Loyalty Program Diet pills – Are They Worth It?

For people who take diet pills, the offer of financial discount in return for customer loyalty may be an enticing offer? But, do these programs actually lead to savings for the customer in the long term, or so they cause more hassle than weight loss?

Customer loyalty programWhen purchasing a course of diet pills from a company, it is typical that a single bottle provides a 30 day supply. Some companies offer automatic shipping in exchange for a small discount, encouraging customers to remain loyal to their website or company, as well as making it much easier for them to spend significantly more money with the company, under the premise that they are getting a good deal, or saving money in the long run.

However, there are numerous problems with these loyalty schemes, and they are increasingly being viewed as not cost effective for the customer.

Points Programs

There is one other type of loyalty scheme that some websites selling diet pills offer, and that is the promise of building up points, which have a cash value. This principle is the same as a Boots card or Nectar card, with each pound being spent on the website leading to a “reward” of a point worth a penny. There are often terms and conditions that make it difficult to redeem these points.

For example, the loyalty points awarded by GoNutrition seem to be only redeemable once a certain amount of points have been accrued. This means that a lot of money has to be spent before any saving is actually seen- to earn £10 worth of loyalty points, a customer must spend £1000 on their account. This is definitely not a rewarding ‘reward scheme’.

Amazon “Subscribe and Save”

Whilst Amazon is a company that is highly trusted by the majority of users, their ‘subscribe and save’ program is somewhat controversial. Whilst it is easier to cancel a ‘subscribe and save’ order than other diet pill loyalty programs, it is easy to forget that a ‘subscribe and save’ agreement has been set up, leaving customers unexpectedly out of pocket. The subscribe and save option only provides a small discount, and yet encourages the customer to spend much more money in the long term than if they only bought the product when it was desired.

It is recommended that customers who choose to use the subscribe and save service avoid ordering diet pills through this facility, and instead only order products that they know that they need, and are already buying regularly at a higher cost elsewhere.

Reduced Results long-term

Even if you have found a product that works in aiding weight loss for you, it is most likely to be a bad idea to join a loyalty program associated with the product. Many weight loss aids that work in the short term have reduced effects when taken in the long-term, as the body adapts and becomes used to the products. This is why many diet pills, especially chemical-based appetite suppressants, are intended for short term use of less than 8-12 weeks.

“Free” Diet Pill Scams

Avoid free trial scamsMany of the products that are sold through loyalty schemes are those that are initially marketed as “free” diet pills. These are widely viewed as scams, due to numerous reasons. Often, the loyalty scheme element of the purchase is hidden deep within small print that is often difficult to find on the sales website. The company will offer a small amount of a diet pill for “free”, excepting a small delivery charge, which unsuspecting customers often view as a negligible cost.

After a short period, usually 10-30 days, if the product is not returned unused, the company will automatically charge the customer for both the ‘free’ bottle which they initially received, as well as for another bottle of product. Because they have procured your credit or debit card details through asking for a negligible delivery charge, they can take money repeatedly from your account.

Furthermore, because the details of signing up for an auto-shipping program are laid out in the terms and conditions, this is not technically fraud, and there is often little that your bank can do to reclaim your money, leaving you personally responsible for seeking a refund. These companies often make it very difficult to both cancel the automatic shipping, and to procure a refund for the unwanted product.

Obtaining Refunds

Sometimes it is possible to obtain a refund from the company that is selling these products. However, the companies behind these schemes often make it difficult to obtain a refund, requiring a very quick turn-around time for receiving the product. Many also deduct a re-stocking charge from the refund, meaning that the company has still made a profit from the customer, even if the product is not used, and is returned unopened.

See our guide to getting refunds from free trial diet pills article.

Our Advice on Loyalty Programs

It is our very strong recommendation that when purchasing any diet pill or weight loss aid, that your product of choice is researched thoroughly before even considering making a purchase. Read numerous objective and unsponsored reviews of the product, both by review sites such as our own, and reviews by individual customers who have previously tried the product. Even if the diet pill manufacturers promise dramatic results, any negative reviews associated with the product, or the company who sells them, should be taken very seriously.

We also recommend that any diet pill is bought one transaction at a time. At this time, there is no loyalty scheme associated with diet pills that we can endorse or recommend, especially as the majority of the products that come with loyalty schemes have been rejected in our in-depth reviews.

Finally, if you are a part of any auto-shipping scheme, it is our recommendation that you cancel the contract immediately, and seek to purchase your product of choice elsewhere, to avoid being ripped off at a later date.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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