Mydiet Investigation

Mydiet is a UK diet programme that you sign-up to in order to lose weight. The Mydiet website looks slick and glossy, so at first glance this company looks credible and seems to be offering support for your weight-loss journey, as well as deals and freebies.

The problem is that behind the promises we can’t see what you actually get for your money.

Is Mydiet a scam? We investigate.

The Cost

The first thing to know about Mydiet is that it is expensive. We don’t usually move straight into price in our investigations because sometimes this is less relevant than the company or product. After all, sometimes an expensive product is more expensive because it is worth it.

However, it is hard to see why Mydiet is so expensive. You can join for just one day for £1.50, which seems like a hassle, but after that it costs a whopping £45.00 for a month, and bizarrely £90 for the two months following that. So it’s £45 a month with no reductions or any price reductions for signing up for longer. If you join for the day you will be subscribed into the monthly plan. There appears to be no escaping it.

You cannot access the website where supposedly you have a range of weight-loss resources at your fingertips. You are not provided with any sample menus to give you any sort of clue just what your £45.00 a month will get you.
£45 for a month’s diet programme is pricy, but of course some weight-loss companies do charge for membership without necessarily giving you anything tangible.

For companies such as Weightwatchers, which you can also join online, you don’t actually GET anything either. The difference is that we have all heard of Weightwatchers and we all know that if you follow their plans and join their community it is a good method that works for many. In addition, if you join Weightwatchers as a purely online member it costs just £2.73 a month.

Slimming World is more expensive at £20 per month but provides personalised advice, and many people have used this method successfully.

We are not particularly touting Weightwatchers or Slimming World here. But these companies are reputable and well known and much cheaper than Mydiet.

So what do you get if you join Mydiet?

You do not appear to get much for your money if you sign up to Mydiet. According to the website, this is:


If you join up you can get:

  • Free next day delivery
  • Unlock special offers
  • Unlimited access to our food tracking software

All of this sounds good, of course. But there are no details about any of these features.

We contacted Mydiet via live chat and a customer services rep told us,

At Mydiet we offer a combination of diet products and services to our customers. At the beginning, they will have access to our food tracker for two days for only £1 (the trial period). Then it’s £79 every two months. After this trial period, they become premium members. In order to welcome them in our community, we offer them a free welcome product sent to their billing address at no extra cost!

So this is different to what is advertised on the website and still does not tell you very much!

The Mydiet products

There seem to be three products that you can buy for a reduced price if you join as Mydiet member. Presumably one of these will be the free gift.

There is a bottle of weight loss vitamins, there is a fitness tracker, and a weight loss bracelet.

First up the supplement. This vitamin supplement is also known as SlimaeWeight Loss Vitamins and is composed of white kidney bean extract. This fibre-filled natural ingredient can be effective as a carb blocker because it inhibits a digestive enzyme that breaks down carbs that you eat from adding to your body weight. Instead, they pass through your system in the usual way. There have been clinical studies carried out on white kidney bean extract and it seems to be effective for short-term use and is a very cheap ingredient.

The eagle-eyed will notice here that white kidney bean is not a vitamin. In fact, the only vitamin it contains is vitamin C, so this name is very misleading. The supplement does contain some weight-loss ingredients, namely guarana – a caffeine rich bean as well as chromium a trace mineral that may help regulate insulin, but overall this supplement does not look like a good quality or particularly effective supplement.

According to the offer on the Mydiet website, it usually retails at £19.99. But we covered this supplement in a previous review and found it only cost £9.99 a bottle. The Mydiet website offers this low quality supplement at £4.99 for Mydiet members, claiming a discount of £15.00, which is not actually true.

Bearing in mind that the weight-loss programme is going to be costing you £45 a month, it does not seem much of a deal.

The other so-called great offers are equally underwhelming. You can buy a fitness tracker for £12.99 in place of the so-called retail price of £39.99. We are struggling to see why you should bother because inexpensive Fitbit rip-offs are easily available from a wide range of outlets, such as eBay and Aldi, and are generally priced around £10.00.

The final product is a weight-loss bracelet, and about this we have no idea! It appears to have magnets on it and looks like a gimmick. We can’t believe that anyone would pay £29.99 for this piece of junk, and although it is on offer to Mydiet members at £9.99 it still seems overpriced.

Food tracking software

In addition to these various items, Mydiet provides what is described as food tracking software. Although this seems key to the whole diet plan we cannot see why you should want to pay £45 a month for it.

You can download food tracking software for free as an App, or from My Fitness Pal, and if you did want a personalised, good-quality, digital diet plan, without doubt Weightwatchers or Slimming World provide better value, offering reliable advice and access to a huge resource of recipes, low-fat meals, and their respective online communities.

With Mydiet, you get nothing of this. There is no customer community. There are no recipes or diet plans or anything personal to your requirements. Instead, you just download a bog standard food tracker for a whopping £45.00 a month. Overall, the whole set up is looking incredibly dodgy.

Customer feedback

We searched online to see if we could find out anything from people who may have used Mydiet, but we drew a big fat blank. There was no feedback from any customers who had used this programme. There are no satisfied customers, no customer complaints online… In short, there appears to have been no customers at all, which is very strange.

One reason for this could be the name, Mydiet. This name is so common that more popular websites and weight-loss blogs are simply higher up in the search engines. We trawled through the pages of the internet, discovering sites selling low-fat food, talking about weight-loss and many other interesting topics, but we could not find anyone who had actually joined up to this programme.

Mydiet customer services

We went back to the live chat facility and asked the Mydiet customer service rep more about the programme.

She gave us different information as advertised on the website but seemed to run through stock phrases leading us to believe that the responses may be automated (or perhaps the poor girl was just embarrassed).

Here is a sample of the conversation,

DPWD: Do you have some sample plans that I can see please?
Chloe Mydiet: The subscription is charged £79 every two months. In the same time you will have access to our food tracker during two months and will receive your welcome (and free product) at no extra cost. You get to benefit from 2 days trial period at only £1.

This is a different price to what is actually advertised on the website, where it is stated that each month costs £45.00, with the 2 month’s subscription at £90.

The conversation continued, and the customer service rep explained the trial period,

Chloe Mydiet: You can benefit from a trial period of two days and see if you would want to continue with your subscription.
DPWD: If I send you my details to pay for the trial, how do I know I won’t be billed for a month?
Chloe Mydiet: Once the trial period is over, the subscription fee gets debited, and your order starts being processed (the welcoming gift that we offer our premium member).

We thought this sounded a bit dodgy so asked, “what is the subscription fee please?”

Chloe Mydiet: At Mydiet, we offer a combination of diet products and services to our customers. At the beginning, they will have access to our food tracker for two days for only £1 (the trial period). Then it’s £79 every two months (subscription fee). After this trial period, they become premium members. In order to welcome them in our community, we offer them a free welcome product sent to their billing address at no extra cost!

So it seems that if you access the trial period, your bank may be automatically debited £79.99.

Cancelling your Mydiet subscription

If you have signed up to Mydiet, cancelling the subscription is not going to be straightforward. You need to contact customer services with your full details and information, and trust that they will process your cancellation. These types of agreements can be very hard and time consuming to cancel.

So is Mydiet a rip-off?

In our opinion, Mydiet is a massive rip-off. Paying £45 per month or £79.99 every two months for a food tracker that you could download for free as an app elsewhere is certainly a rip-off. My Fitness Pal have been providing this service for free for years, and many people are extremely satisfied with it. We confess that some of us here at the Watchdog use it when we want to look up calories, find advice, or simply lose weight ourselves.

In addition, the added extras are very unimpressive. A cheap knock-off Fitbit, a weight-loss bracelet, and a dodgy-looking supplement are hardly a wide range of good quality products.

There are online weight-loss programmes that require a subscription, such as online WeightWatchers, and Slimming World. In our opinion, Slimming World is a little pricey at £20 a month, but you can see exactly what you are paying for in advance, and you get to benefit from a personalised plan, online support and more. Many people have lost weight successfully using this, and have the confidence of dealing with a reputable company. Likewise, with Weightwatchers, this is actually cheaper and offers much the same thing.

Mydiet is a scam

A product or supplement that is simply not good value is not necessarily a scam, but, in our opinion, Mydiet is a scam.

Once you have subscribed to the day or two days trial, which costs either £1 or £1.50 (depending on whether you get information from customer services or the website), you will be automatically enrolled into the subscription program and you will be billed the full amount of either £45, £75 or £90 later in the same month (depending on whether you use customer services or the website as sources of information).

According to the terms and conditions,

The first Subscription Access Fee will be due at the end of the Trial Period. Subsequent Subscription Access Fees will be due every month or every two months following the First Subscription Access Fee payment date.

This means that if you sign up for the trial you are automatically billed £45 a month until you manage to cancel the agreement.

Under no stretch of the imagination is Mydiet worth it. The principle component of the programme is an online food tracker, which is something that you can pick up for free. You do not need to subscribe to a website to see this information.

You do not need to pay £45 a month in order to buy some dodgy looking overpriced gimmicks either.

Mydiet is undoubtedly a scam, so do not be suckered into it.

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