Caffeine is a powerful drug – long considered the staunch ally of stressed-out office workers and students across the world, this mild stimulant has been lauded for its ability to boost energy, attention, and cognition at even low doses. However, many do not realise that this multi-talented substance can also promote weight loss, by raising the body’s metabolic rate to effectively burn fat whilst resting, whilst also suppressing the appetite to prevent dieters from eating in the first place. But with such positive benefits to be gained, are some caffeine-hounds guilty of ignoring the obvious drawbacks?

Below we take an in-depth look at LMNITRIX Burnz, to see whether the benefits of using this extremely strong caffeine/stimulant supplement outweigh its negatives.


  • Product should work broadly as advertised
  • Ingredient quantities clearly labelled on the packaging


  • Product causes severe side effects
  • Customer reviews are highly mixed, with many unable to continue using the product
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected


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What You Need To Know About LMNITRIX Burnz

LMNITRIX Burnz is a stimulant-based fat burner that claims to help dieters to lose weight quickly and effectively. If used as directed, Burnz gives customers a significant 500mg dose of caffeine, which is considerably more than the recommended daily allowance for adults (for reference, it is roughly equivalent to around 12-14 cans of cola!). When you consider that this big dose of caffeine has been combined with several stimulants, this product has to rank as one of the stronger supplements of its type we’ve seen on sale.

What Are The Side Effects Of LMNITRIX Burnz?

Given the huge quantity of stimulants used in this product, it is highly likely to cause significant side effects. The true list of potential side effects is quite long, so do check out the Side Effects tab for more information!

The side effects that most customers seem to experience are related to the extraordinarily high caffeine content. When overconsumed, caffeine can cause jitters, sleeplessness, headaches, an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, dizziness, and insomnia. The other stimulants used in this product (including hordenine and higenamine) are also known to cause heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure, which can sometimes elevate to dangerous levels if customers consume too much caffeine. Take care whilst using this product, and try to avoid all other potential sources of caffeine throughout the day.

How Much Does LMNITRIX Burnz Cost?

LMNITRIX Burnz retails for $34.95 for a month’s supply of 60 capsules on the official LMNITRIX webstore. Other online retailers (such as Nutrition Pit) charge considerably more, with prices reaching up to $48 for the same pack of 60 capsules.

Our Verdict On LMNITRIX Burnz

Caffeine can work as a fat burner, but working out the right dosage can make all the difference. Too little, and the effect is too slight to be useful. Too much, and the caffeine is likely to make dieters feel too sick to continue using it as a weight loss aid. Although many supplement manufacturers make an effort to locate the sweet spot in the middle, LMNITRIX appear to have thrown all notions of balance out of the window in favour of creating the most “extreme” dosage of stimulants they can get away with.

The drawbacks should be obvious to everyone. This product has attracted dozens of negative reviews because most dieters don’t like feeling overwhelmingly jittery all day. Reported side effects include heart arrhythmia, vomiting, and an inability to focus, do exercise, or function normally. Weight loss just isn’t worth the stress.

To cap it all off, the manufacturers offer a strange and seemingly misleading money-back guarantee that does not cover this product in question, meaning that dissatisfied customers are unable to receive a refund. Although prices are reasonable on the official LMNITRIX website, we’ve seen this product sold for almost $50 on other websites, meaning that some customers may have lost significant amounts of money trying this heart-racing concoction out.

Although this product could deliver some weight loss results for a select few, most will find it to be too riddled with side effects to justify sticking with. There are far more reasonable options out there!

Overall, we do not recommend LMNITRIX Burnz to our readers.

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LMNITRIX Burnz Review

LMNITRIX Burnz is a fat burner and weight loss supplement that uses a notably high dose of caffeine. Marketed as “super intense”, the strong stimulant effect provided by this product is said to be suitable only for experienced users looking for an “extreme” weight loss pill.

LMNITRIX Burnz Facts

  • Manufactured by LMNITRIX
  • Contains 60 capsules per pack
  • Weight loss supplement with a stimulant-based fat-burning effect

Burnz is manufactured by an American supplement company called LMNITRIX, who are based out of West Virginia. LMNITRIX describe themselves as a family-run company, and are mainly known for their range of pre-workouts, BCAAs, and other workout aids (including the bizarrely-named “Harambe Blood”). As well as selling each of their products individually, LMNITRIX have taken the unusual step of combining different products into pre-arranged “stacks” that target weight loss, athletic performance, and other areas. The company can be contacted via the details supplied on their official website.

How to Take LMNITRIX Burnz

The directions for use are as follows:

As a dietary supplement, take one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 oz. of water in the morning, and one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 oz. of water 5-6 hours later in the mid-afternoon. Do not take this product within 6 hours of bedtime. Do not exceed 3 capsules per day. Use only as directed.

LMNITRIX Burnz Concerns:

  • Many former customers complain of experiencing caffeine-related side effects
  • There does not appear to be a money-back guarantee
  • Around half of all the available customer reviews are negative

What Does LMNITRIX Burnz Claim To Do?

LMNITRIX Burnz is a relatively straightforward fat burner, providing customers with an intense hit of stimulants and caffeine in order to provoke the desired thermogenic response. Each capsule of Burnz is said to help customers burn off belly fat, whilst also boosting the metabolism and providing a strong burst of energy. LMNITRIX are quick to remind customers that the slimming effect provided by Burnz only targets unwanted fat stores, helping customers to preserve muscle as they lose weight.

Along with the fat-burning effects, this product also claims to suppress the appetite and stop hunger pangs.

Does LMNITRIX Burnz Work?

Stimulants (especially caffeine) represent the main mechanism that drives the thermogenic effect promised by LMNITRIX Burnz. Most of the other ingredients are mere window dressing, and do not contribute much to the overall effect.

Consuming vast quantities of caffeine and other heart-racing stimulants does provide a proven (albeit slight) fat-burning effect. It will also obviously provide a sharp burst of energy, and may mildly suppress the appetite. These benefits unfortunately come at the cost of side effects, including a racing heart-rate, insomnia, queasiness, and many others.

As the caffeine dose used in this product is so high, these side effects have apparently combined to make many customers feel quite sick. A huge proportion of the customer reviews for Burnz are quite negative, with many complaining that the side effects forced them to stop taking the capsules. We can only conclude by saying that this stimulant-based product does technically work, but is so unpleasant that many customers can’t stomach taking it long enough to see the promised results!

What Are The Ingredients of LMNITRIX Burnz?

The ingredients used in LMNITRIX Burnz are listed below. The ingredient quantities listed below are correct for 1 capsule of LMNITRIX Burnz.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 250mg: Numerous studies have shown that caffeine boosts energy levels and alertness, as well as mildly boosting the metabolism, causing a small increase in the number of calories used by the body. The effects shown in studies are small, and some studies are inconclusive. Caffeine is known to slightly increase athletic performance and mental performance. Source
  • Choline Bitartrate 167mg: Athletes sometimes supplement Choline to delay fatigue and improve endurance. It is also said to improve mental focus. However, the available clinical evidence suggests that Choline Bitartrate does not cause either effect to take place. Source
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate 140mg: One study found that supplementation of L-carnitine Tartrate reduced muscle tissue damage from exercise and sped up recovery time. Compared to other forms of l-carnitine, it is more commonly used to boost muscular performance than contribute to weight loss. Source
  • Hordenine 60mg: Hordenine is a known compound in Bitter Orange, and is thought to act as a stimulant to increase fat burning. Source
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract 30mg: Capsaicin, found in Cayenne pepper, is thought by some to play a role in weight loss. Some studies suggest it could suppress the appetite mildly, whilst others suggest that the heat causes a thermogenic reaction in the body, burning more calories for a period of time. However, there are also studies that show cayenne has little or no effect upon weight loss attempts. Source
  • Dendrobium 4:1 30mg: Dendrobium is a huge group of orchids, including about 1200 species of the plant. Various alkaloids are present in these plants, and have various effects, including improving mental focus, acting as a digestive aid, and boosting mood. Dendrobium Nobile has not been tested in humans, but one extract is thought to have anti-cancer properties, based upon tests in rats. We could not find any evidence that this ingredient aids weight loss at all. Source
  • Higenamine HCl 4.5mg: This chemical compound can be extracted from various plants. It has only been tested in vitro and in animals, so its effects in humans are totally unknown. However, these studies have indicated that it may aid athletic performance, and works as a stimulant. Source
  • Huperzine A 500mcg: Huperzine-A is found in Huperzia serrata leaves, and is thought to be a cognitive enhancer. Previous studies have found it to be effective as a memory enhancer for adults suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Because of the relatively long half-life of this compound, its use should be cycled, with breaks in usage every few weeks. Source

Does LMNITRIX Burnz Have Any Side Effects?

LMNITRIX Burnz uses a variety of stimulants, many of which have been included in massive quantities. We would thus rate the likelihood of encountering side effects as very high.

This product contains a huge dosage of caffeine mixed with other stimulants – if dosage instructions are followed correctly, customers will consume 500mg of caffeine per day (which is well over the daily recommended limit). Overconsumption of caffeine can cause a variety of side effects, including headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, dizziness, and insomnia. This product also uses a substance found in bitter orange called hordenine, which likely carries the risk of inducing a rapid heartrate and high blood pressure. One other stimulant ingredient found in this product, Higenamine HCl, has also been linked with causing heart arrhythmia.

L-Carnitine can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhoea, and seizures. It can also cause the urine, breath, and sweat to have a “fishy” odour. Choline bitartrate can sometimes cause headaches.

Huperzine A is known for its side effects, especially when taken continuously for 3 months or more. It has been known to cause digestive issues, stomach issues, blurred vision, loss of appetite, sweating, cramping, high blood pressure, and other issues.

Cayenne extract can cause heart burn, stomach aches, indigestion, increased sweating, and a runny nose.

This stimulant-based product contains a huge dose of caffeine that may cause a variety of side effects. Avoid all other sources of caffeine whilst consuming this product. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before using any nutritional supplement, especially if you are taking medications on a regular basis, anticipate surgery, or are otherwise under medical supervision. Product not intended for use by children under 18 or women who are pregnant or lactating.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For LMNITRIX Burnz?

LMNITRIX Burnz has attracted highly mixed reviews on its old Amazon product page. Although most customers are in agreement that the product works roughly as it claims to, the dividing line appears to be whether customers feel able to tolerate the severe side effects it causes. Around half of the customers that tried it were unable to continue using it for this reason.

After reading such amazing reviews I was so excited to try this product. Unfortunately, I’m only a few days in and don’t think I will be continuing. These pills give me the same effect as an energy drink (which I do not like.. the extremely fast heart beating, and shaking ), they have also made me feel sick. By sick I mean upsetting bowel movements and throwing up. I have not changed my clean diet or workout routine, so I know it is the pills

This product is awful. I got it for focus and energy for intense workouts. It gave me such bad migraines I couldn’t even go to the gym after taking it, it didn’t increase my energy, it somehow increased my appetite and I did not have any change in my focus. If it was meant for weight loss, it definitely didn’t do that either. This product is awful- wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. I took it for about 3 weeks before giving up. Don’t make yourself sick or waste your money.

This is a terrible product. It may suppress your appetite but the side effects are not worth it. I tried it for a week because I wanted to switch up what product I am using, but the pills cause nausea, dizziness, and tiredness. One time I lost vision after standing up and fell over after taking one of the pills. I did NOT get more energy or feel any positive affects other than not being hungry, but that was mostly caused by the nausea. Do not trust this product it is definitely not FDA approved. These are going in the trash.

I have noticed my hunger has been greatly suppressed (which is what I needed), and burn belly fat in coordination with the highly physical job that I have. In the short time since I started taking this weight loss supplement I can say that I will continue to buy this product since I’ve lost 4 lbs already, not much but for me that is a start :-)!

I ordered these for my husband who is working on losing a considerable amount of weight. He’s been taking these as well as eating a healthier diet and working out. Because these do include caffeine, he did give up drinking all caffeine so he wouldn’t end up with too much in his system every day. He has been steadily losing weight while using them, and hasn’t noticed any negative effects, only a boost of energy.

Does LMNITRIX Burnz Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

LMNITRIX’s policy on returns is fairly confusing. On their “returns policy”, the company states that they only offer refunds on unopened packages returned within 14 days of receiving it. This policy does not qualify as a money-back guarantee, which should only refer to opened packages (meaning that customers have had a chance to try the product and decide they don’t like it before receiving a refund).

Incidentally, the company claims to offer a real money-back guarantee, but this policy only seems to apply to their BCAA product. To quote the website:

We offer a full 60-day risk free trial. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your BCAA for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund. Zero strings attached. Zero bottle returns. Zero hoops to jump through.

It may be worth contacting the company for clarification if you are thinking of applying for a refund for Burnz, as it seems strange that a company would only offer a money-back guarantee on just one of their products!

Where Can I Buy LMNITRIX Burnz?

LMNITRIX Burnz is available to buy online on the official LMNITRIX website, and the Nutrition Pit webstore. It is also available to buy in-store at various locations across the USA (including Nutrition Pit Supplement Stores, Complete Nutrition stores, Supplement Nation stores, and many others). For a full list of participating stores, check out the official LMNITRIX website “store locator” service.

When buying from the official LMNITRIX webstore, a single 60-capsule pack costs $34.95 (all orders come with free shipping). The prices offered by 3rd party retailers may vary considerably (the Nurition Pit webstore sells the same pack for $47.99).

How does LMNITRIX Burnz compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria LMNITRIX Burnz Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

2 out of 5
LMNITRIX Burnz Rating

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend LMNITRIX Burnz.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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