute the 89.99 charge through my bank. STAY AWAY. PLEASE SHARE THIS. There are not very many reviews on this company and people need to know!!!!!!!!

  110. First let me start by saying I have tried NUMEROUS trial offers that if I were not happy with I could call or return product with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS. Prior to placing my order for the trial of Leptigen I had read several unfavorable comments about the return/refund policy, which did concern me but having ordered quite a few trial offers & having no problems with return/refund issues I went ahead & ordered the trial. I guess everyone’s experience is different with the product, but I did NOT lose ONE pound along with diet & excercise so I called Customer Service & followed the instructions regarding returning the unused portion of the Leptigen. When my bank statement arrived much to my surprise I was charged $89.95 by Leptigen!!!! It made it sound as if I had received a second bottle WHICH I DID NOT!!! I immediately called their Customer Service line & requested a credit to my account. They were VERY uncooperative & REFUSED to refund my $89.95!! I then went to my bank who was unable to help because it was passed the 30 day period they are able to intervien. I had NO CLUE I WAS BEING BILLED BY LEPTIGEN SINCE I HAD RETURNED THE PRODUCT UNTIL I RECEIVED MY BANK STATEMENT OR I WOULD HAVE WENT TO MY BANK WITHIN THE 30 DAYS TO DISPUTE!! I bank at a credit union with an account I have had SINCE birth. They r about to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT DUE TO THE NEGATIVE BALANCE I HAVE CARRIED BECAUSE I REFUSE TO PAY FOR A PRODUCT THAT DID NOT WORK & I RETURNED! I have not been able to access any of my accounts at my credit union nor my children’s accounts DUE to this issue. My account have been frozen, my ATM & Credit Cards have also been frozen. With no way to bank, cash checks, use debit cards… I reluctantly went to another bank to open an account… which I was NOT PERMITTED TO DO DUE TO THE NEGATIVE BALANCE REFLECTED DUE TO THE LEPTIGEN COMPANY!!!! It HAS been a nightmare!!! I called Leptigen Cust.Service today & requested a refund to my bank account to PLEASE ISSUE A CREDIT TO MY BANK ACCOUNT WHICH IS GOING TO BE CLOSED ANY DAY… SINCE THEY WILL NOT EVER BE ABLE TO COLLECT FROM THAT ACCOUNT BUT IT WOULD ALLOW ME TO BANK AT ANOTHER LOCATION & HAVE ACCESS TO MY CHILDRENS ACCOUNTS. The representative told me that she could NOT send a credit to my bank because my account with them had been CLOSED & DUE to the length of time passed. I asked her several times why the length of time was an issue…. which she COULD NOT ANSWER. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on a brief hold & then was advised that I was being connected & could speak with her supervisor….HOWEVER I WAS TRANSFERRED TO A VOICEMAIL! I WISH I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE OTHER CUSTOMERS REVIEWS ABOUT THE REFUNDING POLICY OF LEPTIGEN CO. MORE SERIOUSLY & NEVER PLACED THE TRIAL ORDER. NOT ONLY HAVE I BEEN CHARGED FOR A PRODUCT I RETURNED… BUT ALSO HAVE HAD MY ACCOUNTS FROZEN, MY CHILDREN’S ACCOUNTS FROZEN, NO WAY TO PAY A BILL OR ORDER ANYTHING VIA DEBIT/CREDIT CARD… I AM ALSO UNABLE TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT ANOTHER BANK… LEAVING ME WITHOUT A BANK!!! All because I took advantage of a trial offer from Leptigen & followed their instructions on returning the product so not to be BILLED for a product which I was unsatisfied. CONSUMERS PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE PROBLEMS MORE THAN JUST MYSELF HAVE INCURRED IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH PRODUCT & REQUEST NOT TO BE BILLED OR TO HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT CREDITED IN THE CASE YOU WERE BILLED!!!! 8 HAS made life hell regarding my banking options & feel I may seek legal action DUE to the breach of contract & the misleading information regarding a full refund. Thank you. I just wanted to save anyone from going thru the ordeal I have been put thru! Have a GREAT day.

    1. The same thing has happened to me but I do not know who to call since I opened my free sample box and threw it away. Haven’t even opened the bottle yet. Need to know who to call to see if I can resolve.

    2. I called … she stated that after 14 days of the trial period you are billed $89 and because I did not return and it was after that time she could not help me. She said this notification was in when I ordered and on the paperwork when the product came. I told her it must be very small print because I had no idea and had not opened the product and wanted to return it. There website has a 120 return policy. She put me on hold and came back and said the return policy was not for the trial! I told her I would be contacting the BBB and that my credit card had fraud protection, this is not what I agreed to and that they would not pay it. She put me on hold again, came back with a refund notification number and cancelled my account! Boy will I read the fine print and am thankful the resolution came back in my favor! Buyer’s beware!

    3. I had the same problem. I was just charged 89.00 for something that was supposed to be a sample. Never read anything about being charged. I need help getting my money back too! Please thanks

    4. SAME… I ordered a FREE sample. Noticed later that I was charged $89!!! It occurred to me that maybe I hit the wrong button, but after reading the above comments, I guess I was scammed, too. HOW DO I CANCEL??? You DEFINITELY DO NOT SEE before asking for a free sample the part where you get charged automatically.

    5. That’s enough of a nightmare for me to never consider purchasing this product, and I will be sure to pass this info on to anyone I know who is considering the trial. Their behaviour says a lot about the company. Slimy.