Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules from British company Holland & Barrett looks to be an easy and inexpensive way to try out the fat burning capabilities of capsaicin without having to eat lots of spicy hot food. This supplement looks very safe but will it help you lose weight?

We take an in depth look at Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules to find out.

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Pros

  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Very easy to buy. Available in the shops and online.
  • No major side effects if used short term.

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Cons

  • Cayenne pepper may have some benefits to health but lacks real evidence for weight loss.
  • Can cause burning sensation and gastro intestinal side effects.
  • No really independent customer feedback available.
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Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules New

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Review

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Facts

  • Natures Garden Cayenne Capsules is on sale only from Holland & Barrett.
  • Contains 100 capsules per bottle (50 -100 days supply).
  • Does not come with a guarantee.

Natures Garden Cayenne Capsules contain just one active ingredient; cayenne pepper, a spice which is familiar to anyone who enjoys hot spicy food.

Cayenne pepper is produced from the ground dried fruit of the chilli pepper and recently this has become popular for weight loss. The compound capsaicin – the part of the fruit that delivers the hot spicy flavour also works as a natural thermogenic, increasing the heat of the body for added weight loss and fat burning.

In addition, some evidence suggests that capsaicin plays a role in the manufacture of serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin, the brain’s “feel good” chemical, is important for maintaining mood and general happiness. People with low serotonin levels often comfort eat or suffers food cravings so it is important for physical health too.

Taking cayenne in supplement form is preferable to eating the natural spice or the fruit for health reasons. Although it is enjoyable in food in small doses, too much chilli pepper can play havoc with digestion and will cause a burning sensation and other associated side effects. You should not get these effects by taking a capsule.

There are numerous cayenne supplements on the market including the very similarly named Natures Way Cayenne, which is available on Amazon. Although these two supplements look pretty much identical, they are not the same product.

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules are on sale from British company Holland & Barrett.

Nature’s Garden provide a range of herbal one ingredient supplements including Natures Garden Sea Kelp, Green Tea Extract, Sage Leaf, Milk Thistle and more.

We have not previously covered any Nature’s Garden supplements. We have covered Holland & Barrett supplements before including Holland & Barrett Matcha Tea and Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets.

We have also covered numerous supplements sold in the Holland & Barrett stores including New Nordic Biofirm and Slim Fruits.

How to Take Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules

Take one to two capsules daily, preferably with meals. Do not exceed stated dose.

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Concerns:

  • Although capsaicin is safe it can cause some side effects and should not be taken long term.
  • The low price may encourage people to take long term or to exceed the recommended daily serving.
  • Very little clinical evidence to support the claims.

What Does Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Claim To Do?

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules do not come with any information about the potential benefits of cayenne. The idea is that you do your own research and then look for a supplement to fill your needs.

However, there is an assurance about manufacture.

According to the product information:

Nature’s Garden products are subject to critically stringent quality assurance. Our commitment to quality is the highest in our industry to ensure the best quality nutritional supplements money can buy. You have our guarantee!

Holland & Barrett are a well-known and much loved British company with a presence in most shopping centres across the UK so this claim does carry a lot of weight.

As far as we know Nature’s Garden is a Holland & Barrett own brand of supplements.

So What Is Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules and What Are The Ingredients?

Nature’s Garden Cayenne is a herbal supplement that contains chilli pepper (cayenne) as the sole active ingredient.

Each serving is equal to one caplet.

    • Cayenne (450mg): There are a lot of claims about the weight loss capabilities of capsaicin but very little human research has been carried out on this. One small test on rats found that capsaicin extract reduced fat gain and cholesterol levels by around 8%.

When taken in sufficient quantities, some research has indicated that high levels of capsaicin increases the metabolism and promotes fat burning. One clinical test carried out in Thailand found that after eating 5g of chilli peppers the metabolism was increased for 30 minutes after ingestion.

Some research suggests that capsaicin may increase dopamine and serotonin release so may improve mood. As a knock on effect, this may lead to the reduction of snacking and comfort eating.

So What Does All This Mean?

Although the properties of capsaicin for weight loss have undergone some clinical research most of this has been carried out on animals or in very small-scale clinical tests, such as the one carried out in Thailand.

However, this does not mean that cayenne is proven to work, or proven not to work. It might help weight loss, but there again as yet there is no real evidence. You may notice some benefits to taking Nature’s Garden Cayenne but results are unlikely to be earth shattering!

Does Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Have Any Side Effects?

Nature’s Garden Cayenne should not cause side effects although the product information warns you should,

Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. These are not provided by the product information but may include,

  • Stomach irritation
  • Stomach upset
  • Sweating
  • Flushing
  • Nausea

Medical advice is not to take capsicum supplements long term as they may cause liver or kidney problems.

Not suitable for individuals under 18. Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. You are warned to avoid if you suffer from digestive disorders,

“People with ulcers, heartburn or gastritis should use this product with caution as it may aggravate their condition.

Any Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Reviews From Customers?

Some customers have left reviews for Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules on the Holland & Barrett website. Many of the reviews are positive but of course, we do not know whether Holland & Barrett filter out comments that are too negative.

One customer said:

Brilliant product, very happy. Used with a healthy diet and have noticed a difference. Make sure you take with a meal as you can feel the heat otherwise!

Another customer mentioned the same issue although is unsure why she is taking this supplement!

I have to have this with my dinner as if you have it on an empty stomach you feel the pepper burn :-). Can’t actually remembered why I bought them though

This customer is pleased with the results so far:

Really good, does the job. Have been taking it for less then a week already can see the progress.

Many customers are saying that “it does the trick” but nobody is going into any details.

The customer feedback does not seem very convincing.

So Does Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules Work?

Although the customer feedback is generally positive, nobody is mentioning exactly what this supplement does. There are many claims about the benefits of capsaicin but this ingredient is short on any real evidence when taken in supplement form.

One clinical test carried out on 91 moderately obese subjects who had undergone a four-week very low calorie diet found that 135mg of capsaicin daily seemed to help weight maintenance.

The active group experienced sustained fat oxidation (fat burning) when compared to the placebo group. However, the capsaicin effect did not last beyond three months.

That said it seems that capsaicin may have some benefit to people following weight loss.

Where Can I Buy Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules?

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules is only available via Holland & Barrett so if you live in the UK you can buy this supplement from your local branch. It is also available via the Holland & Barrett website.

One bottle of 100 capsules (50 – 100 days supply) costs £6.99.

Standard delivery to UK addresses is an additional £2.99. Next day delivery is £4.49.

International delivery is £6.95 and takes 10 days.

What About A Guarantee

Holland & Barrett do not provide guarantees on their supplements.

Watchdog Verdict

Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules contains just one ingredient so whether or not this supplement will work depends upon the efficacy of cayenne. The problem is that cayenne is unproven and although there seem to be general health benefits, there are no guarantees that it will help weight loss. One of the major investigations suggested that it may help maintain weight loss following a diet but we don’t think you can count on it really helping you lose weight.

That said, this supplement looks very safe and it is very reasonably priced. If you take it for a short period of time, we cannot see it doing you too much harm. However, the medical advice is not to take capsaicin supplements long term so even though this supplement is cheap, you should not use it for too long.

We cannot add Nature’s Garden Cayenne Capsules to our approved list. We cannot see it really doing much for your weight loss and in our opinion, it probably will not do too much. The evidence for cayenne is all unproven so until further clinical investigation comes up with some proof we have no other option but to reject this supplement.

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