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Blocking carbohydrates and fat intake is important for any weight loss regime. Those following a strict diet put a lot of significance on blocking carbohydrates because these transform into fat cells contributing to weight gain. But it’s hard not to stray from that rigid routine once in a while, but the guilty fact that we are straying can spoil our fun big time.

NDS Keto Max offers an answer to this puzzle. It is an effective fat and carbohydrate blocker which contributes to weight loss. It also helps maintain that weight loss for a longer period of time even if one does not follow a super strict diet. Consuming the cheat pills which is it is fondly known as, reduces the guilty panic of putting on weight every time one indulges in his/her favorite delicacy.

NDS Keto Max Pros

  • Stimulant free
  • Blocks carbohydrates and fats
  • Controls blood glucose level

NDS Keto Max Cons

  • Not enough scientific evidence
  • Does not encourage thermogenesis
  • Works best in conjunction with other products
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NDS Keto Max Review

NDS Keto Max Facts

  • Clinically proven ingredients for carbohydrate blocking.
  • Without side effects.
  • Helps in long term weight management.

NDS Keto Max or ‘cheat-pill’ as it is fondly called by users, is an effective carbohydrate and fat blocking dietary supplement designed to make life easy for people who are on strict diets. It is a stimulant free diet formula which makes it a great choice for people who are sensitive to stimulants. It boosts the metabolism, increases energy, blocks carbohydrates and fats, and provides an overall improved health for every user. Along with blocking fat and aiding in weight loss, it also promotes a toned and healthy body making one appear fit and feel healthy. Moreover, NDS Keto Max also helps in controlling blood glucose levels contributing in long term good health.

Maintaining a strict diet plan is not easy and people who are into it for a very long time often realize how difficult it is to always eat food by measuring calories. There are days when one might feel like indulging in his or her favorite sinful delicacies. Socializing often means eating out with friends and opt for a meal out of their diet routine. Instead of feeling pressured, most dieters would want help and peace of mind. In such situations, NDS Keto Max acts as a savior by blocking the excess carbohydrates and fats which could potentially harm the diet routine that is so carefully planned. Thus it acts as a stress reliever and contributes in maintaining good mental health as well.

Many users believe that NDS Keto Max has made the process of achieving their weight loss goals easier. Excess carbohydrates, as we all know, causes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and weight gain of course. Our body has to work hard to get rid of the excess carbohydrates, which if not converted in the form of energy, gets accumulated in the form of fat deposits over time. Hence, dieters have to rely on low carbohydrate diets in order to lose weight. Harmful and processed carbohydrates cause the blood sugar levels, which is controlled by insulin, to rise. Insulin promotes fat storage by removing excess glucose from the blood to store into fat cells. Now, if this fat is not used up by the body, it contributes into unhealthy weight gain.

Hence, controlling carbohydrates and fats in food intake is vital to maintaining good health. NDS Keto Max helps users to control the level of carbohydrates inside the body thus promoting better health and more energy. Regular usage will also lead to a toned body with a slim waist and flat tummy. The product contains raspberry ketones, chromium, chitosan, white kidney bean extract, cassia nomame extract, vanadium citrate which increases the rate of metabolic activity, converts starch into sugar so that it can be used by the body. Controlling fat absorption, breaking down fat cells and suppressing appetite are it’s some other benefits. Though the product is largely beneficial, yet there are a few side effects to it like vitamin deficiency in the long term and bloated feeling inside stomach. Consulting with a doctor should resolve the issue.

The positive effects of NDS Keto Max in a nutshell:

  • Aids in fat loss
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism level
  • Increases energy
  • Blocks excess carbohydrate and fats
  • Controls blood glucose levels

Hence, NDS Keto Max is much more than just a weight loss diet pill.

How to Take NDS Keto Max

NDS Keto Max is available in the form of blue and white capsules. 1-2 capsules must be taken 30 before meals with 6-8 oz of water or juice.

For best results using NDS Keto Max combined with a fitness regime is advised.

Staying well hydrated is a prerequisite of having NDS Keto Max because it is a carbohydrate blocker which might cause dehydration.

NDS Keto Max is not recommended for children.

NDS Keto Max Concerns:

  • Leads to dehydration sometimes.
  • Not for pregnant, lactating women.
  • Leads to vitamin deficiency.

What Does NDS Keto Max Claim To Do?

NDS Keto Max with its active carbohydrate and fat blocking ingredients helps dieters stay on the course of their weight loss program, even if they cheat on their diet from time to time. Since, it effectively blocks excess carbohydrates and fats from piling up inside the body which are the two most harmful elements of weight gain, NDS Keto Max provides long term fitness and acts as a cushion to fall back on when one is derailed once in a while. It provides relief from any kind of panic or guilt feeling for indulging in one’s favourite food once in a while with friends and family. Hence, with NDS Keto Max there to save one’s back, binging occasionally should not be a big problem. Losing or maintaining weight is no longer a tension with this ‘cheat-pill’ around.

So What Is NDS Keto Max and What Are The Ingredients?

NDS Keto Max is a dietary supplement available in the form of pills which blocks carbohydrates and fats effectively from being absorbed by the body. It also increases energy, metabolism and controls blood glucose levels providing an overall healthy body to the user.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • Chromium: Vital element to metabolize glucose inside body and also to synthesize fats, proteins and cholesterol.
  • White kidney bean extract: Reduces calorie intake by minimizing the level of starch conversion to sugar.
  • Chitosan: It absorbs some amount of fat inside stomach thus confining the absorption of excess fat.
  • Raspberry ketones: Natural compounds found in raspberry boost metabolism level by breaking up the fat cells to be used up in the body in the form of energy. It also acts as an impressive appetite suppressor.
  • Cassia nomame extract: Breaks down fat into an absorbable size and reduces the total caloric intake and triglycerides inside body.
  • Vanadium citrate: It controls cellular metabolism, reduces cholesterol synthesis and improves insulin utilization in the body, resulting in better glucose tolerance.

Other ingredients include censor 90ct. cardio cuts razz, alpha strike and lemonade.

So What Does All This Mean?

NDS Keto Max with its powerful mix of ingredients in the form of capsules, acts as a potent carbohydrate and fat blocker inside body while also contributing in glucose tolerance. All the key ingredients constituting NDS Keto Max ensure that the fat and carbohydrates are broken down inside the body in absorbable forms so that the body can use it in the form of energy. This ensures no fat storage and also increased metabolism for a toned, slimmer and fitter body for the user. Since the product is an effective excess carbohydrate blocker, it provides that little window for dieters to enjoy their favorite food once in a while without worrying about putting on weight.

Does NDS Keto Max Have Any Side Effects?

NDS Keto Max does not have too many damaging side effects because it does not contain stimulants. However, some people reported experiencing bloated stomach, constipation, lethargy and dehydration in the short term with some of the ingredients. The only long term side effect may be an interference with vitamin absorption in the body for some users. Certain vitamins require a fat soluble to be absorbed by the body and a carbohydrate blocker may cause lower absorption of vitamins A, D, E, F, and K. Consulting with a doctor before usage is advised.

The product is only meant for adults and people under 18 years of age should not use it.
Pregnant women or lactating mothers should refrain from using it.
People suffering from general vitamin deficiency should refrain from using NDS Keto Max.
People with established medical history must consult their physicians before using it.
Storing this supplement in a cool and dry place is mandatory.

Any NDS Keto Max Reviews From Customers?

The reviews on the official site were the only ones we could find so there is no way of knowing if they are genuine. Companies often filter out negative comments if posted.

I used Keto Max during my 30th birthday party weekend and think it helped me not gain weight. I partied and ate long and hard for two days and didn’t gain a pound!

Not sure how this works, but I lost the 5 lbs I’ve been trying to loose for 10 years.

I was looking to loose 12 pounds before my sisters wedding. I ended up loosing 23 pounds by taking this and Censor for two months. Thank you NDS!!

So Does NDS Keto Max Work?

NDS Keto Max has garnered positive reviews in terms of effectiveness from its users. Certain ingredients in NDS Keto Max like chromium, vanadium, cassia and white kidney bean extracts are clinically proven to block carbohydrate and fat, fight fat storage, breaking down fat to produce energy and also control blood glucose level. According to some users NDS Keto Max has really helped them in gaining a trimmed, toned and fit body with lots of energy throughout the day. It has also helped them maintain their ideal weight even after binging on sinful delicacies once in a while. All in all, NDS Keto Max is a great solution to lose weight and also remain fit and slim in the long run.

Where Can I Buy NDS Keto Max?

You can buy it from the official store-

You can also buy it from other retail stores:

What About A Guarantee

The official website does not mention anything on money back guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

NDS Keto Max, also known as cheat pill, is basically a carbohydrate and fat blocking dietary supplement for people who are trying to get rid of excess fat and for those who wish to maintain their weight after losing a few pounds. The potent ingredients in the formula like chromium, vanadium, white kidney bean extract, cassia and many more are clinically proven to break down carbohydrates and fats inside the cells to be used up as energy by the body. They help in increasing metabolic rate, improving energy levels, controlling blood glucose levels apart from aiding in weight loss to achieve a toned and slim figure. Effective for both men and women, the supplement has become quite popular rapidly.

Strict dieters who are of having their favorite food for even one day can now have peace of mind knowing that NDS Keto Max has their back. Since it blocks excess carbohydrates and fats, it prevents easy absorption even when one strays from the diet once in a while. Since, the product does not contain any stimulants it is safe with only one exception of feeling dehydrated at times. Long term effect may mean vitamin deficiency in some people so consulting with a doctor before usage is advised.

Without a money back guarantee we can’t possibly approve this product and we would have preferred to see some more independent reviews. We reject NDS Keto Max.

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NDS Keto Max

1.5 out of 5
NDS Keto Max
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Price / Guarantee

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