Libbera has been recently advertised on some TV stations in the USA where it is described as a healthy fibre diet pill. It is based on Glucomannan, a natural fibre that can be effective for appetite suppression and the regulation of blood sugar levels but there is very little real information about this supplement and impossible to find anyone who has actually tried it. We shine the Watchdog spotlight on Libbera diet pills to find out more about this supplement.

Libbera looks to be a fairly new supplement on the market and features some glossy product advertising including a TV advertising campaign. It comes from a company called the Obesity Research Institute who are better known for a supplement called Lipozene.

Libbera Pros

  • 30-day guarantee

Libbera Cons

  • Limited product information
  • Incomplete website
  • Manufacturer known for scamming customers
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What You Need To Know About Libbera

Libbera appears to be a new supplement on the market so is not well known despite some recent TV advertising. However there is little to recommend it. There are no ingredients information for Libbera diet pills so you really will have no idea just what you are taking and although the principle ingredient Konjac can be effective as an appetite suppressant it is not necessarily here in sufficient quantities to work. In addition the Obesity Research Institute, the company behind Libbera look a bit dodgy and have past form in running an auto ship scam.

What Are The Side Effects Of Libbera?

It may pose a choking risk so it is important to ensure you drink plenty of water. Effects could be unpredictable because there is no information about what is actually contained in Libbera diet pills.

How Much Does Libbera Cost?

The current offer on the website is called the Basic Package and is for 1 x bottle of 30 capsules + 1 x 30 ct bottle free for $29.95

The Libbera Deluxe Package comprises of 2 x 30 ct and 3 x 60 ct bottles for $149.80

The Libbera Club Package also comprises of 2 x 30 ct bottles and 60 ct bottles. This looks cheaper at $89.95 but it is an auto ship program which means that fresh supplies will be sent to you each month.

Your credit card or bank account will be automatically debited $89.95 each month until you manage to cancel the agreement.

Our Verdict On Libbera

We do not rate Libbera very highly. In fact we do not rate it at all. This supplement comes with very little information about ingredients meaning you will have no idea just what you are taking. There could be additional ingredients which may cause side effects and you should never take any supplement without knowing exactly what it is in it. Especially when you buy via a website or phone number advertised on TV because there are no guarantees for safety and no comeback should things go wrong.

That said Konjac and Glucomannan can be effective for weight loss. Clinical study recommends that 3000 mg a day may help restrict appetite and support weight loss and many people take Glucomannan supplements as a weight-loss aid. However it is unknown whether Libbera contains this amount so will even work. One of the problems with Glucomannan is that although it may be effective and unlikely to cause side effects, many people are put off by the choking risk.

Finally, we are not impressed by the Libbera advertising. The product website does not provide any real information and this combined with the fact that we found out that the company behind it is the Obesity Research Institute, a company associated with auto ship scams and bad customer service, makes the whole set up look very dodgy. In our opinion Libbera diet pills are probably best avoided.

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Libbera Review

Libbera is a weight loss supplement that proposes a healthy and easy way to lose weight. The main ingredient is Glucomannan a type of natural jelly which is made from the Konjac root. Konjac is a plant which grows in several Asian countries and the root is used in numerous popular food products such as noodles and candies. These days this natural fibre is being widely used as a weight-loss aid. Glucomannan swells up on contact with water and the idea is that this bulky fibre swells in the stomach and makes the user feel fuller. It is effective for constipation and as a treatment for diabetes and evidence suggests that it reduces cholesterol levels.

Libbera Facts

  • The bottles of Libbera contain either 30 capsules or 60 capsules.
  • Libbera comes from the Obesity Research Institute. This company has only a PO box as an address.
  • Contains Konjac root as the principal ingredient.

Libbera does not give much away about its ingredient profile. According to the product information, it contains a proprietary blend based on Glucomannan but it does not reveal whether there are any additional ingredients in the formula or whether the Glucomannan is in sufficient quantities to work.

In fact, there is a lack of information about Libbera which is of concern. It has been advertised on some US TV channels including Destination America but it has been hard to find a website or any other information about it. If it hadn’t been for one of the Watchdog readers contacting us, we certainly would not have heard of Libbera.

How to Take Libbera

Directions for taking are not provided.

We delved into the background of this company and found that the organisation behind Libbera is not a new company in the supplements world as we first assumed. Instead it is the Obesity Research Institute a dodgy-looking supplements company based in California. Despite the impressive-sounding name this company have been the subject of many customer complaints around auto shipping and bad service. Their other weight-loss supplement is called Lipozene, which we featured in a previous review.

Just like Libbera, Lipozene is based on Glucomannan as the principal ingredient. It is possible that Libbera and Lipozene are in fact identical products but we have no way of knowing whether or not this is true.

Libbera seems extremely new on the market. We managed to find the product website (eventually) which is dated 2017 and there is a Facebook page which was set up in January 2017. All look extremely glossy but there are no posts, friends or followers on the Facebook page. The website is equally shiny but short on hard facts.

Libbera Concerns:

  • The ingredients profile. What is actually contained in this supplement?
  • Obesity Research Institute has past form in tricksy auto ship scams.
  • The general lack of information. Why no ingredients list or directions provided.

Libbera is sold via the telephone. The TV ad gives you a phone number to call. It is also available from the product website.

There is not much information about where Libbera comes from. Although the grand-sounding, Obesity Research Institute sounds impressive and just like a real organisation, the address is a P.O. Box in Encinitas, near San Diego, California. The phone number is not geographically specific so could be anywhere. This is provided on the website and the TV ad.

What Does Libbera Claim To Do?

The product website is very vague. Libbera diet pills are described as a ‘Healthy Fibre Supplement’ and there is a picture of the Konjac plant referred to as ‘Our Natural Ingredient’ but beyond that it does not really say anything at all.

There is a section titled ‘What is Libbera’ but it says very little,

Libbera is a supplement that meets your lifestyle. Its wholesome origins date back 1,500 years to the mountains and hillsides of Southeast Asia. Today, whether you feel like you want to lose weight or simply want help keeping it off, Libbera’s clinically proven blend will help you to meet your goals while assuring that what you put in your body is only the best. Free yourself from the past.

It would have been good to know more about this ‘clinically proven blend’ because this so-called explanation says very little.

Here’s what the website has to say about Dietary Fibre,

It’s hard to appreciate what we have in front of us sometimes. In an effort to cast out anyone who could possibly ever break our hearts again, sometimes we push away the nice guy who just wants to take care of us, rub our feet and pretend to like our favourite shows. That nice guy is not the fit but bespectacled kindergarten teacher down the hall, no. That guy is dietary fibre.

What does this even mean? Which guy is dietary fibre? We just don’t understand this at all.

Does Libbera Work?

With such sketchy and sometimes bizarre information provided by the website, there is no way of knowing whether Libbera will work or not. Konjac and Glucomannan can be effective for weight loss but this doesn’t mean that Libbera diet pills will also work. We just don’t know what is contained in the proprietary blend. There could be additional ingredients which may cause side effects. This supplement is an unknown quantity marketed by possibly mad teenagers if the text written on the website is anything to go by.

What Are The Ingredients of Libbera?

There are no ingredients list for Libbera. The product information does not even provide a serving size. Do you take one pill or two pills, for example? This is not disclosed.

We do know that Libbera contains Konjac. The Konjac root contains Glucomannan – a natural edible jelly that may be useful for weight loss. The European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) has investigated Glucomannan as a weight-loss aid and found that it has a ‘statistically significant effect on body weight loss’ when eaten before meals.

According to the study ‘at least 3 g of Glucomannan should be consumed daily in three doses of at least 1 g each, together with 1–2 glasses of water before meals, in the context of an energy-restricted diet…’

Does Libbera Have Any Side Effects?

There are no provided warnings but Glucomannan can pose a choking risk. It is extremely important to ensure that you drink plenty of water in order to wash the tablets down to the stomach where the fibre can expand safely. There have been cases of Glucomannan tablets expanding in the throat and also in the intestines causing blockages.

There may be other ingredients in Libbera too but this information is not provided.

Not suitable for individuals under 18 or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Libbera may cause interactions with other medications so seek medical advice first. You should never take any supplement or diet pill without knowing exactly what it contains.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Libbera?

There are no customer reviews for Libbera.

Does Libbera Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee advertised. Here is what the company have to say about it:

All weight loss pills shipped by Libbera come with a 30-day money back guarantee less $1.35 processing fee. Customers have 30 days to return Libbera for a full refund. Return authorisation numbers must be received from Customer Service and written on the shipping box.

Please contact Customer Service with any questions about Libbera’s Guarantee and Return Policy at 888-220-8907.

Where Can I Buy Libbera?

You can buy Libbera over the phone by using the telephone number on the TV advert; 888-220-8907

You can also buy Libbera directly from the product website.

Libbera is not on sale from independent outlets or via Amazon USA. It is not available to customers outside the USA.

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