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Nutriberry Slim review

I have nutriberry slim on womens health mags online, is this for real or a scam? looks to good to be true and seen on your site other pills like this which make me doubt it.

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260 comments on “Nutriberry Slim review”

  1. Amber says:

    Like loads of others I also got caught out by this SCAM. I am distraught because they have, without my knowledge or authorisation, taken £150 out of my account. I can’t afford that. I thought I was signing up for a free trial and all I was paying was postage. Customer services were awful, hopeless and rude. Said they had never heard of me, it wasn’t them. It was. Gave me an email address to write to which doesn’t exist and a postal address that also sounds made up: somewhere in Islington with an Oxfordshire postcode???? Bank says beware because once they have your account details they share them with other companies (presumably in teh same group) who also take money from your account. I am going to cancel my account first thing on Monday morning. I am so upset with myself for being an idiot. I have fibromyalgia and can’t take the blooming pills anyway as they are full of cafeine (Doh!) and they make my pain MUCH MUCH WORSE, So I have two tubs of the pills and I’ve just taken a few and then been made ill. Don’t feel confident to return them to address that sounds made up! Think kissing my money goodbye and closing my account is my only option. Gutted I’m such a moron,

    Why didn’t it come up as a scam before? I saw the ad on facebook. Going to report it there. Please everyone tell EVERYONE not to be cheated by this!!!!!

    1. Barbara says:

      I too saw it on FB. I have been told by my bank that as i paid with credit card closing it wont stop them as the credit card people are bound to pay on your behalf. Mine is in dispute and they have stole £190 so far. Really stressed, upset and feeling stupid

      1. Carolyn says:

        I paid with a credit card too……..I put all the info you need on here (comment 51), but you need to phone your credit card ppl and tell them you have been scammed and to stop any further payments to the company, the credit card company wont be able to re-imburse you BUT thats where all my info comes in……you can get your money back if you try, dont think its a lost cause. Also I saw this on a channel 4 write up, its shocking how this company can do this to people and get away with it!

        1. liz says:

          I paid by debit card – am I safe? Not bothered about getting my money back, just can’t have any more taken!

    2. Shirley Wallas says:

      Thank you for your account of your experience with NutriBerry – I am so sorry to hear how you were treated; I have had a similar experience and had £97.95 taken from my account
      when I had written and said that the “free sample” was no good and I did not want any more pills.
      Is there nothing we can do to get compensation or to expose them further for their dishonesty?
      All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
      Shirley Wallas

    3. Mrs Taylor-Woods says:

      I had more or less the same problem. My bank is taking on the resolution of this problem and are repaying me the money; they are then going to tackle the company concerned and reclaim the money from them. And there I was contemplating changing banks! Anyway we’ll see what happens, but all payments are now blocked/.stopped and will contact bank again to make sure. Can PayPal to anything?

  2. Babs says:

    Nutriberry… Total scam!
    Don’t buy but if like me u find out afterwards then hope it’s within 14 days… I called and asked to cancel on the 14th day they said they need give me RMA number and returns address of; BTB Mailflight Ltd,Wolseley Road,Kempston, Bedford,Bedfordshire, MK427UA. They want the container empty or not but I sent all tablets back and they extend the trial so u have 14 days to return (in total 30 days from purchase) and most importantly they need tracking number, so I sent special delivery called and got it cancelled and got email confirmation.


  3. Lynda C says:

    After reading the Channel 4 review I sent for the Nutriberry and Vitacleanse pills paying only for postage & packaging. Firstly I was charged £4.95 P&P for the Nutriberry AND £5.95 P&P for the Vitacleanse but they both arrived in one package so why was I charged for P & P twice. I did not see any mention of automatic subscription if you don’t return within 14 days. The only noticeable word was FREE. I now have had £84.99 taken from my account for Nutriberry and £69.95 for Vitacleans. I phoned today and got speaking to Sean who cancelled the subscription but would only agree to refund me £107 rather than the £165.84 which has come out of my account. Told him I was not happy with this and refused to accept his offer of £107. Told him I was going to report it to BBC Watchdog and Channel 4 but all he said was I would either have the £107 immediately or post the tablets back (which would cost me £30). The address he gave me for return was BTB Mailflight Ltd in Prague. I intend to report them but where to????

  4. Carolyn says:

    I was also scammed! £4.95 for FREE TRIAL and then £84.99 billed again 10 days later! I stopped my card so nothing else would go through and closed the NutriBerry slim A/C, I phoned 02032811046 telling them I had not agreed to the £84.99 and said i wanted to return the product, he then gave me an address and a RMA number to send the product back. I am supposed to send through the post office so they can give me a tracking number and then I can phone them again with this tracking number and when they receive the product they will credit my account…..we shall see, but its worth a try.

  5. Simon h says:

    I have also had a charge of £85 taken from my account. I contacted customer services & after they offered me a maximum refund of £15 I ended up getting a total of £65 & more importantly the account closed & they have emailed me to confirm this. I told them that I have the pills still unopened but they are not interested in getting them back. I also pointed out the fact that the bottle states that if you have ‘Any medical condition’ do not take them. So completely useless if you do like me. I am disputing the amount with my bank as well for the money. They say all details are in their advertised terms & conditions which they probably are but who reads all of them?? ” I do from now on” :-/

    1. Amber says:

      How on earth did you manage to get any money back from them? When I phone customer services they tell me they’ve never heard of me and that it must have been a different company. Liars! I have lost £150, the pills made me ill (I have fibromyalgia) so were worse than useless and now I have to close my bank account. I feel like an idiot and my husband is furious.

  6. Bev says:

    Also tricked out of £150 and nothing you can do about it. They do not work anyway and I was advised by my GP to stop taking them! BEWARE DO NOT BE SWINDLED

    1. Amber says:

      Me too. £150 I can’t afford and nothing I can do. Gutted

  7. Jane Thompson says:

    I thought I would never fall for such a stupid scam, but I did. I did the free trial, only paying £4.95 s&h, but then two days ago they took £89 out of my account. I called straight away, but I am basically stuck. By posting these messages, hopefully the word gets out and even if it stops one or two going through what I went through then its worth it…. Dont fall for it.

  8. Louise says:

    I received the tablets, then read on here all the comments so I immediately rang and cancelled the operator was fine told m e to send empty bottle back and she sent me an email saying all cancelled.

    1. sarah says:

      Hi Louise, I was just wondering whether that was the end of it or whether it went downhill after that, as its been 9 months and I fell for thus scam.

  9. leah says:

    I stupudly ordered them this morning before reading reviews so worried what do I do!

  10. Joan says:

    I am 76 years of age and outraged that I fell for the scam of ordering these tablets ( all I had to give my credit card details for …was the postage £4.99.
    To my horror, I discover that this company then takes £89 from your card, claiming it was part of the contract!!!!
    They must be fraudulantly getting millions of pounds from unsuspecting clients like myself.

  11. Kath says:

    Cost me £84.99 for what I now know is my own stupidity. There should be a law against this sort of thing. Their website is very dodgy, won’t let you leave a page without warning you that you order will be duplicated, then when you chose the stay on page or no thanks option it signs you up for more stuff anyway. I was too frightened to return to the website to check out things like terms and conditions in case the whole thing happened again. Complete crooks, as long as they manage to get £90 – £150 off everyone I’m sure they’re more than happy. Rude and threatening when you ring them.

  12. jackie says:

    defo a scam!!!! i just received my credit card bill and although i purchased this on the free trial like everyone else has, i also got charged £84.99 and £69.95. i just called the company and they cancelled any further orders he did say he could refund me if i sent items back but the refund would be the original £4.95 and £5.95 trial price the larger amounts are shipping and could not and would not be refunded very angry with myself for doing this but even more angry that these companies are allowed to rip us off!!! keep clear and DO NOT ORDER any of these items

  13. Shannon says:

    hi, i put my address in but the page just kind of refreshed, will i not get charged? I didn’t put any bank details in. It sounds like a scam I don’t want to get involved?

  14. Clare says:

    Hi All

    I ordered my free Nutriberry Slim trial tablets last Friday and they have arrived today. I wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered as am now worried about being charged. I have phoned the number and cancelled and the girl gave me an address to send them back to and told me that I need to get a tracking number and ring them back with it. After reading the post about them saying that tracking numbers are incorrect I am now worried this will happen to me too.

    I then had an idea and I have just phoned my bank and asked them to put a stop to any payments that this company may try to take in the future, they were happy to do that so hopefully if they try and take any money they won’t be able to.

    Also, the address for returns on the despatch note is different to the one the girl gave me on the phone. The address I was given is BTB Mailflight Ltd in Bedford, has anyone else sent them back to this address?


    1. Will Hawkins says:

      Hi Clare, My partner Rebecca has fallen into this trap as well she ordered two products on the 17th September, the customer service rep said we are on the 15th day after contacting them on the phone today just out of the 14 day trial we given the same return address as you which appears to be a mail shipping company we were also given to RMA numbers to quote on the envelope along with the address. I am not convinced this is the right return address however was told these are returned back to Florida on the website says returns go to an address in Scotland, what would you advise we do as really worried that further payments will diss appear from her account

      1. June W says:

        hello I have literally had the same issue foung the two payments on my account today. I am horrified the thing is once you send them away it may be hell to get them back. I am in the process of calling my bank and trying some of the numbers detailed above. but please Will or Rebecca if any luck has happened to you7. my daughter works in a bank and the only way you can stop the payments debiting is to completely cancel your card so your issued with a new card number. this is because the company will be take money from the card number you gave them. with a new card number they wont be able to access your account because it would be invalid. the only advice my daughter was able to give that might be helpful. if you do that please stress a new card number not reissued!

    2. Alison says:

      The return address is:
      Healthy Essentials ltd
      Herkimer House,
      Mill Road Industrial Estate?
      EH49 7SF?
      United Kingdom

      The registered company details are:

      Mr Oded Edward Kariti
      Healthy Essentials ltd
      Herkimer House,
      Mill Road Industrial Estate?
      EH49 7SF?
      United Kingdom

  15. Marta says:

    A damn scam!!

    The pills don’t work and they took 84.99 from my bank account without my authorisation saying that I took too long to cancel, I emailed couple of days ago asking to cancel but they replied saying that I need to call them to do that.. I forgot to call and today I checked my bank account and they took the £84.99, when I called first a lady said to me that all the systems are down and I need to call back in two hours, but I just didn’t believe her so I hanged up and called back and spoke to another, after screaming at him for about 10 min he refunded me £45, now just waiting for it to get back into my account. Ladies just be persistent and don’t take no for an answer and hopefully you will get at least some part of the money back.

    1. bob says:

      You will be charged. It has happened to us. The company changes name every month so the bank try as they might will not be able to stop the payments. The only sure way is to close your account and open a new one. That is what we have had to do. Speak to your banks fraud department.

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