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NuvaGenic is a diet pill that contains Superfood extract African mango seeds or Irvingia Gabonensis to give it its full botanical name. Promising to offer a natural way to lose weight fast and to help you shed unwanted pounds safely, some consumers have reported ordering and not receiving any goods.

Marketed all over the world and in many languages, we take a look to see if the negative reports have any substance.

Nuvagenic Pros

  • Promising ingredients
  • Nice looking website

Nuvagenic Cons

  • Lack of information about the pill contents
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • Lacks full money-back guarantee
  • Consumers have reported non-delivery of supplement
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Nuvagenic Review

Nuvagenic Facts

  • Available in most countries
  • Marketed outside the US by British company Down Range Ltd
  • Contains popular superfruits such as African Mango and Acai Berry

NuvaGenic is a fairly new diet pill and appears to be the only diet supplement in the range. The website is glossy with lots of bikini-clad women showing off their toned tanned and thin bodies and there are supposedly genuine customer testimonials with before and after pictures.

Advertised as having been created following research at the University of Yaoundé (Cameroon) it promises to help you lose around 8lbs per month when taken in combination with a diet and exercise plan. African mango seeds are a popular ingredient in many health supplements so this diet pill looks pretty much like lots of other products on the market that can help support modest weight loss.

You are advised to take the pills twice daily and combine them with a healthy exercise and dieting plan but there is no guarantee offered to dissatisfied customers.

There have been numerous complaints about NuvaGenic. Many customers have not received their supplements and have been unable to contact the company.

NuvaGenic do not provide much company information and it is not clear where this diet pill is made. The company appear to sell all over the world, possibly with agents located in each country but it seems likely that all shipping is sent from the US.

NuvaGenic is shown as being part of Down Range Ltd a British company founded in April 2011. Further investigation shows that this business is currently listed as a non-trading company. This seems high questionable because NuvaGenic has a world wide web presence. Downs Ltd is situated in a residential area in Hertfordshire.

Nuvagenic Concerns:

  • Lack of a full ingredient profile
  • High amount of negative customer response due to non delivery of merchandise
  • No feedback or independent reviews

What Does Nuvagenic Claim To Do?

NuvaGenic claims help you “build the body of your dreams” and the four key benefits said to:

Nuvagenic web

The advertising claims that the pills have optimum ingredients and are recommended by the doctor. For added proof, there is picture of a doctor in a white coat holding a bottle of pills; however, he looks like an actor to us and is most likely a stock image.

NuvaGenic is also said to be recommended by users across the country regarding its results. Despite this, we have been unable to find any genuine positive feedback for the supplement.

So What Is Nuvagenic and What Are The Ingredients For Nuvagenic?

NuvaGenic is a diet pill that contains African mango seeds plus four other ingredients. These look good but amounts are not stated so you do not really know how effective this supplement will be.

Although the ingredients have all undergone clinical trials for weight loss it is important to note that this diet supplement has not been clinically tested or proven. Yes, there are some good ingredients but will they work for weight loss in this form? The lack of contents information is a cause for concern despite the unrelated clinical trials carried out on the various substances used in the supplement.

  • African Mango Seeds: Believed to regulate the hormone leptin responsible for managing the appetite and metabolism. Research carried out on obese subjects in Cameroon using African mango seeds in their natural form found that it did help reduce obesity and research urged that this natural ingredient should be part of the daily diet in this country. Taking African mango seed in tablet form was not tested and researchers believed that the high fibre content of the seeds in natural form played a major role in the weight loss.
    Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1168905/
  • Acai Berry Fruit: Brazilian Superfood fruit with high levels of antioxidants with proven health benefits in helping to minimise free radical cell damage. Also believed to increase the metabolism.
    Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17061840
  • Green Tea Extract: Antioxidant rich substance believed to increase the metabolism and fat burning function. Green tea has undergone extensive clinical research into its role in weight loss. Although results look promising, but depends on the amounts and type used. Green tea extract also contains high levels of caffeine.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine powder in concentrate form that acts as a stimulant and will give you added energy. However, it can cause side effects of restlessness, the jitters, mood swings and other caffeine side effects.
  • Pomegranate: Natural anti-inflammatory that contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) .Everyone knows that vitamin C is important for health and is vital for health so this is a good ingredient, although you could probably get the same effect from eating more fruit and vegetables.

These ingredients all have proven health benefits and can promote weight loss. However, the contents are not specified so it is unknown whether the doses are sufficient to create any effect at all.

So What Does All This Mean?

NuvaGenic may have all the right sounding ingredients but this does not make it a great diet supplement. There is a lack of clinical proof and very minimal contents information, which are both major causes for concern. This diet pill has not been tested and there is little independent information available about it.

NuvaGenic is shipped from the US making it inconvenient for international customers who may believe that their shipment will be sent from their home country.

The website provides very little real information and the contact details are not easy to locate.

Does Nuvagenic Have Any Side Effects?

We think that NuvaGenic looks pretty safe but there could be a high level of caffeine which will not suit everyone.

High caffeine will give you added energy and may make you feel more lively but there can be side effects. Restlessness, sleep disturbances, the jitters, increased heart beat, mood swings and headaches are all common caffeine side effects.

Caution: You should avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding or if you have any type of blood pressure or heart condition due to the caffeine content.

Any Nuvagenic Reviews From Customers?

There is very little independent customer feedback about NuvaGenic. Sadly, the most common feedback is that customers are still waiting for their supplements to arrive. Many dissatisfied customers feel that they have been victim of a scam.

A high number of customers from around the world have not received their supplements. There is a string of complaints about NuvaGenic, which makes this diet supplement company look decidedly dodgy.


The testimonials on the website do not look genuine and although there is response on the NuvaGenic Facebook page most of the positive comments seem to have been written by the same person under different names. There is a lot of negative response on Facebook due to the no show of the product. This supplement is not available from an independent websites such as Amazon or other popular UK retail outlets. NuvaGenic is only available from the product website, which makes it hard to evaluate true customer response.

So Does Nuvagenic Work?

NuvaGenic may help you lose weight. It may not. It recommends that you combine with a healthy diet and exercise plan and the weight loss claims are actually fairly modest once you get behind the hype.

Average weight loss is supposed to be 8lbs within a month so at 2lbs a week is perfectly do able, even without a supplement! The caffeine may help your energy levels and the other ingredients do not seem harmful. The individual ingredients have undergone clinical trials with positive results for health and weight loss.

The big problem is that you will really have no idea of how much of the active ingredient you will be taking. If this diet supplement really worked as well as advertised, it would have been tested. Showing a picture of a doctor on the website is not the same as clinical proof.

The other major problem with NuvaGenic is that whether or not it works, many customers have been unable to try it. There is a real issue with delivery and many customers simply have paid their money but received nothing in return. Five negative responses left on the Facebook page on the same day in different languages, show this is a real ongoing problem.

Where Can I Buy Nuvagenic?

You can only buy NuvaGenic direct from the website or via the company’s Facebook page. It is not in the High Street shops or available from online retailers such as Amazon, Boots or Evolution Slimming.

It is expensive when taking the cost of shipping into account. One month’s supply of 30 tablets costs £34.00 plus an added £8.50 for shipping and 65p insurance making a total of £43.15.

If you buy three bottles of pills, you get three free. Total cost for this deal is £108.85.
You are urged to buy in larger amounts because the “risk of running out of stock” for this deal is low. By contrast, the “risk of running out of stock” on the smaller order is High!

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on offer. You can return goods damaged by shipping but you will have to contact the company in advance for a Return Merchandize Number. The company will not refund for goods marked return to sender and will not reimburse you for your shipping costs. You send at your own expense and are advised to send insured. You cannot return goods due to customer dissatisfaction or because it does not work.

Watchdog Verdict

NuvaGenic appears to be an overpriced dieting supplement that does not even have a customer guarantee. The ingredients look good but the contents are not specified and it looks as if this company has jumped on the weight loss bandwagon and invented a product that says all the right things but provides no proof.

There is a strong possibility that your shipment will arrive late or not at all and many customers think that NuvaGenic is a scam.

We’re not convinced by this supplement, there are simply too many red flags raised. With so many other supplements on the market at similar or cheaper prices we are compelled to reject Nuvagenic diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

41 comments on “Nuvagenic”

  1. c morrissey says:

    I ordered a free sample of the nuvagenic pills in January 2017 just to see what they were like, today 2 months later, I received 2 emails with order numbers and a total cost of €210 was taken from my cc. I NEVER MADE these two orders. I called the irish customer service number and explained this all to them. I got an extremely rude woman who informed me that when you order a “free” sample your actually signing yourself up to them and they can basically send you orders and take as much money as they want from you whenever they want! She says there is a 14 day cooling off period where you can cancel your account and I asked her where does it state all that when I ordered just a simple free sample!!! I was livid on the phone and told the woman to cancel it NOW. This is a scam company and I told the “customer service” agent the same! Do not order from them guys

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